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As a guy who enjoys weeding out good LTR’s and pounding away until expiration date, I’ve become pretty solid at keeping a woman enthralled over a long period of time. Just as the path to pick up mastery is a never-ending honing of a craft, so too is keeping an LTR’s eyes for you. I find the latter more rewarding, the improvement is much more measurable IMO. Also, I’m kind of a bitch who likes to pretend we still live in olden times.

A recent night out with my current LTR led me to reflect on a mindset I’ve internalized over the years and has become core to my LTR game: The mindset of boundary pushing. If an LTR is healthy, both parties have boundaries. If it’s monogamous (preferable), one of these is obviously cheating. If she’s a more reserved lass, one of her boundaries may be an aversion to sexual exhibitionism. Depending on her susceptibility to jealousy, all lassies have a certain level of flirtatiousness that they are comfortable with. Etc…


One of my great successes in LTR’s is respecting women but not their boundaries. (Find this statement at top of bluepill sub tomorrow morning)

It’s LTR game in a nutshell. It encapsulates almost all TRP writing about LTR’s. From not becoming a beta bitch, to keeping her hamster running, to keeping your game fresh. All are based on this single concept. Which is pretty synonymous with “don’t be a bitch” but we’re getting a bit too simplistic now. Rewind.. No woman is interested in a man who never tries to cross the line. A man who does it with a boyish grin and says “uh-oh” will drive any woman mad. She wants you to walk the fine line. The closer you can walk it without the referee noticing, the wetter her pussy will remain. It’s a simplistic way of viewing LTR game that can yield amazing LTR’s on autopilot.

That being said, before the spergs do their thing, there is quite a difference between stepping over a boundary and stepping straight out of a relationship. Boundaries are rules, and rules can be bent not broken. That is where your inner artist must shine. If you understand your woman, and have mapped out her boundaries, you will know when, where, and just how hard to push. You'll start to do it without thinking. It will become a natural part of your personality just like she is a natural a slave to hypergamy. You’ll become a little mischievous in a sense, and she’ll love it. Do it without hesitation and do not be scared. You will dumbfound yourself time again as you realize how far a woman’s actual boundaries are from where she wants you to believe they are. Keep your SMV up.

Mini FR

For the example that inspired this post, my girl and I recently met up with a few of her friends at a bar. Over time I’ve come to realize how extremely lax she is about an acceptable level of flirting from me. She enjoys watching me work up other girls in a flirtatious manner just as I enjoy watching other men’s attempts to hit on her. She hot. Anyways, this night, one of her friends was a pretty lit and falling all over me (literally and metaphorically). Was initially unnerved (it really was inappropriate from the get go) but hoes be hoes, so I quickly put the civilized gentleman aside and decided to see just how far I could take it. Long story short, I started getting a bit sexual with her. I eventually said that I could tell she wanted me to bend her over the table in front of the entire bar. She could barely contain herself at this point (Dirtiest shit you can think of communicated calmly and directly in public – Try it, puss). Keep in mind, all of this right in front of her “friend” (Pro-tip: Girls aren’t ever truly friends). It progressed further until I was gripping her hair behind her head. My notice my girl starting to get uncomfortable. Moments later, with my fist still full of her hair, she aggressively shoves as much as my package into her little hand as she could. A bit caught off guard, I can now sense my girlfriend a bit shocked at the sudden breach of girl code (doesn’t exist) and reaching her breaking point (it was quite shocking). I recalibrate and make it clear she went too far by deescalating and creating some distance. My girl is pretty damn upset with her for the rest of the night, but I am smooth sailing. She makes damn sure that my dick is reserved for her hands only once we get home.


Lads, you can get away with so so so much more than you think. Her boundaries are warnings not laws. When you feel that bit of that girlfriend dread creeping up in a situation, that is your opportunity to have some fun.

She wont stop testing your boundaries until the very day you die. Return the favor.

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Good post my gfs friends used to hit on me and flirt and dance and compliment me in front of her. It always made her kind of upset but she hid it but later when we were alone I could tell it made her crave me more.

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Always game the shit out of her friends. Even more than her. They think like a herd. Her friends perspective of you has just as much power as her own. She knows when they all secretly want to fuck you, and she knows when they secretly think you're a pussy. For some reason I've found that being overtly sexual with an LTRs friends is kind of acceptable for some reason as opposed to some rando

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Return the favor and she'll thank you for it (in her own way). Ftfy

Good points, btw

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This is solid content. Thank you for posting this and confirming.

Went out shopping for clothes in town with my LTR and one of her hot girlfriends, teased her hot friend a bit, slighty touching her hips and waist, LTR noticed and grabs my package in the middle of a store telling me I'm in big trouble that night, you know damn well what happened that night.

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teased her hot friend a bit, slighty touching her hips and waist, LTR noticed and grabs my package in the middle of a store telling me I'm in big trouble that night, you know damn well what happened that night.

I feel like this honestly this is the exception, not the rule. I expect women to get hella defensive and lose their shit

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Getting physical with her friend like that. That's how you create drama and I don't do drama.


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Women live for drama. Either you provide it and control the interaction or they provide it and you react. One way equals wet pussy, one doesn't.

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This. One of the first laws I learned is that if you don't give women problems, they'll invent their own that are far, far more difficult to manage.

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Yes, they live for drama but the drama doesn't have to happen on your behalf. That's just stupid unless you are a guy who likes drama too. Then go ahead.

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There's a difference when you're doing it to be spiteful, and when you're doing it to be mischievous. Mischievous will be considered part of your nature. That's the drama that provides the tingles.

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Nice, solid post. Definitely saving this for a later read and to refer to.

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Can confirm with what OP is saying. I've had threesomes with my LTR(yes she sucked another woman's pussy juices off of me). She is extremely submissive to me, her seeing you balls deep in another woman reminds her she's not special.

