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I remember masturbating until I had blue balls 4-6 times a day after school. I remember fetishizing over eroticist authors and the Sex Project. I remember the anger, resentment, and guilt. Daydreaming in the repeating instances of girlfriend status from my school or attractive girls on Instagram. Instead of studying more than I should, I would grind video games.

Stone. Strong, but breakable. Mannerisms of self-proclaimed character to hide insecurities. As with enough force, everything collapses. Equipping many masks of indifference and unemotional.

Reaching the pivotal point from negative emotional and physical exhaustion, I changed my looks, behavior, and thinking through TRP.

Jaded behavior, cynical balance, passions, interest, a search for the ultimate self as one of the many shadows of constructs created by man has been revealed.

Process. Understanding the sorrow and joy in that we can only truly rely only on ourselves. We come into this world alone. We die alone. Utilizing the principle with fear to create action.

Why? Setting goals and acting on them is an integral part of personal growth and achievement. As I’ve reflected on my own progress up to now, I understand that many people, including myself, set goals to only please others.

It’s not to say those goals are illegitimate, but it hinders from your true potential. Don’t let anyone stop you from what you want. In closing, as I’m finding out for myself, realizing and embracing the changes that are happening is the best thing you can do. People will still not give a flying fuck about you due to status, fame, wealth, whatever. Accept it, improve, and remind yourself that you are the only person who can truly understand yourself from all that which you are.

Be all that you can be.

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Well said - in fact your post provoked me to understand that action > words i.e. "stop talking, start doing"

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We need more "building power" flaired posts. Most posts these days are about business or field reports and Meta.

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I was thinking the same thing. Personally the "Building Power" posts are the most helpful and the ones that I come here for.

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OP , great post. How do you deal with emotional burden from time to time? I find that at times as I try to improve myself and living in the moment catering to my own happiness staying focused, from time-to-time I get these little periods of emotional stress but not physically stressed.

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Have constant reminders on the phone, your room, books,posters etc.,

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Be in socially gratifying situations. Everything is better with other people!! Go out, party hard, even stay sober so you feel everything! Make friends!! Listen to them! And most importantly, when everything is fucked, read a book on how to unfuck your situation. Now do it.

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How do you do things for yourself instead of trying to impress others?

Everything I can think of is connected to impressing others. Like you already said for example:

  • Wealth/money

  • Working out/lifting

  • I did freerunning / parcours, but it was not because I wanted it, but rather to show off my moves to friends

  • Actually anything I do.

When I ask myself why am I doing XY? Why do I want a high paying job? Why do I want a nice house, car? Why do I want to look like a greek god?

The answer is always to impress others or look good in the eyes of other people. I know that I am a peoples-pleaser. I already figured that one out. Guess this is step one. How do I proceed from here? It's so hard to change the way you got raised.

The only time I do something for myself is in any kind of competition. When I play any sport my goal is to actually win and fun is more in the background. When I played chess professionally I always tried to be the best regardless of what others thought of me.

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My post was used as leverage to show an example of my own TRP journey and how far I've come, while trying to share the acknowledgements and power obtained from doing exactly what my post discussed about.

From your response, I am interpreting your words as an invitation for yourself to reflect on your own needs, desires, and beliefs. While it is good you have identified that you do things for the sole reason of others, people don't like people pleasers.

While this isn't the place to give you answers to your questions (asktrp), from what I'm reading, your mindset plays a critical role in the way a person can change their perspective.