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Welcome to the red pill. You probably got here because we were linked from another subreddit. Somebody told you we rape babies, or murder women, or worse! Askmen had an argument about how it's ok to be men just not these men, or askwomen had a deleting contest to see how desolate one of their threads could become, and you saw our link seconds before it was deleted. Perhaps you saw us on askreddit where they were discussing just how misogynistic we were. Or maybe you were pm'd our link because somebody thought your story would be a better fit here.

You come from all walks of life, with your own problems and situations, your own relationships and wives, exwives and exgirlfriends, baby-mamas and mama-dramas, and anything else that rhymes. Welcome.

But you're new here, so shut up, read the sidebar, and consider how you participate here.

We expect most new people showing up to have some questions. The red pill is unique and diverse, with many different ideas. Some are well hatched and others are still in formation. The sidebar is a good place to start, but we discuss deeper issues every day.

Your first inclination is to ask us advice. Or maybe things don't quite make sense to you and you need clarification.

Don't do it.

Take some time to really absorb what we're saying here. Take a long time to digest what's in the side bar. Read more Rollo Tomassi if you run out of things to read. Read it twice. Read this

Watch our conversations. Understand what's being said.

The red pill is bitter and difficult to swallow, and it's not going to happen over night.

We have a lot of newcomers here, and they all have questions. The real answer is patience. Things will become more clear to you as you spend the time reading and trying to understand.

Give it some time. We have an automoderator bot that removes posts from new users, so if your stuff is getting removed, just wait it out. Try again later. Don't message the mods asking for approval, you have to wait like everybody else.

When you think you've started to understand and grasp these ideas, participate in the conversation, but don't make new threads telling us how we've changed your life. We get a hundred of these a day. Don't make a thread saying that "things make sense now omg omg." It's great that it's helping you.

Do participate in the conversation, if there's a relevant conversation that comes up, feel free to tell your story and how much better your life is. But no new posts about it. It's done.

Once you've spent enough time here really understanding what we're talking about, feel free to start making submissions if you have a unique insight into our ideas that you want to share.

If you still have personal questions or need clarification, check out our chatroom in the sidebar, or visit /r/asktrp.

Listen to the endorsed contributors, they know what they're talking about.

Thanks -RPS

Also, sidenote on concern trolling to our current members: We've obviously been seeing an influx of new users recently. No, the signal will not degrade. We will continue moderating with the iron banhammer we have always used. Please don't bother complaining that you're worried about the signal dropping, because this complaint in itself is the most annoying thing that is actually degrading our signal, and will be deleted on sight. Thank you.

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Really liking the fact I don't have to sift through all the new user posts. Been here since 500 members so if you're new and wanna share, odds are that someone has had the same experience.

Major props to the mod team, their game has been tight and consistent. Hoping to be here for a long time to come

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As a note for newer members - concern trolling is defined as pretending to be in agreement with sub, but also asking for a major change.

E.g. : "I agree with the major principles of the red pill, but can we please stop it with all the foul language?"

Please don't do this.

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Pretty much this, gentlemen. We're not here to hold your hand or lay out a path for you. We're here to tell you the truth. What you do with that truth is up to you. If you want to spin plates, spin them. If you want to unicorn hunt, have at it. If you want to give up on women and live your own life, fucking enjoy it. Your path is yours.

For the record, I've chosen each of them at different times in my life. That's important to note. Just because you're happy with one path now doesn't mean that another path might be your way later. That's fine. A man is allowed to change his mind if he figures out what he's doing now isn't working for him. Hell, that's why yer here in TRP in the first place: what you've been doing hasn't been working for you!

The truth is not negotiable. What you do with the truth is. Find your path, take it. Evaluate it. If it's not working, switch. If it is working, get better at it.

And get better at it. Constant fucking improvement, gentlemen. That's the path of a man.