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TRP has opened my eyes (self.askTRP)

submitted by ocros03

Hey m 15 sophomore still very new and fresh to trp. I started reading posts and the sidebar a about 2 months ago and really have to say it has changed my life for the better. I'm not going to lie and say it has made me way more social or turned me into someone who loves going to the gym. It has provided me with a amazing new paradigm to view my life in. I can finally SEE the problems I have and make a conscious effort to fix them and for that I'm truly grateful. Alot of guys on here talk about tough love and trp being like a fatherly figure towards them. I'm very lucky to have finally moved out of my mom's (who is have been with for the past 13 years of my life) and live with my dad who is a very positive role model for me (inspires me to go to the gym etc). I don't want to sound like I'm riding TRP's dick. I agree with alot of what's posted here but not all of it. One of my favorites quotes from here is "take what works and throw everything else away".( Sorry for any typos on mobile)

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Read the top post when you come back with your fresh account. Your post must be a question or clarification on theory, not a "dear diary" entry.

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Good for you man! Keep it up, and no matter what, do whatever is best for you.. even if that means going against some trp suggestions.

If i could tell 15yr old me anything, it would be to slay as much pussy as you can in hs. Trust me. Stay away from hard drugs, save your fucking money and open a roth ira at 18.

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There’s more to life in high school and in general then slaying pussy. Make good friends and genuinely enjoy high school. Who cares about girls if you’re having fun. It’s really the last time in your life at this age you have no responsibilities except going to school and sports.

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Uhhhh thats the best time to be slaying pussy. Wait until your in your 30s and work 60hrs a week.. You'll hold onto minimal friends from hs. Make friends, approach girls, and dont be afraid to fail because 4yrs goes by quick and you'll never see 90% of your classmates ever again.

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No it's not. A lot of girls in high school won't put out until college. You can't relentlessly approach girls in high school without developing a reputation. You get laid based on how popular you are.

College and post college is the easiest time to get laid. High School is probably the hardest. And this is coming from someone who was popular in high school. I got some fair share but nothing like it is now in college or when I lived in New York this summer.

60 hrs a week is absolutely nothing. I worked 110 hrs a week at Goldman Sachs this summer and I still found sometime for things. I'd kill for 60 hrs.

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Well considering the market is closed on sundays, i find it very hard to believe you were putting in 19hr days mon - sat. But more power to you.

I missed out on the college experience. I was also popular in hs, got some pussy but nothing crazy. This is why i would again, tell 15yr old me to get with as many girls as I could. Most were more than willing to put out in jr - sr year.

Reputation is absolutely everything, but i think your failing to realize this is only 2 - 3yrs out of your life. Your a trader, right? Risk : reward, weight it out. Seems like a no brainer to me, even buffet would approve.

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That 4 years comment is really helpful. High school is between a rock and a hard place because it’s one of the only places to meet girls. However, that means almost all of it is shitting where you eat. Thinking of it from your perspective really is helpful.

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You can meet girls anywhere anytime. The easiest place to meet girls and get numbers in the world is on a college campus. When I joined a top fraternity as a freshman me and my pledge bros used to approach huge groups of girls on campus and invite them to parties at the house or at our dorms. We'd get all their numbers and party with them later that week. Shooting fish in a barrel.

The hardest place by far to meet girls is pre-college. Too many logistic nightmares, strict parents and watchful eyes.

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True shit.

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Thanks for all your advice. I agree that trying to get laided in hs not worth it because of shitting where you eat.

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Dude, im not saying go out and rape bitches. Game girls. Make them want to be with you. Dont have sex with someone who is extremely drunk party, but get numbers, set up dates, hang out one on one, kino, escalate. Even if you dont get laid, your young and its good practice. Dont procrastinate and act like you'll magically have all this game once you graduate hs.

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What about Universities?

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That’s your last chance to fuck underaged girls lol. And now I’m on a list lol.

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Who gives a fuck about fucking an underage girl or not. Just bang an 18 year old like I did the other night.

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Jk dude

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What don't you agree with?

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Found trp 3 years ago when I was a sophomore too. Literally changed my life and got me so many girls in school.

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Could you tell more more about what kind of changes you made to improve your lifestyle?

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Working out, eating healthier, drinking more water, getting 8 hours of sleep, and actively reading trp all were my biggest lifestyle changes. Once you read enough your mind will start to apply trp to social situations and you’ll become a much better person.

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This belongs in thanktrp.

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Where does one go to read theredpill after is was banned off of Reddit?

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Is there a question in here?

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No but there are lots of post in ask trp like venting that does not ask a question so I thought talking about how trp has helped me wouldn't be that off topic.

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You know how when you're speaking to a woman, and you have to choose your words really carefully, 'cause you know the woman is just waiting for you to misspeak so she can attack you?

Well, Ramo029 is like that. Ignores the point and attacks the person speaking. Just like a girl.

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Crabs in the bucket.