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What goes around cums around.  Yes, that includes Ex's too (but don't bother with them).  It's called the COCK CAROUSEL for a reason.  When you apply TRP principles and dont invest in your sexual options, they will all crawl out of the woodwork somewhere down the line (failed to lock down new BF,  in town visiting for cock, hitting the wall, is Preggo and needs cash now, etc.)

This is where 'Boomerang Game' comes in.  If you were anybody worth anything, she'll come back around. 

Example below:

Whenever you have a girl that you are plating (this is booty call only, none of the other shit) for 1-2 months or more, and she 'all of a sudden' 'wants something more' you best believe there is a new guy in the picture.  If a plate genuinely wanted something more with you, she would gradually make it happen over time via investment.  If a plate voices this out of nowhere, 1 of 2 scenarios is in play and it is up to YOU to not be the sucker.  Once again, all responsibility on us  (in her eyes)

1.  She found a new guy that is more AF than you (she is just a booty call to you at this point), and she is trying to get 'something more' with you, which really means be my BB.


2.  She found a BB or a boyfriend, but wishes you could do those things that he does so she doesn't have to be sexually pluralistic.

In either scenario, if you lose frame and show a shred of committment YOU become the BB.  If you show commitment, she will:

Scenario 1:  Keep fucking the new Alpha guy and be his booty call, while you become BB boyfriend.

Scenario 2:  She will get your committment, NEXT the BB guy she just met, so you are now her committed lesser Alpha, and she goes on to swipe tinder for the next unattainble AF.

You lose either way.  Unless you hold frame, which will almost certainly result in her leaving anyway (So you still lose her), but if you go NC, she will reinitiate at a later date and try again after her strategy fails on other men.

The tricky part to realize is if a plate returns after a long while,  it is NOT her sudden realization that 'you were there all along' (taylor swift coked-up audio) and she is now going to be your unicorn.  If you fall for this, you have officially become bull-prepping single mommy product marked down to clearance.

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If you were anybody worth anything, she'll come back around.

Not an exaggeration: they ALL come back for more.


There's yet another scenario: She finds out there are others. If she knows about the others and the others don't know about her, she's usually fine with that. But sometimes they don't want to share. She might say "If you're fucking her, you can't fuck me" and want you to choose. You know what your decision is. Then she stomps off.

But even then, she will come back for more.

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Haha the ultimatums. I had one that asked 'what does she give you that I dont?'

The girl in question was actually a better fuck with a nicer body, but I told her the other girl buys me food (which she didn't)

She still buys my food when she comes over. Pickups the takeout and everything, zero effort.

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Yes, they will bring you food. If you're anybody worth anything, she will bring you food. Another (little) thing guys reading this won't believe if they haven't experienced it.

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She needs to pay for the 15 orgasms somehow. Kek

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Uff, taking advantage financially. Since when that female behaviour has been a part of TRP toolbox.

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I had one recently give an ultimatum like this Basically she wanted me all to herself, or else we couldn't see each other anymore. I called her bluff and she totally caved. She said she would do anything to have me back, that she is my property and she apologized. It was a total power exchange.

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You never know what has changed either which adds an element of risk.

I fucked a then-plate 4 times over Xmas break and when summer came around she hit me up. I went over and fucked her again but when I went back into the living after I saw a state police jacket hanging over the back of one of the chairs.

I knew at that point a huge white knight beta mangina was involved with her, so I had to ghost forever after that. Beta cop would've shot me for sure.

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There’s only one appropriate course of action here: flip the script. Sprinkle some crack on the jacket and get out of there

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    Lmao this

    Literally goes against everything he says. IDGAF though. If an old plate wants some dick and i’m feeling it, i’ll fuck her cause why not.

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    Because it's a plate and he has zero investment in her so if he fucks her great, if he doesn't great. No shits given.

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    Sometimes it is situational; I wouldn't dismiss those out of hand. There was this one young minx that would "use me" as the breakup catalyst when she wanted out of relationships. It took me a couple times to figure this out. We'd hookup in marathon sex benders and then she's disappear. The disappearing would happen after she was either caught or gave the tearful confession.

    I was 31 and she was 19 for the first time--she had a fiancé she refused sex and he just wouldn't go away. It seems her confession about me and why she disappeared for entire weekends to see me was enough. This went on for a decade with the longest break being a year and the shortest a month. Eventually she jumped off the carousel and locked down her clean-up crew Beta-Bradley. They look like a happy couple on her twitter feed. He's helping raise her son from another man. (Yes, really.). Hey buddy, don't ask her where that mouth has been; I wasn't the only one getting used.

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    And I usually include their menstrual cycle in that reminder to keep control.

    Structure partly increases dominance.

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      Highly recommended... I simply state a ridiculous comment about their PMS or something and most usually they'll say what the... and then get the info and simply ask for it.

      Just play with them and you'll find its pretty easy.

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        Yes it works. Good thinking

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        They're simply hardwired to chase the one who offers less commitment.

        If AF 1 offers it, but AF 2 doesn't then in her little biological brain AF 2 must be more high value because he's not willing to settle with her whereas AF1 is. Women always want to date up(for attraction, date down for providership).

        This is where 'Boomerang Game' comes in.  If you were anybody worth anything, she'll come back around. 

        Her parents will say you're bad for her, her friends will say you're bad for her, she'll know you're bad for her but she just can't not listen to those feelz

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        I wish there was some guide for boomerangs. I've had a couple comeback just for them to immeadiately break. I set up a meet just for them too flake out or just contact me for the attention although I've never treated those girls as nothing else but plates.

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        You might want to check out the Black Dragon Blog.

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        VISCIOUS SCENARIO. I LOVE IT. This is the redpill right here. Your bitch will try to power move her way to the top however and whereever she can. Fuck that bitch. Demoted. Next.

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        BB = beta bucks?

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        Bottom bitch, beta bucks, billy bob, think of the women who would call the manager in a fuss at the department store but in Nike Monarchs and balding with a fat wallet, perhaps even a fanny pack when he takes the kids out. His favorite songs are completely cool but in reality to him are melancholy and his whole life is blue.

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        Yep. Or Big Bubba (prison context)