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Here is a post from almost 2 years ago when TRP was in its infancy. When this was posted, most of you were still buying your ex-GF's flowers and trying to figure out why she boinked a bartender name Antonio Mandingo in a dirty beachside bathroom, while on spring break with the girls, when she told you that she loves you and would never cheat on you.

/u/SoftHarem doesn't post much anymore, but this is a gem of a post that bears re-sticking for the benefit of all you maggots. Many of the questions and problems posted here can at least begin to be explained once you internalize the truths contained herein below.


She loves her attraction to you.

I'm going to repeat this because it is that important - She doesn't love you, she only loves her attraction to you.

Make no mistake fellow high value men, women have no loyalty beyond their own narcissism. The days of the lifelong partner your grandmother was to your grandfather have been put to rest. The instant validation and unnecessary amounts of attention your average attractive woman get are completely out of control, and they thrive on those high dopamine levels. Combine that with our post-feminist society which never tells women "NO." and you have the current mess. What does this mean for you? Well, its quite simply really, maintain attraction.

Lift. Dress well. Don't take any shit from anyone, and be the man who puts her in her place. Women crave leadership and dominance, regardless of what all those pseudo-husband feminists might say. Just don't think for one second that she loves you, because she doesn't. She loves the tingles you give her by not being like all the other pandering low value men who have been trying to beat down her door. She loves the primal orgasms from being held down and ravaged. She loves how her friends pine over the new mysterious guy, and most importantly she loves that you maintain your frame when she is being completely irrational, but she does not love you. Remember, she'll get her dopamine fix with or without you so you might as well get your dick wet for your troubles.

The worst thing a woman can do is accidentally fuck a beta. Provider type men used to be something noble, something to strive for, but in an age where we have abundance in every facet of our lives - they're redundant. Women do not have to worry about food, shelter, or security. It is all taken care of by Big Daddy GovernmentTM (or beta men) so they are free to pursue all their deepest, darkest fantasies with little to no repercussions. How many threads are posted here regularly that tell the same story? Happy relationship, good sex, everything is going well but she wants to "mix it up" (ride new cock) and usually the guy caves. Her attraction is waning and she needs her fix. Movies like Eat, Pray, Love make this idea popular. Why work on your marriage and care about your family when you can go get some HOT FOREIGN STRANGE?! Exactly. Don't be the chump husband, be the hot foreign strange, or, if you're a Heinz 57 like most of us just have enough Dark Triad traits that give her the tingles.

And please, for the love of FSM, don't fucking talk to me about this unicorn you heard about from a friend of a friend. We deal in probabilities in this community, and it is highly unlikely you are going to meet an attractive woman with any sort of loyalty. Yeah, they're out there, just like winning lotto tickets and Google start-ups are out there. Don't be a victim of regret rape because you caved to her bullshit and she needs to save face because you are no longer attractive enough to brag to her friends. Be the attractive guy who holds his space and is ready to replace her at the drop of a hat because that is exactly how quick her attraction can nose dive. I shouldn't even need to write this last paragraph, but we've had an explosion of growth lately and with that come the newest flock of people on the fence. Also, ladies, we don't want your advice. If you want to drop some "truth" about how there are all kinds of attractive and feminine women out there and we're just going after the insecure bar sluts I will swiftly remove your cliche cellulite ridden ass from our community.


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Stream of consciousness rant after a break-up. The only wisdom I can impart from between the time I wrote this to today this: allow yourself to be surprised. Keep your expectations low when it comes to females, because almost always your preconceived notions will be correct. However, if you completely shut yourself off to the positive aspect of women then you are guaranteed to create your own destiny.

Women can be molded into a positive force. Women can be the third (You, Goals, Her) most important aspect of your life. The right woman to fit this bill is few and far between but she does exist. As long as you maintain frame the majority of the time, and understand that all responsibility of your life rests on your shoulders, she can enhance your life.

