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I was going to make an elaborate post, but I'd rather give some examples below. Please take note that if you follow the things on this forum: lifting, reading, meditating, good career/finances, practicing game-you are ahead of 90%+ guys. I am not exaggerating when I say this: ALL it takes is to do those things consistently for 1 year.

Example 1:

There's a guy at work, Mark. Mark is 25, 6'2, in good shape, plays 3-4 sports, has a great job, travels extensively. Sounds pretty cool right? The last thing I heard about his dating life was he went on 4 dinner dates to nice restaurants near where we work (high cost of living city), and he paid, with a 28 year old woman. They did not have sex. They do not speak anymore.

Example 2:

One of the other guys at work, Mike. Mike is mid-late 30s, out of shape. However, he has extremely high status at work, he's the most senior person, and the girls/women are always giving standard IOIs (touching hair, smiling, long eye contact). He easily makes $200k+, is charismatic, has "game" in the sense that he's very charming and is fun to banter with. I've talked to him 1 on 1 and he's very witty. He also acts as a CFO among a company him and his college friends started. When I first met him, I thought this guy was RP. Then, I learned he married a single mom. The final nail in the coffin was when a few of us were out at lunch, the guy from example 1 made a statement, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS:

Mark: "Yeah, my brother's going to get married to his fiance in 2019 and she's already calling all of the shots."

Mike: "Well, that's normal-when a wedding's being planned, usually the girl wants to take care of all the preparation and enjoys it!"

Me: "Calling all of the shots with wedding preparation stuff, or..... just in general."

Mark: "Eh, just in general, bossing him around and stuff."

At this moment I realized how fucked his brother was before they even got married, but it was what I heard next that blew my mind.

Mike: Well, he's already figured out the secret to happiness: HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE

Everyone around the table was in agreement and I thought I was on drugs for a second..... What the fuck is this guy talking about? It was so hard to not say anything at that moment, but I just didn't.

Example 3:

I just got a new housemate. He seemed chill, works in finance, smart, talked about investing and shit I was into, cool. Well, it wasn't until I walked into his world and hung out with him for a night that I realized what he did. He works 10 hours a day, comes home, gets high, scrolls through Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Memes, plays Fortnite/watches football, calls it a night, repeat. He showed me his Tinder account and messages with a date he had. He could NOT STOP messaging her BEFORE their date. He would always answer INSTANTLY after she responded, when the little notification went off he was like a rat conditioned to respond (turn your fucking notifications off).

She set up the "dinner date" at 5 PM (pre dinner, before real date with Chad). They went, and he said she seemed bored (no tingles). Check came, she didn't even make a move for her purse (he paid $70). They never spoke again. He showed me another Tinder girl he was talking to, double and triple texting and she gives 4 word responses.

My Experiences

I'm in a great LTR right now. Before this, every first date I had for the last 5-6, I always make the girl buy me a drink. On top of that, I have had make outs, blow jobs, sex, etc. with these little to no investment "dates". Sometimes they ended and we just didn't vibe, oh well, my investment was probably $5-10, and an hour. I truly don't understand why these guys are shelling out serious cash, time, etc. It's like they feel that they need to roll out the red carpet for some mediocre pussy (I've seen pics of the girls in question above, they're HB 5-6 at best).


Lift, have frame and game, abundance, don't put pussy on a pedestal, make yourself the prize, ALWAYS BE OKAY WITH BEING ALONE. Reading RP posts/books will help internalize these principles, and seeing them play out when you take action (yes you have to take fucking action) in person will initially feel surreal. Do it enough times and you'll realize how fucked 90%+ of guys are. Also, if you are not okay being by yourself, no one will want to be with you and get sexually turned on in an animalistic way with you. Neediness is fucking gross.


I don't say these things to pick on the guys in question here or shit on them, because we've all been there. I wanted to exemplify how EASY it is if you are RP aware to truly achieve the things you want in life, especially in terms of sexual strategy. However, outside of that, if you want to build a great physique, become smarter, learn a skill, start a business, be social, practice game, whatever it may be-just fucking try. For 1 year, put all of your efforts towards building the life you want. If after 1 year you don't feel even 10% closer to that life, go back to video games, hentai, and Cheetos.

When I say this, I mean aside from taking necessary breaks to decompress and relax every now and then, you should actively be working to build the life you want. Eventually, you will begin to derive enjoyment from those activities. When you start seeing the results of the efforts you put forth, things will snowball from there.


