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Hello motherfuckers,

I see people keep saying they make 70k-150k-200k or some other huge shit at the age of 25 right and left on the red pill, looks like none of those motherfuckers work for regular manager wages let alone minimum wage. How the fuck you manage that, how the fuck you find jobs like they grow on high income trees? I'm studying mechanical engineering, my intership pays 15k a year and I highly doubt I could 5x that shit in 3 years and that shit is considered a high paying job. Whats your secret ladyboys?

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I am a computer engineer, so it may not translate. I broke 150 per year 9 years ago. I was 29. 2 years prior I was making half that, 3 years before that, half that again. It was difficult, but not hard, if you catch the difference.

1) Stop being an employee. Start consulting. No job is secure or permanent, so don't act like they are.

2) Create an LLC or Corporation. Stop "doing jobs", start "selling services." Get direct contracts with clients when you can, subcontract when you must.

3) Get industry recognized certifications or other ways to stand out from your peers.

4) Market your skills and accomplishments relentlessly. Never lie, but never be modest.

5) Always deliver or make it right. Integrity is gold when it comes to repeat business.

6) Whatever the full-time role salary is per year, divide by 1000. That's your target hourly rate. Never come down more than 20% from that.

7) Make some friends along the way. Offer references to those worthy, and try to get a few yourself.

8) Lastly, experience is king. Have a big project list of new, relevant stuff.

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Whatever the full-time role salary is per year, divide by 100. That's your target hourly rate. Never come down more than 20% from that.

By 100? Lawyers don't charge that much per hour.

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Good catch, my bad. By a thousand. Contract rate for a role that pays 100k per year salary can be expected to contract out for $100/hr. If you are subcontracting, the agencies take a cut. They will do everything they can to prevent you from knowing this cut, so you have to negotiate aggressively with them.

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Good rule of thumb, I figured that's what you meant!

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it's wrong though... 100 an hour is =~200k. assuming you are billing 40 hours a week.

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That's the whole idea behind being freelance.

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Yep. More when you go past 40.

The tradeoff is no vacation or benefits. It works out in your favor in the end.

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Here we see the other way to make bank, be an attorney (with clients that pay).

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This so much. my god this. I'm in game design, but I also do some computer work on the side and I've been working on creating a method for helping to induce hypnotic or meditative states using VR for therapy. I'm still in the paperwork to start an LLC so I can license the technology I'm creating to others, as it also has far reaching implications, as part of it uses things like infrasound and stuff like that to be able to induce various emotional states, which could be absolutely amazing in the gaming industry, as it would help to tell stories even better.

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Pro tip: don't fucking talk about your idea. I don't care how much you think nobody could possibly run with it and do all the hard work you did, blah blah.. don't talk about it.

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protip accepted.

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You shouldn't have revealed your idea. I am not going to steal it though.

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good point.

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Do you have a website talking about your technology?

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Not yet. I'm gonna set one up soon though. I'll try to keep you posted.

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no don't have a website people might steal your idea. /s

Seriously talk about your idea everywhere don't listen to these guys.

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wow, you really necroed this comment thread. Yeah I'm still working on getting a website up for it but that's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'm also trying to set up a website that aggregates free educational stuff, like the classes that are from MIT that are online for free.

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hey im a late comer to trp so im reading everything old and new

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no problem.

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That sounds fascinating, tell us more?

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Kinda hard to explain further than what I said.

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