Blue Pill ExampleI heard a girl say the most beta bux thing I've heard in my life. (self.TheRedPill)

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So a friend of a friend was telling us about this shitty date she had the other night. She said she text this one guy she is friends with to call her with an "emergency" to get out of it. Then on the way home she was feeling like shit, he called her, so she met up with him. Then she tells us how he instantly made her feel better and laugh and all this stuff.

So I ask her if she ever thought of dating him. She says that they actually went on a couple dates and it was "the best dates Ive ever been on, but he never made a move and I did not really feel that way towards him. He is so nice and makes me laugh, but [he doesn't give me tingles and is too big a pussy to make a move]"

Then she dropped this BOMB: "But if I am still single in like 10 years then I could totally see myself marrying him."

All I could do was fucking laugh. I could not believe a woman was actually admitting this, but damn was it spot on with what we say here all the time.

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I've been in this exact position before, as the guy. I failed her by never making a move even though she would keep telling me that the times she had with me were some of the happiest she's ever been.

This guy is like me, a nice guy. I never escalated because I was too scared. I never touched her, stayed respectful, and did not even make any flirty suggestions. I've been told doing any of these things is RAPE RAPE RAPE. I just kept my cool and waited for the moment that every single public speaker who has spoken on sexual harassment has ever said would happen, that she'll eventually give clear consent to escalate.

That moment never came. She instead went for another guy who wasn't afraid to grab her ass in public, even when she was angry he did that. She would still fuck him later of course.

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I could not believe a woman was actually admitting this

Why not? She thinks she is a great person and she is, perhaps, willing to let him Win the Prize that is her.

That guy may also be similarly clueless, so they are made for each other....well, at least until she gets tingles for Poolboy with a side order of divorce Cash and Prizes.

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Aw, c'mon, dude....what strapping nice guy doesn't want some 35 year old consolation prize poon?

"But if I am still single in like 10 years then I could totally see myself marrying him using him to satisfy the Beta Bux side of my hypergamy after I hop off the cock carousel."