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Since my last post I've chatted up 2 more local moms who are into running and fitness. (Always keeping my game skills sharp) I was able to sneak in the question "Is your husband as fitness obsessed as you?" The answers came back that he certainly is not, that he's more like the opposite of her... eating junk food and watching TV when he's not at work. Dough boys.

So why is this? Two reasons I guess...

One, this society always places a lot of emphasis on a woman's looks. Some women still understand this even into middle age. They know that clothes and makeup aren't enough, you gotta keep that body sharp.

Two, lets face it... married men are expected to be providers and NOTHING fucking else. Spend time lifting when you could be advancing your career/income? WTF? Does your wife care if your delts are popping? Maybe a little, but not as much as being able to shop whenever she wants. Do your kids care if your quads are large? No, they just wnat the latest iPhone and shit. Do your inlaws care if your abs are chisled? No, they just want their princess to be kept in a nice cushy home. Might as well be an ATM. I don't care. I just keep finding the time to keep lifting.

Anyone have any thoughts on all of this?

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A woman won't bother doing all these efforts for a man she doesn't look up to. The story of both parties spiraling down the SMV after marriage is common. And most PUA will tell you that married women are very easy lays.

We don't have much details but I see three options :

They are getting in shape to dump their guy (some plan this for months, sometimes unconsciously) and get back in the SMP.

Their husbands fulfill their beta bucks part of hypergamy and they have secret side dicks for alpha fucks. This would be my default assumption.

Their dough boy have a very strong frame and maintain the relationship despite their laziness. This is super rare but I've seen it happen. The guy understood women very well and was a social genius. Very low probability.

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and they have secret side dicks for alpha fucks

And I have to wonder.... if these moms are giving me this much IoI at little chance meetings in the grocery store or school functions, I wonder what's happening with guys they have much more time-access too (like work or the gym or whatever)

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Accusing them of rape

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No u

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No you both

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Fine u say that they choose to get together with their colleagues that they work with and then...accuse them of rape?

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If you don’t know then you don’t know. Sounds like you’re not familiar with the concepts here. Keep reading.

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I've read specific reports here about people who were accused of rape after the woman's infidelity was found out. I wanted to know if this is what you were referring to.

anyway this thread is way too deep who cares what an off-hand remark by you was about

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They're fit because they cheat

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Staying in shape/fit can also be one’s lifestyle

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The way corporate America works these days, if you want to afford a high-priced wife like that you're gonna work 80 hour weeks.

Mad stress (extra doughiness) Dinners at work (extra doughiness) No time for exercise (extra doughiness) Loss of sleep (extra doughiness)

So he probably started out as a highly motivated guy, and his bosses have had their boot on his throat so fucking long that he's become a beta bitch. I see it all the time in my line of work, and that's why I'm getting the fuck out.

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Any chance of working out during an 80 hour work week? I have friends in investment banking and they say it's possible, but their life is all work and then lifting during lunch.

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I'm in IB too. It's possible to train sporadically, but you're not going to make gains while cortisol and sleep deprivation eat your body. The absolute best a junior banker can hope for is maintenance. I work with D1 football players who walked in the door with ON POINT training, and even they're tubby after 9 months.

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Jesus, that scares the fuck out of me. I am interviewing for SA 2019 and most of the guys I am meeting for coffee already have a sizable gut at 23-25. Great point about cortisol nullifying your gains as well.

Any tips for a young college kid trying to break in?

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Know what you're getting into, try to work smart not hard (not always possible), and try to get on as many different types of deals as your market segment will allow so you have the best chance of a good placement at the end of your program.

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For sure, thanks man. You trying to do PE after?

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I am, but I came from the energy industry so my progression has been different from what yours would be.

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Understood. Well thanks for advice, I really appreciate it!

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Only corporate guys I know that stay looking good lift during lunch and stay even later at work

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They want to still get attention. Billy Beta thinks he doesn't need to try if he has money or "power" at work.

I fucked a married woman. Her partner was high up in an IT firm. He had all this respect and "power" at work, it just didn't translate into his interpersonal life. I just happened to be physically fitter, bolder and more outcome independant.

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Was she wearing her ring? You just asked her for her number despite it and she was cool?

I've had some really good approaches with women that had rings on. I've never been able to get digits.

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It wasn't a typical situation. We were aware of each other before we fucked. I was working in Retail at the time and she was a customer. I sensed the opportunity, mainly in the way she would act around me. This was before I knew of TRP so I didn't have any awareness of why it worked. She invited me over for coffee, I made comment about giving good massages and the rest was history. One off deal.

If I was to break it down, her husband was boring and I wasn't. As for asking for digits, plausible deniability. I didn't ask for digits. Used Kik.

