CultureWhy Game/Genuine Desire Are Critical in the #MeToo Era (self.TheRedPill)

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The latest Supreme Court nomination spectacle is easily the most grotesque in modern American history, but I do not want to repeat what other manosphere commentators have already covered. But I do want to discuss the allegations against him within the context of Game and TRP principles.

Listening to Kavanaugh speak today, I believe that he was - at least at the time of the supposed incident - a total Beta, and probably incel. A few key moments quickly lead to this conclusion:

  1. Kavanaugh states that he was a virgin throughout high school and for "many years" after
  2. He admits to being "embarrassed" about this lack of experience at the time
  3. Claims to have had many female platonic friendships
  4. Others who knew him describe him as being somewhat shy

Simply put, Kavanaugh had no Game to speak of. His lack of sexual experience, shame, and orbiter behavior all but confirm this. Did the alleged incident with Ford really happen the way she described it, if at all? We don't know and never will. But I can certainly see something like it happening. Such encounters are all too common for the Blue Pill male who is confused about sex and how to achieve intimacy with a woman.

I submit that all of the sexual misconduct allegations that have been brought to light through the MeToo movement come back to one core issue: lack of genuine desire

Here I echo what Rollo so wisely wrote in his book The Rational Male. Unless a girl clearly wants you, it is best to remove yourself from the situation. Trying to overcome LMR or ASD is just too risky in today's environment.

The recent firing of Jack Smith IV is a case in point. Ironically, Smith was a journalist at Jezebel who strongly supported MeToo. If the "whisper network" (i.e. gossip mill) is to be believed, Smith was something of a player. Many of his supposed "victims" had consensual sex after he pushed through LMR. Now they claim to have been coerced or manipulated.

It would be easy to dismiss these women as being salty over getting pumped and dumped. On some level, all of these women must have been attracted to him, otherwise they would not have put themselves into a situation where sexual activity was likely. But their attraction clearly wasn't strong enough. Desire was insufficient. Had Smith simply removed himself from the situation rather than continuing the interaction, his career would not be in tatters.

The Red Pill is as much about achieving success as it is about avoiding failure. On these forums, we focus most of our energy on the former - lifting, self-improvement, pick up techniques, and so on. But the latter does not receive enough attention, in my view.

Genuine desire is the foundation upon which a truly successful sexual experience is built. A lot of guys take the end result - sex - as indicative of success, no matter how they achieved it. The logic of "my penis entered her, therefore I succeeded" is taken as self-evident. The disgrace of former CBS chief executive Les Moonves shows this mindset in action. Like many of the powerful figures ensnared by MeToo, Moonves' game entailed using his position, rather than genuine desire, to achieve consensual intimacy.

Although Moonves is an extreme case, failure to recognize genuine desire (or lack thereof) is epidemic in BP society. In truth, MeToo represents damning indictment of BP doctrine. Almost all of the major villains of the movement - Weinstein, Louis CK, Moonves, Ansari - are complete Betas.

Note that we never hear about sexual misconduct concerning Alphas. Does Rob Gronkowski (Patriots tight end and legendary pussy soaker/Chad) ever need to worry about getting caught up in MeToo? No, because a woman will always look back on an Alpha fuck with fondness...even in cases that would now be considered statutory rape. Take Jackie Collins, who proudly revealed at age 72 that she fucked Marlon Brando (then in his early 30s) when she was 15:

We had a very brief but fabulous affair. He was at the height of his fame and gorgeous, the most beautiful man I’d ever seen

That reaction, gentlemen, is what we aim for here..and why Game and genuine desire are paramount. Game and genuine desire are the sword and shield protecting your personal reputation against MeToo.

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In this case, Kavanaugh not being a sperg fuckboi actually saved his bacon and he will become a Supreme Court Justice because of his lack of experience.

If he had been one of the resident spergys with a long list of pump and dumps behind from that era, he would been toast because any number of those women would likely have come forward to collaborate her fable.

And thankfully for him, he wasn't one of those dudes who thinks that they have to get the pee-wee in that hole, consequences be damn...this sub is full of those type....he might have stuck his dick in crazy < and yes, this woman is cray-cray> and likely had his career destroyed 30 years ago when this obviously troubled girl accused him of raping her while he was a 17yo boy. No Yale Law, no Law degree, no federal judgeships, no Advisor to Presidents and no Supreme Court Justice.

This should be a indeed be a lesson to guys to fully vet chicks that they are considering fucking for crazy and stop being so fucking thirsty about it.....there is another non-crazy chick around the corner so you should learn to walk away.....stop being fucking, thirsty beta cucks desperate to get a piece of pussy regardless of the consequences.

