Red Pill ExampleMy life after taking The Red Pill (self.TheRedPill)

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With TRP subreddit now marked as quarantined, I’d like to pay my debt to the community by relaying my story and my experiences with TRP.

I found TRP at the end of my junior year in High School. I found it after “pouring my heart and soul” out to a girl, who looking back was probably nothing more than an HB6 with daddy issues, only to find out that she was fucking other men. When I say I was pouring my heart and soul out to this girl, I mean I bought her food whenever she needed it, wrote her love letters, did her homework, I was her little bitch. She played me like for 3 years.

When it finally hit me that I was being used, I turned to a friend of mine who seemed massively successful with women for answers.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!” I whined, “ I treated her like a queen.”

My friend laughed at me and said the following words that would change my life forever.

“Take the Red Pill. Stop being a bitch."

Confused, I went home and did research and eventually found TRP subreddit. At first, I rejected the information contained on this subreddit as misogynistic and jaded. I ignored the information and expected a princess to fall into my lap. Foolish I know but without that phase of doing nothing but praying and waiting I learned the importance of action. Frustrated, I finally began to take the information contained on this subreddit seriously. I looked in the mirror and saw my acne for what it really was; a lack of care for myself. I looked at my horribly cut hair and gagged; I hated the sight of myself.

It was time for some changes. I decided to spend the summer break doing nothing but improving myself. Below you’ll find a list of things I still do to this very day.

I stopped eating junk-food. I stopped eating Cheetos and drinking soda, hell, nowadays the most unhealthy thing I have is trail mix with some M&Ms in it. This had a profound impact on my face which was once covered with acne and blackheads.

I stopped masturbating. This was probably the hardest out of all of my addictions, but nofap made me feel proud and confident, of course, the first month or two was hell on earth, but I wouldn’t trade the struggle for a thing.

I started meditating. Meditation is more than just a healthy habit; I went full on monk-mode with meditation after having my fun with various amounts of women. More on this later.

I started taking cold showers. This is a fucking life-hack. Ever since I started taking cold showers I’ve never been sick, my skin glows, and my hair is shinier and curlier than ever.

And lastly, I started to read a lot more. Most people overlook this step, they do everything above plus lifting weights but forget to read. I read damn near anything I could get my hands on ranging from Plato to Shakespeare, Rollo to Nietzsche, you name it.

All of this made me feel better and look better, but I still didn’t have any game. Plus, all of my studying made me realize how much time I’m wasting in High School. So I decided to become a social-butterfly and take afternoon and evening classes to graduate early.

When senior year rolled around I became a social butterfly. It was awkward at first, I was very socially awkward and closed off but eventually, I social-gamed by way into the party scene despite all of my work.

I partied for a little while and actually lost my virginity at a party. I’m not going to bullshit and say that I was some alpha-chad in bed when really I was nervous as hell and could barely get it up. The girl was a slightly buzzed Hb7, but it was better than nothing.

After finally having lost my virginity I felt like a man, looking back I laugh at myself, but this confidence boost made getting sex much easier. I would approach anybody I found attractive regardless of where I was. Class, a party, a cafe, wherever there was anything above an HB6 you best believe I approached. Everything was taking off. My grades sky-rocketed, my phone was blowing up with texts from various women. Of course, I wasn’t perfect. I was still a little nervous and anxious, and still had an idealistic view of women and gender-dynamics. I was still waiting for an Hb10 to sweep me off of my feet and worship my every move. Typical development once you get into the flow of things. Senior year ended extremely early for me and I was at the top of my game.

But I felt empty.

After I graduated High School early, I decided to live on my own and try to make money playing music. Believe it or not, this worked out for a while. This was also around the time I found an extremely helpful TRP discord which pushed me to be my best and take my habits more seriously. For example, instead of meditating for 10 mins a day they pushed me to do 20, instead of taking a “cool” shower they inspired me to take freezing cold showers. I came to TRP discord confused and even slightly angry for feeling this void in my chest. A certain member of the discord told me that I was lacking a higher purpose; I cannot emphasize the point of having a higher purpose enough. All this time I had just been fucking sluts and playing music. There was no higher purpose.

I unplugged for about two months and did nothing but work on myself. Barely any contact with the outside world besides my closest friends. I meditated three times a day 20 mins each in between all of my studying. Meditation, if taken seriously, can be absolutely life-changing and beautiful. Meditation allowed me to get to know myself and thus find my higher purpose.

I’m currently typing this from one of my universities of choice. Without The Red Pill, I’d probably still be covered in acne crying my eyes out for an HB6 and be on the brink of suicide. In terms of sex, I don’t really bother with it much anymore because I'm too focused on myself and trying to make the most of my college experience. Of course I’ll go out on dates every now and then, but not with the intent of another quick fuck, but for the possibility of having a LTR. I know, it’ll be quite hard for my age, but The Red Pill has inspired me to beat the odds and be the best version of myself I can be.

