Red Pill ExampleWhat I realized when I started working an 8-5 office job: about time, money, and women. (self.TheRedPill)

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Allow me to provide some context: I am a 23-year-old single man with a relatively well-paying job in my field, for which I hold both a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, living in a coastal city about half an hour’s drive from the beach. I have my own place, no credit cards, a car that’s paid off, and only $40k in student loan debt.

With my age in mind, I recognize that I may not have nearly as much life experience as a fair portion of my brothers in this subreddit. That said, I like to believe that my perspective holds sufficient relevance. When transitioning from undergrad, to graduate school, and finally to working life, I quickly observed a change in both “the game” and my own mentality towards women.

For most of my undergraduate years I resided in BP hell, chasing women for LTRs as much as I chased my goals (admittedly, sometimes more). For too long I sought validation from the wrong sources. Part of the lie fed to me by Blue Pill society is that male success mandates the approval of a committed, beautiful woman. Emphasis is placed on “committed”. This lie affected every aspect of my behavior towards women. Sometimes I found myself in positions where I could have slept with a girl, but chose not to because my dumb ass thought she would “appreciate a gentleman who didn’t try to get in her pants on the first date”, when all other signals indicated she felt the exact opposite. In Blue Pill hell I felt shame when I actually did bed a girl I wasn’t dating. I felt hollow and asked myself “what did you gain, you asshole?” For some idiotic reason, I was genuinely surprised and disgusted when I saw a girl I had taken on a date less than a week before (and probably could have nailed had I not been so desperate) getting finger-blasted by a grotesquely ugly football player (that I RECOGNIZED from television, to add insult to injury) as she made out with him in an alleyway behind a bar downtown. Surprisingly, that wake-up call wasn’t enough, and it took several more bad experiences with women and some dealings with emotionally-damaged goods before I finally took the red pill. I finally realized the biological objectivity of male and female relations. Admittedly, the process of losing the cynicism associated with “Red Pill Rage” proved long and difficult.

While the confidence boost of sex never changed when I took the red pill, my takeaways from sexual encounters did. I no longer feel a spiritual emptiness when I hook up with a girl, but at the same time I no longer feel the need to associate the amount of sex I’ve had lately to my success, which is the best part. The biggest component of this new mindset is the sheer amount of time my new career consumes.

I work a standard 40+ hour week managing millions of dollars of business in an industry that involves heavy analysis, negotiation, and communication. In short, a job that simultaneously requires the intellectual capacity of a socially-isolated introvert, the relationship management skills of a Greek social chair, and the juggling skills of a circus clown. To say it’s overwhelming is an understatement, but I’m very grateful to have that job; the best part is that it actually relates to my collegiate studies. The takeaway is that I spend over forty hours a week getting nagged and prodded from countless directions. You may know already where this is going.

As the months pass, I notice more frequently on my social media (I ought to just delete all that crap, but I love staying in touch with foreign friends too much) that countless people I knew in high school and college are already engaged, married and/or pregnant, and not necessarily in that order. My reactions show just how far I’ve come on my Red Pill Journey. The old BP me would seethe in envy. But now, with all of the work I’m putting in at a job I fought for, I can’t imagine throwing myself in an LTR, having kids, and putting everything I’ve worked so hard to earn on the line knowing all of the statistics about divorce in America. Why would any man busting his ass at a job put everything at risk so easily in this day and age?

I’m now so focused on my career that I barely noticed how my position in “the game” changed with women overnight. I can now afford REAL, nice dates. I have time in the evenings to lift and take better care of myself, time I couldn’t find easily as an overloaded grad student. My SMV has climbed considerably. I even broke my own record for seducing someone, shamelessly. I met an 8 in my apartment complex’s shared laundromat while I was still dressed in my business casual attire from work. We hit it off, and in less than 20 minutes of chatting her up I INSTRUCTED her to meet me at the rooftop bar next to my apartment in three hours. Six hours later we were going at it, and she contacted me two days later asking for round two. This prompted me to try it again several times with other women, all of them “smash” hits.

