MetaPOSTING IS OPEN (self.TheRedPill)

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If your post is censored, comment with a link here. ADMIN ARE ACTIVELY CENSORING POSTS.

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Was unsubscribed without my consent in the past 24 hours.

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Logged in and had to resub as well. Didn't even realize till scrolling through my feed that I didn't see many TRP posts which seemed odd. Never would have know the sub was quarantined till I seen a post in another sub talking about it.

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We are being stongly censored, they don't allow posts anymore.

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Looks like they do. The only problem, you can't link to the post. You need to go to the "main" page, accept that it is quarantined, then you can click on the post.

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Can't link here because auto mod removes

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Auto-mod kills comments with links to TRP itself.


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deleted? Have u another link? maybe put it on pastebin.com ?

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I really hope the 300k subs will make an account there in case this all goes to shit here. The larger and more thriving a community can be, the bigger and better the impact it will have on waking up men who are ready to be awakened.

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This is a big misconception. Of the 300k atleast 100k have left. they got what they wanted out of this toolbox and are busy living their lives. Another 100 are here with rotating active members who check in every month - daily active users are incels monk mode users and contributors helping g shitt out. Last 100 is mix of dead accounts and people who check in once in a blue moon or don't really reddit much.

Numbers are inaccurate af but I'm trying to draw a picture. The game is harder than ever with tinder n insta at their peaks day by day. Of all the peeps ever to come by at trp about only 20% truly take trp all the way. Not talking about gettin laid - talking about embracing the core principles n philosophies

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Honestly it's hard for me to understand people who learn the tenets of TRP and still walk away in denial. It's literally like Neo waking up from the Matrix, there really is no going back.

I digress, I'd love to see what the actual traffic data was like prior to the quarantine.

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Yea but you'd be surprised though man. Remember that guy in the matrix who gives up and wants to go back into it?

Ignorance is bliss they say, for a reason my friend. Cause this pill is bitter as fuck. It ain't easy to go all the way with trp. There's a level of negativity to it too - to realise that no matter how much u n a woman love each other there may come a day when she'll hop on a better dick - that's fuckin a shitt way to live.

Especially if her pair bonding is fucked you're fucked. Such is life.

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it does depend on how old the woman is though. If you're 60 and you marry a woman who is 40... well then she is way over the hill and you're going to be the best catch she has so she will probably stay with you until you're dead.

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