What the fuck is wrong with girls and social media? (self.asktrp)

submitted by koedeloe

I was working out and I saw this mediocre 6/10 girl. I see her in real life all the time at the gym. During her workout she is filming her shitty deadlifts and is on her phone all the time between sets. I haven't seen her talk with anyone in the gym. On Instagram though... she's the shit, BRB updating instagram while she's lifting to get likes while no one IRL even looks at her. It's funny to watch tbh.

Second girl... she is the sister of one of my friends. She is actually a fat whale. She's 20 years old and I'd say a 4/10. I was watching a movie with my friend and her. She was browsing Tinder and I asked her how many matches she had. She said 700. I told her that's bullshit and she showed me. It was true.. I was bamboozled. She is arrogant as fuck and in real life no guy wants to date her, yet on Tinder she has 700+ likes????

The next girls are girls who claim that guys are assholes who only want them for sex; yet when you check their social media it's full of bikini pictures and push up bra's?? I don't understand the way they think.

Last girl is a goodlooking girl. She has 3k followers and 300 posts. I know her since I was born and she sits home every weekend. She has no real friends. Always when I ask how her weekend was she said she watched TV. lmao fun life.

I'm 21 years old and I fucking hate social media. I think it's just a validation tool. The people who I've met who don't use it have the best lifes. The ones who are on it all the time are usually the boring ones who got nothing going on in their life, ironic, isn't it?

But it makes me rage though.. I can't seem to find a decent 7/10+ girl anymore who isn't on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat. Is this what girls have become? ITS FUCKING SAD.

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