The allegory of the Scorpion and the frog. (self.TheRedPill)

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My father told me an allegory of the Scorpion and the frog. I'll keep this concise as most men are busy here.

The Scorpion and the frog.

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river.

The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown.

Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both.

While drowning, the frog cried, but why?

It’s in my nature, replied the scorpion.

The take away

For those navigating the anger stage, this allegory reinforces that the behaviour of women (and men) cannot be changed but rather only our expectations of others.

Judge people's character on their past actions, never expect

If a whore cheats on you, it's in her nature. If a deceitful associate betrays you, it's in his nature.

You cannot change the nature of others, only of yourself as you strive to be the best man you can be.

Moreover, people are unconscious of their nature. The greatest lie is the lie we tell ourselves. People who betray you have no clue they are doing it.

Solider onwards, keep lifting, only surround yourself with men who demonstrate you can invest your trust and friendship in them through reciprocation.


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This reminds me of an old piece of knowledge from the beginning days of TRP that needs to be restated

Relating this to the red pill, I disagree the only outcome is judging the scorpions as "unknowable" (as many blue pill men do) or "horrible" (as incels or spurned MGTOW or anger phase people do).

If we could expand this a little for argument's sake, don't you think the frog could appreciate the scorpion's nature and adjust its expectations of it without hating it? Perhaps the frog becomes bitter at realizing the scorpion's nature and being told of the scorpion's likely repayment of his generosity at first, but wouldn't that feeling not pass after due understanding? The frog fails and hates because it has only considered the reputation of, and not the actual psychology, of the scorpion. Over time, he may realize that it might be justified but it is not productive to simply blame the scorpion, but also blame themselves. It is the frog himself who exposed his juicy, fleshy back to his stinger and expected him to control his instinct to strike. If he wanted to cooperate with the scorpion, maybe the frog should have carried him only when he's ensured that the scorpion nature is accounted for, and that it isn't able to strike. (Clearly the frog needs to re-read Sun-Tzu.)

Now, our dear scorpion and everyone else may feel offended at the discrimination. After all, not all scorpions are like that. The Frog might even get quarantined by the admins for being mys-scorpionistic. But as unpleasant as it may be to consider, it is honest. And it is in the frog's genuinely needed best interest to view the situation as dispassionately and realistically as possible.

One of my favourite books in my childhood was Ender's Game. In the book, Ender proves "If you truly understand someone as well as they understand themselves, it is impossible to not love them."

I love women. I also understand so much more about the evolutionary science that governs our behaviour towards them and theirs towards us. In fact, if anything, I love women more now.

When I saw TRP, it was on the back of controversy... which is undoubtedly, the admins also have been introduced to us. Luckily, one of the first posts I encountered on this sub was from /u/whisper. He said,

The sensations of

  • "Being morally outraged"

  • "Having your bubble of self-righteous ignorance disrupted"

... are indistinguishable to the person experiencing them. Therefore, people can't really tell which one they are experiencing.

Religious fundamentalists feel "morally outraged" at homosexuals. Homosexuals feel "morally outraged" at religious fundamentalists.

Neither sensation is evidence of anything.

And I gave the redpill more consideration than just judging it by the lens of feminist orthodoxy. And I came to slowly understand the value of this place.

TheRedPill is three parts in function; a hub for the "manosphere", a sort of incubator for redpill attitudes and a venting space. Even when you post a hundred RP users posting misogyny(in your eyes) as proof to a given RPer, they will still claim we don't hate women... they genuinely believe RP is not about that. And arguably... they're right. They genuinely believe that that bitterness is a stage of accepting harsh truth for many who come here(redpill does contain harsh things that these people come to believe are true. Disillusionment is not without anger for any human being). When these men hear bitterness within discussion themselves, they're aware it may be juvenile, but they ignore it under the expectation the other guy will come to grow out if it. Every guy ranting about women is doing so under the implicit understanding that he is probably being whiny or a crybaby because reality isn't as perfect as he thought... and people here are not only willfully ignoring it, they are effectively providing an umbrella from ridicule to that venting here, so he won't do it elsewhere, like with a woman, where it counts.

