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The SMP has changed drastically over the last few decades. Feminism and many other factors have morphed it into the wonder we see today. How you view it and more importantly how you approach it, will determine the outcomes of your ventures into it's murky waters.

First step is to establish whats on offer

Now If you're looking to eat a really good pizza, logically the best place to find a really good pizza would be at a pizza restaurant. The menu will be filled with many pizza options, crafted and made by skilled chefs specialized in making pizza.

Now what if I promised you a really good pizza, but, instead of sending you to a pizza place I sent you to a burger joint. When you get to the burger joint, things start looking a bit odd. There's no pizza ovens, no Italians, things are a bit off. You look at the menu and there's no Pizza. You try order a Pizza, but the waiter says they don't really serve Pizza. You insist that you were promised a really good pizza from this place. So they say they'll try their best. They cook up their best pizza and serve it. You eat it and it tastes like shit.

What went wrong?

Well the expectations were not built to fit the reality of the situation, which lead to inevitable disappointment.

This is why so many are still stranded in the Anger Phase.

Our SMP is not all that different. The Blue Pill Fantasy is promising us love, romance, marriage and unconditional love. But, when we get to the restaurant things start looking a bit odd. The menu is actually filled with a whole lot of casual sex, conditional love, divorce and hypergamy. We can still try to order our Blue Pill fantasy, but the reality is that it's most likely going to taste like shit. The SMP restaurant does not specialize in this and is not equipped to sell us what we desire.

So how do we derive more satisfaction out of the SMP?

Well we're going to have to re-shape our expectations to match the reality. Casual sex, conditional love, divorce and hypergamy may not be our first choice for dinner but if we want the best out of the SMP, we're far better off ordering whats available than expecting it to serve up some fantasy that was never readily on offer.

Some may boycott the SMP restaurant and starve(MGTOW), but those who want to go out and eat are going to have to change their dinner plans. Only once they have done this can they begin to try and order the best of what's on the menu. They can start to engage with the restaurant and find out what's it's juiciest , tastiest burger and how much it's gonna cost. The whole dining experience becomes easier to digest once you stop longing for that pizza.

This way our expectations are congruent with the reality. The SMP restaurant will be equipped to produce the object of our desire.

Making it work for you

If you want it to work for you, understand it. Understand that you need to vet women thoroughly before handing over your commitment. Understand that you will have to work hard at lifting, game and frame to succeed with women. Understand that her love is not unconditional, it's conditional on what she sees from you. Understand that you can make casual sex work for you, by plating and enjoying the fruits of many women. Understand that you can get into an LTR but will have to employ certain behaviors to make it worthwhile for you. Hell you can even get married, but understand that there are risks associated and you will have to manage them accordingly.

Ultimately understand the market for what it is, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Only then you can adjust your behavior to extract what you want out of it.

Go to the burger joint and order a damn burger.

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Some of us relatively successful over 40 y/o dudes look out and see Provider Hunters everywhere. I don't trust myself to plate a hardcore Provider Hunter, so under the barbell I go. It seems OK to look out in the SMP and say "Hey, if I can just raise my SMV some (while lowering my RMV some), I can get access to younger women who are far less likely to be active Provider Hunters."

If you've been hit by the ugly stick, it won't work, of course.

I wish I could dangle commitment in front of Provider Hunters as a means of getting laid but it's just not in me. I'd rather lift heavy and swing for the fences with women under 30, where the age difference is a natural limitation regarding commitment. On the bright side, I'm already more athletic than the majority of the men in their cohort.

It's like Patrice O'Neil said....."Nobody orders a vintage glass of twat. A '58? don't you have anything that's a '93? Water? Alright, bring me water!"

Because 20 is just.......20, and I've had recent experience with it.

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Completely relevant, thanks for that. I can't overstate, though, that we're only appreciating assets if we're pushing. Go to any sports bar and you'll see guys my age who haven't seen their dicks since the Clinton administration.

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As a middle aged guy...standing out just gets easier as you get older. Just be in decent shape, dress decent, be engaging and fun. Ta-da.

I'm working toward being in great shape.

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Yep, you get it.

I live across the street from a college. The young men here are my frame of reference.

I went to a party at my sensei's house. Nice neighborhood, all that jazz. I walked into his house and directly into a gauntlet of MILFs. Jesus. They were very interested in the stranger.....and I was the only one of the guys other than sensei who was in remotely good shape.

be engaging and fun.

Holy shit yes. So many guys get so fucking serious. Bonkers.

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You're god damn right.

Also, thanks for that last line, good one.

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Link is fine; it’s your device or ISP.

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Also over 40 here and only the last few years getting good at who paying attention to me. For a few years I went out with the same bunch to a couple of local bars- about 1-2 times a week. Blue collar bar and we came from work so dressed sharp.

I got more attention from women in their 20's than any other age bracket. Once I had a woman my age come over and chat me up. 20-somethings were far more common. Had one say - no shit- and I quote "you've got salt and pepper hair and kind of skinny - I usually go for older guys - I've got daddy issues". Keep in mind drunks will say anything.