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I made comment about giving good massages

That's a good one.

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In my more Beta white knight days, I had a female friend I used to practice massage on. It is a great skill to have.

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A classic that works from high school on.

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Kik has done way more for me than Tinder ever has

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Kik offers more anonymous messaging. Much better if you are aware you are the other guy or if you are banging customers haha.

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Same haha

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Successful wife game is tricky because hypergamy demands both AF and BB from you... so yes they care about your delts and your bank account. If you want her ham clam to yourself then you gotta provide both while accepting you still can’t kill her dual-mating strategy entirely... Lifting helps up your AF externally obviously, but also provides great internal benefits that helps your mindset with momentum in personal growth.

TRP had a post recently about women weighing the cost of mate switching, might be an interesting read for you if you missed it. TLDR was: Being that Alpha Bucks raises the potential cost of her cheating or branch swinging and serves as a deterrent until it doesn’t.

Conversely, and I can’t find the source, but I recall reading about how spouses who get involved in long duration fitness in groups (think runners clubs, triathlons, etc) are prone to affairs with their new social groups if their spouses are couch potatoes...

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Having just split up after 21 years with the wife I can't remember all of my past conquests, but I can recall 5 married women I banged, and another 3 I made out with.

Ironically this doesn't feel so good now when I am pretty sure my wife has been banged by someone else, but:

1) I met in a nightclub, it was a ONS (she had kids too). 2) I knew socially, she was a lot younger than me, it was a ONS (no kids). 3) Was married to the local bar keep where I went drinking, he actually allowed me to go out with his wife "because she was bored being in the pub all day" - we used to go round to her friends house and bang each other (no kids). 4) was a woman at work with 2 or 3 kids (I forget), she used to jack me off in the stores, among other things. 5) was a woman at work - this one was a very long term thing, probably a good 18 months before I realised she was giving me the run around - I was very blue pill then and honestly thought she was going to leave hubby for me - glad she didn't because after me she banged one of his friends, then got knocked up by someone else, left her hubby for him, then proceeded to cheat on him too.

You wouldn't have thought butter would melt in her mouth - but I started banging her about 4 weeks after she got back from her honeymoon.

Her hubby was a cop - a big fat fucker, and a total billy beta balls - even took her back when he knew she'd been cheating with me - silly cow told him "we'd just kissed".

Anyway, it's exciting for a while banging married women, but IMHO the hassle and potential fallout isn't worth it - you hope to not get caught but they're all nuts and you don't know what they might say in an argument with hubby.

And I wouldn't want to be responsible for breaking up a family either - that's a pretty shit thing to do.

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IMHO, the family was broken already.

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They're married to dough boys because they're her providers.

They're fit because they're talking to guys like you.

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I see that a lot too. I dated a fitness model about 10 years ago and I dated a stripper in my early years of college. There were a lot of similarities. Nonstop needing outside attention and nonstop dudes blowing up her phone. Trust me... these doughboys are providers while the wife’s attraction is directed elsewhere. The body builder competitor circuit is a sex fest. There are TONS of shady shit going on. If your wife gets her body good enough to go pro and she goes and competes in the IFBB Toledo regional or some me, she’s going to spring break.

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The body builder competitor circuit is a sex fest. There are TONS of shady shit going on.

It's pretty much porn being played out constantly in real life.

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Fo real?!

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Yep. It's kinda cool but also kinda fucked up at the same time. A lot of weird/damaged people in that realm.

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I get what you're saying. I know ask the red pill can be extremely superficial at times. I know for this sub reddit this is crazy, but sometimes two people meet each other and build a life together (House, kids, dogs, etc.) and find it very rewarding.

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there are success stories out there.

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Because chicks want an “alpha” and you can be a doughboy and still be an alpha.

That and money.

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No you cannot

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I know plenty of chubby guys who pull a fuck ton

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lots of guys throw money at their women and think that's enough... and it is to keep her coming home.

the problem is... she's cumming away from home too.

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"Is your husband as fitness obsessed as you?" The answers came back that he certainly is not, that he's more like the opposite of her... eating junk food and watching TV when he's not at work. Dough boys.

And this is true because she said so?

Two, lets face it... married men are expected to be providers and NOTHING fucking else


These are also beta bucks providers, told "just be yourself and be a good provider" since birth.

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Why? Hypergamy, hypergamy, hypergamy, and a whole lots more hypergamy. They were young and tight and probably didn't need much maintenance to look good. But now they are getting older and subconsciously getting on the trampoline so they can jump high enough and eventually back flip over the fence to the greener grass.

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Because a woman working out = high level of Conscientiousness, and high level of Conscientiousness = long term oriented.