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You Never Stop Competing

This is one lesson you MUST understand to have the life that you want: You never stop competing.

The day you stop competing is the day that you might as well die. Guys who get married, think they’ve “won”, get sloppy, anesthetize themselves with sportsball and beer to dull the pain of their bleak existence, and then never see the divorce rape coming? Yeah, they stopped competing. Their best case scenario is that they get to pay 40% of their gross income to their ex-wife to fuck other guys and teach their kids to hate them, and their worst case is being the back half of a murder-suicide.

The OGs of TRP don’t tell you to lift because we want to be stuck behind more skinny-fat guys down at the gym, or to tell them to wipe down the equipment and replace the weights, etc. Lifting is the First Commandment of TRP because the Body is the Temple of the Mind, and in order to become the Best Version of Yourself, you’re going to have to do something with your physical reality beside just exist as a flabby bag of organ meat.

What next? While you are working on not being a slob ‘wif no muscle tone, bruv', you also need to do some shit to build your confidence. You need to find something, or perhaps two somethings, to become exceptional at. Something where you are the big baller and the shot-caller. What this is will depend on what your skill sets are and what you like to do. Now, if your purpose is just to get laid you are doing it wrong. You should be living your life FOR YOU. Women should not be the primary focus, but rather a happy addition: Women Are a Lagging Indicator of Success. If You Build It, They Will Come So have a cool hobby or two, and also add a couple of sports outside of lifting to your overall program. I generally recommend swimming because when you get to be older, it will be much friendlier on your joints, etc. I also suggest one team sport and one individual sport, for development, i.e., learning teamwork and self-reliance. If you are a young guy and you think you might go into CorporateLand you might want to think about golf because a FUCK TON of deals get done on the golf course. Tennis, too, for that reason, but it’s less important.

Remember, TRP is about self-improvement….so put together a plan to improve yourself.

”Okay, okay, Uncle Vasya,” you say, ”but what about women?”

You also have to understand that women (well some women) are not cunty bitches who are put here to deny you the pleasure of their loins. Be a low-investment guy until you start getting buy signals. If a girl you are chatting up wants to put you in the Friend Zone, fine, simply withdraw your attention from her and go chat up other girls. The bluepills will bleat about how “Women don’t owe you sex!” Correct. They do not. But the flip side is that you don’t owe women your time, attention or resources, either. Doubly so if she actually is a cunty bitch. It’s not up to you to run some sort of ‘outreach program’ for angry, bitter women.

There is no “One Special Girl”, so stop believing in that bluepill ‘fairy tale” bullshit. It's a numbers game, so Think Horizontally, Not Vertically.
Over the longer term, you need to identify the pool of women who are attracted to you, and select dates/mates/plates from that pool. I know that I’m going to do particularly well with introverts, tall girls, and girls who prefer older men, so I vet women from those groups to find those I like. Try out what works for you. If you put in the work, you will optimize your chances.

You wanna know what guys get laid the most? The guys who get rejected the most, because they're the guys who approach the most. You are going to have a better shot at the women you want if are what? If you are the best version of yourself that you can be.

So get thee to the House of Iron, and whistle a happy tune on your way, and be grateful that you were born male, and learn to see the advantages, not just the disadvantages. Be grateful that your sexual success is not almost entirely governed by your looks – which are going to fade with age – and that you can only get turned on when someone treats you like shit.

The Takeaways:

-You Never Stop Competing

-Be the Best Version of You that You Can Be

-Find One or Two Things to be Exceptional At.

-Live for YOU; Women should not be the primary focus, but rather a happy addition to your life.

-Be Low Investment, Until You Get “Buy” Signals.

-If a girl isn’t into you, or friendzones you, or is a cunty bitch, Withdraw Your Attention From Her.

-Reward good behavior, punish bad behavior (withdrawal of attention, DREAD.)

-Identify the pool of girls you like and do well with and draw dates/mates/plates from that pool.

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I thought something along that same line. This part is golden OP...I may just use it on social media when I see that shit. Cause I honestly DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Women can be mad and be damned. I am unapologetic in my demeanor and lead as genuine a life as a man can lead. The older I get the more IDGAF about people's feelings. I do not seek to hurt or cause harm but my authenticity is more important than anyone's feelings.

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    Don’t sperg out.

    Laws of Power my friend. Don’t fuck yourself over.

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    They don't want attention from 90% of men anyway so won't notice when you withdraw it. Witholding a commodity that is not needed changes jack shit. But 90% of women are getting laid

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      Women owe you sex when they want to stop the biological clock. Too bad we reject the entitlement at that point since their 40 y.o beef curtains know no boundaries

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      It remains true that a bee must be the active agent in the spreading of pollen, as it remains true that a flower is passive in receipt of the pollen. But still a bee cannot pollinate a flower until a flower opens herself for pollination.

