Red Pill TheoryThe toddler and the pencil. (self.TheRedPill)

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How a toddler describes a thing When children are learning to speak, they think about the function of a thing. They do not think of it as an object or in a static state. When a child is learning they may call a mode of transportation a "go". They'll call a pencil "draw". The function is the primary mode to their recognition of the object, so that is how it is referred.

The woman and her LOVE Ever heard a couple recite wedding vows? The woman always refers to the man as "her love". Love is an emotion, not a static thing. Her perception of the man is as an emotional state, not an object. Like the toddler and the pencil, her perception (and her mental picture) of her man is how he makes her feel. Action is the toddler's primary state of association of an object. Feeling is the woman's primary state of association of a man. (This is not to say women are toddlers, obviously. But reading The Most Responsible Teenager in the House would do you some good.)

How to use this for your benefit From the moment you meet a woman you are painting a perception of yourself. It's not a picture made of images. No, men think of things as they are...it's image, it's static state. You are painting a picture of feelings. Each little feeling you give her is a brushstroke creating an illustration using emotion. Over the course of knowing her, you should be careful to give her feelings that paint you in a positive light. As a sexual being. A fun and exciting man. A potential protector and provider. You should be the apex that she can achieve in a mate, even if that isn't your long term intention. If you've read anything here, you know that these are the things that attract women. You don't necessarily have to be attractive or have a great job, as long as you make her feel. (though, appearance increases your chances of getting her initial attention) It is important do this from the moment you meet her, because this is how she will perceive [FEEL] you from then on.

TL;DR Women's perception of you is of the emotions you've given her, not your static state.

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Good analogy, this is why the jerkboy style gets girls, eliciting a good or bad emotional response is better than the dreaded apathetic response

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Exactly. For the sake of a small and digestible post, I didn't go into that or dread game or any of the myriad of ways to elicit feelings. Though, it would be a good post to illustrate how these things relate to the theory I posited.

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Good post. Succinct. Accurate. Fair.

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so you are saying I should become the bob ross of her emotions?

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That was the best way I could convey the concept. Or you coukd think of it as being her emotional travel agent, taking her to exciting emotional places she's never been. Whatever you do, don't be boring.

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“Just beat the devil out of that brush to clean it off. There we go.”

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Good post, the analogy resonated with me.

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This is an awesome post! I never thought about this topic in that way. It was really eye-opening

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This is something I have a really hard time with I don't have any idea on how to convey emotions. Not to say that I'm an emotionless sperg but how to do this on purpose. Do you maybe have some examples OP?

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You misunderstand the post. It's about HER emotions. When she pictures you in her mind, the "image" (for lack of a better term) is of the emotions she associates with you. Women do not think like men. Women think in emotional terms. A woman wants to feel. Take her on an adventure, emotionally speaking.

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Thanks for clarifying but I did get that from the post. But my questions was how do I go about making her having a positive emotional response to me like you said a women wants to feel but what are ways to make her feel because I have the feeling I'm really bland and boring on this part of the interaction.

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What creates emotions in you? There is this sense that you cant entertain others without entertaining yourself first. You need to look in the mirror, and you need to do everything you can to see a pornstar stud there, if you cant why would she? Try to emulate sexy charming men. Its ok to reinvent yourself into an adult. You cant inspire others unless you are inspired. You cant get anyone to laugh unless you think its funny. No one thinks highly of you until you think highly of yourself. And the trailing idea is you are boring if you are chronically bored. Start framing everything as interesting, and you start to exude inspiration. There is obviously limitations, but you gotta stop being bored in a world that is brimming with awesome fine things. Maybe get a motorcycle and give rides, maybe get a guitar and form bands, plan a snowshoeing trip, throw a house party, build beautiful woodworking and show and tell, perhaps geek out on science and industry (chemistry and biology are absolutely fascinating). This connects to 2 concepts that are literally all over the TRP forum: 1) control the frame by leading and suggesting how to view the situation ( i.e. is it lame, and are you lame or are you awesome and this rendezvous is a party). 2) have a life ( women are orbiters and want to join in on the interesting experiences men are involved in).

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Thanks OP this makes allot of sense. I'm working hard on the things you named but I didn't consider incorporating them into my frame. building my frame needs work too but I needed to hear this.

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For something as complicated as emotions you illustrate your point very well