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I feel it's always slightly cheesy whenever in a movie, book, show, or real life a group of men are referred to as "brothers" (outside of the military and fraternity brothers). But I feel in the this specific case of an outside threat against an aspect of one's self, I think we can all agree it's warranted to some degree.

I had intended to be much farther along in my journey before posting in the main sub, a point when I had something of value to add to the endless posts that illuminated the fact that as a man you must add value to yourself. I don't have my own business, a wealth of life experience, a roster of women (or a long term commitment to a quality girl); But it seems fate dealt a different hand than what we were expecting.

So in a maybe desperate, maybe naive bid, I thought why not have a centralized location all the men of this sub can post. Post the stories of how this sub quantitatively, undeniably improved the lives of all the lost souls who found their way here. An extra piece of evidence that the admins can look at of hundreds (dare I hope for thousands?) of stories of the good this sub has brought about, maybe we can avoid the ban hammer.

In all walks of life, bigots justify their hate and their intolerance by imagining their hated group as an idea, a mass at which they can justifiably dismiss everything about them (I'm fully expecting this sentence to be taken out of context and ironically copied). The stories we post here could act as a counter balance to that, humanizing us and showing we are real people who have had our quality of life improved by this sub. My story:

At the beginning of this year, I had my heart torn out of my chest and shredded worse than a pomeranian thrown into Michael Vick's doghouse. I had never felt the way I did with this woman about anyone else, we hadn't been dating long and I knew this girl was the one I wanted to put a ring on, and she enthusiastically felt the same way. Until one day she disappeared, blocked on every form of contact with a final message later about how she's not in the right place, how I should move on, how she's not what I want or deserve. I won't speculate on why she did it because it ultimately serves no purpose, nor is this the thread to do it in, but the fact is it happened. Since coming to this sub for real (I had lurked before), I've lost 30ish pounds, eaten better, and started meal prepping. I've picked up an instrument I've always loved but for some reason never took the leap to play, started volunteering around my city, about to start taking martial arts classes, not to mention how I feel so much more relaxed and confident. Social situations and groups I've improved by how much my sense of humor has improved (due to said confidence?). I can take jokes and criticism better, by my overall demeanor being more calm and less rattled, and how remaining calm and taking their criticism in stride, their opinion improves just that little bit. Like I said, I can't point to any girl in a bar and get her interested in me, nor do I have the trappings of wealth, but damn if my life and motivation hasn't drastically improved the past 10 months, more than most men feel motivated to improve in their entire lives. I used to easily spend 20+ hours per week playing video games, now in the past month or two I've barely topped 10 hours.

Just like the tumblr sexists and extremist reddit users who proclaim all problems are created by men and all men deserve to be caged don't represent twoXChromosomes, so too do the incels who come here and declare all women are property and offer no benefit other than their bodies not represent TRP. Our mods deserve free pitchers for life for the thankless jobs they do of running one of the tightest ships to ensure incels and trolls don't flood the sub with posts violating reddit's rules or just hate filled word vomits.

I know I've seen dozens of posts in all threads today with men detailing in multiple sentences how their lives have improved since coming here, with only a few words in each on how their relationships with women have improved. So why not put them all in one place where anybody can see the positive in a sub many view as all negative. To the neckbeards who comes here once to post inane disjointed shit and gets slivers of knowledge on how to improve his life through the mods (whether he takes to it, comes to it after time, or never gets it) or the masses like myself who are at various points in their journey. To the men at the top like /u/heathcliff-- with his engaging stories with lessons /u/OmLaLa with his parables, or the man I wish was my mentor, /u/VasiliyZaitzev. We all have stories.

Let's hear your tales brothers, make today's workout full of gritty determination.

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I've been following TRP for years. I was in a marriage where my happiness was completely dependent on the happiness of my wife. The problem was she was lazy and depressed, no amount of heavy lifting was going to help her. At the same time I was neglecting myself, giving myself panic attacks and was generally miserable.

I since left my ex, started at the opportunity of a lifetime, I've since made about seven million dollars and my relationships with everyone, my family, friends and partners, is infinitely improved.

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One of the common trends I find in red pill stories is the amount of men who have been brought low by women in their lives from long term girlfriends to wives. It's a side we rarely see in our media except as a joke like Norm from the 80s show Cheers. It's always women in abusive relationships to the point it seems like like 95% of relationships are men abusing women which makes blue pill guys bluer because they want to rescue those abused damsels and prove they aren't like that ( if they don't get ignored, they get taken for a ride).

I guess this is another reason for wanting to crack down on red pill stuff because it challenges the narrative while showing a lot of men the freedom to change their situations to the better. Congrats on getting rid of the negativity that was weighing you down.

[–]GodLikeVelociraptor 2 points3 points  (0 children)

challenges the narrative

Yeah, I had lingering religious and societal reasons pressuring me to do the "manly thing" and support her even though I wasn't in love and wasn't even proud of her.

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She wanted u back? What happened

[–]AlexHD 12 points13 points  (1 child)

Seven million dollars happened.

