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698 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person Red Pill Theory json_ /r/TheRedPill 29/11/13 07:29 PM
1346 Beta for 10 years --> awakens --> breaks habit and wrecks GF's (+ her daughter's) plans to continue using him Red Pill Example Blake55 /r/TheRedPill 19/01/14 05:28 PM
821 The documentary that made Scandinavians cut all funds to its gender studies institute Red Pill Theory theVet /r/TheRedPill 22/01/14 12:42 PM
967 Why women love assholes (an alternate view) Red Pill Theory trpMilo /r/TheRedPill 03/02/14 05:53 PM
919 What happens when you drop a bunch of women on an island to fend for themselves? spicy_fries /r/TheRedPill 07/02/14 08:44 PM
731 “I’ve been hurt in the past.” Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 18/02/14 05:41 PM
1360 Sunday TRP humor - girl requests open relationship while on vacation, boyfriend starts immediately fucking another girl, girlfriend melts down. Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 23/02/14 04:23 PM
936 Red Pill Antibiotic Nuke, Come and Feed Red Pill Example IllimitableMan /r/TheRedPill 23/02/14 04:39 PM
2184 Getting ready to black-knight a high school girl Red Pill Example long-lostfriend /r/TheRedPill 18/03/14 03:43 AM
773 If your SMV is low, EG: you're fat, poor, unpopular or whatever then forget women/socialising/doing pointless shit for a good year 6 months to a year - just be utterly selfish forget everyone else and go do your own thing. Red Pill Example IllimitableMan /r/TheRedPill 25/03/14 10:56 PM
672 Female version of the male beta: a story. Blue Pill Example MadDoc25 /r/TheRedPill 03/04/14 08:43 PM
749 Some advice from my TRP grandpa on how to start a relationship out right. Red Pill Example jeremyfirth /r/TheRedPill 05/04/14 11:17 PM
983 If a woman doesn't date short guys, that's okay because that's a preference. But if a man doesn't date obese girls, he's shallow. Off Topic gekkozorz /r/TheRedPill 21/04/14 01:48 PM
902 Feminist subreddit made new default Meta ibuprofiend /r/TheRedPill 07/05/14 08:17 PM
768 #YesAllCats is taking off on Twitter. Shitstorm Imminent Off Topic BustinAllKindsOfNuts /r/TheRedPill 01/06/14 06:12 AM
1727 Men are not happy Rant/Venting Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 05/06/14 03:28 PM
942 Being controlling is for losers! Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 17/06/14 05:50 PM
820 Thanks to that EMSK post, The Red Pill has experienced its second biggest membership spike ever and is now a trending subreddit. Meta gekkozorz /r/TheRedPill 01/07/14 12:00 AM
793 The Direction of The Red Pill and a Welcome Message to Newcomers Red Pill Theory redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 01/07/14 03:33 PM
973 Learn from me: 40 years old, 3 kids, divorced. Red Pill Example The_BitterTruth /r/TheRedPill 21/07/14 07:59 PM
764 Focus on you first. And second. And third. And...blah blah...Worry about women seventh. Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 24/07/14 09:17 PM
1112 I think I broke her... Red Pill Example tsudonimh /r/TheRedPill 06/08/14 10:55 PM
760 Refusing the "Gift" Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 14/08/14 06:19 PM
715 Tumblerette fucks five guys to get her indie "game" done and gets #rekt by 4chan, namely, /pol/. Blue Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 19/08/14 12:46 PM
718 I want to reject the red pill. Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 21/08/14 03:04 PM
1152 So, I met the "Other Man" today. Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 25/08/14 02:39 AM
700 The best example of frame holding in my life. Red Pill Example seattleron /r/TheRedPill 26/08/14 06:06 PM
1012 A whole bunch of brilliant posts that didn't make it to the sidebar Meta /r/TheRedPill 07/09/14 04:05 PM
