MetaRedpill and you (self.TheRedPill)

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TL;DR, know yourself and question your values. Don’t inherently assume that everything redpill is correct, apply critical thinking to everything

Hi. I’ve been reading redpill for ~a year, more or less lurking and this is my first post here. I’ve been plowing a lot of redpill material and I truthfully think people should read more of it; not to learn it like the alphabet, but rather to give it a thought.

A lot of the newcomers here take the pill too literal; they read it like kid’s to extremely religious people read their respective religious book - they read it and apply it without critical thinking, and when they grow up that is the axiom of their life which cannot be questioned. This is wrong out of the aspect that you can’t interpret everything in this world in a literal sense. While I agree that a lot of the philosophy of redpill is inherently correct because that’s how our psychology/biology work, much here is very subjective as well. I remember a while back ago I commented on a post and my answer long story short stated that one should read redpill and judge themselves if it’s correct or not, and got downvoted because what I said wasn’t redpill. But isn’t that the point of redpill though? To question the things you’ve been taught, to be the judge over your own opinions? Redpill at the surface teaches you to game girls, deep insight redpill teaches you to be a man.

“Red pill philosophy is here to show you how the game works, not to tell you how to live your life. We give advice when asked, sure, but you live the way that suits you best; you own your choices.” ~ /u/IllimitableMan

So what is a man? A man is someone who can hold his frame and has a path. So how would a man hold frame? By abiding to what he thinks is right. In the bottom it doesn’t matter what the fuck redpill says, afterall you’re a man and you should be able to state your own mind and opinion. Deep insight redpill teaches you to have a backbone, don’t be afraid to have a backbone even to those who taught you how to grow one, that’d be a slave morality, not something alpha.

Critical thinking is something I don’t read about here too often. But that’s what you should read and learn between the lines of most things here, otherwisely you’re just learning to use one single tool and not the whole toolkit. If you just want girls you could as well just learn PUA, because if you’re not willing to man up there are no need for you to infest this community. If you come here and spit shit to people who actually need guidance, there is a risk that you lead them astray. However, if you’re here to actually become a man, then critical thinking is something you should learn. Redpill is a so called ‘hard to swallow truth pill’ but what it actually means to go from bluepill to redpill is that you apply critical thinking to the bluepill ways you’ve been taught. You question the things that is inherently right according to society (turns out most things are false) and you should keep questioning things even after you’ve swallowed the pill. This’ll keep you from stagnating.

If you're interested in this, you can Read more about this here. Overall I recommend reading all of these, it's very insightful knowledge and I think most people here could gain a lot from reading it

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Deep insight redpill teaches you to have a backbone, don’t be afraid to have a backbone even to those who taught you how to grow one, that’d be a slave morality, not something alpha.

Amen to this, you gotta take chances and push yourself, and in doing that you realise the real benefit is the resilience gained rather than the outcomes received (but that's good shit too)

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Very good post.

Critical thinking is a rapidly disappearing resource. I think it needs yo be taught more at school.

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Thank you for your post! I gave you an upvote when I had only read the TL;DR, because I feel the same. Many people on this forum behave like robots.

Sure, if you got crushed by a girl and your world is in shambles, you maybe read "The rational male" and your eyes are opened and you see women for the first time as they are, it's understandable, that you need something to believe in (a.k.a. some guidance = the red pill). But after some time you should ask yourself critically, if everything that is preached is true and if you should follow the "rules" mindlessly.

Today there was a post by some dude, who claimed "to have understood it all" and that all is about "frame". It unfortunately got deleted, that's why I'm copy & pasting my answer to him in here:


"Who's FRAME am I in right now?" If the answer to that question is NOT my own, I try to disconnect from the conversation or go do something else. Frame is everything. The truly great men of the world have realized that. You can see it in everyday social interaction. That TRULY makes you alpha; not the tattoos you have, not the clothes you wear, not your hairstyle.


Get rid of that mindset or you will always be a robot and stuck in your head. Fuck Frame. It is about being comfortable with yourself. If you are comfortable with yourself then you will act naturally and people will enjoy your company, because they know you are honest and don't try to please them. Know your own worth and if someone is stepping on you and you feel disrespected, voice your concerns. If a girl gives you shit, and you feel annoyed tell her she annoys you and you are not in the mood for her bullshit. You don't have to always be the life of the party to be "alpha" (I hate it when people use that word, because most people who claim to be alpha are betas. An alpha doesn't run around and tell people how alpha he is. He just is how he is).