TL;DR; When you focus on your career goals and your personal goals, the “need” to have a woman in your life quickly takes a back seat to other priorities, and you scratch your head wondering why other dudes throw themselves at marriage. Ironically, this makes it even easier to game women, assuming you’re working on your frame, because they notice your ambition and drive. After all, they crave to be led.

EDIT: OKAY, y’all. I know my second sentence sounds like a humble brag, but I had to set the stage so y’all could see that I’m not an unemployed cheese dick chilling in my mom’s basement complaining about the world... I have privilege and I acknowledge it wholly. I’m just excited to be where I am now given that a few years back, I couldn’t have fathomed where I’d end up and got little attention from the layyy-dees due to being funemployed. For years I thought I’d never make anything of myself. Pardon my tone.

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Expert Tip: Save Your Money

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Eat ramen until that 40k is paid off

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How you gonna make gym gains in 50 cent ramen

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Not a joke though, a good diet is critical for the gym and your mental health. The difference between eating the cheapest garbage you can find and decent home cooked meals (admittedly boring and repetitive ones) is about the same as a single beer or fancy coffee a day. Bake chicken/crock pot and any sauce with cheap cuts of meat; broccoli or other substantial veggies on the side (peppers/onions/etc for flavor don't count). Rice/beans/other carbs as fillers as needed.

Your body is your temple. Worship it.

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Mix in a dollar can of tuna or a rotisserie chicken, buy milk on sale at $2/gallon, buy bulk whey at $1 / serving...

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Yea, pretty much there is no change of attitude here. He just has money & logistics now. Congratulations.

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Well done. I'm seeing a lot of friends getting married, moving in together, signing up for 300k+ in mortgage debt, and pretty much a guarantee of less sex going forward ( less competition anxiety for the woman). Red Pill awareness is one of the biggest blessings one can ever experience, since the mindset is forever. Never be average.

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Agreed. The knowledge and perspective that can be gained here literally cannot be quantified. It is, in fact priceless. More valuable that all of the schooling I been through (4 year degree holder). More valuable than anything I learned in my corporate job. More valuable than all the religious knowledge that was customary for me to learn (religion is in fact red-pilled, it recognized humans hedonistic nature and set to form boundaries but it's been watered down immensely now and the leftovers eaten by the feminists). It is right up there for me with the values my parents instilled in me when I was young.

TRP was the final missing puzzle piece for me. For years, I knew instinctively things were all wrong in our society that's rotting at its core. I knew getting married was not a true achievement. I knew women were replaceable (but not disposable, something replaceable can still have lots of value which women inherently have). I always knew it was important to have goals / mission. I always knew that most relationships, save your parents, are transactional.

I knew all these things but didn't have a framework to place it in. To both validate those assumptions and be able to form a life strategy. In the right hands TRP allows a man to obtain and hold power. The hold part is important. Any normie can obtain wealth and influence by luck, but TRP gives you the framework for sustained success in every facet of life.

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Your comment could be a post tbh. TRP is really priceless.

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The parent / child relationship is transactional too. They provide stability/refuge/comfort. You provide legacy/gene continuation. If either side breaks down, so does the relationship.

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We have a saying in arabic: “He/She entered the golden cage” when someone is getting married, sure marriage at first looks golden, but with time it will resemble a bird cage.

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300k mortgages, what rural shantytown do you live in?

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For too long I sought validation from the wrong sources.

This kind of seems like the whole point of the post. I understand the desire to share, but these type of posts always seem come off as validation seeking bragging to me. If it is, you're still looking for validation in the wrong place.

That said, glad to see the results beginning to show in your life. Keep up the momentum.

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Lol this is definitely a bragging and validation seeking post

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😂 Hey, when you spent the past few years of your life questioning whether you’d make anything of yourself, and now you don’t, you’d be pretty excited. I’d hope you understand.

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Us understanding, accepting, providing praise is inherently blue pill. That is validation seeking behavior. Live for the merit of living and lead.

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No shame in bragging a bit, if your successes are big enough to be proud of.

