In case you hadn't noticed.... (self.TheRedPill)

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...the Stony Brook link that /u/spez pasted on our sidebar is gone.

Thanks for showing us the path to positive masculinity, reddit. It's almost as if they didn't bother doing their research before cramming that shit down everyone's throat.

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This just in: The Onion has gone bankrupt. Apparently reality is just too hard to parody anymore since the world went insane.

You can't make this shit up. Nice job Admins! /s

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Is this satire Though....

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When it comes to the run-of-the-mill news stories today,

Clickbait titles + fiery content > Actual facts

Why? Factual evidence doesn't proliferate ad revenue. If one believes the crap reddit put in TRP's entrance, they're more likely to keep clicking on articles about how Kavanaugh is a serial rapist. Billy was never subjected to any other opinion, so he doesn't know that there's a whole other side. All he knows is what he can and has been taking in since he was born in 2000. When there's only one socially acceptable opinion and all others are scrutinized, the common man won't know he had a choice to disagree. Voltaire is screaming in his grave, Aurelius is laughing as society as a whole delves deeper into the Matrix. Marx is shaking his head on how his ideas were reverse engineered, and Billy never gained vital critical thinking skills (US education does not teach this well). Welcome to the machine.

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Imagine if suffragettes back in the 1900s accused every man on their side of sexual harassment. We'd all be living with our arranged wives, and TRP wouldn't exist.

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I don't think they had arranged wives. They just didn't have welfare or birth control, so women were really, really careful about who they fucked. Part of being careful was taking the advice of family members, who were (and still are) better at realizing when a man is going to pump and dump.

You're right that TRP wouldn't exist though. Of course, men are happier now than they were back then, and women were happier then than they are now. We won.

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Us kind of men, but normal men suffer. My options present and immediate future:

  • Go visit my extremely sweet 26 year old Colombian 9+ runway model girlfriend. Not all of the runway model girls are super pretty but many of them are like what you'd hope for. I majorly lucked out when multiple troops of them came through my Medellin hostel for "Colombia Moda".

  • Go back to Ukraine to do the erotic massage circuit between Odessa and Dnipro and back, teach a few Sunday English classes and hang out with the girls afterwards, eventually hooking up with a great looking one.

  • Hook up with the local California 6'1" chick with a great face, outstanding bone structure but just too much going on in her rear end. Not ideal but considering where I am I think that I could do it.

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Option 2 except the part of the hooking up.

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Yeah but I start to feel a bit empty without that girlfriend energy at least a few times a year.

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You own a hostel in Medellín?

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My favorite part is how he's gone without explaination. Reminds me of that one time

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Im not informed enough to understand the picture.

Small explanation?

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Stalin had a habit of retroactively editing people out of history when they fell out of favor with him. Nikolai Yezhov (right of Stalin) was one of his commissars who later got on his bad side, was executed, and was later doctored out of the photo as if he never existed.

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Thank you. Had no idea who the guy edited out was.

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Read 1984, It's a "If Stalin was London's overlord" dystopian story

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1984 changed my life and the next thing I immediately read thanks to a good friend, was Brave New World, a few years ago, equally as good.

I just don't know anything of value about Russian history due to being born in California USA, where even the slightest interest in Russia's true history is parallel to being anti american.

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" slightest interest in Russia's true history is parallel to being anti American"

You must be in one of those shitholes where they tried to erect Lenin statues in the community squares at the exact same time that the countries behind the Iron Curtain were blowing their statues into a million pieces.

Yeah, the biggest lovers of communism are the ones who don't have to live it and those who get to live in the a prosperous nation like the US while sideline cheering to destroy that prosperousness to implement the hell of a communist system. Their biggest idiocy is that they ALL think that THEY are going to be the Lenin, Castro, Chavez or members of The Politburo with their own personal shopping districts and getting to tell on the plebes what to do.

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This shit?

Lived there briefly to make money, gtfo. Yeah, you all have it good...because capitalism. Sure all those Microsoft/Boeing/Amazon people are evil...but they make up a pretty sweet tax base from which to take welfare! $1000 car registrations to pay for the bus!

cough enough political rant.

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One of the main points about 1984 was that the system envisaged was neither a communist one nor a fascistic one. It had elements of both, but was really a whole new vision of how a system of total control should work.

It was really a thought experiment by Orwell.

