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Another great book I’m presently reading is the new title from Joe Navarro, The Dictionary of Body Language. Joe was one of the speakers at last year’s 21 Convention and I had the pleasure of talking with him for a bit there. For 25 years he worked as an FBI special agent in the area of counterintelligence and behavioral assessment. Today he is one of the world’s leading experts on nonverbal communications and this book is a very good resource for a lot of reasons. I’m not sure Joe likes being affiliated with the manosphere, but there’s no doubt that what he’s studied and written about for so long can be an invaluable tool for reading the sub-communications of women in Game applications.

Way back in 2011 I wrote a brief essay called Learn to Read. At that time my focus was on emphasizing the need to be aware of the information a guy could glean from his surroundings, understanding the social environment and also the sub-communications a woman might be relaying to him in that moment. We tend to take it for granted, but there is a lot of information our brains need to process in social settings. For the most part our subconscious minds push out the background noise and less important information to our peripheral awareness so our conscious minds can focus on what we think is most important. Sometimes the part we take for granted, the information that our subconscious processes can be at least as important as what our consciousness is sorting out.

I’m calling attention to this process (as well as Joe’s work) because I want to stress the importance our Instinctual Process plays in interpreting what we see with respect to social interactions, but more importantly for our purposes, when we see men and women interact with one another. For the past 12 years my career in the liquor and gaming industries has put me in the unique position of being able to people-watch and study the unspoken communications that goes on between men and women in settings where they’re primed to apply their interpersonal skills (or lack of). However, it wasn’t until I started contrasting what I was seeing with what I understood about behavioral psychology, evo-psych and the sexual strategies men and women evolved for.

And this, this is the part where I get myself in trouble. In that time I think I’ve developed a pretty good ability to read what men and women are communicating with their clothing, expressions, posture, physical positioning, etc. and interpreting it with a Red Pill Lens. I get in trouble with this because, like I said, people tend to take my reading into things very personally. Even if I’m reading the photograph of a couple they know nothing about they associate something in the image that with how they perceive themselves.

Most of us were taught from an early age never to “judge a book by its cover.” We were taught it’s wrong to be judgmental and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This has never really sat well with me, but you run the risk of sounding catty when you judge a person by their looks or whatever it is they’re doing in a picture. They say you sound like a gossipy woman, or else it’s supposedly some indication that you’re projecting your own insecurities onto whoever it is you might be critical of. This is unfortunate because our Instinctual interpretive process makes judgment calls all the time in our peripheral awareness. We all make comparisons in our hindbrains, it’s just impolite to give voice to them. This does nothing to help us objectively assess what sub-communications are taking place.

So, fair warning, I’m going to make some reads on some pictures here and if what I interpret seems a little self-serving or judgmental just know that I’m doing my best to stay objective.

For the past 3 months I’ve gotten into the habit of reading the images of various couples that guys on Twitter have been sending me. If you want a brief primer for this I talked about it with Tim Wenger last August here. For the most part these guys wanted me to determine what they were seeing were Alpha Tells or Beta Tells in the body language between the couple. In the majority of these shots, the Beta male body language was fairly evident even to the untrained eye. What was less evident was what the woman’s sub-communications were conveying.

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TIL Joe Navarro spoke at the 21 conventions last year.

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I've read a different body language book and found it interesting and helpful. Body language, if you become aware of it and can interpret it correctly, can tell you a lot about how things are going when you are interacting with women (or men). If you can ready body language well you can usually determine within the first 5 minutes of a 1st date whether or not you should continue the date or just find an excuse to leave early because she just isn't into you.

Even if you think the conversation is going great, if her body language is painting a different picture you need to be able to recognize it. It will save you a lot of time and money.

A lot of confusion could be averted if guys were more adept at reading body language. That's why so many men get confused after a woman disappears after a 1st encounter. They think she is into them because the woman is being polite and carrying on a friendly conversation, but her body is giving them ample signals that she just isn't into them, but the men are too oblivious to recognize it.

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What’s the name of the book?

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The one I read is: The Definitive Book of Body Language.

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I read that book a while ago too. Highly recommended. Actually I should read it again; while I was reading it, I was seeing body language cues left and right, now I have to actively look for them.

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This article clicked on so many levels for me. Instantly, associations with behaviorism, female psychology, and my personal experiences began rapidly branching outward. My mind has been illuminated. Not sure if this simply fingered the right buttons for me personally or if most others will make the same connections. Hopefully the latter, this one is certainly a keeper and will be revisited often by many of us! Thanks Rollo!

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Great article. I know we’re not supposed to lean in, but what’s your other choice in a loud environment when you want to hear a woman speak? Sometimes I literally have to press my ear up to her mouth to hear her. Sure, celebrities and James Bond can stand like statues and women lean in to shout in their ear, but it’s not so easy for the rest of us humans.

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Instead of leaning in, maybe motion for her to lean in or bring her in closer to you physically so her mouth is closer to your ear.

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Wow Rollo - that was incredible. I've been guilty of more than one of those poses in the past and it speaks directly to one's self conscious - I had been the subject long ago in my blue pill days... incredible realization. Keep up the great work!

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Serious Question. Women adjust their clothing(cover themselves; like hiding cleavage) instinctively when they even just see the sight of me or feel my presence. I used to feel like a creep and blamed myself for making them uncomfortable and kept my gaze below. Complete submission. Now I don't care, because it's not my problem. Does it mean that I am simply unattractive, or incredibly bottom 1% unattractive?

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Pretty certain he has also spoken at one of Neil Strauss' mastermind events.

This is also good info for the guys who have changed their whole life around and still aren't getting the results with women. Changing your mind can take the most time because often we aren't aware of our thought processes and how we have trained our brain to perceive certain things and situations.

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Couldn't help but laugh out loud in the middle of my office at the sight of the last picture.

Thank you for your continued contributions, Rollo!

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Love this post and your previous discussions on body language. Such an underappreciated topic of sexual dynamics.

Fortunately I've mostly avoided the "Beta" poses on a gut level of instinct. But as I've become more masculine in my behavior, I am only now noting that girls have become more submissive when they pose with me.

Rather than the thoroughly Beta "girl leading the guy by the hand" adventure pose, I am the one photographed leading her.

Rather than me kissing her, she kisses me.

Rather than me mate guarding her, she mate guards me.

If anyone thinks that this stuff is totally innocuous, it isn't. Other people viewing these pictures instantly understand the relationship dynamic based on body language, even if there isn't a conscious awareness.