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For example, they have pics with just their girlfriends/sorority girls. Maybe one picture out of 100 with there boyfriend. But then you go over to the soy boy beta cucks social media page and every picture is with that same girl. Give me a rationale.

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Because they are single, except in the mind of their "boyfriends"

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they play the field just like we do. most just like to play within the comfort of a relationship.

branch swinging: they wrap those branches in either condoms or velvet... for fucking and for comfort, respectively.

but they do branch swing... bc hypergamy.

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Okay call me crazy but I've even seen hypergamy and attempts to look for suitors from the comfort of no relationship and no sexual experience. Isn't that weird? Or maybe a sign of anxiety? I don't know.

Women are weird.

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it's built in... it is what it is. they don't know what they're doing; they are just programmed to do it.

men just need to be aware of it.

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I think it's like that hamster that just kinda feels a certain way and is in a certain mood and the stars align and she's ovulating, and then she's like ok cool i'll do something with this guy... Otherwise it's netflix all day.

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That shit pisses me off but its true.

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I was drunk when I said that.

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i also drink but never get angry only chill and funny

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Some people get weird when they drink. If you havent drank with someone, you dont know them.

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Yea it's funny for that

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Lol a lot of people downvoted this but it's 100% correct.

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See my post "They're All Players". It starts at age 12 friendos

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They're just "advertising" their popularity by taking pictures with lots of girls and telling a potential high smv male that they are "available" by taking pictures of barely any or no males.

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In short, they're for sale and looking for a higher bidder .

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More attention. Women know a male isn’t gonna follow them or keep up with her if she’s always posting her bf.

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This is the correct response. More followers.

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This. More correct than the higher incel-ish responses.

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More attention. Women know a male isn’t gonna follow them or keep up with her if she’s always posting her bf.

And most guys waste or dissipate their attention, allowing this whole system to work.

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Cause when they break up they dont have photos they wish werent there.

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A level of logic i thought was beyond them 0.0

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This forethought is purely subconscious, I assure you.

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Why do you think that?

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I only said it in a joking manner, but I guess it could be true as well. Women are Machiavellian by nature, they don't have to put that much conscious thought into it.

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Yeah but they don’t use social media by nature, so I assume at least some thought has to have went into it

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Sure, they don't use social media by nature. But all their actions are determined by their emotion and how they feel about something. Emotion is related to their gut feeling and instinct, which comes by nature.

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I've seen women who are absolute imbeciles do this sort of thing naturally

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Who you tryna kid

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This is incorrect.

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You cant say that without giving a substitute answer.

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Because they like the attention of other males

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Because all women want to Level Up from their present boy

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Attention whores love attention. Haz BF? Less attention on Instawhore. Simples.

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Branch swinging.

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By worrying about this you are stepping into her frame. Implement dread, watch her spam you on social Media

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Once woman said to me: I'm always on the market.

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A lot of times, the sugar daddy is just out of frame. Or taking the picture.

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Maybe cause they dont feel like they need to showcase their boyfriend on social media and neither should the boyfriend . If your a guy and post pics with your girl on IG and she doesnt , somethings off

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exactly. BP me made excuses for my ex. fuck that.

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In my experience most girls who are in a relationship don't look like they're single on social media at all. They usually post pictures of themselves with their boyfriends.

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They display an availability which can be good both for having sex with other men they physically like or taking advantage of other men they don't physically like

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Usually i sororities at smaller schools like mine they won’t even cheat outright. More of a branch swing. When hes on her social media looking like a baller is when you know she might be satisfied by her choice, for now atleast.

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Husbands are a trophy worth showing off, boyfriends are a phase. Just the closest orbiter or a beta bucks. Why give him any room to breathe where he's only a fraction of her attention?

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because that's how they get paid. another man fantasy is her money

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So they can always branch swing.

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He's an emotional placeholder to complain about how Jenny is a huge bitch.

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Why do girls in relationships on social media looks like they’re single?

Attention, options.

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This is a funny one, and am not sure if I actually have a proper answer for this. The boyfriend does not want to be on their IG? The bf does not fit in the perfect picture? They don't even think of it?

I guess it really differs per individual. In the mean time, do check this podcast: 21st Century Dating: Examining The Influence of Social Media (podcast) It definitely did clarify me the role of social media in a relationship, pretty sure it will do it for you as well.

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Probably because the only photos these dudes care to take are the ones their girlfriend told them to. So that’s what they put on social media. How many photos are taken when you’re hanging out with your boys?

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Good point. I can't think of an instance of taking photos while just chilling since last Halloween (due to costumes).

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Why does it matter?

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Because they are alpha as we wish we could be.

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Because not like you they play the game.

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That's it lol.

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There is no way to tell, unless you know their intention behind social media. Content vs Creator. Does she want a platform based on her personal life or professional? She could be an insecure brat who doesn’t want any of her girlfriends seeing what’s it like to date her man. Or she could be a boss bitch who probably hasn’t even introduced him to her father and won’t bother putting his ego up on a pedestal celebrating every month he stayed with one commitment.

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girls like that have what are called "throwaway boyfriends". like anytime a better guy comes around she monkey branches. shes currently using him just for money and benefits.

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They are always single for the right guy.