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When this shit-test comes your way, be it from someone you're in the process of plating, an LTR, or fuck even a wife,

how do you handle it? I understand Agree & amplify/Ignore & flip the script

I had a girl text me that "someone just used the smoothest pick up line on me". I said "Was he hot? you should get married" with the tongue emoji for tone. But it took like 40 minutes for that to come to me. I seriously blanked out when I read it because it seemed so... inane & out of the blue.

I think this might bungle me in the future, or if it comes in person. Any better idea's on how to handle i/what to say?

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Ask her what it was, that you're always looking for new ones to try out.

[–]tetrahydra123[S,🍰] 68 points69 points  (2 children)

This is 100% funny because it would be 100% true

[–]trpthrowaway2003 47 points48 points  (1 child)

Yep, and she would instantly realize that you give absolutely zero fucks.

This will work, every time, with every girl. It will be like double points if they try it around other people and you spit it out smooth as fuck.

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Hah! Took a mental note.

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“Tell me I’d love to learn” “He said blah blah blah” “Aw so cute”

That’s an example of AA. The underlying goal is to maintain control of frame, talk about you less about her. Also, it works to ‘beta-fy’ him.

In addition, this shit test means she’s horny. He did all the work making her wet by hitting on her but did not get the kill shot. You get to hit it after she’s been warmed up, lucky you.

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That's not an example of agree & amplify. Other than that good job of not caring.

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(ask for line) apply one :

"Damn, that is smooth. I'd have given him my panty."

"lol I hope you gave him a gold star for that."

"That's a good one. It's going on the fridge."

"What were you wearing when he said that?" (Give 'push' opinion on said outfit)

"Oh wow, what a legend. He's so smooth he could probably teach a class for that."

"What a waste, since you're so into me." (This one is dependent on what your level of intimacy is. Use accordingly.)

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Favorite definitely "fridge" one. Pulls the mood right out of sexual tension into amused mastery / kid-stuff

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What a legend one could come off as insecure

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Not if you say it right. Then its the exact opposite of insecure.

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These work in person. A lot fewer work over text w/out egregious emoji use (which was my situation)

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Yeh complimenting the dude isn’t the route id take.

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I'm glad you recognize this as a shit test. Too many dudes will look at this and wonder why she's telling them. If some random guy hits on them, and the first thing they do is tell you that someone hit on them, they're trying to relay to you that other guys like them and that you have to try hard to "keep them" I agree with what u/trpthrowaway2003 said. Ask her what the pick up line was so you can use it yourself. Personally, first thing that'd come up in my mind is to ask her why she's texting me if the dude used such an awesome line?

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I'm glad you recognize this as a shit test.


If some random guy hits on them, and the first thing they do is tell you that someone hit on them, they're trying to relay to you that other guys like them and that you have to try hard to "keep them"

Or maybe they just recognize that random guys hitting on them is going to happen, and they need to know how you will handle that. Are you going to freak out and take it out on her when some rando shows her attention in front of you? I've had men do that to me, when I had done nothing to provoke attention from said rando. Some men will even become violent with a woman in private because of what another man did or said that they felt "disrespected" by.

Sometimes shit tests, while poorly handled, don't have a selfish or malicious purpose. They're just inexperienced daters trying to take shortcuts to understand a person's character. Men do it to, and I don't blame them. Wouldn't you want to know early on if I was going to key your car because another women flirted with you?

(And maybe she was just angling for an excuse to use that smooth-ass pickup line on OP. Girls can be shit at flirting, too.)

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No one is saying shit tests are malicious. The woman checking to see how you react IS the shit test

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If she’s telling you happened chances are you are being seen from a branch she’s swinging to and from so don’t do anything with her to make her thing you seriously want a LTR because that’s not what she is thinking about. Do keep pursuing a relationship but do it with a more care free approach.

Game is supposed to be fun not something you have to ask online buddies for advice about at every turn otherwise you will keep hitting these glass ceilings.

I’m sorry, I hope this helps.

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Spot on dude... I needed this. I keep looking online and getting this distorted view of how I am interacting with this one woman right now... its not that deep bro.

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spot on

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then continue what you were doing

[–]derrtderr 20 points21 points  (2 children)

You: what was the line

Her: (line)

Wait a couple hours

You: lul

[–]redpiles 1 points1 points [recovered]

exactly what i would do. this is much more powerful than some unfunny A&A tryharding.

[–]derrtderr 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You can replace “lol” with “pssh” if the line is shit too. Fergut to mention that.

Never compromise your comedic integrity.

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But how would u handle it if u approached a group in a bar and ur target said. This guy hitting on me

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“Okay...” and go about my business.

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This is also a comfort test. “Your hot, i hit on you the first time I saw you too.”

If she was even remotely receptive and gave out her number or took his, Id show her how the door works.

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The thing about shit tests is that if you can't think of anything the best way to respond is either ignore it or just with "k"

"cool story, I'm having ice cream now"

Or just "oh".

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“what a loser.” amused chuckle and move on

that’s my go to

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First off, she's plate material AT BEST. Second, you did well, but I'd just ignore her, as it has the same desired effect. Cheers.

[–]Random_throwaway_000 1 points1 points [recovered]

Every girl gets hit on. The fact that she mentions a pick line that amused her makes her plate only? Kinda harsh but to each their own.

[–]RedSkeller 17 points18 points  (5 children)

I don't fuck with immature women who need to brag about their attractiveness to me- if she's 20 going on 14 I'll just fuck her.

[–]Random_throwaway_000 1 points1 points [recovered]

Decent response, 9 times out of 10 mentioning they get hit on is just a humble brag/shit test.

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I do. Typically the shy/nerdy type or the ones that were late bloomers. Women that have been hot all their life carry it with the sort of toxic behavior I am instantly turned off to. They're out there, but you have to be patient, helps fucking the others in the meantime.

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Mine went 20 on 17.

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Those are the best. Also, is that username accurate, because you might be my doppelganger. Can't tell you how many chicks on tinder are wet for Evan Peters, god bless that man.

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Loool dye your hair blue.

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"he did what!?!... he hit on you?!? did you call the police?"

after response... that he tried to get with her, "did you get his number? if not, I've got better lines."

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The generic response is to agree and amplify

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like someone else said:

Ask her what it was so you could use it yourself.

or amplify:

Luckyyy, cute guys never hit on me :(

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I would just ask if it made her wet then say well since we're together now let's fix that!

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haha, cute

Or leave on read

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Who cares if some guy hits on your girl?

Seriously, why do you even care? Why is this even a question?

You are so far in your woman's frame that you don't know the difference between yourself and her. You need to read the fucking sidebar you piece of beta shit. Do you even know what the sidebar is, bitch?

Go to the gym. Lift. Stop being such a god damn faggot.

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This made me laugh so hard in class

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"Did it work?"

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ehhh shows insecurity. Alpha dgaf

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For me this sounds a lot like bragging. So let's use some common sense, how would you reply to a male friend who brags about women hitting on him? Two options: a) if it is not happening too often, I suggest to act like a decent human being and metaphorically pat her on the shoulder and be happy for her. If you dislike people who brag too much, you should call her out:

Good for you!

Good to get some compliments from time to time, right?

Great, what line did he use?

Omg, yeah, keep on bragging... ;)

Hmm you seem to brag a lot...

Wow dude, sounds like you are the shit... /s