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Here's a better one: "A wife is for bangin' "

If a guy ever decides to marry (I know, I know), it may as well be to a fun, sexual creature. There is a sharp discrepancy in women out there, though - some of them hit the so called wall, and by the time they are 30, or 40, their faces resemble cows, or toads. And yet, some other girls manage to maintain a slim figure & cute looks till 40, 50, even 60. How they pull such wonders off, I dunno. Regardless, that is wife material, and what they are good for I mentioned above.

As for the happy wife phrase, there is a multitude of ways a man can (mis)understand this. BPs like to surrender themselves to the woman, effectively making her the leader - which is a bad move since this is an unnatural state for her, and it puts strain on her; furthermore, as she leads by emotion, agitated by that burden of leadership, constantly shifting and changing, it does drive the relationship to the ground. The RP thing may be recognizing that she, too, has her needs (oftentimes contrary to what she says...); making sure she gets her needs met, delivering -- as long as this aligns with one's own needs -- is the key to maintaining some realistic co-existence.

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“A happy woman means a miserable man, a happy man makes for a happy woman” - Patrice O’Neil. I had fun listening to him argue with people. Not everything he said was dead on but he had some fun little nuggets like that.

As far as hitting the wall, if your looking for an LTR their mom can be a good indication of how age will treat them. My LTR’s mom is in her 50’s and still looking good.

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Wanna know how a girl will look in ~20 years? Look at her mom.

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Great advice. I'm not sure why Red Pill gets a bad rap, the advice is about being the best man you can be

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You don't??? Obviously TRP gets a bad rap because it is about becoming a better man. Not mediocre and average. It recognises the differences between genders and teaches men to maximize their strengths. Guess who hates us? The leftists and feminists. The leftists want all people to be mediocre and shitty, 'equal'. The feminists want men and women to be equal, 'gender is a social contruct'. That is the reason TRP gets so much hate. Doesn't matter. They are delusional retards while we use truth and logic to understand the dynamics between the genders. Guess who wins in the long run?

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I'm left leaning. I endorse the shit out of TRP. Enjoyed having plates that were (luckily for me) easily disposable. Am currently in an LTR and only because her company actually stimulates me instead of irking the shit out of me. oh and the sex, good lord. So don't generalize leftists in to this. That makes you sound either uneducated or ignorant.

[–]johnpayne10 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Are you utterly crazy? Sure, you maybe an exception. I am talking about leftist ideology in general here. 'Don't make generalizations', what are you, a special snowflake? Of course I will make generalizations. How else do we learn anything?

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Not all leftist ideology is Marxist or touts “equality of result”. It’s just the path our country is currently on... To them: anyone, even on the left, who doesn’t agree with this rigid outlook is considered a Nazi and must be silenced.

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too many are narrow minded in that the end game is pu$$y and not abudance of aiming for greatness

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I think this is a post a lot of people can get behind. But those 3 cucks he used as example probably would disagree. And there's elements of the larger philosophy that some would disagree. And then there's the media coverage and word of mouth. TLDR there's a lot of stupid faggots out there.

Edit: used "I think" instead of "I feel like" at the beginning. "I feel like" is a faggy millennial phrasing that I'm trying to stop saying.

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It's interesting how the word "cuck" has strayed from its root "cuckold." Technically, a man has to be duped to be cuckolded. Guy #2 here, wifing up a single mother....many would say that he went into it knowingly. It may be true, in two narrow situations: 1) he wants kids and she'll have more or 2) he can't have kids and wanted them. However, and I've felt this pressure myself at length, it's probably more societal programming and "manning up." It's being cuckolded by society, thinking that some other mans fuck trophy is your problem.

Under this expanded definition they are, all 3 of them, cucks. Guy #2 most clearly, Guy #3 is a thirsty ass beta. Guy #1, Mark, seems most redeemable. This is also where Bloopies say "What's wrong with 4 dinner dates? She doesn't owe him sex! She's not for sale!" The Red Pill can't be more clear on this point. "Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment." I'd bet there isn't a more strident delineation of female sexual autonomy anywhere in the feminist literature.

We just know the cheat codes. For the first, I'm reminded of Alex Honnold being interviewed after his free solo of El Cap. The reporter was a smokeshow and was wetter than the Carolinas after Florence. It was so obvious, she was looking at him with this blend of marvel and fear. He probably could have nailed her in that van he lives in. By the way, he celebrated his climb by working out that day. Lift like your life depends on it, and take up at least one sport, the more dangerous, the better.

