Blue Pill ExampleFeminists unhappy with science. Create "Feminist Biology" to combat gender bias. No I'm not joking. (self.TheRedPill)

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This is baffling and a little disturbing.


A few institutional feminists have decided they're being oppressed by biology and have created "feminist biology" a misleading women's study program which aims to fight against the gender bias in science...

Promoting research using a feminist lens to approach biology, University of Wisconsin will be home to the nation’s first post-doctorate program in feminist biology this fall after a donation.

Looks like they got sick and tired of science proving all the differences between men and women.

Looking at science through a feminist lens allows old questions to be observed in new ways, she said.

Lets just go back and re-write all tbe shit proving we're wrong.

Hyde said they hope to make advances in approaches to science that detect gender bias in traditional biology and also pioneer new approaches to biological research that counteract those biases.

Proving sexual dimorphism is literally rape.

What we need to do is produce more feminist biologists,” Hyde said. “We’re hoping to encourage that now and to make it a much larger and vibrant field.

Mmm yea totally sister. We also need more creationist biologists to combat all that evolution nonsense.

How about more fat biologists to stop all the proof.. er I mean discrimination that being a fat fuck is bad for you.

Soon we can have feminist physics and chemistry. Math has for to long oppressed women by being hard to do in my opinion.

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Combining a social movement with hard science? What a "good" idea. Why haven't we thought of this before? There is no way any biases will occur and everyone will totally take their findings seriously...

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I fucking weep for any country that actually takes this shit on board. What a waste of time and energy. Feminism needs to die already, looks like this sick, perverted ideology is not going to down without a fight. They're probably getting scared as more and more people, men and women alike, are beginning to boycott feminism.

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