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As a young buck in his mid 20s, I'm seeing more and more of my peers getting engaged or tying the knot. Per usual, social media platforms are the relied upon methods by these couples (read: girls) to get the news across. In most of the posts are either pictures of the engagement ring or the wedding dress or other ceremonial nonsense with herds of womyn congratulating the recently engaged or wed (read: jealous that they don't have what the other woman has). We can also see this obsession with fantasy weddings on television shows like Say Yes to the Dress among others.

What struck resonance with me was the overwhelming sense that these fantasy weddings and exciting engagement announcements were marketed for women by women. Never mind the fact that a lifetime commitment (read: 5-8 years) was about to be forged.

I strongly believe that most women lack the fundamental ability to look past the gaud of their fantasy weddings and honeymoons and the influx of praise and attention they receive from their peers at their announcements and ceremonies and this lack of foresight leads to a declining marriage (read: not haaaapy anymore).

This concept also gives credence to the notion of: She doesn't love you, she loves the idea of you. She loves the tingles her fantasy wedding gives her. Gentlemen, if you must marry, find a girl who couldn't give a shit less about the gaud and showiness that will cost 99% of men tens of thousands of dollars.

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It gets worse than this. Your entire marriage becomes one giant race to prove your value. If a woman isn't getting praise and attention for having a badass husband, you lose points.

That's right. She'll ride you daily to keep you from going to the gym (because you're not paying attention to her when you're there), but if you get a pot belly and lose your muscles and her friends stop being jealous of how fine her husband is, you're not giving her social status any more and she divorces you. And eventually, you're going to get old naturally and go gray, or go bald, or get wrinkles, or have a harder time staying muscular, and if you're too much older than she is and she and her friends aren't ugly by then, too, same deal.

If you're not constantly a social badass and the envy of the town -- if the neighbors don't like you and want to be you, and her friends aren't constantly talking within earshot of your wife about how awesome her husband is, you're costing her social points. If you keep to yourself, go to work, do your job, come home, and take care of your family, but your wife's social circle thinks you're antisocial and not much fun, you lose. She divorces you.

Oh, and if you ever, ever lose your job and haven't found a better one in about 30 seconds, she's divorcing you.

Once you marry her, she can do whatever the fuck she wants. She can piss all over you, and you have to take it. Because your only way out is to walk, and if you walk, she gets your expensive house, your children, half of the wealth you've worked your entire life to accrue, and child support payments for the next decade or two. And not only do you have to take it. You have to fucking smile and pretend you like it. Because if you make too much of an issue about her pissing on you, she'll file herself and get your house, kids, half your shit, and support payments.

So you're stuck being a badass for the rest of forever, while your disillusioned wife never fucks you and pisses all over you. You lose if your value ever slips. You lose if you complain. You lose if you fuck someone else. It's a losing venture.

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I watched both my best friends drop a total(Engagement rings7-8k each, wedding 12-14k each, honeymoon about 4-5k((flights, hotels, food/travel expenses)), time off from work 3 weeks salary) a total average of around 30k each wedding. For a 1 day party and a 3 week vacation. AND THAT IS CONSIDERED CHEAP. Everyone pitched in and helped out with decorating and carry heavy tables and chairs etc. I laughed so hard when they suggested that "when I've met the right one, it will be worth the cost"... Fuck marriage dude. For the first 6 months of engagement it was all talk about the wedding and all the planning and all the gossip about dresses and flowers, then it was Facebook photos from the wedding after the 3 day ordeal of setting up and taking shit down(both times) and then the 9000 photos combined from the wedding and honeymoon. Now everyone is talking about babies. bleh. All chicks do is compete by following a set linear goal oriented timeline of life and it is mediocre as fuck. engage, marry, birth, talk about vomit/ milestones, PTA meetings, blah blah blah