871 So you want to get fucking laid? Here's how. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 09/09/14 12:00 PM
733 "And no one wants the nice guy because just like a slut, he gives his love to anyone who will take it" Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 14/09/14 02:14 PM
795 Millionaire spends his life donating to charity and helping his wife battle cancer. She beats it and divorces him because he's spent all his money. Red Pill Example nbrnay /r/TheRedPill 21/09/14 10:59 AM
712 Emma Watson says, "Gender equality not only liberates women but also men from prescribed gender stereotypes" as she dates an alpha male jock Red Pill Theory redpillbanana /r/TheRedPill 24/09/14 07:34 AM
871 Respect is earned Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 01/10/14 03:48 PM
704 Can't find a better man. Meta FooleryCommaTom /r/TheRedPill 06/10/14 09:18 PM
798 Finally took a chance, and I'm high off of the results. Field Report StanFlat /r/TheRedPill 16/10/14 07:57 PM
824 12 Irresistible Bad Boy Traits Women Crave RedPillDad /r/TheRedPill 21/10/14 04:08 PM
755 The most unattractive trait of all: trying to attract a woman Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 22/10/14 09:23 PM
1222 TIL just deleted a post about male victims of domestic abuse Men's Rights Aerobus /r/TheRedPill 26/10/14 09:06 PM
1460 Woman drops boyfriend because he lives frugally. Later finds out that he's a heir to a fortune based on oil. Red Pill Example Schrodingersdawg /r/TheRedPill 27/10/14 09:12 PM
736 Comedian Michael Che Attacked for Suggesting That Maybe Getting Called Beautiful Isn't the Worst Act of Harassment - Handles it like a pro Red Pill Example TRPingBalls /r/TheRedPill 30/10/14 06:08 PM
806 A 7 step guide to swallowing the pill Meta no_face /r/TheRedPill 03/11/14 07:41 AM
842 Guide to Social Circle Game Red Pill Theory no_face /r/TheRedPill 05/11/14 07:35 AM
913 Women do not give a fuck about your "feelings". Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 17/11/14 07:59 PM
1560 Woman from Norway sentenced to pay $50.000 for false rape accusations, after the man recorded their whole date. Men's Rights united_fan /r/TheRedPill 19/11/14 01:18 PM
1121 PSA 2: Do not post shit about hitting women. EVER. One and only warning. Meta /r/TheRedPill 19/11/14 10:28 PM
774 My Single Favorite Nightclub Story: Fiancee and the Rich Arab. TheeRyanGrey /r/TheRedPill 30/11/14 09:19 PM
1031 Israeli feminists helped kill a bill that could charge women for rape of men because - get this - they're worried about false rape claims. Men's Rights brotherjustincrowe /r/TheRedPill 08/12/14 03:21 PM
961 How to know you are dating a slut. Source: I married one. Red Pill Theory improvy /r/TheRedPill 09/12/14 03:38 PM
735 It's not the red pill truths that upset the masses as much as the socially unskilled ways they are presented /r/TheRedPill 11/12/14 05:08 PM
686 Never date a woman who won't do sexual things with you that she did with her other partners. Red Pill Theory redpilltom /r/TheRedPill 17/12/14 07:13 AM
914 Just dumped gf of two months. Feel pretty good. Field Report /r/TheRedPill 18/12/14 11:07 AM
663 The proud feminists of AskWomen shamefully admit that they get horny for Dark Triad men. Red Pill Example needsomehelp3211 /r/TheRedPill 20/12/14 01:48 PM
674 A Comprehensive Guide to The Red Pill Red Pill Theory bsutansalt /r/TheRedPill 23/12/14 04:53 AM
1272 The Intelligent Alpha -- Male SMV and why "Dread Game" Works Rant/Venting NowBecoming /r/TheRedPill 08/01/15 10:41 PM
726 In a rare moment of honesty, AskWomen admits they are disgusted/insulted by beta guys asking them out. needsomehelp3211 /r/TheRedPill 20/01/15 09:54 PM
737 Good news everyone, I am NOT the Father. Field Report Archdemonic /r/TheRedPill 23/01/15 11:43 PM
1068 [Meta] SJWs are reportedly working with admins to develop a stricter "no harassment" policy at Reddit. We should have an action plan in place for when TRP is banned Meta WaynesCotting /r/TheRedPill 03/02/15 09:56 PM