      Great analogy man. Will look into the Udemy course and that's also a book I want to read.

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      thanks for sharing this information

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      Good comment. A summary recap of the buy signals would be helpful

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      Do you have the exact course name? She has a couple in there and they seem to be highly rated.

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      For me lifting is honestly the cornerstone. It teaches you the foundations.

      • It takes time and patience to build something worth having.
      • It takes discipline of repeating the same thing over and over to yield a good result.
      • You don't put in the work, you are directly affected by physique suffering.
      • Self reliance: Nobody else can put in the work for you.
      • Whether you feel good or bad you have to show up.
      • You have to manage: Your time, diet, lifting program
      • You cant just have a good physique because you want one.

      With a good physique:

      • You command more presence
      • People value you differently as you take pride in your self, you have discipline
      • Aesthetically you look much better
      • You are more confident in your self

      If you have this part of your life operating like a well oiled machine, the disciplines spill over into almost everything you do

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      And you can't inherit it from your parents

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      I've never been able to settle on a type of women i like.

      I'm with a tall brunette, then i want a short blonde

      Im with a skinny girl, then i want a curvy girl

      I'm with light skinned girl, then i want a darker skin girl

      I can't be the only one suffering with this problem

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        Concur, although as extroverted as I am, most girls will be more introverted than I am, even if they're extroverts themselves.

        Introverts I find to have fewer behavioral issues and very happy to do what they're told, while, at the same time really digging what I bring to the table.

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        I compare them to sports cars, I want to test drive them all.

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        Find yourself a youngest hottest lady that love you and train her, when she stop being little sweet girl, bye.

        When you bang well over 60 and approaching triple digit or lost count, you see that. It is hard work and they are no longer valid. Dreams will be better goal. Is not what you want, always get count on what you can have.

        Sometimes a product will educate and re-educate the consumer, look iPhone and Steve Jobs. May a hot girl re-educate you how nice to have her but oh boi you will know at back of your head even the most powerful man bow under the power between her leg and her eye, her youth is destructive like nuke.

        Those eyes, those damn eyes fucked me forever.

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        Don't settle, have two

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        Which is why I heavily recommend BJJ, which:

        • is constant competition

        • involves being part of a team

        • involves having to stand your ground on your own

        • bears the possibility to be executed in a manner which isn't too hard on your joints and rest of the body.

        Plus you'll meet many alpha blueprints there and become their friend, ultimately elevating you up to their level. From my understanding more and more successful business men get into it as well in the US.

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        bears the possibility to be executed in a manner which isn't too hard on your joints and rest of the body.

        I don't know about you, but our coach is into competition classes these days. I woke up feeling like I'd been in a car crash.

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        Yeah. I am also training like a beast, ignoring my 41 year old body... TRT helps woth recovery though.

        It's still possible though. Helio Gracie rolled well into his 90s.

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        My teammate ripped his knee yesterday. That's two people in a month in my gym. BJJ has its dangers, my brother. Good luck on the mats. Oss!

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        oh shit I wanted to start BJJ next month and reading that doesnt really help since health is one of the most important aspect for me in life

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        the local gym here offers BJJ & Kickboxing. no injuries from kickboxing so far ;)

        even though i advocate and appreciate BJJ i passed on it. i don't think my knee could take it

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        What about boxing?

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        Not bad, but different and you cannot sparr in the same way you can do in BJJ.

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_ffCW4joaU Watch this. It explains it very well and is worth the 18 minutes.

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        Hey Vandaalen, thanks for your comment, i've been thinking about BJJ more and more.... a few questions....

        1. I'm a tall lean (though muscular) guy (6.0"), seems like my natural fighting/SD style would be boxing or upright punching/kicking MA styles due to my long limbs - would i be at a competitive disadvantage in BJJ?
        2. I also play sports and would be fearful of injuries from BJJ - how frequent are injuries?

        Thanks, starbirth

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        1. The great thing about BJJ is that it can be fought in many different ways and you need to learn to use your advantages. There are disabled people who are doing it and winning over "normal" people. Your body type is pretty ideal though.

        2. Much smaller injury rate than i.e. soccer, but the risk is surely still there. I always got sone kind of bruises or hurting joint, but you get used to it and don't give a shit anymore. Oftentimes I don't even notice it anymore. Never been seriously injured in 3.5 years though.

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        What’s the time commitment for something like BJJ? I’m definitely looking into something like this, as a small dude who talks a little too much shit when he’s drunk sometimes hahah

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        What’s the time commitment for something like BJJ?

        Whatever you want. I ended up going six times a week, because shit is fucking addictive.