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They still have the "redpill" on the evils of communism up on rFullcommunism although now that I think about it it's ridiculous that they even let that sub stand up. So anything nazi related gets autobanned, rMde gets banned simply for "hmmm 6 million is a lot" memes, but the left-wing equivalent which killed over 100 million more people only gets quarantined?

It just shows you the bias that these silicon valley admins operate with. They literally live in the same neighborhoods as antifa. They probably glean their opinions of everything off of those reckless headlines "the alt right's latest hate symbol is this frog/ok-sign". Wouldn't be surprised if they painted trp in the same stroke with incel-offshot rBraincels whom they also just removed the stonybrook propaganda from.

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rMde meaning what?

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Was sitting around in the baggage claim, witnessing what decades ago was a luxurious and latently aristocratic travel industry become over-democratized and degenerated.

Saw the dregs of humanity pass by. It just seems to get worse every year. Normal people no longer exist. A man with long hair, a big nose and a skirt with hormone-enhanced breasts meets his female friends who do their best to endear him by complimenting his offputting appearance.

Another long haired bugman with a beard in his mid to late 20s with his girlfriend both carrying large pokemon plushies like toddlers.

Tattooed dykes with short cropped and partially shaven heads roving around in groups like a band of marauders from a Mad Max film.

An overwesternized and aposematized Asian thot with blue hair and tattoos waits for her obviously umpteenth caucasian boyfriend.

Certain themes seem to predominate among the others: obesity, self-disfigurement, complete erasure of the polarity of the sexes- all in various shades and forms.

I saw two decent-looking caucasian males in dress shirts and slacks engaged in agreeable conversation. Had I been an older gentleman of means, I would have given them some money and shook their hands, thanking them and apologizing on behalf of the society they have to live in.

Spent the next day at the botanical garden, watching hundreds of bumble bees furiously collecting pollen. It was the only thing that still seemed to make any sense.

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Million dollar extreme. It was known for mostly 4chan like jokes, most of it was satire but from an external individual, the jokes may be seen as insensitive to the holocaust etc.

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I've read and seen this movie before, it's called The Crucible).

Every one gets blamed for "working with the devil" except the actual one working with the devil.

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r/spez should do his own research about manosphere and trp and test it irl, I know I did and I'm extremely grateful for that, as many others, That, without trp would have killed themselves. This is not a woman hate group this is a man improvement group and at worst a game theory hub for sexual strategy, ffs you can disagree with it but at least see if it holds up irl if it does (spoiler alert it does) maybe somethings up with society.

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This is the same idiot who compromised the integrity of his own website by editing other people's comments on rT_D

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I laughed reading the article.

I just really wonder what goes through the head of all those male feminists seeing women destroying their reputation, their career, their life, after they've spent so much time empowering them. Do they feel betrayed? Do they feel stupid? Do they feel like they deserved it?

But how could you be so dumb as to not be able to predict it would happen? It's like a zoo-keeper stepping in the wolves' enclosure to teach them how zoo-keepers are the enemy and have a particularly tasty flesh.. How dumb do you have to be?

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It's like a zoo-keeper stepping in the wolves' enclosure to teach them how zoo-keepers are the enemy and have a particularly tasty flesh

Literally. This nightmarish SJW caricature is his accuser.

He kinda had it coming. Not that I'm victim blaming or anything.

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There are somethings that a man cannot un-see. The picture of that thing is on that list for me. Good grief.

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I noticed, didnt mention it. Thank God for The Red Pill.

Seek the truth in EVERYTHING -- do not guess, do not assume, FIND THE TRUTH. LEARN EVERYTHING.

Thats what "taking the red pill" means. Not just the truth about pussy. (Even though that is this subs main scope of focus, do not forget why this sub was started.)


It just starts here, swapping notes on truths.

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Great advice. I encourage everyone to go read Michael Kimmels work (the guy who runs the website the admins used to link to). I've been familiar with I'm for a long time. Before I found TRP I was into MRA. There's an article that was in r.mensrights years ago where Kimmel describes the genesis of one of his papers on toxic masculinity. He has a dinner party with his dumbass leftist marxist friends. As a game, they wrote down stereotypes of manliness - keep in mind, the majority of the people there are lesbian feminists.

I shit you not, the list they came up with is the source of his scholarly, peer-reviewed worked on masculinity. Imagine (admins who are reading this post, just try to imagine) that I have a party with a bunch of men and we do shots and write down what we think about women. And imagine that becomes accepted scholarship within "women's studies."