1242 Guy exposes a cabal of reddit SJWs and their ties to the admins of reddit and creates a watchdog sub. Then the shit hits the fan. Meta vandaalen /r/TheRedPill 08/02/15 08:56 PM
730 When sexual assault data doesn't back feminist claims, data must be wrong. Aka "Sex assault reports on Canadian campuses too low, say experts" Men's Rights onehonesttruth /r/TheRedPill 09/02/15 01:44 PM
1418 Man wins right to sue rape-accuser for defamation after he was cleared of rape charges. Men's Rights Kelly_Gruber /r/TheRedPill 13/02/15 04:42 PM
777 Long-Term Relationship Game Theory: A Beginner's Guide to Managing Your Bitches Red Pill Theory HumanSockPuppet /r/TheRedPill 16/02/15 12:14 PM
989 Don't be a slave Rant/Venting Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 16/02/15 08:42 PM
702 "Guys never hit on me" Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 25/02/15 05:04 PM
833 Girls just want to have fun Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 26/02/15 08:12 PM
852 Understand your women Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 03/03/15 04:37 AM
1224 Quick-and-dirty tips and tricks for aspiring alphas Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 03/03/15 08:15 PM
1152 100,000 Meta redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 04/03/15 01:43 PM
733 Continue improving yourself but let go of the idea that the hot girls who passed you up are going to suffer. Rant/Venting planetross2 /r/TheRedPill 05/03/15 07:31 PM
890 Top Quotes From RedPill Books I've Read Meta tits_out_forTheBoys /r/TheRedPill 08/03/15 08:36 AM
702 70% of men aged 20-34 aren't married. 50% never will Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 10/03/15 05:06 AM
1254 The Guide to Accepting Yourself (even when women don't) Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 10/03/15 04:34 PM
796 I'll keep this short and sweet- Woman's definition of love... Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 11/03/15 06:29 PM
707 Feminists around the world are in mourning today as /r/TheRedPill fails to make "most toxic" subreddit list Meta /r/TheRedPill 14/03/15 05:33 PM
786 Instant grat and Delayed grat activities, how they can change your life. Meta BPtoRP /r/TheRedPill 18/03/15 09:40 AM
1719 The red pill are a bunch of bigots who can't get laid. Meta redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 20/03/15 02:11 PM
989 Wife had threesomes, lied to husband about it. He found out and handled it in the most RedPill way. Red Pill Example needsomehelp3211 /r/TheRedPill 23/03/15 02:55 PM
657 New guys: TRP is like a salad bar - take what you want, and leave the rest. Meta feminazis_stalk_me /r/TheRedPill 24/03/15 08:19 AM
769 "Partner Count Doesn't Matter" vs. Medical Reality Science FreshlyWashedPillow /r/TheRedPill 25/03/15 07:25 AM
837 Do it all for yourself Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 26/03/15 07:56 PM
654 Child Predators Rant/Venting GayLubeOil /r/TheRedPill 30/03/15 09:04 AM
721 I finally told the girl who used me all year for school work I wouldn't help her anymore. Field Report /r/TheRedPill 03/04/15 06:46 PM
694 Never sacrifice a thing. Make her sacrifice for you. Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 06/04/15 02:59 PM
832 Reddit CEO bans salary negotiations because women are poor negotiators. 0xdada /r/TheRedPill 10/04/15 09:10 PM
686 The Covert Reason Women Hate Male Spaces Red Pill Theory dr_warlock /r/TheRedPill 11/04/15 09:25 AM
1511 So you’re a boring fuck: How to become interesting in 3 Easy Steps [Part 1] Red Pill Theory needless_pickup_line /r/TheRedPill 13/04/15 04:01 PM
817 So you’re a boring fuck: How to become interesting in 3 Easy Steps [Part 2] Red Pill Theory needless_pickup_line /r/TheRedPill 14/04/15 02:39 PM