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        -Live for YOU; Women should not be the primary focus, but rather a happy addition to your life.

        The more red I get, the more I realize I have less time for women, and spend more time making myself a fucking God of my pursuits - which draws women in like moths to a brightly burning flame.

        I love the competition. I embrace the climb to the top.

        Damn it feels good to be king.

        Great post.

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        Any new vids coming bro? Love your work

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        Glad you find value in them - I'm collaborating with a big name in the manosphere (won't reveal just yet) on a video about social attractiveness (social proof, social circle, and status)

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        “Women don’t owe you sex!” Correct. They do not. But the flip side is that you don’t owe women your time, attention or resources, either.


        "I'm not in the mood tonight honey" / "That's ok, I'm not in the mood to put a roof over your head, keep the lights on, listen to your problems, keep food in the fridge, provide a bed for you to sleep in tonight and to stay faithful to you".

        Society tells men their side of the bargain is obligation and the female side of the bargain is optional.

        The reality is that your side of the bargain is optional too, and you should always always always keep it this way.

        Hoirzontal/Vertical / guys get laid the most? The guys who get rejected the most, because they're the guys who approach the most.

        Exactly. We should all get away from looking for The One, and start looking at ALL our options. No more self imposed scarcity.

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        Women have become so aware that their power tool is their vagina, and they've become pretty damn good at using it.

        Our power tool is attention, yet the majority of men are spraying it around like champagne on spring break.

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        Our power tool is attention, yet the majority of men are spraying it around like champagne on spring break.

        Women have been extremely good at devaluing male attention, pretending it's simultaneously worthless, that she's entitled to unlimited amounts of it, and that it's the male's obligation to supply it.

        Get into the top 10% and act like it, and the game flips.

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        I wish I had a dad like you, Uncle Vasya. Actually, my dad is pretty alpha, but the problem is that we never discuss much about these topics, after reading TRP I realized that some of my dad's actions are very accurate according to TRP, like he's the one responsible in my family, my mom stays at home and raises our brothers, she's very submissive to my dad, I remember that my dad had some affairs and my mom went crazy apeshit but my dad handled everything smoothly, and he rarely be at home, his work requires traveling a lot. Sometimes I wish that we can discuss about stuff openly, like men.

        If a girl isn’t into you, or friendzones you, or is a cunty bitch, Withdraw Your Attention From Her.

        This always works, the funny thing is that when you withdraw your attention, they always pay more attention to you even you don't give a fuck anymore.

        What a great post!

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        I wish I had a dad like you, Uncle Vasya.

        "All the young men are my sons."

        -From, The Sayings of Chairman Zaitzev

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        my dad handled everything smoothly

        Curious how he did it?

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        Unappreciative fuck there's a reason why he doesn't talk to you about that. Because he's putting a roof over your head not chasing tail like you are and being the head of a household. He wishes he has the problems you have

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        "If You Build It, They Will Come"

        I am a massive believer in this. LTR's are RP on hard mode, but if you are a high value man, it makes it easier. She knows, that you know that you are the prize.

        "I am never out of the fight."

        I look at life this way and think of myself as a shark - if i stop swimming I die.

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        "Women don't owe you sex!" -- You don't owe them dick as well. If they don't act nice, they don't get any. Women absolutely want dick.

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        verbal intercourse is optional (http://archive.is/FIiDS)

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        Thanks for this. I’m loving the content on this sub recently.

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        Yet another high quality inspirational / motivational post from TRP. I'm off to set up a few more PBs in the weight room.

        All you do when you stop competing is simply decide to give up. Feel free to lose for as long as you can live with it, then forgive those wasted years, get back on the winning road and don't look back. Hit life with gusto. It's never too late.

        The journey IS the destination, the goal IS the process, the effort IS the reward. Keep on pushing.

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        Any suggestiong on how to find your passion?

        I've got a handful of hobbies I do for fun but none I feel I can commit too much of my time to

        [–]Senior Endorsed ContributorVasiliyZaitzev[S] 5 points6 points  (2 children)

        Try out a new thing or two each month until you find it.

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        What if you want to do multiple things without being committed to one passion?

        [–]Senior Endorsed ContributorVasiliyZaitzev[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        So then do multiple things. Do what works for you. That said, you may discover over thine that there are 1-2 that you gravitate to.

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        do something you like,
        you like playing piano do that

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        This is what was never taught to the incels, and something I didn't wake up to until my early 20's. To be male is to compete.

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        Great post, especially about the part pertaining to persistency/rejection. If you succeed 3/10 times, you're not only batting .300, but you're also more desensitized to rejection. Rejection is not failure - it's simply a byproduct of trying.