Don't know what it is - but if your fit, older there is a market for you in that age range. Stay fit, take care of your teeth and for god's sake don't dress like your 16 or like you own a minivan.

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I've got daddy issues

Daddy issues are a trope. Not saying it's false, but still....look at two guys here, older guys who pull quality young tail. We have /u/VasiliyZaitzev and /u/vengefully_yours who are both big, strong, aggressive (and mildly subversive) dudes with high levels of DGAF and titanium frames. This is why I have been thinking about the Warlord Theory of Pulling Younger Women.

It reminds me of the HBO miniseries Rome where Octavia was trying to get Octavius to learn how to fight, but he had no ability. He observed that the graveyards are filled with middling swordsmen. This is the central idea. Our competition is either dead or untested (i.e. guys their age). You can't fight for 20 years and not be an absolute badass.

I'm admittedly no warrior, but I'm hacking it by lifting and grappling. Doesn't take all that much to stand out in a sea of soy.

like you own a minivan.

LOL yeah, with a license plate: MLFHNTR yeah, no thanks, I drive a 2 seater!

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"Daddy issues are a trope"

Yeah if you think about it almost everyone has daddymommy issues. Call it what you will but it does seem to be young women who go for older guys. I had a sales rep for a couple of years - pretty hot. She had just broken up with a guy about 40, then got an "ooops birth control fail" and married a guy whose 50 or so.

Hell yes HBO Rome - you've got to get the box set that has the full versions. The ones shown the first time were edited down about 30% for maximum sexviolence. Cut out a lot of the story. I think the ones HBO is streaming have everything but double check- I got the bluray's a while ago and I think I saw stuff I did not see when it was first on.

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Good stuff, and thanks for the heads up on Rome....I'll need to get the box set. I like DVD's anyway...Dr. Strangelove, Conan the Barbarian, Starship Troopers, Charlie Wilson's War (yes, there's fiction in that one), etc.

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I actually like provider hunters. All chicks are hunters, by the way. But I don't care what kind of hunter she is because I'm better.

I have zero problem using my resources as bait for gold diggers. She sees a big fat guy who is successful and assumes I am a soft target. She thinks I'm like most modern dudes- willing to marry the first woman who gives him some pussy.

Sorry sweetheart. No beta bucks here. Just a good dicking down and an uber back home.

But I do agree with your point. Keep improving yourself. Keep climbing up the ladder of the SMP. That's where they keep the top shelf pussy.

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She sees a big fat guy who is successful and assumes I am a soft target.

And she sees me and sees a skinny fit guy with limited potential but who's a lot of fun....see, this is the toolbox aspect of TRP. It's not just take whatever you want and discard the rest. Once you accept hypergamy, AF/BB, branch swinging, the difference between RMV and SMV, then you can start calibrating.

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The blue pill fantasy is like ordering the mystery dish at a chinese joint; you may think its good for a while, but the food poisoning's just around the corner

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Unfortunately the mystery dish doesnt inculde pussy

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Well it might... but it was probably found in a back alley and isn't the quality you are looking for.

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This guy does not eat at chinese joints.

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i've eaten at too many chineese joints to know this to be true.

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The root of any anxiety is the ability to assess oneself as inadequate. To adhere to a set of values that champions reliance on forces outside the self is to relinquish all that which develops competance and self reliance.

One of the earliest BP ideas put into someones head is the idea of the soulmate. I think many of us learn this at a time when what we understand best to be love, is what comes from our mothers. So we have the idea that we arent whole, and we need to go out and find the love that makes us whole.

Its searching for something that doesnt exist, in a place that you'll never find it. No wonder people arent sure of themselves and "mental illness" is rampant. No wonder people are such good consumers

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You should make a post about that

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We can still try to order our Blue Pill fantasy, but the reality is that it's most likely going to taste like shit.

It takes about 5 seconds at AskTRP to see a lot of guys still trying to do this even post taking the red pill. They think they are different. They think they can hit the lottery and find some girl where it all works out for them like it does in Disney Movies and Fairy Tales where they find the unicorn and live happily ever after.

You're not truly red pilled until you can accept reality and understand that the whole love/romance/marriage/unconditional love is just that, a fantasy.

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    What in the ever loving fuck

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    Spam bot. Also, MRW

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    The higher the expectation, the bigger the disappointment.

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    Yep Vetting is absolutely the key for any LTRs. For plate land though, they just need to be hot and not annoying.

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    Plates, almost by nature, will be annoying. It just depends on the "Is the sex good enough to justify the annoying part?" ratio

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    man... could go a burger after reading this.

    great post man, I learned a lot from it and it's a good way of thinking about SMP

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    This post is absolutely brilliant. The analogy using the pizza joint is very well done. 50 year old guy here who has lived this scenario twice now with a wife (divorced 8 years) and recently out of a 6 year LTR (where she fucking ghosted me after 6 years of "I want to spend the rest of my life with you"). I lift constantly, have custody of my boys, own my home, good job, high SMV... I live life exactly as OP comments and he is spot on. This post hits home for me.

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    Excellent. Great metaphor, really hits home.