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actually the most likely thing that happened is that she liked him as he was a popular guy and gave him "signs" and he ignored her (or didn't even pay attention) and she wanted revenge sooner or later, there are chicks who would rather forgive you rape than being ignored

even if/when FBI finishes investigation and he comes out of it all clear the half of country will still accuse him of being rapist and she has done her revenge

[–]NeedingAdvice86 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Perhaps...but mannerisms seem more cra-cra to be honest.

I don't think she registered on Kavanaugh's radar at all....but if he had made the mistake of reacting to the "signs" to fuck this chick on a random Tuesday night party, then didn't fall moonbeam in romance with this crazy chick, she would likely have gone stalkerhe raped me back then and the point stands.

So one way or the other, she didn't register or Kavanaugh vetted her out of his group...the point still stands. And we both know that tons of the resident readers here are thirsty as shit and would have pounced consequences be damned and others who would have called him a betacuck for not jumping a easy smash.

She has tons of issues.

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I used to think just like you, but I hate to tell you - you are simply wrong here.

Alphas are not safe in the MeToo era either. If you have been flirting with a girl who is a bit crazy and falling in love with you, she might aswell report you to the HR department. It happened to me. She might still really like you and be attracted to you (as in my case) but in a work situation there are plenty of incentives for doing this shit. Especially if she is frustrated about not getting the commitment she wants out of you. Same applies with different political views - do not ever discuss them with women present. I´m a lawyer as well and, trust me, the worst psycho/feminist women are in this field of work.

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If OP hasn't gotten it through his head yet that no one is safe, OP doesn't understand a thing

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It's not about achieving perfect safety, its about managing risk.

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This. Nobody's truly 100% safe from this shit. If she didn't get what she was looking for (long term commitment, social status boost, etc.) And if she's salty enough, she can turn on you no matter how much she was attracted

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Exactly. Not safe, but at least safer.

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I would like to hear more from others critiquing OP's POV.

Seems like wishful thinking (albeit backed by fair case studies).

It seems to take as little as an arbitrary capricious wish for drama for women to set you alight these days, given lack of societal policing over women lying.

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It is not that the case studies are wrong. I definitely think there is a strong correlation between being beta and sexual harassment. Meaning that those that are guilty are betas 99% of the time. That does not mean that alphas are safe from false allegations.

If you get MeToo'd at work, your HR department does not give a shit if you are guilty or not - they are only worried about negative publicity/damaged reputation.

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I didn't say the case studies were wrong

[–]Papiless 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My bad dawg - had to ellaborate on why OP's POV is wishful thinking

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To be clear, nothing is absolute. But it holds as a general rule - Betas are more likely to get caught up in sexual harassment scandals than Alphas.

In a lot of ways, this runs counter to what you would expect in a statistical context. In a world where the fruits of the sexual marketplace accrue to a small fraction of men, one would expect that the elite would make up a greater proportion of the accused. But they don't, and my argument explains why.

All of these new societal rules imposed by #MeToo are for Beta men. Alphas are exempt, as has always been the case...because it's not harassment if you're hawt.

Also a work situation is a totally different animal in a lot of ways. That's why many members of this community have conceded the workplace as off-limits from a purely practical standpoint.

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What you are saying is true, albeit very old news. My point is that "it's not harassment if you're hawt" is not constant. If a girl feels that the Alpha did not give her what she wanted/was too much of an asshole/whatever, she might turn on him and make it into harassment again. This way she gets attention from the Alpha again and she gets validation from peers who also find the Alpha hawt. It is a leverage/power thing. Girls who are dark-triad use this shit. Screen for it carefully. Also, where I am from, MeToo has had a serious impact within the work environment more than anything else. I would even say that MeToo is pretty much irrelevant in any other context.

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Sensible comment.

As it is with the OP entire post.

I've always said: DO NOT date at work.

Do not mix work and romantics together. They don't blend well. The Rules of Dating at work

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"Avoiding failure?" Failure is a necessary step on the road to success. All of us need to fail many times in order to grow as men.

I think what you meant to say is "avoiding the wrath of a righteously indignant woman-child."

Other than that I'd say you are on point.

[–]djputinvodkaparrot 1 point2 points  (0 children)

woman-child is about as redundant as you can get

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There is a difference between an error and a mistake.

[–]Psychological_Radish[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Should have said minimizing mistakes or something to that effect. Failure, of course, is inevitable and necessary.

