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Currently staying in a very quiet hostel with one other girl, she's sleeping on the bunk above me. She's quite flirty and stares when im shirtless, and we connected because she's from the same country as half of my family. We already went out for coffee and pizza, I just have no idea how to make a move on someone in a situation like this

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What the worst that will happen? Shit will be awkward.

What's the best that will happen? You'll get your dick wet.

Make your decision on that.

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What the worst that will happen?

make her pregnant...

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get aids

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Or get oneitis with a BPD

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so? they probably don't even live in the same continent

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I don't wanna have an offspring I don't know about...

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You'll know about it. The chick will contact you

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lol sociopath

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If you can't close this you can't close anything

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My concern is if the close doesnt work and i spend another 5 nights with some terrified chick

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Just be honest and real with it

If she cant handle a man's interest, then that shit is 100% on her ass, not you

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Bro... hostel chicks are there to score. Make a fucking move. If she says no... move on

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She’s there to get fucked. If you don’t make a move she’s just gonna write you off as gay.

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spend another 5 nights with some terrified chick

And how is that going to harm you?

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Or move Hostels

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If you terrify her you do it WAY wrong. Be casual and push-pull so if she does decline tis' not awkward. As long as you act cool and chill and like nothing is awkward, she won't either. She wants an emotional leader

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Looking back, there were so many chicks I could have done if I only had the balls and/or the knowledge at the time.

God damn son, go get that pussy.

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Not even a window...

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lmao savage and true

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l m a o 💯💦😂😂 savage 😭😭 and true 💯🙌🏼🙌🏼

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ok spaz

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Don't be afraid of the 5 days if something goes wrong. Remember that women take their emotional cues from you, and not the other way around. If you try to escalate, fail, and then feel weird and insecure about it for 5 days then she'll pick up on your insecurity and feel weird too. If you try to escalate, fail, and then act super chill and you honestly don't give a fuck then she'll feel normal and chill too. You have nothing to risk with those 5 days unless you yourself would feel weird, and that's totally under your control.

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This is great advice, will take it into account. i dont think i'll be rejected anyway

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Crazy how true this is, back when I was super uncomfortable around women I could see them starting out fine and gradually getting uncomfortable like me, which only made me feel more uncomfortable.

Once I starting treating their opinions as insignificant and genuinely not caring if they liked me or not, they all started to like me. So weird.

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This sounds like the easiest possible set up of all time. Tbh if you fumble this one you really need to spend more time on the sidebar op, this is training wheels type shit

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While on a relevant topic, I thought I’d ask. There’s this girl over at my house right now, but she has a boyfriend back at home who doesn’t know. She’s naked, my dick is in her mouth at the moment. She seems pretty receptive but I’m not sure. How do I escalate?

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She's probably not that into you. Soft next and game other women. Keep lifting, better luck next time.

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So... in what situation would you have an idea how to make a move?

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Tinder hookups, dates (taking girls home etc). It's different when we HAVE to be around each other for the next 5 nights

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bullshit. isolte, escalate, fuck. always the same. you have her isolated already.

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lmao if anything that 5 days is 5 days of second tries if OP fucks up hard

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Have been in this situation many times after living in hostels for almost 2 years. At first I was a bit timid and I missed a couple, if not more easy hookups. The worst feeling was seeing a confident dude just snatch her away because I was a pussy.

It is honestly really easy. Just escalate the flirtiness, start sitting on her bed, build up the comfort. You just need to test her compliance which is very easy to do when you share a space, just sit a little closer than you should, be flirtier, touch her more. Then if she is ripe just go for the kill. Just go straight for a kiss, or ask her for a massage, or just when you go out partying or whatever and alcolhol is involved etc. My n count has skyrocketed after hostels and I have fucked girls I never thought I could get. Straight babes and baddies.

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Thanks. Any advice for if she rejects?

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Just play it cool like it's okay with you. Basically treat her again like she's just a friend and don't act butthurt. It happened to me once and the girl was still afraid to even look at me for like 2 days, so I just told her "hey just chill, no need to make it awkward I got the message" or smth and she acted normal again. Girls are afraid that you could become creepy if you have to share a space so if it doesn't go well and she acts weird just tell her outright you're not a creep.

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Just move on if she rejects.

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, I just have no idea how to make a move on someone in a situation like this

Physically escalate

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C'mon dude, she's literally sleeping in your bed.

"So you always like to be on top..." go from there, escalate and close.

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"Hey, come watch this show with me" lead her on your bed and put your arm around her as if you're just trying to get comfortable and not trying to make a move. Then, slowly escalate.

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Are you 14?

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Try to kiss her.

WTF guys this part hasn't changed in 100 years. Just get close to her and put your face on her face and see what happens.

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Escalation, start breaking physical contact, keep it light hearted and fun, push and pull, don't pressure her too much, but don't be afraid to escalate it. Don't be needy. Keep an abundance mindset. Don't be honest to her about it like telling her straight out cause most likely that'll push her away or scare her away. Just take it slow, build up attraction, and it'll happen when she's ready.

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Yeah ive started on this, will report back

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Please do haha, I'm a bit invested into your story now

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Its my first time in a hostel (and first time in a country where i dont have family to stay with) so its a really new thing to me

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Take her and take a train out to Tivoli. No one speaks English out there but it's super chill. You can push your boundaries the whole time. Take her to villa d Este. It's romantic spot. It has a lot of history.

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Start talking about something where you and her are near each other and then go for the kiss, you'll find out right there what's up

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Close like you would anyone. These logistics are fucking perfect.

Sleeping in same room already

She's traveling, so ASD is way lower

Flirt, kino, invite her into your bunk

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Invite her to stay in your room?

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Wait for her to wake up. It'll be so much hotter

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Did you close?

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ask her if she wants to get drunk with you

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invite her out for a drink or something jeezzz

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you havent gone out for a walk in the park, or somewhere nice for sunset, and made a move yet - this is 101 stuff major. youve already been out for coffee.Def get some protection, though. she could be "on tour"

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If she sees you shirtless say something like this: „usually people have to pay for this, so consider yourself lucky“ Afterwards you both laugh and you can start to flirt more direct. I mean most of the time you can tell after a couple of hours if she is in to you...

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I was actually in this situation twice, circa 1998. In both cases, we flirted, did other things with other people, then ended-up in the shared room later. Both times, I whispered from my bottom bunk for her to come down. The first girl came down, and we just made out, and did some hand-stuff (there were 3 other guests in the room). The second girl smiled, but declined. It was just us, and my buddy snoring away on the other side of the room. It was fine. We smiled and flirted over breakfast, and went our separate ways.

I was as 22, and these were a week apart. I'm sure I could have done things differently to get laid, but I had fun, and no regrets. The only times I regret are when I didn't ask because of fear.

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You got a laptop?

Watch a movie. Hang the towels around the frame of the bed to give you 'privacy'. Have some cheap nasty boxed wine to create an ambience. Laying on a single bed together watching a movie, you can't not get laid.

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Been there plenty of times, what has worked to me in the past is to test the waters first.

You gotta start "randomly" touching her and see how she reacts.

There's a big chance at first she'll be a little uncomfortable with your touching, but after a few days she might be a little more open to it, so you keep touching and touching and then you jump on her like a beast, if she likes you she's going to reciprocate if not then you just say sorry and that's it.

But it's better to say sorry than asking for permission..

You gotta be like a cocrodile, they go slow, quiet, simple and then jump on there prey faster than they can run anywhere.

Disclaimer: you can do this but if she says stop(with her mouth AND body) then you stop, you should NOT by any means force her to do anything, but if she says no and touches your dick then that pussy is yours.