1157 The stronger you are, the less anyone cares about you Field Report /r/TheRedPill 16/04/15 09:49 AM
857 My Omega to AF TRP year. Red Pill Example vorverk /r/TheRedPill 17/04/15 02:12 PM
1208 Married man from r/DeadBedrooms gets fed up. Applies every single RP principle by the book, without even knowing about RP. Results are as predictable as you'd expect. Red Pill Example wakethfkupneo /r/TheRedPill 22/04/15 11:13 AM
1113 Wanting Women to Love You for Who You Are is the Male Equivalent of Fat Acceptance Meta ShitsWithTheDoorOpen /r/TheRedPill 22/04/15 11:22 PM
1010 Never show weakness. She is not on your side. Red Pill Theory Archwinger /r/TheRedPill 24/04/15 07:21 PM
675 1 year here - these are THE most important lessons I've learned. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 26/04/15 11:46 PM
795 Lesson learned: If a woman asks how much you make, break it off ASAP. Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 28/04/15 08:50 AM
679 Ex-wife who received billion dollar divorce settlement -- and appealed because she said it wasn't enough -- has her appeal dismissed due to greed. Men's Rights /r/TheRedPill 28/04/15 11:25 PM
683 Learned Helplessness Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 30/04/15 08:54 PM
672 The Best Sex She EVER Had Red Pill Theory trpfieldreport /r/TheRedPill 06/05/15 05:08 PM
908 "We are working on changes to make reddit a safer space for discourse." Meta Garl_Vinland /r/TheRedPill 07/05/15 03:41 PM
889 Hypergamy 101 - Women See Men the Way Men See Jobs Red Pill Theory Garl_Vinland /r/TheRedPill 08/05/15 03:38 PM
736 The Red Pill, You & Morality Red Pill Theory IllimitableMan /r/TheRedPill 18/05/15 02:51 PM
1759 I was asked to train a new female employee to do the promotion I got passed on. Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 21/05/15 06:54 AM
831 Karen Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) succinctly discusses that men don't hate women, and defends TRP. Good read! Men's Rights redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 21/05/15 05:12 PM
898 Guy's girlfriend pushes him to open up the relationship. Guy decides he deserves better and dumps her. Girlfriend subsequently has a mental breakdown. Red Pill Example TheRedPilsner /r/TheRedPill 24/05/15 11:20 PM
1275 Amy Schumer admits to raping a guy, feminists support her, /r/askfeminists decide the guy raped her... Men's Rights redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 29/05/15 03:20 AM
1206 I am Karen Straughan [girlwriteswhat]; Ask Me Anything. Meta girlwriteswhat /r/TheRedPill 29/05/15 02:47 PM
852 Good response to a feminist who drags out the old "77 cents on the dollar" argument... Men's Rights /r/TheRedPill 01/06/15 02:48 PM
657 #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag on Twitter exposes feminism's final form: "Give me cash or I'll call you a misogynist" Blue Pill Example redpillbanana /r/TheRedPill 01/06/15 09:57 PM
880 Can I have a cigarette? Field Report /r/TheRedPill 04/06/15 05:59 PM
1188 Mattress Girl just made a porno...and called it performance art. Blue Pill Example mykonos_rm /r/TheRedPill 05/06/15 03:25 AM
814 A conversation with my son Red Pill Example TonyLaRocca /r/TheRedPill 06/06/15 04:23 PM
929 "When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously asking you if you want a minimum wage job." Red Pill Theory redpillbanana /r/TheRedPill 08/06/15 12:27 PM
2717 [META] Reddit rolls out first ban wave of "Harassing Subreddits" Meta Jaques_Fury /r/TheRedPill 10/06/15 06:40 PM
719 Suicidal lonely guy is frustrated by women, reaches out for help. R/AskMen decides the REAL problem is that he's a shitlord misogynist! Blue Pill Example needsomehelp3211 /r/TheRedPill 11/06/15 02:39 PM
2013 How To Talk To Everyone You See. Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 13/06/15 08:32 PM