A part of what TRP is, is basically this. The anger is accepted here, under the implicit understanding that it will pass, and you will vent it here, with us, and no where else. It is done from the viewpoint that these thoughts don't go away when you censor them, and no where else on the world will such viewpoints be even allowed to expressed. It is the difference between letting this toxicity and resentment fester inside rather than naturally dissipate as men vent, and simultaneously are encouraged to build themselves and grow into better, more successful people.

Put in a blunt way, it is group therapy. You can laugh. But many of the people who latch onto RP, are men who are deeply disillusioned with the normal rhetoric, who have been hurt by it. They need this ounce of sympathy. That is what TheRedPill believes. And most of us agree with this. The more successful of us who are inching closer to making it where we want don't laugh at the bitter incels among us. We can wordlessly sift through and hope they'll work on themselves enough to grow out of it, until they don't need that bitterness anymore.

PSA: Everyone should bookmark and register on https://www.forums.red/i/TheRedPill/ in case TRP is removed. If the left is a scorpion, we are soon to be stung.

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Don't get into relationships with scorpions. :D

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Great post.

“Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them.”.

- Epictetus

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Nice post. I get what you're trying to say, but I wanted to challenge one point:

"You cannot change the nature of others."

Think about this: Wolves are volatile and can potentially attack humans. Dogs are loyal. So I'd like to use that as the basis of this example.

Women are more like dogs than wolves or scorpions. I totally get the point of your full analogy, but I do disagree with a small nuance. Our nature *can* change over time *especially with conscious male influence.* It wasn't women that turned wolves into dogs, it was men.

Mother nature is organic, both literally and metaphorically. Nature is *adaptable* and bound to change over time. So while things may be a certain way in the present moment, and it's good to acknowledge that, it's also good to remind ourselves that life, including humans, CAN and DOES change/evolve/adapt. More importantly in regards to our personal power, that change seems to be accelerated exponentially through *conscious* influence.

Use your influence, gentlemen.

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You can mold a woman through conscious effort. But as soon as you let go of your frame, show too much weakness, are irritable for too long, she springs back to her original form just like a sponge. She was a wolf all along. She will always be.

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But that's what we have. I think you'd find a lot of men have the same problem if their girlfriend/wife suddenly gets fat and ugly. You'd see a lot more men willing to cheat (if they can actually find someone to cheat with) or leave their wife/gf.

They say "your best friends are the ones who show up on your bedside when you are sick"...

And well, many men won't show up to the bedside of a constantly depressed wife/girlfriend. Same with many women won't show up to the bedside of a constantly depressed, senile husband/bf.

The exact numbers or percentages may be unknown.

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While I do agree with your statements generally, I think we have a lot of white knights here that feel fulfilled by saving his partner. It brings more satisfaction than dominance over a single(or multiple) girl.

Perhaps better stated would be that a man won’t show up to the bedside of a depressed woman, and stay. He will leave, get his fill but come back.

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I sympathize with the cynicism, but logically there is no way a woman is less malleable than a wolf.

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You know what he's saying. Don't make it literal when it's inconvenient.

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This is how you make a counter argument. Insted of " You're wrong fag HAHA downvote" . Good on you fine sir.

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yes, just breed women through many generations

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true but the problem is with so many bad influences from society and her group of friends there is little reason for her to change her nature as she is told not to feel bad about being entitled and treating any man like shit if she feels like it

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I thought the the greatest lie was the devil lie that he didn't exist like the Keyser Soze lie and now you are saying it's the lie we tell ourselves. I wish they would make their mind up they cant all be telling the truth, I think one of them might be telling the truth.

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Feels like just a repost from a few months ago...