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Would like to open up a discussion. Simply an observation..

Here's her newest MV). In here you can see that she encounters an AF ("he's so bad but he does it so well") and as all women want to fantasize, they want to be the only girl in the AF's life, and she throws a tantrum when she realizes that "nothing lasts forever". The video later reveals that although the two had a secret affair, the guy has a wife. It ends with Swift leaving in a car and the AF almost chasing after her -- which reflects every woman's fantasy, to be longed for by an AF (or to merely just be on an AF's mind/life).

All her other videos reflect similar TRP truths. Namely Style and Blank Space.

I think it's quite brilliant that Taylor Swift understands the female psyche on such a deep level to make songs that although are different on the superficial level -- and thus appeal to the general public by its catchiness -- pretty much ALL follow the same TRP trends/patterns (i.e. hypergamy, AF/BB, Cock Carousels, and most importantly, the evolutionary and natural feminine need to feel desired by an AF, to use their "game"/sex to lock down an AF in order to feel power, and the demise in that once they do so, the guy loses value and she moves onto the next guy). Quite brilliant honestly.

Some girls may even look up to Taylor Swift's MVs and aspire to become her.

TL;DR Taylor Swift knows essentially what all girls fantasize about (i.e. desired by an AF, Cock Carousel, hypergamy). Her songs reflect the female psyche on a rather amusingly deep and insightful level.

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I'm the guy living under a rock who only heard of Taylor Swift by name and it's the first time I see the videos.

My jaw hit the floor on how straight up honest interpretation on how things are. Especially in blank space.

Quick edit: Because I was curious, I looked on how people around the web interpret the specific song. It's amazing how to me after TRP it feels like an elephant staring right at me but to others it's "a commentary towards the media".

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fuck man if any of us where half as good looking as the guy in that video we could be homeless alchohlics and still pull like crazy.

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lol so true

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Duke Ellington created a new jazz style called jungle. French critics said the style was called jungle because the music represented the hardships black people suffered in the USA society, like living in a jungle. In reality, Ellington's orchestra played in a club where girl dancers performed with a jungle decoration and that's why people started calling it jungle.

Critics tend to be retarded, that's why they end up as critics.

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Critics tend to be retarded, that's why they end up as critics.

Or the business equivalent: Analysts.

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Pretty much. And even if some BP idiot would argue that "it's only social commentary she doesn't really mean that", I'd dare him to check her real ex-lovers list. AF/BB to the extremes.

This week in TRP I've hit the angry road with over 200 miles per hour. I'm going monk mode, fuck that.

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I think it's quite brilliant that Taylor Swift understands the female psyche on such a deep level to make songs

You're giving her far too much credit. For most men, the female psyche is deeply mysterious. But to a woman like Swift? It's all feelings and intuition. All the stuff we write in TRP, the countless thousands of pages of notes and observations, all of them are intuitive to the average woman. She may not be able to verbalize them clearly, but she knows exactly how the game works.

It just so happens that we're approaching peak hypergamy, and songs like this can be made with little to no repercussion. Women are starting to openly share their real thoughts because the feminine imperative is sacrosanct in modern society.

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Just FYI: She doesn't write her own lyrics and hasn't since her first album

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Taylor Swift's not the only singer making social commentary like this, though she does it very well.

It's been going on for decades, and more often than not it's women singing these songs.

"All I wanna do is make love to you", Heart: My BB is firing blanks. You look like you've got good genetics, you can be the biological dad.

"Special", Garbage: You used to be all right; since you've beta-d up I despise you.

"U + Ur Hand", Pink: You, pal, are blatantly a wannabe-alpha. Fuck off and masturbate instead.

"Ladykillers", Lush: I can see straight through your white-knight attempts at getting laid. You'll need to try a different tactic with me.

"Money changes everything", Cyndi Lauper. Please tell me I don't need to post an interpretation of that one, it says it right in the name of the song!

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"Jar of hearts" Christina whatever: I got played by Chad and I can't stop thinking about him. He should be shamed into long-term commitment.

"This summer" Maroon 5: Kid with oneitis discovers she's a completely vacuous CC-riding bimbo but she's just so damn hot

Reading song lyrics have been one of my favorite activities after I internalized TRP

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Last Chance - Maroon 5: He's the provider, I'm the lover.

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Taylor swift is one of the few pop songs that can come on and I wont cringe. Unlike that megan trailer or whatever the fuck it is. "If you want to be my husband you gotta buy me a diamond ring" meanwhile she's 10kg overweight and has a jawline like a rugby player.

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Megan trainer is the archetypal modern woman.

"You need to be Mr. Perfect before I'll go within a mile of you. But I'm not expected to bring anything to the relationship."