1103 What did you ever do to deserve being called a man? Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 15/06/15 03:44 AM
1361 Stoicism 101: A Primer on How to Be Red Pill Theory RPAlternate42 /r/TheRedPill 16/06/15 05:58 PM
660 Italian hedge fund manager: 'Never, ever marry an American woman' Red Pill Example redpillbanana /r/TheRedPill 17/06/15 05:12 PM
763 Anti-Rape Program Teaching Women how to say "no" Halves Number of Campus Assaults Rant/Venting redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 17/06/15 06:02 PM
662 Cheating wife tells her lover (me) how loyal she REALLY is. Field Report /r/TheRedPill 19/06/15 02:30 AM
890 Final Warning: Keep Your Damn Morals To Yourself Meta /r/TheRedPill 21/06/15 03:35 PM
898 The Art of Whore: Why Betas Marry Leftovers Meta tits_out_forTheBoys /r/TheRedPill 21/06/15 10:06 PM
654 How Many Corpses Do You Need To See? Red Pill Theory GayLubeOil /r/TheRedPill 23/06/15 11:22 AM
1380 Dirty Sheets Field Report RedPope /r/TheRedPill 24/06/15 07:33 AM
856 "It Didn't Mean Anything!" Red Pill Theory JP_Whoregan /r/TheRedPill 24/06/15 02:37 PM
1802 FR - My story - She is not who you think she is, 15 years to find this out (the hard way) Field Report All_fixed_again /r/TheRedPill 30/06/15 04:15 PM
1026 The Red Pill now illegal in New Zealand. Men's Rights redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 01/07/15 02:24 PM
1757 Red Pill Video Compilation Nuke: Required Viewing for All Meta dr_warlock /r/TheRedPill 08/07/15 11:34 AM
789 In one season of the Dutch version of "Survivor," the men and women were split and given their own islands. At the end of 8 days, the men had a "Cafe on the beach," while the women were stealing from each other and had not yet built a hut; the women approved of a tribe merger. Rant/Venting Mosin_999 /r/TheRedPill 10/07/15 05:55 PM
925 #1 on the front page: The elephant in the room has been mentioned. Men's Rights ScholarInRed /r/TheRedPill 11/07/15 09:50 AM
711 Don't Talk to Me Like a Bitch. Meta Whisper /r/TheRedPill 14/07/15 08:06 PM
898 How the Feminine Imperative is Destroying Reddit... on Purpose Red Pill Theory redpillschool /r/TheRedPill 15/07/15 04:33 PM
775 Man faces 6 months in prison for disagreeing with feminist on twitter (No joke..) Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 16/07/15 01:25 AM
657 This is the future you chose male feminists - stay at home dad is cucked and terms it as enlightenment. Blue Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 17/07/15 04:54 PM
681 50 Shades of Red - Wisdom for Men About Women Red Pill Theory IllimitableMan /r/TheRedPill 17/07/15 05:47 PM
743 Dropcams saved me from a "domestic abuse" allegation yesterday. Consider camming up, guys. Field Report /r/TheRedPill 18/07/15 02:46 AM
667 Sex Positivity Does Nothing For Men. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 21/07/15 01:12 PM
760 The Critical Importance of Approaching Attractive Women in Real Life Red Pill Theory CrackityDiggity /r/TheRedPill 26/07/15 09:18 AM
676 Had a date with a gorgeous, Redpill textbook, wall approaching ex party girl. Admits to a 50 partner count. Field Report redparadigm /r/TheRedPill 27/07/15 03:50 PM
931 You should know: You're being watched, and branded, for taking part in this subreddit. Meta warcroft /r/TheRedPill 29/07/15 02:40 AM
1474 Woman marries millionaire husband after he insists on prenup, she cheats on him, gets divorced, gets the judge to throw out the prenup. Men's Rights anomanderrape /r/TheRedPill 10/08/15 02:59 PM
665 Gaylubeoil's Introduction to Psychological Manipulation Red Pill Theory GayLubeOil /r/TheRedPill 11/08/15 02:39 PM
1339 Woman thinks her guy friend is being an 'asshole' because he's no longer doing nice things for her after she rejected him. Blue Pill Example cassandrita /r/TheRedPill 11/08/15 04:11 PM
