Textwalls will be deleted on sight. (self.asktrp)

submitted by CrazyHorseInvincible[M]

Still in effect:

Starting today, any post containing no paragraph breaks or other proper formating to make it readable will be deleted.

This sub is here for you to ask for help and advice from others, who give it to you freely. If you cannot take thirty extra seconds to make sure your post is easy for them to read, you do not deserve help, and you would not be industrious enough to benefit from advice.

There will be no exceptions made for posting from a mobile device. These devices have virtual keyboards which also have spacebars and enter keys.

If your post is a textwall, it will vanish without notice, period. That is all.

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What can you do? Stop saying things like that, which can only be taken as an insult.

Read the sidebar, work on you being humble and grateful and learn when to keep your opinion to yourself.