MetaBraving the Storm and Passing the Torch (self.TheRedPill)

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First of all, to the many Endorsed and Vanguard and other prolific contributors here, I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for all you've done for us. Like many of you here, and similar to the posts before me, I came here, simply by chance, at a time in my life that I needed direction in my life. I lacked the masculine role model and mentor that would have provided a young man that success he desperately needed to survive in this new numale feminized liberalized Western world.

I was thrust into an environment where "romance" and being a desirable male was a hidden mystery, shrouded in "just be yourself" and "be confident."

I was indoctrinated by television and media that women were meant to be worshipped and adored as perfect beings, that their mistakes were always cute and tolerable, and that in the end "Prince Charming" (Prince Yes Man Nice Guy) would always win over her heart.

I was manipulated through my vague connection and desire for masculinity by being told that "real men man up" and forgive their partners for cheating on them "if she shows she willing for change," that raising another man's spawn was a 'noble and just' cause, that being a provider and paying for everything a woman needs was enough to keep her happy.

I was shamed into accepting the new "norm" for girlfriends, partners and wives, that the most loyal and "wife material" partners were "more mature women" who "have had a lot of experiences" and thus "knew what they wanted." That accepting her high N-count or being dissatisfied with her sexual history during her wild "college years" was 'slut shaming,' and that wanting a pure woman with few previous partners and flings was an "antiquated misoginistic idea."

I was chastised into being "patient" with my partners, that her constantly feigning headaches and lacking desire for sex meant that a man had to do more housework or spend more tine with the kids to make her love him more. That if a woman didnt love you the only recourse was to placate to her demands and make her "happy" and simply wait for her to be "ready for sex again."

I was pressured to be emotional, that real men can and should cry in public, tear up when seeing a dog commercial or feeeling stressed, that a "real man" always conplained about every single problem in their lives and that men should lay all their emotional baggage on women and expect them to carry that burden and love them more for it.

And most of all, I was taught not to be a man, but a boy, a boy coddled and raised in a new matriarchal, feminized, non meritocratic society. It was a society where feelings came before facts, excelling in any facet was offensive to others emotions, that financial success was evil, and that weakness was strength.

But The Red Pill opened my eyes to the truth. What reality really was. For those of you who have swallowed the pill, you know what I mean. For everyone else, I ask you to enter the rabbit hole in the sidebar and see what we mean.

But now the powers that be of reddit are attempting to take down the beacon of truth. The lighthouse standing tall, alone, against the stormy sea, making sure the ships of men do not crash and perish into the cragged shores.

Those of you here have seen the quarantine, what it means, and what it could mean for the future survival of this community and its tome of knowledge. The community thrives on participation, of the experienced rugged men who can pass the torch to the next generation of boys so that they can grow into men.

The storm has come again, and this is the largest threat this brotherhood has ever faced. You have seen the stickied post telling you all to migrate to trp.red, and I support this call and urge you all to do so. However for the Brave few who feel the desire to pass on the knowledge on reddit despite the pressure, I call upon you to stay and fight. Fight to pass on the torch to the next crop of boys, fight, to keep thid community alive, and fight to make sure the truth stays free. In any case and whatever path you choose, it has been an honor to be a part of this community. May your path be straight and your eyes clear. The debt I owe to you all is grand, and I hope to pay it back here if I can.

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This post has put into words exactly my feelings. I was raised in much the same way as described in this post. I'm glad I discovered the red pill since it completely changed my life.

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In many ways, TheRedPill has been the father I never had.

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It's crowd-sourced male role-modeling, for sure.

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As someone who wants to take the red pill, the quarantine really came at a bad time. I've registered on trp and hope to find guidance there and in the sidebar.

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I would suggest it actually came at a great time for you. Quarantine may create sense of urgency for you to take action and read sidebar and other important posts. A lot of people here circlejerk around here without ever reading any of it.

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I'd create a new folder on your bookmarks tab and bookmark every post on the sidebar right now, just in case. I would then start reading the posts that are on the forum here and save the rest for after.

Good luck, man. Every new member brings with it more momentum.

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Great post, and it really hits home. The storm really has come, and i think its only matter of time before this subreddit gets banned. Its a feminist era, and there is going to be lots of censorship ahead. It has to get really bad before it becomes good, and i think going through this era of feminazi social control opens up a lot of peoples eyes up. Even those soyboys eventually will be hunted, and have false allegations against them.

I think this century we might witness the beta uprising haha.

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the elite figured out a society with weak men is easier to manipulate

people think nice people are at the top, but they are very wrong

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Can't we just make another sub? When it comes to 300000 subscribers, we'll see...

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Another subreddit? Wouldn't matter because Reddit is capable of shutting that down as well. I am actually surprised they did not quarantine asktrp.

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Or mrp, with that big banner "Women banned on sight here". I guess there's not that much traffic there.

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Welcome to the technocracy that employs group think and tries to dictate ideas and discourse online. The clearnet isn't typically the place it was in the late 90's early 2000's anymore. Where freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas was something normal everywhere you tended to go. The ideologies now are "believe what we believe or be destroyed........or at the very least banned from communicating." It's been going on glacially the last decade or so but has hit a fevered pitch the last 3 years. We live in a world now, where depending on where you reside, can be arrested for twitter posts speaking out against current government policies or become de-platformed for going against group think. The natural cycle of turning boys into men has been drastically skewed to the point we have a bunch of effeminate males running around who are overly emotional and incapable of dealing with every day life, stress, and the challenges of working a normal job. This isn't what we are. I didn't grow up in this world but I realize many of you have. I encourage all of you to continue down the rabbit hole.

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A little off the topic but does this mean, trp posts will be deleted?

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no it just means it won't be seen at all with those who haven't opted in to view them.

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If you want to post feel good bullshit, cool. What did you do for the cause and how much did you donate to trp.red patreon?