Let me tell you a little story: I know a Russian girl I use to study with (I'm German btw). She is already married and bosses around weaker males, but I'm having none of that. The last time she sat in front of the room where we studied in I said to her "davai, davai, cyka blyat!" (russian: Let's go, fucking whore!"). She looked at me with big eyes "Not in that tone! You just called me a whore!". I said "I know" and laughed and walked into the room. She followed.

Did I say that to come off as "alpha"? No, I'm generally an honest person who sometimes makes nasty jokes. That's me. But I know who is easily offended and I know who can take my jokes, so I am careful not to step on someone weaker, except I want to crush them.

Your lesson should be: Be comfortable with yourself, know your worth and you don't ever have to think about frame again.

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That's just your own, preferred way to hold frame...

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Great post.

Just had a conversation about this the other day.

Red Pill is a tool, not a bible. Tools are used for application, and a Bible is typically used for aimless following.

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Bible "can" be used for aimless "leading". It's uses are far more greater than that.

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Here’s to not being led astray on the journey to manhood.

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Great post OP. I also agree on the point of further utilizing TRP as tools to building the best image you can aspire to be as a man playing the long game.

Critical thinking helps keep that awareness sharp, questioning the truth in every premise and conclusion. One good tip to fellow Trp'ers is to Follow the model of Clarity > Decisions > Conclusion. Most would say Conclusion leads to decisions which leads to clarity but that is wrong as clarity paves the way for the answer we seek.

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Good post. I think the best advice is to plan on cherrypicking from this sub.

Plan on only taking what you need. That way you will be thinking about what is useful and what is not.

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Do what you want with your life. TRP policy is to not judge as TRP is amoral.

Deny that women are attracted to a strong frame rather than a weak one and that passing shit tests as compared to failing them generates tingles and you are simply wrong.

...Do what you want with your physics toolbox; build a spaceship or keep believing in a young earth, but do not go commenting on a physics forum, to practicing physicists that witness the predictive capabilities of their equations daily, how they should be critical of what they teach, as if they were not.

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I would go onto a physics forum to tell people that newtonian physics is wrong if a lot of the people on the forum believed that it was true; people here, especially newcomers absorb everything posted here. Might aswell give people a bit of guidance

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Newtonian physics isn't "wrong". It's a set of models that's applicable to specific situations.

I understand that you're trying to tell people to look at the big picture instead of sperging. However, there's a reason for the aphorisms shared on TRP; an absolute noob ought to ingest the sidebar and the top posts with wanton perseverance AND get out into the real world to approach. That last part stems from the same idea that you're preaching in this post but allows people to witness the big picture on their own.

Either people are smart and look at everything with a skeptical eye while reasoning for themselves how the simplified TRP rules work in the real world, or they're not in which case they need a few years of playing the game to actually 'get it'.

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I get your point, and I find it valid. Quite frankly I don’t question the sidebar, nor the highest voted posts with this post, rather all the ’spam’ posts that’s very common here. Most of these so called spam posts just fall into the abyss, but because there are so many early staged red pillers here, some of them get upvoted to heights they don’t deserve. This is why critical thinking is needed. Because of this, people get astray and that’s why they need to learn critical thinking. And when people have learned critical thinking, they should also re-read everything here and give it another thought. Most of these thoughts are ’flawless’ out of the aspect that they are true to our very nature, which is hard to question because that’d be to question our very fundamental core, which bluepill society already teaches.

Critical thinking allows one to understand the depths of things; if one accept things for what they appear to be, one is simply bluepilled

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Sure, critical thinking leads to deeper and broader comprehension of complex systems but you can't really teach people that with a post. Again, those who aren't skeptical by default will need to fit the pieces together by practicing that which is preached. There's really no other way around it.

TRP should IMO be a collection of black-and-white facts about human nature and if I've understood correctly, it originally was supposed to be just that. The concept of hypergamy for instance is quite clear in its' meaning. Do with that knowledge what you wish. This way, RPers will know the hard facts and be able to implement them according to their own level of mental power. Smart people would benefit a lot, stupid people most likely wouldn't.

Effective thinking is a learned skill limited by one's intellectual hardware, not a hack, and can't therefore be taught trivially.

If you have actionable tips on how to become better at thinking, you could of course write about that.

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Well, when you learn TRP you sort of learn critical thinking in itself, because you learn that a lot of what you’ve already been taught is incorrect; why the pill is ’hard to swallow’ is because of this reason. You have to apply critical thinking. The lack of this is the reason why you see some downright retarded posts - people don’t question what they’ve already been taught. In my opinion, not learning critical thinking because of TRP, is exactly the same as not learning TRP because of PUA. It might work and you’ll probably have some success, but why stop there?

There are of course some ways to learn critical thinking, and some are faster than others. Psychedelics is one way, reading is another.