For the other cheat code, I'll reference my own father. About 2 months after he married my step-mom, she got a call from some woman sniffing around, having heard Dad was single. He was quite a catch in that neck of the woods. Thirty years later she still thinks about that call. Thirty years of Dread.....at 70, he can still do 5 chin ups and has a twinkle in his eye. He never let up, which gave her the space to act right.

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Not bagging on you but using "I think" before starting a sentence is still unnecessary.

State your opinion and leave out filler words like "I think" or "I feel" because it is assumed you think and feel that way already. In this case, just say "This is a post a lot of people can get behind."

Make your statement bold without the filler.

This is something I struggled to change but has made a huge difference both in writing and especially when talking in person.

As far as your comment, I'm with you, there's lots of people that will violently oppose the red pill even when all the evidence is stacked against them. Fuck em. If they choose to live in la la land, that's on them.

[–]spistruth 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I think is used when the person wants to indicate that it is not a confirmed fact that they can cite sources for.

[–]TRParchivist 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If one is actively monitoring the way in which they use words, "I think" "I feel" and "In my opinion" should be right up there on the top of the proverbial chopping block. The overuse of those terms has been propagated by weak generations of non-confrontational people. 90% of the time, people say these things before a statement as to preemptively cushion and not offend the other person. It's self-censoring and defensive in nature.

You should be consciously selective of when you use those terms, and use them sparingly, lest they lose their value.

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Think of how dumb the average person is (the internet is global). Half of them are dumber than that.

[–]danoranika 7 points8 points  (0 children)

It's because it's antithetical to the dominant liberal narrative of egalitarianism and consumption. It's a big leap from "everyone has a shot if they spend all their money on thots" to "I unironically feel sorry for 90% of men out here funding their own cuckolding lol"

We're bad for business and worse for the collective feels of the masses and the elites that seek to dominate them

[–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

because they want you to be a woman

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A lot of men hate the Red Pill because it elevates men and forces us to accept responsibility for our lives and relationships.

The call to manhood is exciting but it is also intimidating. To realize that no one cares about you, no woman will ever love you unconditionally for who you are, and that you are directly responsible for the quality of your life. Including how much pussy you get.

Not every man is emotionally equipped to handle this burden.

Heavy lies the crown.

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It's because the stigma behind TRP is that it is abusing women psychologically and objectifying them, example- Misogyny

The TRP description in the sidebar is:

The Red Pill: Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

That is full of opportunities to twist our philosophy, words like sexual strategy being in the same sentence as men can be taken so many ways.. Manipulation.. Deception (although this isn't true), sexual delinquancy and so on. After all, men are just disgusting creatures looking for the next lay with no regard for the decision-driving feelings of irrational beings (females) - (their hamster, narcissism)

Just by existing and counter to their ideas, they come after us the most.. Not the brutal Saudis that beat their wives just for looking at another man. They go after the post-vunerable men who were not fully aware of the nature of women and how they work, who after some time will not fall victim to the opportunistic nature of women, and how theories like briffaults law and lightswitch effect will govern our future interactions with them

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A few bad apples and media that covers them will do that.

[–]1-Fidelio- 2 points3 points  (0 children)

The media applebasket is rotten from back to front. If it wasn't, they would more readily point out the rotten apples.

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RP gets a bad rap in my book because for all its benefits it lacks wisdom.

Morality isn't some made up nonsense to keep you a slave. Morality is an 'idiots guide to grandchildren'.

Every action has consequences cascading into the long term. What you expect to be right for you, must be right for others - otherwise you are creating long term problems that your grandchildren will live with.

You wanna say "yeah well fuck it id rather be selfish" then fuck you. You aren't my friend, I wont respect you, and I will oppose you because I want a better future for everyone.

[–]daymi 3 points4 points  (0 children)

RP is a toolbox, not a moral code, not a movement and not a cult where you have to follow the leaders. So the right answer to "How about morality in RP?" is "Ni" (not a typo). It's like asking a stone to have a moral code. It doesn't.

It's really a question of boundaries. RP has already been diluted so much, let's not dilute it further.

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Great post.

In the last year I’ve lost 75 lbs of fat and put on 10 lbs of muscle. It’s crazy how different everyone views you. I received some shit tests from my wife as I went through this but I ignored them. Those shit tests have morphed into comfort tests and compliments.

At work respect from coworkers increased dramatically. IOIs from strangers have become obvious. Lots of smiles from randoms. Just this week as I was leaving work a girl from the office struck up a conversation as we were walking to our cars. She walked up an additional flight of stairs to continue a pointless conversation. She was incredibly awkward during this that I know it was intentional and she didn’t just forget where she parked.

