Building PowerIf you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. (self.TheRedPill)

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I'm starting to think that these days this subreddit needs more Building Power flaired posts as I'm seeing they're lacking in presence. We see less and less, It would be detailed a field report, but not having so much time to post these days and due to some experiences I have been having this summer as I dive deeper into TRP, I care to explain some points and observetions below into a power building post:

First of all, as said before, many users and EC's have posted about this many times and it's imperative we maintain focus on Frame.

Building frame is a great process, you can't change how others treat you but you can change how you react to them, or at some cases not react at all. Through building your frame from scratch, you become a whole new person and start feeling powerful and able to do things you couldn't before, because you start respecting yourself, creating a whole new value system for you, and demonstrate this power more and more as you flow through the world and progress gaining experiences, meeting new people, working a business etc.

Though this happens, you have to watch for the traps that might lie ahead. When you're building a stronger frame day by day, week by week and so on there might be some time in your life during which for some reason, you might feel weaker, how can I explain this to make it simpler to you.. Well, it depends on context. For this to be clear, I'll use a contextual example of mine.

A few weeks ago I lost a first-degree relative, at first I faced it harshly, and tried to grasp on what I learned here on TRP to keep me going, I had built a life and thanks to this I felt unshook at the time, I had to be strong to support the rest of the family that didn't handle it so well. After some time passed though, I noticed they became more stable while I felt like I was weakening slowly, and this didn't take much time to show. Even though I had built a seemingly strong frame, eventually I started messing up things as intruding thoughts of grief entered my mind, things started falling apart. At days I couldn't eat right, or sleep, go to the gym etc. By the time I had accepted my feelings for what they are and got the grip on how to manage these feelings and got past that, I had already messed up on business, plates, friendships, fitness and and holding frame at times it was necessary altogether. EC's would mock me on askTRP, tell me I have oneitis and various things to which I acted like I was butthurt and a pussy, why is this?

Trust me, Mods and EC's might tell you that you have oneitis, not holding frame, that you are needy and you think you are not doing all these things, but they tell you this not mainly because they care about you having your little oneitis with that girl you were plating like she's one of your booty calls in the beginning, you might not even have oneitis. But because they see and know that you're going towards this way, you're moving towards your ultimate self-destruction and amuse yourself while in it, bothering the sub by bombing it with needless questions and wondering why. THIS is why, you for some reason depending on context fucked up. They are trying to prevent a situation every time they tell you to revisit the sidebar to solve your fucked up oneitis and neediness. Because you thought you had the world in your hands, that this much power you made isn't going to bend sometime and THIS THOUGHT is what headed you down this path. You became vainglorious, lazy and said " It's okay I've made frame I'm strong as fuck, nothing can shake me"

Well big news, You're wrong. Remember that Building frame is a constant process that if stops or you are taking a break, you're moving backwards, wrong direction. It's like your job, you want to get money so you build a business and it goes well at first, are you going to QUIT that job and let go or take a long break? No, because you will start losing income, losing sources etc etc. The same applies to frame, you shouldn't stop building it and fortifying it. One moment you have everything, but next moment you might fuck up and lose it all in a minute. And believe me it's very easy to come down to this. Like it happened to me, I have to restart, rebuild, and get new plates, get my focus on the gym, on my studies, on my work.

Everything here sits and stays well in your mind, if it's put together, like synergy. You have to read the sidebar, build frame, in order to be stronger, gain outcome independency, then follows abundance mentality, at the same time hit the gym, while you eat right, leading you to increase your SMV and so on..

As long as you live you learn new things, or change perceptions about things you knew and TRP is a great tool, the blueprint for what you wanted all this long but unless you start getting your mind's puzzle together and do what the theory says, you won't get anywhere in life. At least in this universe, where you are a man in our century living through the current solipsistic and unstable fucked up blue pill conditioned society.

Go on and read the sidebar, it's made in way that it has to be revisited from time to time and not something you read once and think you got it all in your head, trust me, you'll do fine as long as you do what needs to be done, to change, to cherish. It might take years, but if you truly want it, it will be done. Many of us despite what we think are far from success compared to other, older, more focused Red Pillers who didn't get lazy and give up.

This is all for now. I'm going to revisit the sidebar and continue my work.

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You're easier to take down when you're standing at the crest of the hill. Keep climbing and realize there is no crest. It's all in your head.

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Agree with you halfway, go to the part of where you think you're at the crest of the hill, if not white Knights, beta males, feminists or blue pilled solipsists, no one will take it away from you, but indeed there is NO crest, what if they try to take your progress in granted and away from you?

Don't give a fuck.