That shit used to piss me off when I was doing the MRA thing. The world seemed so unfair. Then I found TRP and what I learned was that if I behaved the right way, women responded in exactly the way I'd always wanted. They were sweet and sensual and feminine, because I was strong and confident. And i was happy, in a way that i was never happy when i was blue pill, when i dated in high school and college. When I was an army officer and jacked and theoretically a "catch." When I got married. When I got divorced. When I went back to dating and had the hottest girl I'd had to that point - any success I had was by accident and I always fucked it up through my own behavior. Shit, I posted in r.relationships when my last LTR fell apart. "Counseling" was the advice I was given.

Immediately after that I found TRP made a few changes to myself and I've been happy. I've actually gotten bored with it frankly, but I haven't been hurt since coming here.

I encourage everyone to read Kimmels writing. You'll be back.

Do the admins have the same confidence in their worldview that I have in mine? Will they encourage you to read TRP and trust that you'll come back around to make feminism? Lol. No. Deep down, they know they're full of shit. They know were right. That's why they quarantine us rather than address us.

Hey admins, want to know what I would do if I owned reddit and someone created a subreddit dedicated to Michael kimmels stuff? I'd sticky a post in r.all calling out the shit in that subreddit and dating anyone to debate me. I would while the floor with that subreddit and then let them go back to being a laughing stock. That's what I'd do, because I'm able to. You, on the other hand, are wrong about everything, and you know it. Fear and cowardice is why you quarantined TRP.

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Then I found TRP and what I learned was that if I behaved the right way, women responded in exactly the way I'd always wanted. They were sweet and sensual and feminine, because I was strong and confident.

Yes, that's the way it is.

When I read the phrase "positive masculinity" I read it in the way the term "positive" is used in psychological research. I read it as "masculinity that exists, that is there in the world, that people react to." And I contrast this to "negative masculinity" as "masculinity that is not there, that is actually the opposite of masculinity."

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+1 for reddit then. The quarantine might be bullshit but at least they're willing to retract that sorry ass message.

Part of me thinks they got spammed by trolls (since they had a phone number/email available). I was actually planning on calling them myself and try to get it removed - every day of the week if I had to

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When they hit you with a hammer and hand you a bandaid, you don't say, "Thanks."

Reddit administration has proven unremittingly hostile to freedom of speech and to this sub in particular, so them removing a bullshit sidebar item is not cause for congratulations.

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It is what it is. At least we're not generating ad revenue for them, in fact we are ad-free now. We built a wall and they're paying for it

[–]immibis 3 points4 points  (0 children)

they build a wall and they're paying for it

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Can't make this shit up ffs

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Actually I hadn't noticed. Thank you.

The I should not be here "yellow box" is quite smaller and less shocking and offensive to me now.

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The problem with the truth, is that it is often inconvenient. Wanting something to be true despite all the evidence to the contrary is a good way to have reality smack you in the face. A lesson every man must learn. Perhaps the Reddit admins are learning that lesson as well.

Beliefs, of course, are a powerful thing. And rational thought is forever under siege with each generation. It is easier to believe, then to do the hard empirical work of thinking.

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I'm surprised the edit to my original comment is still up over here.
True Story™

Thanks, FieldLine (OP) for pointing out this censorship. I often get accused of being "too conservative" when honestly the truth is "I'm too tired of this censor shit," all the way back to LBJ...

If you can't argue with logic and reason... throw shit at us. Hide the truth.
Make some stupid (factually incorrect) statement, Colbert, about the alleged "felony" which occurred.
Our fact checkers know you're full of shit, Stephen, but the masses eat you up.

Just you wait.

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I see this differently. I think there is a REDPILL admin Mole or two at heart that secretly decided to act as a double agent and place that particular tongue and cheek link for two-fold reasonings. This tells me the ban does not come from the lower admins but from those even higher up and the admins themselves more than likely men have read as much information and are advent readers of REDPILL. Thus secret followers of the ideaology. So reading between the lines, the link/line was purposely put there as tongue and cheek against reddits higher uppers by a redpill Mole only to force it back down quickly. Which is what they wanted anyway. Thanks Admin. This is "Q" level espionage. I like it. We have some insiders but I fear its not enough.

[–]victor_knight -1 points0 points  (0 children)

So one of the god-like admins granted us reprieve? What about the will of the other gods?