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Still in effect:

Starting today, any post containing no paragraph breaks or other proper formating to make it readable will be deleted.

This sub is here for you to ask for help and advice from others, who give it to you freely. If you cannot take thirty extra seconds to make sure your post is easy for them to read, you do not deserve help, and you would not be industrious enough to benefit from advice.

There will be no exceptions made for posting from a mobile device. These devices have virtual keyboards which also have spacebars and enter keys.

If your post is a textwall, it will vanish without notice, period. That is all.

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Amen. May you break your PR on the next gym visit

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Personal record.

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[permanently deleted]

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I found the guy that doesn't gym people!

Seriously tho. Join us at swoleacceptance. Because Brollelujah sounds like it could become a thing.

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I remember back in the 90's in chatrooms when people, usually religious nutjobs, would write like that, and all in caps too.

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usually religious nutjobs

I feel like there's something going on with christian fundies and text wall effort posts.

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Probably it is being 60 and computer illiterate.

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Thanks mods. That got annoying when it came to answering questions on mobile too.

Keep up the good work.

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The guys at r/tbp be like "leterally nazis"

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It's about time.

However, whether or not their post is properly formatted, most newcomers do not understand what is and is not important discussion material. So every now and then I will rewrite the entire text post in my own comment using a quarter of the words to save everyone else time, then I proceed to answer their question.

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People who are experts know how to be concise, because they know which details matter and which don't. People who are novices don't.

I would expect a novice to overwrite when asking a question. He doesn't understand yet which details are important and which aren't, so he includes them all

I would also expect a veteran TRPer to be a able to summarize that writing in 1/3 the space...having been around, you understand what you do and don't need to include, and what will just confuse people.

I fail to see an issue with this

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this is a good POV young paladin knight. Text walls, 90% of the time... are from newbies.

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thank god!

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This is how normal texting usually works for me. Girl sends long message... tl;dr.

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I wish more subs had this rule.