I say this not to brag, but to point out that this advice works. Take it and change your life.

[–]Andgelyo 9 points10 points  (0 children)

When you lift and obtain a great physique, men respect you and women want to fuck you. It’s why lifting is preached so much here.

[–]Duchenne4089 33 points34 points  (1 child)

It's mind-boggling how many men are alphas at work and beta at home. It's like they flip a switch.

[–]1morescoobysnacks 9 points10 points  (0 children)

I like the term sexually successful or not. Alpha/beta is too ambiguous.

[–]D_Sandstorm 11 points12 points  (0 children)

I agree with RP making you understand what you need to achieve things in life. Before I got here, I put women as the end goal and still focused on goals but I lost myself because that end goal didn't have much meaning to me for what I truly wanted. I read the sidebar, started going to the gym this week (first time ever going), and trying to apply myself really, really helps. I was in a dark place and now I can feel myself picking my life back up thanks to being here.

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I don't fucking get how they could pay for the whole dinner or date or whatever they both have been into. Maybe girls in the US are different, cuz girls in Europe offer to pay all the fucking time. When I notice that she's not taking her debit card out to pay her share, I just look at the waiter or the worker in question of the payment and simply tell him, "We're paying seperately".

Silently, she opens her purse and pays for her fucking meal.

I guess paying for girls in dates is just the rock bottom of the beta behaviour spectrum...

And of this topic, I've written a post before about a barbershop situation that wasn't met well by TRP community. Here is what happened.

It is that time of the month, and I had to go get me a haircut. I went during the rush hours (afternoon basically) and the shop was full of guys. They were a bunch of 20 guys or so.

Out of these 20, ONLY 2 looked really really good. They were jacked, had a nice posture and everything about their looks was on point.

The rest... Jesus. They're not ugly. But they look so horrible. Very bad postures, fat, shitty combination of clothes, shitty jokes....etc etc.

And then I realized that the 80/20 rule is so right.

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America is blue pill hell you have to bite your tounge everyday everywhere or the white knights will attack you plain and simple. Thank god I have a good friend who I hang with in person who is RP aware to keep me sane.

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For red pilled guys “happy wife happy life” should mean taking care of that pussy and nothing else. Marriage is a 50/50 give and take of happiness and split of responsibilities and no man should take on any more than his 50 percent of the financial and household responsibilities.

[–]RedPlanetMan 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I have found that over the last year or so, despite being in the TRP field for some 8 or more years, that I have made the most progress in the last year or two specifically because of one thing: faith. Let me explain.

By faith I don't necessarily mean a religious faith, though I like to consider those things myself, but I mean instead how we know and believe things.

Example: When I was in kindergarden and the teacher told me that I was in North America and that around the globe there was a place call Asia, I HAD to take it on faith that Asia was on the other side of the globe. I had no way of confirming it for myself so I had to, and was encouraged to trust on that belief, to have faith.

After reading TRP materials for years and asking a ridiculous number of trivial but necessary question on AskTRP, I realized that the only thing missing was faith in the process, in myself, in that I was heading in the right direction. After accepting that, I knew I had to make a leap of faith, a gamble, a sacrifice of the comforting norm in an effort to step foot into a better, more whole frame, to live more authentically.

Faith helps keep you trusting yourself even when you can't see all the details. Imagine trying to form a political alliance with no faith that those you unite with will adhere to their agreement. Their will be endless rechecking in on those ties and the like, and this would create doubt in the minds of the other leaders, a doubt that was present in your mind to begin with, and they will be less likely to agree to or to actually maintain an alliance.

Traditional religions and faiths are very unpopular nowadays, I think because they often are led by corrupt persons for personal gain, but on a personal level, if you can find some sort of faith to help orient yourself, you will do far better than by relying solely on your wit and charm and discipline, etc. It doesn't, I think, have to be supernatural or anything of that sort, though I do believe there are far greater things influencing us, but do realize that all people have a need to have a faith. Its really an essential part of the human condition.

People who say absolutely, like I once did and would proclaim loudly, that there is not need for faith or God or anything like that, those are the people who are most likely to develop fanboy followings of JBP or other public figures, or trends, or whatever. People NEED to believe in something.

Beliefs are contagious and if you can believe it strongly enough, others will too. So to anyone looking to progress down TRP lane, either you keep believing in the lowly state of affairs that you see now, and the mindset that paints it all that way in your mind, or you take a risk and believe in something greater than yourself, than those around you, than the past, etc.