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I love this post being a undergrad student. I bust my ass in a difficult major so I can live like him. Shit is inspiring and motivating.

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Sure, he lowkey brags about his life and what he achieved, but simeltanoisly teaches you what it is like to be truly redpilled and how life would look like from that perspective.

I honestly enjoyed it, albeit I have an entirely different plan for my future, i.e studying until I get my PhD. I somehow enjoy student life.

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Post college you will see a lot of friends get married immediately before age 25. Then you will see another wave just as everyone is about to hit 30. Around that time you'll also see the first few divorces, especially if there's no kids involved yet. I'm 32 and have stayed single most of my life so I've gotten a lot of entertainment out of watching people go through the same patterns.

I remember my first 'office' job at 23 but there was certainly no 'focus on career, not women' thing. I can't say I've seen too many career driven people in my life. Everyone is just killing time 'til happy hour.

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The consistent cycles are obvious when you're looking at it from the outside eh?

Hit the 2nd wife phase on my Facebook now, and the wasted my 20s marriage women phase...

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Yea, usually the earlier they get married the earlier the divorce as well.

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You are doing well , but yeah you are too green. In 10 years you will laugh at the premise of this post. Another thing, you dont have to spend money to have a real date, that does not define it.

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Oh I know I’m green. 😂 And I WILL laugh at this post in a decade. That’s a guarantee.

Yeah, money=date. Another lingering blue pill lie...

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You're smashing without paying for dates. If you pay for a nice date you'll probably make it harder to get them in bed. Women will shift into good behavior mode trying to LTR Mr. Alpha-bux.

Keep it up and you'll have prime women (early - mid 20s) at your disposal for the next 3 decades. There will be plenty of opportunity for LTR if you decide you want that.

If only TRP was there for me a decade ago...

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    The point is, when you are seeing girls on the regular (think of a minimum 3-4 every week) you end up spending a lot of money at the end of the month.

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    nah the point is bitch thinks she's entitled to it without offering anything in return

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    What are you guys doing for 3-4 girls a week? Those numbers are insane imo

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    When you keep spinning plates for a while, it comes. That is near saturation point though for me. I got to the point where I was spinning 5 at once and it just gets to be too much. Shit I just called them all girl because I would forget names. They stack up like a line and it almost becomes self-maintaining.

    [–][deleted]  (1 child)


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      Completely agree. Gets to the point where it’s a pain in the ass because of the texting and coordinating and remembering the right names. A couple of newer plates along with longer term every once while chicks that require zero maintenance seems like the sweet spot.

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      Mostly when i was gaming hardcore i day gamed + the occasional tinder straggler. It's easy to set up dates in my town (Big metropolitan area).

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      Noone said spending money on a date is wrong. They said you dont't have to spend money to have a real date.

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      Thanks u can spend money on a gym membership or gambling. See no difference?

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        Dates are a reward, not an interview.

        How about a girl gives you 20 bucks with of value in my life, and I reward her appropriately?

        this has nothing to do with priority, and everything to do with self value

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          I'm not talking the exact amount, I'm talking about self-value.

          the money was a token to anchor the concept on.

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          this. Dates are fun and help you grow, why not spend money on dates?

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          The dates you spend money can be pretty fun. Up to you on how you spend your cash, just don't buy an LTR.

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          and you scratch your head wondering why other dudes throw themselves at marriage

          It's the reproductive drive. At some point(s) in a man's life, it will simply disable his rational faculties. Once the DNA has been passed on, the body may die and is therefore not as troubled as before. Do you really think evolution would have left reproduction to be some kind of "conscious decision" like deciding between vanilla and chocolate ice-cream? :)

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          Research. You’ve got to do some digging.

          A degree of any kind will help you in the adult world. Many people are in industries unrelated to their degree of study.

          Find out what job or industry you want to have, and figure out a way to spin your degree to make it happen.

          [–]EnragedParrot 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          Will you make money at it?

          Because that money means freedom to chose how you live your life.

          Work is for making money, not satisfying some internal need. Get that satisfaction elsewhere.