The biggest takeaway that you need to comprehend is this: Women are not men. Men are not women. We are different animals who react differently to the same situations. Handle your business and find a woman who will handle hers in a way that is satisfactory to you, and understand that even if she is completely opposite - she can complement you.

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This brings me back to my fatalism of youth and how I believed in a white image of love and how women are such lovely creatures capable of no harm.

What a wonderful post.

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One of the key posts in my unplugging, thanks for sharing

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Goddam it's still hurts to read this.

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Not me. I like it. Takes the blinders off, and makes decisions so much easier.

So I don't get the tingles, never really liked them anyways

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TRP truths don't really get to me anymore, it's everyone I care for's blindness to the truths.

Such as when my friends and family tell me I have found a unicorn. It's so easy to want to buy into their views and fall back into old relationship habits because everyone who's opinions you care about other than your own are telling you that you have a great catch and that you aren't treating her right or something along those lines.

Of course, in the end, it's my own opinion of myself and my relationships that matters, and I know my plates much better than they do. I can never forget what has given me my success with women, and it sure as hell wasn't the PC views of my friends/family or the rest of society. The "Unicorn" they think I just lucked out with, is a product of views that contrast that very idea.

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You're goddamn right. This "true wuv," "guys get the girl" bullshit is everywhere in society. It is a fucking lie, and it is fucking suffocating.

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One thing that I've wondered about is. How do you know loyalty when you see it? Is it just a matter of luck that some guys do have loyal girls? Is it based on the amount of persistence a girl shows after you break up with them?

At what point would you say about a girl: "yeah this girl is going to be very loyal. She just has this kind of loyal value system."

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When she demonstrates it.

When you lose your job, and she sticks with you. Whenever Chad comes along, and she doesn't cheat on you. When she see's you through the good times and the bad.

It might take a lifetime to realize, but it's not something that can be predicted nor promised. It must be demonstrated.

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Although, if she talks about how she "could never do" action XYZ, or "isn't" quality ABC, it usually means those are the things she fantasizes about every time she's bored or horny.

Denial is one of the most powerful economic forces in human society. It's a universal human trait to talk about doing the things which we actually desire to do least.

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Pretty hard for someone to demonstrate it.

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It is. That's kind of the point.

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This makes me wonder, at what point do you let yourself fall in love with the girl? Is it after she demonstrates that she is actually valuable and not another drone? Or before that? Or perhaps you just never do.

And honestly i think i just answered my own question while writing it down. But I'm still posting this because thought process. Going for the second option would be like playing Russian roulette where every slot of the gun has a bullet except for one of them, you are just setting yourself for failure but the idealistic chance is there. Second option would be playing it safe but playing it safe is not always as satisfactory, and the first option i listed would be the high risk high reward one, where your chances of success are analogous to your capacity to judge and understand others. And it makes me kind of sad because im the kind of guy that wants to fall for someone before i even start dating them, which is probably hedonistic at best.

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Did you even read the post? First sentence of second paragraph.

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My friend told me about TRP. I got curious and joined. I am on my way of taking back my marriage.

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As I read this, it all makes so much sense. I want to punch my fist through a wall, I can't escape this truth. I'm a red pill veteran but I still struggle to completely accept this. I must continue to work on myself and outlook on life to survive... If anyone feels like pm discussing this stuff... I feel like I could use a red pill friend right now... Fuck... Fuuuuuuck.

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I can attest to this. Got married, I wasn't making much $ (what's the point of beta bux if there is no bux?), divorce talk came up within 3 months of walking down the aisle. I thank me for trusting my own instincts and ditching the bitch.

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I remember when i first came across TRP long ago and this was the post i found and it was so harshly worded i shied away from it

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when I found this Sub-reddit just about 2 months ago it hurt, it still does but this post is excellent and has lots of truths in it.

I thought my case of cheating was unique... ha! little did i know, still on my unplugging path, thanks for sharing this.

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TRP: advice for guys who like guys.

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[permanently deleted]

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Bit sensitive?