673 Male student expelled because girl regretted having sex with him can now sue the college. Men's Rights /r/TheRedPill 11/08/15 05:33 PM
1263 Feminist journalist decides to lives as a man for 18 months, discovers that men’s lives are just as hard as women’s Field Report /r/TheRedPill 12/08/15 01:37 PM
668 "...And Candy Cheats Again" Field Report OmLaLa /r/TheRedPill 14/08/15 01:37 PM
829 Guy asks for advice because he thinks his pregnant girlfriend cheated on him and the baby isn't his. Gets told he's being a paranoid asshole. This is the update. cassandrita /r/TheRedPill 16/08/15 07:02 AM
1069 All Red Pill Sidebar In One PDF Meta _aroo /r/TheRedPill 17/08/15 11:56 AM
1032 Man flees Canada after losing his kids and $1.2 million home, and being forced to pay $4000 a month to his wife. Is labeled a "deadbeat dad" by the media. Men's Rights /r/TheRedPill 18/08/15 05:38 PM
818 Indecisiveness in Women Red Pill Theory legedu /r/TheRedPill 20/08/15 02:51 PM
754 Woman Used Sperm From Oral Sex To Get Pregnant, Gets Child Support Men's Rights mister_barfly75 /r/TheRedPill 25/08/15 03:10 PM
745 Bill Burr BRILLIANTLY Exposes Just How Little Women Do/Seem to Care for Men in Relationships Today [Brand New Joke] Red Pill Example MisterMojoMan /r/TheRedPill 25/08/15 11:47 PM
654 Infatuation is not the only form of Oneitis. Red Pill Theory Whisper /r/TheRedPill 26/08/15 07:51 PM
784 The Core of Alpha - 9 Keys To Ultimate Self Improvement Red Pill Theory MuffinSnatcher14 /r/TheRedPill 28/08/15 08:12 PM
989 USA's Women's Olympic Hockey team loses to Boy's high school hockey teams Red Pill Example SatisfiedMan /r/TheRedPill 31/08/15 01:38 PM
756 You're gonna like the way you approach and open; I guarantee it. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 01/09/15 08:12 PM
1245 [Career] You'd be surprised how simple it is to create value for someone out of something simple, and make a lot of money out of it Red Pill Theory trpSenator /r/TheRedPill 04/09/15 04:25 AM
740 All Men Are Like That Red Pill Example GayLubeOil /r/TheRedPill 10/09/15 05:04 PM
685 Woman accuses bar employee of raping her. Video shows them dancing and going to the bathroom together. Video also shows her smiling with friends after the 'attack'. Men's Rights cassandrita /r/TheRedPill 12/09/15 06:24 PM
820 Sean Connery, aka James Bond, swallowed TRP in 1965 Red Pill Example /r/TheRedPill 14/09/15 06:53 PM
666 Feminists calling for a ban on sex bots. Also: the future of dating/sex/relationships Red Pill Theory CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK /r/TheRedPill 15/09/15 12:29 PM
783 “The Red Piller’s Guide to Online Dating” Red Pill Theory OmLaLa /r/TheRedPill 15/09/15 08:10 PM
690 Three Long Overdue Red Pill Reality Checks Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 16/09/15 02:12 PM
774 Stop caring about her. Start caring about yourself. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 23/09/15 01:25 PM
780 Men aren't taught how to be attractive. Women are born into it. Rant/Venting /r/TheRedPill 01/10/15 07:35 PM
1073 Your struggle and pain? Women neither understand nor give much of a fuck. Rant/Venting IllimitableMan /r/TheRedPill 02/10/15 01:11 PM
984 The Great List of Non-Negotiables. Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 13/10/15 06:38 AM
1217 Guy is secretly loaded with cash but does not tell his gf, she leaves him then finds out from his friends that he has been hiding his wealth from her (hamestering ensues) Re-Post MAX_Fury /r/TheRedPill 13/10/15 03:30 PM
1100 I animated some RedPill side-bar content. Hypergamy, Shit-Tests, AWALT. Red Pill Theory briggs-D /r/TheRedPill 13/10/15 08:56 PM
808 29 year old woman wants her fiancee to understand she has too much self respect to perform certain sex acts AFTER he finds pictures of her doing these sex acts with her college boyfriend. cassandrita /r/TheRedPill 14/10/15 08:24 AM
