Red Pill=End of enjoying porn? (self.asktrp)

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I've been transitioning into Red Pill since the start of this year and I recently had a revelation while watching porn...

"I am watching something a woman will never do for me in my current state."

"If I was involved in that situation, I'd be the loser orbiter outside in the car waiting to drive her home after the guys had finished using her"

Almost as soon as I had this thought I lost 95% of my interest in porn, it's like I'm torturing myself by watching something I can't yet have. Like being a starving kid in Africa watching a cookery show on TV.

I'm not a supporter of NoFap(no disrespect to anyone who is) but this has certainly reduced my masturbation frequency (which I needed anyway)

Did anyone else have a similar reaction to porn after finding Red Pill or am I over-thinking this?

I'd really like to read peoples thoughts on this.

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Just a thought, the Surrendered Wife book says that a husband with substance abuse problems isn’t one whom you should be surrendering to. He will always put his addiction first before his family.

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Yeah, i have to concur. Drunk captain.

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Well, in this case it sounds more like a Pirate, but yeah.

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Truth!!! BTDT

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Came here to say this. She lists the reasons to leave a relationship early on and addiction is one of them.

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Definitely true - I guess I'm asking since I wouldn't say he's in active addiction, he is in recovery. So I wasn't sure if that applied. But yes, I have read that.

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What would you tell your daughter if she were in this situation? Personally if I were your friend in real life I would probs say drug use is drug use. It’s black and white. Either he does it or not and it seems like he’s showing you his priorities. It’s harsh but how well can a captain lead if he’s under the influence of hard drugs?

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That is not Captain Material. A Man who is enslaved by addiction should get to the WHY of his weakness and start DOING! something about it.