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You will die one day. What you did will not matter. The time you messed up an order in line at Starbucks. The time you said “you too” to your cashier as they said enjoy. The time you got embarrassed in front of a group of people. The time you fucked up talked to a hot girl. The time you cried because you were so stressed out about your grades.

It does not matter. You will die and everything you did, every mistake or failure will simply not matter. Your existence, your experience, your life will end and you will be nothing.

Just think about it for a minute. Life around you will be no more. “You” will not be existing anymore, one day. Just look around in the place you’re sitting in. Think of all the memories you have. Think of all the regrets you have. All that will not matter.

Do something. Take risks. Ask for that girl’s number. Don’t stress about trivial things. It will not matter when you’re dead. Do what you can do now instead of tomorrow. In the end, all you will have is your memories and your conscience. No one else. No one. Your parents won’t be there to judge you, your friends won’t be there, everyone who doubted you won’t be there. Just you. Make your memories good ones.

I love you all.

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Seems like a simple concept, but its hard to internalize. Great reminder.

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It is very hard to internalize. It’s extremely hard to put into words. You can’t really explain it, you just have to get it.

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Love u too babe 💘 kisses

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I crashed my car today and though it's minor, I was beating myself up over this. Thank you for the timely reminder to not stress over everything. It will be ok.

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The only mark you'll leave is with the people around you. You will be remembered, by the people you affected the most. Maybe not always in name, but in values.

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YOLO generation thread. Has no clue about his ability to influence and just how much people spend time thinking about alphas by either hating or lusting

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Brother you really need a personal trainer. I recommend glo

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too much nichilism, i prefer stoicism

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This is a very stoic concept. Marcus Aurelius had a slave to remind him he too would die.

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Gotta get me one of those

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You are right, but saying that nothing matters i don't think is stoicism's concept, maybe i'm wrogn

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This is not nihilism, as long as you take action and take that advice in mind.

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I had an epiphany a few years back at work when one of our former leaders at my company (everyone would recognize the company) died and nobody remembered him. He had been retired less than 20 years.

Extremely few people get to leave legacies through their work. I’m not saying not to work hard, just don’t do so under flawed assumptions.

Time is a non-renewable resource. Guard it tightly and use it wisely.

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Where is your question?

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Does it matter now TRP is gone?

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It is not gone?

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Well it isn't accessible by phone anymore

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Use your account in browser to open it and it should be visible in Mobile after. It says quarantined but still works.

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I use the app. When the pop up shows up I hit the dark area instead of the take me back button and it goes away.

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I use the app as well but the entire subreddit appeared to not exist until I went through with the browser at least once. Then it appeared with the pop up like u describe.

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That's right. It said sign into your account to view this subreddit and forced me to go through the browser. My apologies I had totally forgotten about that.

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Dude, none of that is true. A real redpill knows this, I walked into a knew office and the dudes already dress like me. The women try to catch me at the cooler.

My family always insisting I come over.

My friends wishing I had more time for them.

Girls texting me but I don’t show up so they send nudes to control me, I stilll don’t show up.

I plan on having a kid, and extending my ripple in time and space.

I have had people spend all day sitting talking about me by hate, or a few moments sharing love about me.those people have moved and most likely add me into their stories one way or another.

You seem young dude, you don’t need to believe nothing matters to break through walls like the koolaid guy, you just gotta keep trying until the wall falls down. How people remember you is on them, no matter how awesome or negative you are there will be lovers and haters, and your ripple will extend as long as the universe exists.

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I understand that I can leave a “ripple” in someone’s life and I want to do exactly that. I want to do something that impacts others’ lives in a positive way. This post was mostly for reminding people that we will die one day and all the trivial things we worry about and place value in have no importance to us in the end. It’s a reminder to accomplish our goals and live your life the way you want because you will die and you will only have your memories. It seems like a very black and white concept, but you have to really “feel” it to understand it. It’s hard to put it into words.

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Ah, Steve jobs captured the idea in a graduation speech extremely well.

Try if you are hyper aware, not sure if you are, taking your writing and rewriting it backwards. But most often then not hyper aware people are at breaking down ideas and start writing at the tail end.

Try it out with like two things you wrote to see if it’s true for you.

To me, your speech works out well this way.

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This is a bunch of nihilistic bullshit. Much better to just remember that our lives are all given meaning and defined by our actions, not our inaction.

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Or, you can decide that it is your duty as a male to take calculated risks and therefore it is also your duty to fail forwards sometimes. OP's Nihilism is a phase, an abyss to cross.

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Much better is different for each person. Personally the fact that this life is going to be lived once drives me more than anything.

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What you did mattered. You will see this on the Day of Judgement

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I understand what I do matters, but my message was more like “do whatever you want and do it confidently because no one will care when you’re dead so you might as well try.” It’s like positive nihilism.

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^ peaceful_strong_man, you know what's really up

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What you did mattered. You will see this on the Day of Judgement

Haha, ah yes, this is where I feel like this community is split on this. Do you have any proof that the Christian god is the right one ? Scientific proof ? People thousands of years ago believed in multiple gods, how is their mythology different from yours ? They both have the same amount of proof which is none.

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  1. I didn’t bring up Christianity at all.
  2. I’m talking about the Day of Judgement, on which every soul will be judged by God, our creator.

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What god you believe in doesn't matter. There's no need for your shitty attack on his faith

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Fuck off with your edgelord pagan beta bullshit.

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Memento mori.

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I love and needed this. Still have a hard time doing it.

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I love you too boo! <3

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Upbeat guy, this guy.

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Positive Nihilism I guess you could call it.

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Memento Mori a stoic concept...

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Maybe use that as a ping, tell the chick that you read an article that said you will die and probably wont be remembered and you want to see her! lol

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A man is only remembered by his work

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Good post but doesn't it break the sub's first rule ?

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Yes, but now that TRP was quarantined I feel like a lot more of “these” (non question type posts) are being allowed.

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Why would you delete it then ?

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Once you die, your ego dies but your soul awakens and remembers that it is eternal and understands the ego doesnt matter.

You are like a character in a movie, and your soul is like the actor, he lives after the movie is finished.

To really feel/understand this you need to experience ego death which can be achieved with psychedelic drugs (5 gram of magic mushrooms or 200-500 micrograms of LSD)

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I reflect on this often, especially when I'm at funerals. I'm getting to an age now where my friends' parents are passing away (both my parents are gone now) and this thought almost always pops up. Even the most beloved people, wonderful people, become little more than a memory or a story within 10-20 years. And within 2 to 3 generations probably won't be mentioned by any of their descendants.Hell, even the most famous people you can think of - people who have significant historic national or global significance are relegated to being a line in a history book, or if they're particularly impactful, maybe there are books written about them. But consider how, even that, is quite fleeting. I mean, Gandhi is widely recognized around the globe as having had a tremendous impact on the lives of a 360M people (perhaps billions if you count their descendants), and yet, how many times did you think about Gandhi today? This week? This month? This year? And for how long - a minute? Five minutes? Maybe you got into a debate with someone over coffee and it lasted an hour? The point is: even historically great figures, while still venerated and acknowledged are little more than footnotes in our day to day lives. So, go live your life. Be less concerned with what others think or what you want your 'legacy' to be.

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Your right, I'm going to rob a bank now. It will not matter.