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There goes a saying in our country " Everything happens for good". Seems to a be case for you

[–]GodLikeVelociraptor 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I don't want her back. I'm 6'2. She's 5'3 and weighs more than I do. Yuck.

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Good call. As an exfatguy, Im confused how people can keep up with their weight

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How long did it take you to make seven million dollars?

[–]GodLikeVelociraptor 5 points6 points  (1 child)

A couple of years. Opportunity of a lifetime turned into the acquisition of a lifetime. My ex didn't want me to take the job.

[–]flapjacksrbetter 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Wat was the job? What job made u millions lol

And how do u keep track of your income and expenses? Excel?

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Saved my life. I moved in with my first GF at 23 years old, and we eventually got married. Dead bedroom, but at least I didn't have a cheating maniac.

I spun plates for 3 years, simply because I knew I didn't want to get locked in again. Something I was taught was wrong. Spinning plates makes a blue pill/beta guy feel pretty powerful. Coupled up after I caught feels for a plate and went all in. This time I know what I'm doing. This time I know how to be a supportive partner....ended predicably.

So much of my identity was being a "playboy". The girls meanwhile all saw me as the confused beta/blue pill man I was. My looks and income offset my shortcomings, but I always defered to them. Don't want to impose. Your body your choice.

Going from 60 to 0 was such a surprise in my LTR. I knew enough to know that somehow I screwed up, but how? What was it? I was perfect! I have abundance too, so it's not about this girl. Why wouldn't she tell me? If she would just tell me what I do I would do it!

Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Withdrawal. Until, the material that made her behavior so clear. All the words matched up. The sidebar. Rollo. Illimitable man. Honestly felt like a religious experience for me. And such a relief.

TRP saved my life, literally. I cannot get over how people hate this place. We must acknowledge that the dark triad does work. But standing up for myself and setting boundaries, how is this bad again? Certainly when everything I had been taught said "give your whole heart to a woman and she'll appreciate it" and "Providers are attractive." The red pill is a lot like evolution. The idea of a purple pill "debate" is still funny to me. It is obviously the truth. It would be nice if things were different. But they are not. And what a healthy framework to operate within.

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How many people hate this place? Yeah, imagine people hating a place that's only purpose is to critique 50% of the population and try and get the other half to avoid contact with them. Imagine.

[–]awakenedspirit1 2 points3 points  (0 children)

It's honestly difficult for me to understand how this is an interpretation of this material. I personally don't "critique" anyone. Even though there is some negative energy from folks who have been hurt, the overall message here is how to inspire and receive love. And honestly, it's pretty fun. I'm a better partner now because I can showcase the best version of myself.

You can of course use the material here for "evil." That's the case with all knowledge. Choose to be good. It's more fun anyway.

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I'm sick to death of people equating TRP and Inceldom.

TRP embraces women for who they really are (not what they ought to be based on delusional societal conditioning) and provides men with the tools they need to get into the top 20% of men and succeed holistically psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially.

Incels blame women for the fact they're porn-addicted, welfare-claiming obese neckbearded degenerates and actually are misogynistic in that they resent women for showing no interest in then.

There's a huge difference. Of course all MRA is bad "cuz muh feelings."

[–]throwme1623 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah, this is a fair distinction, but they get lumped together as internet communities. I think the 'anger phase' on TRP looks a lot like what incels have to say about women. Resenting an entire gender because of what you experienced is absolutely reasonable for a time after a breakup or some trauma, but the difference is that trp actively seeks to move forward and improve because hate is not a useful emotion, whereas incels just stew in that hate and enjoy it.

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TRP has simply changed my life. I have achieved practically nothing, but my mindset improves every day thanks to this sub. Many thanks to all the greats.

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I am 30 now, and I've been on my self-improvement journey for just over 6 years now, coming back from my lowest points as a drink/drug addict, an anti-social narcissist, and all around coward. I began falling down that hole during high school, where my need for rebellion and an escape from home life led to an overdependence on whichever relationship I had gotten myself into over those years. I was taught early growing up that other people's needs came before mine, and I wanted to believe in true love.

Those relationships progressively had less and less substance to them, as I realized how immature and irresponsible I was, but was not ready to deal with the consequences that the risks of sex took such a huge toll on these girls. I never became a father, but I eventually calloused over from the guilt of their pain, and concluded it would be best if I avoided relationships and sex altogether! That turned into avoiding people, which is where drugs became my friends.

Aside from "work hard" and "be honest", I didn't receive a lot of male mentoring. Small, disconnected family, feminized environments, the absence of a rite of passage. The few guy friends I did have were in similar situations. It took a confrontation over drugs with my best friend for me to realize where things were heading and what I still had to lose if I didn't change.

Fast forward some years of recovery, quitting vice after vice. Eat better, excercise, forge a career. Many articles, YouTube videos, and books to adjust my attitudes and respect myself more and more as I took steps towards improving my quality and enjoyment of life! Now I find myself craving community, social understanding, and fun, women being a part of it.

