Just an observation: All of Taylor Swift's songs pretty much reflect the ultimate Female fantasy and a lot of TRP truths. (self.asktrp)

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Would like to open up a discussion. Simply an observation..

Here's her newest MV). In here you can see that she encounters an AF ("he's so bad but he does it so well") and as all women want to fantasize, they want to be the only girl in the AF's life, and she throws a tantrum when she realizes that "nothing lasts forever". The video later reveals that although the two had a secret affair, the guy has a wife. It ends with Swift leaving in a car and the AF almost chasing after her -- which reflects every woman's fantasy, to be longed for by an AF (or to merely just be on an AF's mind/life).

All her other videos reflect similar TRP truths. Namely Style and Blank Space.

I think it's quite brilliant that Taylor Swift understands the female psyche on such a deep level to make songs that although are different on the superficial level -- and thus appeal to the general public by its catchiness -- pretty much ALL follow the same TRP trends/patterns (i.e. hypergamy, AF/BB, Cock Carousels, and most importantly, the evolutionary and natural feminine need to feel desired by an AF, to use their "game"/sex to lock down an AF in order to feel power, and the demise in that once they do so, the guy loses value and she moves onto the next guy). Quite brilliant honestly.

Some girls may even look up to Taylor Swift's MVs and aspire to become her.

TL;DR Taylor Swift knows essentially what all girls fantasize about (i.e. desired by an AF, Cock Carousel, hypergamy). Her songs reflect the female psyche on a rather amusingly deep and insightful level.

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Do women lack reasoning and accountability.

If this is true, you're not going to find out by asking women.