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Ronaldo was recently accused of rape. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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So she admitted to drinking while underage (15) and since she couldn't have been able to drive to or from the alleged house party by herself, and she stated she was in a one piece swimsuit at the time of the alleged attempted assault, so it permissible to infer that she had come from elsewhere that evening, from likely another event gathering or party of sorts, and someone else must have driven her to the location and back home. Where is this other driver? Why has no one come forward? So someone drove her from one party to another, left and then came back? Or isn't it more reasonable to assume the person driving her also attended the alleged event at the house that day, and if so, why doesn't she remember who it is and why hasn't the driver come forward and spoken up about that day? To this day I have never drank any beer, I don't see why a 15 year old girl felt the need to unlawfully consume a controlled substance, where were her parents?!

With regards to her request for FBI to check IRS statements to see when Mark Judge was working at that store so she could narrow down the timeline, this crucial detail was never presented until recently, and were not on the so called therapists notes from way back in 2012. It seems more likely than not that she got the idea by reading his book "WASTED"; so thus the FBI being able to narrow down the timeline means nothing when she made up the fictional timeline in the first place in a roundabout circular way. If this event really happened and was that traumatic to her, why didn't she notate this at the time, or document it in a dairy and journal of some sort? You know like the one Kav kept to this day?!

I think what really happened was she initially made up the fake assault thing back in 2012 to her therapists because she is just a psycho and wanted attention and conjured up an event that never even existed in the first place to be able to play out a fantasy therapy sessions. She never intended to pin it on anyone at the time, it was just a general hatred of men and she was in a vicarious way trying to imagine herself being the victim. Then when she saw Kavvy get nominated to SCOTUS, she was like why not kill two birds with one stone, she must have hated the fact that Hillary lost and Trump won, and then that is when she added more details to her vague shrink story back in 2012, by putting a name to it, in a way that would conveniently seem consistent enough to be weaponized in the METOO era to further her own political agenda, and because she was secretly jelly that Kav amounted to something while her life turned out to be a complete failure and a fraud, and ugly eyesore if I must say so myself.

The small lies give it away too. I mean why lie about being so afraid of airplane rides when she was vacationing across the world jetting here and there? Her fake remark that she doesn't know what the word "exculpatory" meant – especially for a doctorate and college professor, her fake politeness and the portraying of the image of being this intimidated and scared woman who didn't even want to be there in the first place and the "I just wanted to be helpful" ruse... and just all the other little needless and unnecessary and often inconsistent and out of character fake gestures here and there that made me realize she is making the whole entire thing up.

When I first watched the Fox interview I thought Kav was lying. When I watched her performance I had no doubt who is the real liar.

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Honestly, this article is based on a fake, feel good assumption. 'Develop game, become an alpha and you won't get metooed.' To a certain degree, I can agree with some of the points mentioned. But to a certain extent I absolutely don't. The rape laws we have are ludicrous.

A girl can enter a guy's room at 2 am, dressed scantily. She can suck his dick and later cry rape, claiming 'she did not know what was going to happen', and the guy's life will be ruined. Do you honestly believe that this cannot happen to alphas? That is laughable. I will show why your assumption is absolutely wrong.

Remember Mike Tyson? Yes, the guy who became a world heavyweight boxing champion at the age of 20. A 'alpha' in every aspect. Fame, wealth, looks/physique he had it all. Any random Jane down the street would gladly suck his dick and thank god for it.

Do you know/remember his rape case? Desiree washington (the accusor) was seen publicly kissing him, entering his car, going to his hotel room at 2 am. Guess what? She cried rape and Mike's life was ruined. His career destroyed. His wealth, status gone.

So your article is utter BS. You can be the chadest of chads and still get fucked because some random hoe regretted society calling her a slut and metooed you.

[–]Psychological_Radish[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Develop game, become an alpha and you won't get metooed

I never said that. In fact, I clarified in the comments section that this is a general rule to reduce (but not eliminate) risk. My reply to another user is reproduced below:

To be clear, nothing is absolute. But it holds as a general rule - Betas are more likely to get caught up in sexual harassment scandals than Alphas.

In a lot of ways, this runs counter to what you would expect in a statistical context. In a world where the fruits of the sexual marketplace accrue to a small fraction of men, one would expect that the elite would make up a greater proportion of the accused. But they don't, and my argument explains why.

All of these new societal rules imposed by #MeToo are for Beta men. Alphas are exempt, as has always been the case...because it's not harassment if you're hawt.

Seeing as TRP describes human behavior, which is inherently unpredictable, it should be taken for granted around here that positive statements should not be taken as logical absolutes.

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Game, SMV, Desire aside. The main focus point right now is that no matter how high on the totem pole you are getting metooed is a win-win power play for any accuser. The only thing is to cover your ass and to cold blooded stay in frame.

As one might recall Ronaldo the pinnacle of male alpha society: ruler of man, body of a greek athlete, money like Mr. Burns - it was all not enough to immunize him against metoo anyway.