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In spite of myself, normally I can't help but respect Taylor Swift's ability to write a song. This one stinks of an artist who's lost her drive. Look at these lines:

"He's so tall, and handsome as hell"

"My one condition is" -Inserts sigh to fill out the line-

Reminds me of when kids try and write poetry. Remember when this happened to Eminem?

I'm surprised, Blank Space was if I'm perfectly honest a really good song. The lyrics hook you and none of it seems like filler. I'm a guy, so I don't exactly resonate with it but I appreciate that it does deserve those views. I hope she gets it back.

In terms of her songs being a fantasy, I think that's mostly true. Most of them are flat out shameless fantasies, but I'd add a few caveats:

  1. She's pitching to the average woman, not stunning women. Be careful if you're going to extrapolate that.
  2. I think a lot of her songs are universal fantasies, but I've noticed that my prettier friends tend to prefer songs like 22 and I Knew you Were Trouble than Everything has Changed or Love Story. I think her songs about bad boys and having fun tend to resonate more with more attractive women. I think that's interesting.
  3. A lot of them are there so girls can indulge and feel strong emotions, not necessarily positive ones. Love Story is a complete fantasy. Tear Drops on my Guitar isn't, but it's going to resonate with a lot of teenage girls. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is a complete power fantasy, for girls who were broken up with but want to feel in control.

I think it's interesting that as Taylor Swift's audience has changed from teenage girls to women in their early-mid 20s, her songs have moved away from unrequited love and fairytale relationships to chasing bad boys and flaunting sexual power. You can track when girls enter the adult world and become aware of just how attractive they are at that age.

Edit: Added links.

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What happened to eminem?

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Eminem was constantly increasing quality over his first three albums. The Eminem Show and Marshall Mathers LP were between them just incredible albums. Without Me and The real Slim Shady a brilliant. Stan still gives me goosebumps. Then he started recording Encore.

Problem was, he'd made it. He was unbelievably successful so he didn't have to hustle like he did when he was writing those earlier albums. He had money, he had women, and he had people telling him (rightly) that he had produced genius works of art. He started taking drugs and it killed his genius.

That's why Encore had such inconsistent song quality. He'd already written the good ones (and boy are they good), but he had to finish the album so he came out with songs like Big Weenie and Rain Man. They're pretty bad. He was on drugs and already successful, so he couldn't muster the creative effort to do what he'd done when he was younger.

He got off the drugs, but he still couldn't bring it back. Relapse came out, and it didn't have any hits on it. From 2006 to 2009, he couldn't put out anything close to what people had grown to expect.

He slowly started working his way back, and eventually got to releasing Love the Way You Lie with Rhianna, which is a hell of a comeback. I don't think that should be understated. It's a really, really successful song.

Even so, I don't think he ever got back to where he was before he was an international superstar. He just doesn't have the drive anymore.

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I agree with you about Stan. It's a fucking MASTERPIECE.

And to give that context, I absolutely hate rap.

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He started taking drugs and it killed his genius.

Hmm. I have a slight suspicion he might have been using drugs the whole time.

The giant crushed Vicodin image on his debut album is one of several tip-offs.

[–]PoopInMyBottom 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I mean his addiction took over his life. He'd been taking drugs for a long time.

He talks about it pretty openly. "Encore I was on drugs. Relapse I was in withdrawal."

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Eminem actually apologized for Encore years later.

Re: his career, perhaps it's like that great line from PUMPING IRON: "When you're halfway up the mountain, you're hungry. When you're at the top of the mountain, you're not hungry anymore."

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I didn't mind rap god but yea, still not as good as his earlier stuff.

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I would have to agree with your assessment. She sets the bar low she's aiming for the average woman.

Sorta like Irreplaceable from Beyonce... As a red pill man I laugh at it and imagine how funny it would be if some dude was singing it since women can easily be replaced but women end up alpha widowing hard.

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Blank space has 1.2 billion views.... mind blown.

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Has the Ryan-Adams-effect (not bryan adams) really propelled Taylor to TRP-street-cred status?

I thought his cover album was only supposed to bolster her as a songwriter, not a TRP-pro :)

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Any taylor swift song is straight RP from the women's perspective. It's basically truth just sitting there and hopefully some BP guys take note.

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Her songs reflect the female psyche on a rather amusingly deep and insightful level.

Its hard to say if this was intentional or unavoidable as somewhat 'honest' artist

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it's a beautiful troll though hahahahha, some parts of his post do have weight.

In all honesty I could see her posting on the red pill and shedding some ground breaking stuff with us.

This part. I'm just having great visuals of taylor swift sitting on a keyboard typing away and reflecting about the hypergamous nature of women and alpha and beta tendencies. Would not surprise me in the least, a woman who's fully aware of her tendencies is much more Red Pill than any of us can be because it's coming from the horse's mouth herself. She'll know the ins and outs of each and every bit of detail if she's reflective enough and not full of ego and not so stuck up that she can reflect on her ACTIONS. 99% can't but that's another story.