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The quarantine of TRP is concerning, and possibly a premonition of a ban to come in future at the earliest possible excuse. I would much prefer this subreddit remain intact, because I think it is an excellent contrast to current social norms on gender roles and we both learn more and think more consciously in the heat of debate and disagreement.

With that said — remember that you are not dependent on this subreddit to be a man, or to learn more about how to be a man and live your best life.

The fundamental tenet of TRP is embedded in the name and the reference to The Matrix; you have bought into a false or misleading perception of the way social and gender dynamics operate, and you can free yourself from this perception.

This is to say that TRP is not centred around any one particular ideology, strategy, or tactic. I see threads all the time disagreeing about whether it's better to be direct or Machiavellian, to what extent AWALT applies, whether love and successful LTRs are possible or not and whether they are worth your time. (In this sense, it is strange to me that this sub was quarantined, because the most controversial viewpoints I see espoused here are controversial even within this sub.)

Rather, TRP is centred around the desire to not only understand social and gender dynamics, but to look for ourselves without leaning on existing media and social narratives to explain it all for us through confirmation bias.

This is a tool and attitude that you can take with you, no matter whether this subreddit exists or not, and no matter whether possible alternatives to this subreddit flourish or not. All you have to do is look.

For example - are you wondering whether it is worth pursuing a relationship or not, given your new perspectives on how women think and what they want? Look at how happy your friends are, how much time they spend on their goals, how they speak about their partners, how their personalities have changed for better or worse since their relationship started. Look how happy or unhappy men and women are when they are single, across various ages and stations in life. All you have to do is look, and you will be able to decide for yourself.

Hell, try a relationship for yourself and see how it goes. You don't have to agree to monogamy, you don't have to agree to any particular relationship structure or time investment, you don't have to change how you act at all. If you really want to find out if something is for you, and there is no serious risk involved (do wear a condom, lads), then just go try it. Advice from others (through forums like TRP) can help give you pointers here and there, but there really is no substitute for living an experience with your eyes open. If it's not for you, then there is nothing stopping you from ending it within a few months, or a few weeks, or a few days, except the fear of what others will think of you.

TRP is coherent and popular (despite the frequent debate I mentioned above) because once you start looking for yourself, there are certain themes that come to the fore that then give us a common framework. It is hard to earnestly, honestly, frankly look at the world around you and fail to realise that women are more attracted to you if you are fit, or interesting, or wealthy, or otherwise have enormous value in their lives. But TRP doesn't rely on having a set ideology elucidating exactly how that applies, because you will arrive at a good-enough conscious and subconscious understanding of that principle simply by opening your eyes.

Browsing this forum can both help you on your journey, and hinder you. You might read some great advice here and internalise it, but then spend the next 15 minutes arguing on a thread about whether it is better to be jacked or strong. (Hint: A correct answer is that it is possible and better to be both, and an even more correct answer is that both are irrelevant if you are sitting on the internet instead of actively using your new strengths.) TRP is a tool, not a bible, and the subreddit deliberately maintains a "take what is useful for you" attitude accordingly.

So remember that you aren't dependent on this subreddit to be a man, and that everything here came from other men simply looking at the world with fresh eyes and sharing their thoughts. You can do the same at any time you like, and chances are that you will arrive at the same conclusions that constitute 80% of the advice you'd find here (with the remaining 20% likely being contentious among users and nothing revolutionary to you anyway).

All you have to do is look.

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This is true. However, there is a lot to be said for male comradery, which they are trying their best to stop. Bookmark and register at https://www.trp.red

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Like Drago said if he dies he dies. If RP goes it goes but truth doesn’t change. There’s a war on truth

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If the Red Pill sub gets banned then I doubt most regular readers will all of a sudden become lost and forget all their reading. But this is also saying "Fuck you to those who haven't discovered it yet or are still too young" All of us owe our awakening to all those forefathers who frequented pick up forums and slowly started discovering these rules and hidden truths in relationship dynamics and started applying it to more than just trying to get inside women. Most men naturally gravitate to Blue Pills ideals and will never develop Red Pill thoughts on their own. They need a catalyst. Something to start them towards the Red Pill (usually after a bad breakup). And for most people this will happen on reddit because this sub gets more exposure than most of the blogs on the web. Never underestimate the power of the Blue Pill. The Red Pill isn't something you can take once and be cured. It needs repeat eating, exercise, and courage to create change.

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    Not to be discourteous, but for fuck safe bud, the sub is not “open” right now. If anyone wanted to look it up and knew nothing about its existence they would get nothing and still be chumps. The only reason why TRP was able to grow was its community structure. It started off from places like sosuave and moved it up to where we are now. Don’t treat it as if one man just thought: Oh, so this is how the world works. No, many men came up together and did what MEN do best: think and then conquer the world. Right now many are being denied access to all the knowledge, from sexual strategies to building themselves up.

    Man is a social creature, do not forget it. Even when you think critically, when most of what you think is being shitted on by the world around you, most will feel very isolated and bend. Many boys and men are still out there drifting within the modern insanity, and repress themselves. You don’t only need the sub to be successful or get advice, sometimes you need the sub because you want a nice beacon of hope and reasoning in this deep and large ocean of ideological bullshit. Or a chat after the last adventure.

    Here or in the failsafe, I’ll see what I can do, to improve myself and others, I’d rather die on my feet.

    Fide, Sed Cui Vide.

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    Can you sticky this? Not only for future visitors, but for the casual eyes looking to fill their accusation bags with any shred of doubtful evidence against TRP.

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    > It is hard to earnestly, honestly, frankly look at the world around you and fail to realise that women are more attracted to you if you are fit, or interesting, or wealthy, or otherwise have enormous value in their lives.

    No, it's hard to look at the world and realize, being fit, interesting or wealthy , come secondary when it comes to attraction.

    read Michael's Story , the only story on the side bar, it's about a guy who is interesting wealthy and fit, but still can't get laid, when a fat, homeless dude who spits some game can.

    > So remember that you aren't dependent on this subreddit to be a man, and that everything here came from other men simply looking at the world with fresh eyes and sharing their thoughts

    Not that simple, men are to nice, and kind, the balance is that men do to much, I do much less now, but most men aren't psychopaths and not willing to admit society and government is a big lie

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      I don't like the attitude that we are "dying". This is quite literally just the beginning. Having our own vessel will vastly improve us.

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      Because TRP is not a subreddit, but primordial truth, only called into question by a a shit-test born out of the most vain, decadent and thus self-destructive fringe elements of humanity. And its naive victims.

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      TRP is pretty simple. It doesn't take a lot of study, but it does take a lot of practice.

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      Log into TRP.RED and donate

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      Actually people involved in this subreddit are less likely to be men and more likely to be hermits living in their mothers basements feeding off the roaches. Ugly.