You and I have to fight and conquer as long as we live. There is a time you will reach total success and happiness not guaranteed though, as I said in my post, but you will have tried and learnt things so you will be able to rebuild, able to demonstrate frame, able to move forward and live. Wish you all the best.

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They can only take your progress away from you if you did it for them. Let's say you climb Mt. Everest. They can only take that accomplishment away from you if you're doing it for their validation.

Do shit for yourself.

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Can’t take shit if shit don’t exist. Hehehe

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Great point of view and explanation, but I'm saying another thing here. You are going to meet a lot of competition from specific groups of people throughout, most are fat betas and feminists. Oh and the white knights. They will try to bring you down any way possible since you are at 80% let's say success and they're still at 10% (the betas) people get jealous and as for feminists they stand up for their blue pilled shit and might try to make you seem as the bad guy on situations, if you ever happen to come in close contact with some of them on a group or something.

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I once figured the system behind everything in the sidebar, just like you posted it. Ironically I forgot over time, just like you posted it. This is quality work.

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what is this "frame" you guys always talk about?

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Its a term that seems mysterious because understanding it will involve putting your personal twist on the concept. The idea itself is firm, but the definition is malleable as to one's temperament and personal experience.

I think of frame as the intersection of personality, beliefs & attitude with perceived reality. Keyword perceived - the purpose of frame is to interpret reality in a way that is beneficial to you & congruent with yourself. Basically where your mindset meets the world.

Abstract examples: an egg breaks and lands in a pan. The egg's frame "im broken, it's fucking hot" Your frame "breakfast" - reality: theres an egg in a pan.

Frame tests are easier to see on a macro level. If you are ardently against smoking, survived cancer, and believe smoking is bad - but Jason Stathome walks in and ignores everyone, wants to you and give you a job - but you gotta join him for a cigarette and he's not taking no for an answer... if you smoke, you're entering his frame.

On a micro level: frame testing happens all the time - guy walks infront of you in line at a store - you say nothing. You give off the impression that you can be walked on.

Essentially comes down to how you carry yourself and how convincingly you hold yourself to your own standards, regardless of scenario.

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This is gold. You're right, two guys have an argument, one's frame is " I'm pissed at the dude, might as well beat him up" the others frame is "great, what a butthurt fuck, I'll chill out and watch him humiliate him self" reality : two idiots arguing. Haha

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In high school I was a bit nerdy and not exactly strong. I certainly didn’t know what frame was, but this huge football player bumped into me rather hard accidentally on purpose at a party. I understood that if I didn’t stop it, it would continue. I told him to apologize. He says he won’t because he is bigger than me (by a factor of 3) and could kick my ass. I said that he was probably right that he could kick my ass but that I still demanded an apology. I was rather brazen but the point is that I kept my cool and didn’t change my expectations. I saw that he got confused (began to break frame). The risk here was if he lost frame and attacked me he would clearly have won. So expanded my frame drawing those around me in saying “I’m sure you bumped into me by accident so you should apologize “. His reply again was that he was larger than me but now those around could see that he should apologize. He lost his frame and came into mine even though he was physically huge. He was scared/unsure. The best part was he didn’t understand how he was beaten but he knew he was.

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He bumped into you accidentally on purpose?

So your saying frame is about your confidence?

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Combination of confidence, not losing your cool and being in charge of the situation at hand. But the smoking example is also frame. Like when a hottie says can you shut that window for me, I’m cold and I go over like a beta and shut it. I have not maintained frame then but entered hers.

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I see.

If a babe asks me to shut the window, I say one of two things a) Im not cold shut it yourself or b) its to hot in here if your cold just snuggle up to me

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Hi, I don't know if you are interested, but I think I got a grasp of what frame is. I'm not a native speaker, mind you, but I am able to provide a few examples for show:

  1. Frame of a picture - whatever happens on a picture is withing a frame. You can work only with whatever is on the picture, you can't turn it around etc.
  2. Frame of discussion - accepted terminologies and ideas in which we work and talk with. Tuberculosis may be a valid diagnosis an a specific context - treating a patient. Not when you are fixing a flat tire.
  3. To frame someone - to set someone up, make someone seem guilty of a crime

Since all of the above are frames of sort, you can deduce a common part - the context of something. Person is contextualised in a world, a society, a group. If you are a metalhead among non-metal people you will likely be nicknamed Lucifer or something. If you are a metalhead among other metalheads - you are just Bob.

To have frame is to posses internal context for yourself or reality or even situation and push that context outwards. To hold it is to have it prevail in a social enviroment.

That's how I would try to explain it.

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Ok. I don’t get it. What do the quote from Nietzsche have anything to do with frame ? Please, do quote the name of people who say such phrase as a sign of respect.

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It's metaphorical, as for if you start leaving things these things will leave you too in time.