SO, I found The Red Pill about two months ago through the 21 Convention videos on YouTube. "The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You". After watching, I have a whole new appreciation for being a man, and an invigoration to meet the challenges that will come to me in the future. It highlighted the reality of sexual economy and competing strategies, opening my eyes to the real dialogue of these interactions. That concept is what led me to reading additional books (Rollo), and searching out this forum.

It would seem that every person is looking for more control and choice in their lives, to achieve their best possible outcome. Liberty belongs to men and women alike, and this place for men to support each other and share their ideas is the single most enlightening living resource I have ever seen! Sometimes the truths are ugly, and sometimes the opinions are negligible, just like the free speech we have face to face.

In the end, actions are what count, and that's where I stand to observe and practice. Getting comfortable with casual conversation with anyone, anytime. If you made it through this, thanks for reading. Keep your power for yourself, guys!

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I got to know about trp 3 months ago. I was a ducking blue pill dreamer. Even though I didn’t swallow it completely yet, I’m looking forward to the moment i will be only on the red pill. Growing up with 3 women and an absent father didn’t really help me out, so I knew I had to search for something that would give a meaning to the word ‘man’. I’ve been seeing lately a lot of bullshit being thrown on the people who want men to be men and women to be women, but it seems that our current society wants men to be women, so we are all equal. Many young men like me don’t have a purpose, don’t know what men should behave like anymore. But damn, nothing changed in this world, still the same game, but with different rules. I’m looking forward to read more about trp, and to start my MMA training, which is something I want to do, something trp is pushing me to, because you don’t have to do what the others are doing, you have to do what you want. Cheers

[–]nickbrody219 0 points1 point  (0 children)

True, society wants men to be women and women to be men. But outcome is neither is men and women

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The Red Pill changed my life completely. All the stuff happening recently in reddit makes me sad, angry and concerned with our next generation males. Why all those social justice warriors are so aggressive, not open-minded and behaving brainwashed? Aren't they aware of that one day they might have male children too? So I guess they want raise their children as losers just as themselves are... I will never marry one of those girls, even won't date with them. Definitely don't want to have loser, poor children. I had one of those girls with dad issues, and that was quite enough for me. Except one night stands...

[–]FatmanO 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Im 18 and I was a fat fat guy. I started losing weight for a huge oneitis. Then I found trp. Everyday I stopped thinking about oneitis a bit less and a bit more about gym and my career and hobbies. Feeling much better now, and while I used to be sad that I cant get a girlfriend, I can now live with that or do not pursue but puruse my mission

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I actually get respect from women.

Edit: another thing, you guys taught me about shit testing. Now I get respect from men too. Honestly, learning about this phenomena was one of the most helpful things in my life.

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around 2 years ago I lost my job working in a shithole dump, this place has brought me emotional and mental stability like no other. still I fall off the rail but for someone that was pretty fucking clueless but still had luck with women, this place has completely turned me around. lets just hope I don't fall down the fucking beta path. the pain of being a beta or at least someone that doesn't respect themselves is always something that will haunt me but at the end of the day, you need pain to guide you where you need to be in life just sometimes that pain is going to offend other people, the anger phase lost me a lot of people but it also taught me. just shut the fuck up, do your shit because no one cares about you. expecting others to care is a blue pilled mindset is a redpilled world that does not give a shit about you.

i'm lucky I have a real close friend who i'm thinking is redpilled as f but I haven't ever discussed it with him, thanks mate you did me wonders when you could have left me for dead.

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It also changed my life. But you say this sentence

In all walks of life, bigots justify their hate and their intolerance by imagining their hated group as an idea, a mass at which they can justifiably dismiss everything about them

and you talk about humanizing and tolerance, yet most of the people in this subreddit are seriously xenophobic and do hatespeech against muslims.

[–]gbdoragnic -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

> so too do the incels who come here and declare all women are property and offer no benefit other than their bodies not represent TRP.

This happens like 0.0001% of the time, TRP isn't being banned because of that,

> I used to easily spend 20+ hours per week playing video games, now in the past month or two I've barely topped 10 hours.

TRP has no comment on this, nor does this effect your ability with women, video games still aren't a popular hobby, your time management skills aren't related to your seduction skills.

TRP is being banned because our lives up aren't womens butts , not putting women on a pedestal is enough to get you killed in this society

> but damn if my life and motivation hasn't drastically improved the past 10 months, more than most men feel motivated to improve in their entire lives

You don't need TRP for basic life adulting skills , re-framing TRP like this is a attempt to negotiate , "Hey guys we are just becoming better people", such a blue pill thing as women standards are so low , but this is the only thing they allow, (society).

Any group that empowers men is a hate group, the fact that you posted here means you hate women, you are no different than that incels in there eyes, this is a war,

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as "brothers" (outside of the military and fraternity brothers)

Brother usually don't suck each others cocks. That is why in the military they're »lovers«, not »brothers«. That is a difference.