Before you know it, you'll hear somebody whisper, "He's starting to believe."

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It almost sounded creepy in my mind when he said "happy wife happy life". Almost like a victim of extensive brainwashing that just came out of a cult or something. Incidentally, also reminds me of that cuck Justin Trudeau when he officially called himself a "male feminist". #cringe!

[–]Brushyourteethm8 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I hear you with the biting your tongue when guys come out with BP shit and others just agree - hard to not just shake them

[–]f0ster91 2 points3 points  (0 children)

After a string of break ups, girls cheating on me, feeling like I was lost in life, 3 years ago I stumbled on to the red pill. I dont remember now how I did, but Im glad I did. Some days this feels like the only place where you can talk about any topic, not just sexual strategy, and get logical, rational, and well thought out discussion. People call us here masochists, racists, whatever the hell else, and all their unwarranted rage has done is strengthen my view that the people who end up here are the ones who know its us who are in the minority of people who are capable of logical thought. And if you've ever watched any intelligent right-winger debate a crazed feminist, you'll realize that they only call us these things because they are afraid and its just another way for them to feel special by claiming victimhood and oppression.

In that 3 years, I've put on about 30 pounds of muscle. I used to get shoulder checked and looked down on in high school, now dudes move out of my way willingly when I walk down a hall, while girls stare me down with smiles. I've gotten 500% more confident in every aspect of my life. I can brush off criticism or flame of any form with a laugh, stare down crazy SJW's in the eye as I dismantle their whole worlds with facts and ration, and overall have had much better interactions with people, especially women.

Finding this sub when I felt like I was alone in my thoughts at the time showed me that I was in fact not alone. There were other people who had the same thoughts and feelings that I did. Learning that allowed me to not only tear down the walls that had been brought up around me on how women work, but how people work as a whole. Our whole lives we are bombarded with leftist bullshit from the media, schools, and all the other basically brainwashed 90% of the population. But not here. Here that shit stops.

I guess what Im trying to say is, because I found TRP, my life changed for the better, in all aspects. Its not just sexual strategy - Its a convention of people who share the same views about many aspects of life that we all, before we found TRP, thought we were alone in. And I just wanted to say thank you, and that if you're a newbie here reading this - you ended up here for a reason, and its up to you to decide whether you'll be one of us, or continue to be spoon fed delusional horsecrap in the outside world as we know it.

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My ex-LTR used the “happy wife, happy life” line on me. My response was “Happy man that’s your plan”

Keeping plates/Ltr happy is fairly easy and fun though. You just need to make them orgasm hard and regularly.

[–][deleted]  (5 children)


[–]Sciptr 1 point2 points  (3 children)

I believe it becomes a problem when making her happy is “required”/something you don’t want to or feel like doing.

[–]mulga122 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Well then why bother getting married?

Being a man means be able to plan ahead and don’t let your emotions bring you down. Woman is basically like a second child. If you are a man then you know it and you understand that its your responsibility to keep this creature happy

[–]Sciptr 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Correct, but bending to a wife’s will is a problem. Let the “child” throw a tamper and always get her way and your wife is gonna go cheat on you, divorce rape you, whatever she wants.

[–]mulga122 -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

No one is talking about bending over

If you

1 found a good, undamaged woman from a full family who had very few sexual partners

2 know her, know how to control her, know what she consists of

then u are fine

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Everyone around the table was in agreement

I thought I was on drugs for a second

Brilliant part. Better not have a drink in your mouth when these topics come up.

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Great post! The goal is to start a small culinary business in my town, and get my BMI to around 22.

[–]KnightOfR2[🍰] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Can confirm my mom bosses my dad around and the relationship is barely functional.

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I'm creating a hentai cheeto startup. Anyone want in? Ground floor.

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And what makes women happy? Ah yes, when a top 10% guy treats them like a cum rag that he barely has time for.

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I'm new here but what date ideas would you recommend where you don't spend money on her?

[–]PlanetNinja 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Meet her at a coffee place (or somewhere similar) go to counter and order what you want, pay then step aside for her to order and pay for what she wants. When you both have your drink find a spot and say “let’s sit here” and sit down. By doing these little things you are sending a message loud and clear that you’re different from other guys that will pay every time and then ask her where she wants to sit.

[–]Andgelyo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Take her to a park which has a nice view, sit on a bench and just get to know her. I lol when idiots spend money on dinner dates to get to know a chick.