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        I focus solely on competing in athletics, everything else just comes together. The less I worry about shit, the better they become. Guess its perception.

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        Guys who get married, think they’ve “won”, get sloppy, anesthetize themselves with sportsball and beer to dull the pain of their bleak existence, and then never see the divorce rape coming? Yeah, they stopped competing.

        This is one of the most pernicious myths still going around. The harsh reality is that women divorce perfectly fine men all the time. Sometimes because men get sick, or just old, or they get laid off, or just for no fucking reason.

        Women do it because there are no consequences to their actions and they are guaranteed to come up on top in divorce court, and there is not one goddamned thing any man can do to prevent it, not "holding frame", "leading your Unicorn", "lifting", "dreading" and a host of many other retarded "techniques".

        Skip step 1 - never marry, never cohabitate. Fuck them, love them, spin them, but never commit.

        Don't play their game.

        [–]Senior Endorsed ContributorVasiliyZaitzev[S] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

        women divorce perfectly fine men all the time.

        You can do everything right and still lose, anyway. That doesn't mean you shouldn't minimize the chances of things going wrong.

        Skip step 1 - never marry, never cohabitate.

        As a lifelong bachelor, I like to say that "I never made the same mistake once." Or "Some people think polygamy is one wife to many. Others think monogamy is the same thing."

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        Words of wisdom, Tovarish Vasya.

        [–]lifeisweirdasfuck 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        You wanna know what guys get laid the most? The guys who get rejected the most, because they're the guys who approach the most

        I will print this quote and put it on the wall of my room.

        This is the best phrase i've ever read about dealing with approach anxiety.

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        Your posts always hit the nail on the head Vasiliy. Thanks for your contribution.

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        This post is right - you never stop competing. Most women who cheat are because their once attractive men became fat slobs and lost their ambition to rock it out.

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        Every time Uncle Vasya posts, I save it. Too much gold, thank you for all you do

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        Ive fucked more girls than 95% of this subreddit.

        I’ve also been rejected more than 99% of this subreddit.

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        None of these would matter if we’re not so crazy about chasing women. I’ve given up and I feel liberated.

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        I'll repeat what I've said before - Win, lose - it doesn't really matter, money will not make you happy, either will working till you die, the good eras of working hard and being paid well are long gone, so are home ownership, 90% of women these days aren't worth it either, cunt attitude, gargantuan entitlement, fat, tattoos, blue hair, entitlement, #meto0

        "Reflect too on the yawning gulf of past and future time, in which all things vanish. So in all this is must be folly for anyone to be puffed with ambition, racked in struggle, or indignant at his lot—as if this was anything lasting or likely to trouble him for long" - Marcus Aurelius

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        it doesn't really matter, money will not make you happy

        I regard money as an option on the future. It's a tool, like any other tool. In the hands of a craftsman, it can do great things, in the hands of a n00b, it's useless. One thing for certain is, it's a shit way to "keep score". It won't make you happy, but it can act as a force multiplier, if you know wtf you're doing.

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        If you totally dominate at it, but I'd also suggest hobbies that you actually like and can do to relax. If they also bring you women, then great. If not, then as long as you like them, fine.

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          make me feel like shit.

          Don't. That just stupid.

          Would you recommend anything else that could set me apart?

          I can't tell you what you like, or what your talents are.

          I’m also getting an opportunity to do a research project in Sweden/Finland for a year if that helps with being interesting.

          It does if you do cool shit while you're there. If you tell stories that begin with "Well first we grow nematodes down at the lab..." girls are going to say "Hey, can you hold on a sec? My vag is so dry from your story that I have to go to the Ladies' and drop a tumbleweed out of it."

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            My point was, don't allow yourself to feel like shit.

            Nope. Never been to Scandinavia. I'd read up on it before I went and see what's there that I liked and then go do that.

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              I won’t be able to enjoy uni until it’s too late.

              Bullshit. You have FOMO.

              There is this myth that uni are these "four magical years" of drinking, partying, etc. That is not what uni is for, and it's not the university experience for most people anyway. Stop worry about what other people have or are doing, and focus on YOU. This isn't "Logan's Run" and people live past 21.

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              Not that I don’t like your posts, because I do for sure, but how does this vary from every other post that essentially boils down to: 1. Lift, 2. Be the prize, 3. Never stop improving?

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              Live for YOU


              You Never Stop Competing

              Then what are you competing for?

              If you really live for you you are no longer comparing yourself to others. Competing, comparing yourself to others ultimately only makes you miserable, never content, because there is always bigger/better/prettier.

              [–]brideboy -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              I didn't read. Im not competing for shit though. Im just trying to stay afloat. All you other dudes can over complicate your lives because you're bored and cushy all you'd like though.