It's such a shame Reddit is on the verge of banning a subreddit that's done nothing but inspire men to improve themselves.

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Men improving themselves is exactly what they're afraid of. They want us to be weak walking wallets that pay taxes, pay for womens' shit, buy shit we don't need, kiss womens' asses and drop dead the day after we retire so they can enjoy the retirement we worked for.

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pay for womens' shit, buy shit we don't need,

and pay off women's debt. Men generally don't wind up with the amount of debt as women do and they pay their debt off in relatively short time but women often need a man to pay theirs off. With more men being redpilled to look out for that shit, debt collectors are worried.

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Eventhough nofap helps a lot of folks out there, it wrecked my libido and I only got it back after relapsing. In my opinion it's not fapping being a bad habit. It's porn addiction. Jerk off once a week without watching porn and you'll be good.

[–]Pushthepedal 9 points10 points  (3 children)

Bullshit. Nofap doesn’t mean nojizz dude. You need to get some

[–]meowsero 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Does that mean nojizz during real sex also?

[–]jwarner95 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Nofap and lifting reinstated my libido like a fucking wildfire, to each their own

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How does nofap helps? I did it for 3weeks and noticed nothing. However, when I fap, I get so muuch fun i dont get why i would stop it. I do watch porn. Why do you say it is bad to watch it? (btw i have a gf and enjoy fapping everyday, im 24).

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Check out this link it is the truth and it works!

Our code is to populate and with masturbating, you are faking your brain and making it feel like I'm good I don't need to be better, I found a partner and already populated. After stopping masturbating, in 2 weeks you will feel the difference, somehow you attract girls like a magnet, this natural thing comes to your looks, to your voice, to your skin, it feels good!

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Check out this link it is the truth and it works!

Our code is to populate and with masturbating, you are faking your brain and making it feel like I'm good I don't need to be better, I found a partner and already populated. After stopping masturbating, in 2 weeks you will feel the difference, somehow you attract girls like a magnet, this natural thing comes to your looks, to your voice, to your skin, it feels good!

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    Glad to hear about your progress man.

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    It's such a shame Reddit is on the verge of banning a subreddit that's done nothing but inspire men to improve themselves.

    This is the entire point of the quarantine and eventual ban

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    I'm a Junior in high school that just found this sub after getting a wake up call that I need to get my shit together and man the fuck up. It's ironic how as I find this sub, all this stuff happens.

    Your post is super inspiring and I'm gonna take this to heart. Thanks for sharing bro.

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    Dammit, I’m a junior in highschool as well

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    if u have any questions feel free to ask, found trp at 16, now am 19

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    Thanks, I'll definitely have some questions in the future

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    All right and well... but LIFT. LIFT WEIGHTS. That's the REAL SECRET SAUCE. Physical EXERTION is what calluses and rewires your mind correctly.

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    Holy crap bro the things you did and the age stuff happened to you almost exactly matches up with me and for me the cold showers helped so much in the morning. I'm literally about to take one rn and people still go crazy when I tell them I take them.

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    I'm so glad I've found this sub year ago. It changed my life radically, improved me as a person, made happier, more fulfilled, more ambitious and more satisfied. It made me a better human being.

    I'm not worried about me losing this sub, I'm already a woke man. But I feel so sad for all the guys that might have their lives saved by unplugging and now it is even harder for them to find it. I can't imagine that I would keep living the bluepill trainwreck of my previous life, it was so sad and miserable.

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    I have a question about cold showers. How cold is it supposed to be? Like freezing cold? Or just somewhere below tepid?

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    level 1

    Cold enough that you dread going in at 5:00 AM in the morning, but still do anyway.

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    "... After finally having lost my virginity ..."

    And when you're done, stop using this phrase. This is one more side effect of being fed the narrative that "Men conquering women" is sexist. I mean, this is a rather petty thing, compared to what you're really doing (impressive), but it is still a feminine phrase.

    [–]Banned-in-Boston 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Exactly. A virginity that is "lost", implies it had value. A man's virginity has no value, its a liability. Most young women do not value their own virginity either.

    Its an outdated phrase for our cock carousel society and its riding women.

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    Retarded. How else would you call it?

    "I just broke my since-birth-celibacy yesterday."

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    Nice journey.

    As a reminder, the quarantine is NOT censorship.

    Having a warning intro page for readers - nothing wrong with it.

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    That's like telling that starting a fire under a guy tied to a stake is not burning this guy alive.

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    Warning page and nothing wrong with it? Take that bullshit talking point elsewhere.

    You need some Zig Ziglar and his thoughts on Compromise in your life.