Red Pill TheoryApproaching: The Value of the Subtle Smirk (self.TheRedPill)

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When approaching, while it is situational, I prefer to keep a mildly subversive vibe, bit of a raised eyebrow, a slight smile (examples below), like I know something she doesn't or a bit more conspiratorially, like we both know something others present do not.





If you get this, this, this or this, then congratulations, my friend, you just boarded the Express Train to Poundtown, and things are looking good.



More Wrong:


Extra-Super Wrong:

Gay Pedo-Face

In terms of "openers", I just everything from "Hey, there" to "hi, kitten" (In Russian, with Slavic girls; it works in Russian, but would sound odd in English), to "Well, hello there....Little Red Riding Hood....", which, while that may also sound odd out of context, works a much higher percentage of the time than you would think, because it is a subtle declaration of your intent (i.e. that you are going to seduce her) thus differentiating yourself from all of the "Nice Guys" who are trying to "nice" her into bed.1 Basically, if the girl likes you, you can open with anything, except maybe this.2

The point is, you younguns should be out approaching, going over the game films and working on your skills until you aren't younguns anymore, you're Young Guns.

Now go forth and SLAY!

1 Q: How many "nice guys" does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two, but they don't screw in the light bulb, they just compliment it and then get mad when it won't screw.

2 For folks who like to hate-read my posts: Obv Hitler was a Bad, Bad Man. Do I have to tell you that?

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My uncle is at it again.

The second "this" picture with scar jo is the one I most recognize.

When she gives me that face I know she will do whatever I tell her to do.

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I think the subtle smirk is also effective on women because it conveys confidence and surety in oneself. It shows her that the guy is potentially fun and humorous. I've yet to run into a girl who doesn't absolutely love being playfully teased, and these faces convey the confidence necessary to do it.

On another note, Vasiliy, what word do you use when you say "Hi, kitten" to Slavic girls? Котик, кошка или другое слово?

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Confidence is a killer.

what word do you use


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Ah, I have never heard that one before. Спасибо, Василий.

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I actually like the "Hello Kitten" opener in English.

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Good post. This is like the Konami code to approach, all on its own:

1) Show a woman you want her

2) Be sure that you'll get her, no prob.

And then have the confidence to...

3) Approach and actually state your intent. No fear, no insecurity, no bullshit. Just calm playfulness and your honest desire.

Can you imagine being a woman... seeing a powerful, attractive, well-groomed MAN approach, knowing he wants you, seeing that he seems so sure (for reasons) that he'll get you (why? what are these mysterious reasons? she wants to know if and why you're so sure, she'll test this.. it fascinates her to no end!)... and then while she's in the midst of these feelings, he approaches and starts the playful dance of flirting. Its such a powerful, visceral feeling for them.

The Midas touch.

(The opposite if you do the above, but act low-status. That touch makes her want this to end as soon as possible.)

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I was thinking about it this week. One of the most famous comedians here in Brazil, Danilo Gentili, when he was just starting his career in TV, used to prank celebrities faking that he was an inexperienced reporter. You can watch an example here. You don't need to understand portuguese, just note how he uses his body language to appear scared and lost. He never says anything without a lot of "uhhh" and never do anything with confidence, barely reacts to anything the interviewed says and tries to avoid eye contact. Eventually, he loses the frame (propositaly) and let the interviewed grab the microphone and leave without finishing the interview.

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Oh yeah, I know the smirk. I do it all the time. Hard to describe how to do it though.

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Smirk works wonders. Basically just smirk at a girl that catches your eye and if you get a similar look back you’re gravy.

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Put your lips together and stick them out. Then activate the muscle at the side of your right lip to pull your lips to one side

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Ranveer Singh as Bajirao Mastani in the song Malhari... if you're not entering a room like that, you're doing it wrong.

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no idea what that means.


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Unfortunately I can't link directly, go google "malhari", and it's at 1:25, the scene that I reference.

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Mein Führer, I'm having trouble with these links, could you maybe transfer your examples somewhere else?

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The first three are Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig and Donald Trump.

The photos of women are various attractive actresses - Scarlett Johanson, Natalie Dormer and a couple of others - giving a "come hither" smile, and the "things are looking good" link is to William Shatner as Captain Kirk, giving a shit-eating grin.

The "wrong" examples are Toby Maguire as Spiderman, Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter and a clip of Peter Strzok testifying before Congress and making some truly unfortunate facial expressions that leads one to beleive that he was making heroic efforts to control his bowels, and the last one is, well, Hitler captioned "Get out, Bitch!" There are some lines that just won't work on any girl.

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I realized something this weekend that I've always known since I was young teenager trying to chase ass....

**Eye contact, a smirk/smile, and simply saying "Hi" is the best thing to do**.

She's replies hi back, and you're in the green.

She doesn't reciprocate, who cares, you were being friendly.

Happened to me when i was out with my brother in NYC saturday and just today while i was walking to my car after work.

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Think “hello kitten is a good opener in the states”. I like it but it just never occurred to me?

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Do more posts like this Vasiliy

It's useful to re-read those techniques even if they are basic.

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The bitch came back Theory of a deadman

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This post seems like it was written by a thirteen year old.

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^ This “drive by” post seems like it was written by moron.