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          Are you from sacramento too? Im in the same situation right now haha. Im 22 and making 70k a year as an actuary, just bought a 4 bed 2 bath house for like 340k total with a huge backyard for parties. I will be able to rent out 3 of the bedrooms to students because Sacramento State is down the block and not only pay for the entire mortgage, but profit. I also just bought a brand new car. Basically after car payments, food, etc i will be savings around 3ishk a month while getting 1200 a month in equity on my house. Livin the dream tbh.

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          I have privilege and I acknowledge it wholly

          Those aren't the words of a free thinking man, stop using them. You did what you did and ended up where you ended through your own efforts. You could have decided to play video games and smoke weed in your parent's basement, you didn't. No one gets to start at the same spot and no one gets to finish at the same spot, work for what you have and be proud of the work that you have done to be who you are and the work that you will do to better yourself.

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          A majority of those people you see getting engaged at 23 will be divorced by 30 and the ones fucking around having kids will be single parents of at least one more.

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          Guys interested in this topic will benefit from the CorporateLand Series.

          [–]cleetusneck 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          You have also stopped caring what they thought, and done what you wanted.. enjoy it man!

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          nice post.

          The only thing I can imagine is, that is too hard finding goals... If you don't have career goals, because work isn't everything you seach for private goals... which imho are way harder to find out for yourself...

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          I no longer feel the need to associate the amount of sex I’ve had lately to my success, which is the best part.

          This is progress, bud. Keep going.

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          You come a long road away from blue pill behavior and notice all of the blue pill tendencies in everybody including yourself. You notice it in yourself and you try to stop it. It's like everybody is in a coma.

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          Welcome to adulthood.

          The trick is to keep from backsliding... Death by 1000 consessions is a thing man.

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          "only" $40k in student debt? Jesus. Our society is fucked when that is "only".

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          You're like 23, and I already sense a lot of bitterness and sadness in this post. Like seriously? Get a grip. You are just starting life. You have nothing to worry about and you seem to already be having some great success.

          And if you meet an 8 and can instruct her to meet you at a bar and have sex. You probably are already pretty tall or handsome. Good job, now stop worrying and obsessing.

          [–]Sac_fo_dayz[S] -3 points-2 points  (4 children)

          Oh I KNOW Im blessed. I also tend to worry too much, which has proved to be the hardest thing to tackle when building frame, believe me...

          [–]Senior Endorsed ContributorRian_Stone 3 points4 points  (3 children)

          Anxiety comes with success. It's not that you are more anxious, it's that your tolerance for it provides more exposure

          [–]VolatileEnemy 0 points1 point  (2 children)

          That's interesting, are you saying we get more anxious as we get more successful? Is that true?

          [–]Senior Endorsed ContributorRian_Stone 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          No. In my experience, you're exposed to more as you do riskier and more successful things. Repeated exposure make you better at deal ing though

          [–]VolatileEnemy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          I'd agree with that. You don't get paid a lot for non-anxiety-or-stress-inducing jobs usually. If it's not risky, they won't pay you much.

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          Ive been saying this for years, and so have others "build it and they will come"

          good stuff bud

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          Very true.

          Chase the crown, not a chick.

          Find your purpose in life and get after it.

          Pussy will come.

          The best version of you is drowning in pussy right now.

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          Good Luck buddy. Glad you found TRP early and the focus on yourself is a keen differentiator that will take you above your peers.

          Only feedback i would say is that you need some formatting. This was a long wall of text. Your contributions are valuable but far less so if people are put off reading it.

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          😂 I think I laughed too hard at this. Nah man I’m just showing how everything I’ve learned here has paid off. It’s great.

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          Glad that you can laugh about a fools joke but your second sentence sums up why a lot of people said this was a humble brag.

          [–]RogueAdventurer16 -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

          You bank (or consult) bro? Check out wallstreetplayboys.com (I know), but seriously, great insight into the game and it sounds like you get it and are committed to making it.

          When you’re making $300k at 25, are fit, intelligent, well-traveled and on your way to a million in net worth by 30, the world is your oyster. You’ll be fending off women, not wasting your time on those that don’t get it.