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is it normal if this girll wanted me to fart on her face during sex.. this happened two days ago at first i thought she was joking but she said she wasn’t. i said “okay..” and spread my cheeks shoved her face in them and ripped a juocy ass fart. felt disgusting but i could tell she was getting off on it

i find it fuckin disgusting could any of you guys see this girl again after that?

been seeing her for 2 months now have a couple of other plates she didn’t tell me of this fetish until two days ago

haven’t spoken to her since saterday

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Hey man at least she knows what she wants, that's more exciting than a chick who thinks she can just starfish and expect to be pleased.

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You might think farting is next level, but she also may have been too embarrassed to admit she was hoping for an accident.

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Fuckin hell dude. I never even thought of that. That makes it way worse

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Pwwwthhh plop

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So OP, the question you got to ask yourself: Would you give her the turd?

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Shit on her chest next time.

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Best way to assert dominance right there.

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I don't understand how it's possible to fart on command? Is that a thing?

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Yeah but only Chads and alphas can do it.

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I'm sure it's somewhere on the sidebar that I foolishly missed.

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Muh genetics prevent this. Ill never be alpha, bring back incels!

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this comment is so savage that I love it

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Pull my finger.

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I lot of guys keep one in the chamber when they’re with a girl they like. This is cause they feel it would be embarrassing to let one out

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😂😂 this post 👌🏻

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Christ. You’ve found a unicorn.

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Fart powered unicorn

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OP finally made it

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I read this in the voice of Eric Cartman.

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Escalate to show your dominance and lack of intimidation.

Shit in your hand and fling it at her when she comes in the door.

Start leaving pieces of shit in her food

Be creative man, its time to be an alpha

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Lol this is just hilarious you monster

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Eat some mexican food & shit on that bitch.

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I just spat my beer lololol

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Have her lick the balloon knot man. It's in the bag. This is the type of shit that makes me so weary of LTR.

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Alpha widowed by a face farting Chad. There is no going back

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I wouldnt kiss her again, imagine how much shit she must've eaten.

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Yeah dude... this. Not her first rodeo. She was probably a scat queen back in Junior High. I’d next this hussy.

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Is this normal???

Fuck, you boys watch too much of the wrong porn

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I joked with my FWB that I was gonna sit on her face. She told me to do it.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable subjecting a girl to that unless I had showered shortly before. It just doesn’t compute.

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Lmao almost spewed my chicken reading this

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Piss on her to mark your territory.

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I’d do it just because it’s fuckin hilarious. That’s the kind of girl that’ll give a blumpkin. 100% into my weekly rotation

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Tell her only if she tongue thrashes your asshole while you do it.

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I hope you know how hilarious this is.

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“Is it normal?”

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is carrying old condoms full of cum in your pocket normal? cuz thats normal to you....Lmao

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Damn young man you’re more persistent than a hurt female lmao.

I can’t give you any more attention than this today though, try again tomorrow

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are you too busy washing jizz stains off your pants, mr cum-collector?

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Shit in her mouth next time

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Haha. Fuck it, if she asked me I would. I once fucked a girl that loved tossing salad. Everyone has different quirks.

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What horse shit... So you're telling us that you can fart whenever she ask, like you have on on deck all the time?

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One in the fucking chamber.

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I do mate. I save them up for when I go into the headmaster's office and then i load it with farts hahahaha it's bloody mental

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If this turns you off then find some method of complete domination that you like and tell her to do it. Tie her up, write on her, force her to call you master ... something you want.

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Maybe she's Brazilian

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How do you fart in her face while fucking? Doggie with her in a pretzel? Pull out and fart then go back to town? If i did that I would pass out from laughing. This post 6/10 would laugh again. 👌

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Tell her you’ll only do it if you can go to White Castle first

[–]JaYogi 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Taco Bell

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Give her pink eye.

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Mate this is bloody mental hahahahaha i have had some crazy requests from wild slags but this is another level altogether hahaha you are so fucking mental and random

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Oh I would have violated that braud.

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This is a good way of showing dominance op.Great 😂👌

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Is it normal? Not at all. It’s weird as shit. But everyone has their kinks.

If you can deal with it and don’t mind farting in her face, keep doing it. If not, tell her you’re not comfortable with it. Simple as that

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Fucking. Hilarious. If you like it, keep doing it. I would definitely find it weird af and find me some new thots.

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She's the one. Marry her. She wants your kids b

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Kids, ask your mother about how I used to rip fucking farts right in her face.

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Fake and gay.

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Did you piss in her mouth next?

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Now ask of her your desires.

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Maybe she has daddy issues and her father used to do that shit to her when she was little.

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Definitely this. Dads always fart on their daughters’ faces

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Eh, weird to me but cool that she isn’t ashamed to tell you what she likes in bed. That’s what’s important

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Would you fart on your hand and lick it afterwards? Well, kissing her after blowing a cloud of methane in her face... You get my drift.


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If she wants you to do that get your own kink in. I recommend getting her to suck your balls really adds to the blowjob experience

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lol freaky, i mean you don't have to do it

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If she doesn't fart back then she's the prefect girl for me.