748 Attractive 45 yo female posts that she thinks men are feminized, shit storm ensues Red Pill Theory All-DayErrDay /r/TheRedPill 16/10/15 03:27 AM
704 Wealthy man hides past to find a good girl = Liar. Slut hides past to find beta provider= OK. Red Pill Theory el_nikon /r/TheRedPill 17/10/15 05:58 PM
830 OP in the OKCupid sub rejects woman after finding out she's pregnant. Commenters tell him to man up and that "you are far, far too emotionally immature to date a single mom." needsomehelp3211 /r/TheRedPill 18/10/15 01:50 PM
1098 The Three Rules. Red Pill Theory Kolbath /r/TheRedPill 20/10/15 10:14 PM
671 HumanSockPuppet’s Guide to Managing Your Bitches Red Pill Theory HumanSockPuppet /r/TheRedPill 21/10/15 07:31 AM
691 "The Red Piller's Guide to Women" Red Pill Theory OmLaLa /r/TheRedPill 22/10/15 06:42 PM
769 Kaley Cuoco's Husband Files For Alimony - women collectively lose their shit Men's Rights RedPillGold /r/TheRedPill 23/10/15 04:09 AM
1015 Girl is in a relationship with a wealthy alpha that maintains impeccable frame and doesn’t put up with her shit tests. She feels neglected and hurt (hamstering ensues) Red Pill Example yamato403 /r/TheRedPill 26/10/15 04:04 AM
751 When you stop putting women on a pedestal, not only will your life improve, you also quickly realize how boring they really are. /r/TheRedPill 27/10/15 02:40 AM
726 If you don't sleep, you might as well not lift. Rant/Venting Whisper /r/TheRedPill 01/11/15 04:42 PM
1348 I'm in fucking tears right now. A woman used the justice system to ruin my life. Oftowerbroleaning /r/TheRedPill 04/11/15 08:20 PM
675 Real teenagers are great practice for 'virtual' teenagers Red Pill Theory pluvoaz /r/TheRedPill 07/11/15 11:54 PM
660 Don’t waste your time. When in doubt, force her to act or move on Red Pill Theory KissTheBridesmaid /r/TheRedPill 09/11/15 04:23 PM
756 "Don't Be Afraid to Dominate" Red Pill Example OmLaLa /r/TheRedPill 12/11/15 08:22 PM
666 An Alpha poem from 1934 jordanaction /r/TheRedPill 15/11/15 08:28 AM
895 All Guns Are Loaded Red Pill Theory NO_LAH_WHERE_GOT /r/TheRedPill 18/11/15 01:38 PM
833 Stick it out, be patient. MotchGoffels /r/TheRedPill 23/11/15 03:54 AM
789 Guy Turns 6 Figure Down Job at Google for Girlfriend, She Dumps Him Anyway Blue Pill Example uiuc_throwaway9 /r/TheRedPill 24/11/15 02:13 AM
654 GayLubeOil's Guide to Fixing the Jersey Shore Body Fitness GayLubeOil /r/TheRedPill 25/11/15 03:07 PM
1311 Today was the day that Reddit almost swallowed the pill. On the front page today: Guy finds out soon-to-be fiancee is cheating and sets up an elaborate proposal to dump her. Red Pill Example NiceTryDisaster /r/TheRedPill 27/11/15 07:53 PM
814 Little piece of advice if a girl isn't interested Red Pill Theory /r/TheRedPill 30/11/15 09:50 PM
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1205 Stephen King said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” To achieve any long-term goal, you must give up on motivation and focus on starting positive habits. Motivation constantly changes. However, habits will endure. [method] Red Pill Theory KingWilliamKent /r/TheRedPill 28/02/17 03:44 PM
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932 Notes from the book 'Deep Work' ( My fav on productivity). 1. Remove all distractions before commencing any deep work, hide in a cave if you must 2. Be consistent with your work 3. Don't Multi-task (it doesn't work) 4. It's not meant to be easy but do it anyway. Building Power Joeycrackem /r/TheRedPill 20/01/18 11:00 AM
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969 A lesbian feminist writer once disguised herself as a man for 18 months to write a book on gender. After the experiment, she was institutionalized for depression, and stated that she never felt so glad for being a woman. Captain_Unremarkable /r/TheRedPill 07/09/14 08:52 PM
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