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Oh shit can't wait to do that bro

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I could actually write a whole post on the topic of monogamy. Personally, if I state that I am willing to give a girl a monogamous relationship, I will be true to it. After that, I won't cheat as long as she continues to fully satisfy my sex drive (which she had to have been consistently doing already in order for me to offer her monogamy in the first place).

However, the issue is meriting my monogamy to begin with. Women assume that monogamy is as easily given for a man as it is for them to give themselves. However, the drives to opt for monogamy are drastically different. A woman's is a another step in the process of securing commitment. If she dedicates a certain amount of time and effort into pleasing a man, she will require an increasing amount of security, in this case, the elimination of a potential competitor taking a share of what he provides for her. It goes much much much deeper for a man. A woman giving her monogamy to a man is a matter of life or death. Genetic extinction. Potentially spending his entire life providing resources to raise another mans genetic legacy. Every cell in his body is screaming bloody murder, whereas the woman is basically making an economic decision. This is why yes, there should always be an extended period of time where a woman is strictly monogamous to a man while he is not. She is the one that must prove she is worth the great genetic risk she asks of him. And she knows on a primitive level that this must be the case. If she doesn't, the man isn't high enough value or she's a feminist.

Personally, threesomes portray this difference perfectly. New girls that have not committed much energy to me are very open to having fun with another girl, and most times will soak the sheets watching me fuck another woman. There is no genetic cost to her, and it actually confirms her belief in my sexual prowess. However, as the same woman further invests in me the picture begins to change, as her economic situation begins to change. On the other hand, I have no interest in fucking a woman with another man at all. Even a random woman. It isn't erotic, and is stressful on a primitive level. Historically if two men were fucking one woman, times were abnormal for a number of potential reasons and they're all bad. Also, its almost the purest form of male competition. I want to feel relaxed and free when I have sex. Not feel like my species population is under stress and that I have to fuck my genetic spunk into a woman harder than another man in order to come out on the other side. Genetic, not economic.

All that being said, my current LTR worked her ass of to get my monogamy. In fact, due to a few minor red flags very early on, I did not think it possible for this one. But her eventual relentless show of loyalty and affection over a long period of time payed its way. After about a year and a half of her being one sided monogamous, some white knight snapped her a picture of me with another woman at a bar. She confronted me, I admitted to fucking her and told her I fucked a different one the night before. Her genuine despair and futility told me that she couldn't go on much longer so I was forced to decide if she was worthy. Lucky for her, she had actually been worthy for quite sometime, I just hadn't really been forced to reevaluate her, which also helped her case. Never any ultimatums. Never threats of leaving. Just her expressing such persistent dedication to me, and her genuine despair. Even so, she must continue to uphold her side of the bargain, or she loses everything she worked for. My early judgement of women may be harsh, but it ensures that I minimize my chances of genetic catastrophe. Women should act the same with their bodies if they want to maximize their economic benefit in the SMP.

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This rings true in my experience as well. You absolutely can get one sided monogamy early on, and the further you get into the LTR, the finer a line it becomes.

The most important part of getting this is establishing it early on, a girl will be able to handle (and get wet and excited from) you having other chicks as long as you portrayed yourself from the getgo as that kind of guy. Then she will make it her mission to win your commitment.

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That was a new post in itself. Interesting train of thought there.

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So you cheated but she forgave you? I guess what ever you doing in the relationship is good enough to satisfy her if she's willing to stay with you after all that.

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A cheater is someone who breaks rules. Whether I am playing teatherball, or 4 dimentional chess; I always play by the rules. I know that if I win, I want every last shred of glory. I want to bask in it and be able to look my competitor in the face and say "you're my bitch" without a hint of uncertainty in my eye. I want my competitor to have the same opportunity. So no, I do not cheat in any setting.

I can tell you are a woman because you assume everyone knows "the rules" (your rules) without having to even say them. Same thing happened with the one I'm with now, but to be honest her (nor your) assumptions really matter to me until they are communicated.

What I would give to play a game of teatherball right now. And yes, I fuck her very good, play fairly, and dont put up with any bullshit. So yes, shes "willing to stay." Haha you're such a woman. I'd probably like you.

EDIT: Another reason I can tell you're a woman, is because you'll start a sentence with So. "This is just a continuation of your thought process not something I actually came up with on my own, so I'll start the sentence with it so you understand this." There is no fucking "so" unless you've just made a statement. Its like making the first word of a book "however, ........" Fucking retarded.

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I'm not a woman and I wasn't attacking or insulting you. My comment was meant to be more of a compliment than an insult basically what I meant was that you must have been on top of your game In your relationship. I heard stories of guys being able to get away with tons of things in there ltr's so long as they hold frame. Great post keep up the good work.

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You good man, felt like giving you some shit. I really do hate when people start sentences with so. Maybe more than I realized? Through you, I find myself, my friend.

You triggered me though, kudos. The whole "cheating" thing frustrates me as a whole. I've had plenty of girls accuse me of being a cheater. It's like bitch, your pussy hasnt earned you shit. And then you have the gall to attack my character? It's a power play most of the time. Furthermore, if you fall for it, they'll hold it over your head for the rest of your life. Never let them dictate and judge your morality. You alone have the authority to determine or alter what you consider good and evil. Your moral code is the closest thing to your soul. Dont let her fuck with your soul. Or anyone for that matter. It's always about control. People, society, religion, will always be trying to control you by getting you to adhere to a moral code that best serves their agenda. Theyll try to train you like a dog with buzzwords that say either "good boy" or "bad boy." Cheater. But people are shit, society is a cesspool, and god is dead. Nowadays, the western man must discover his own morality or become a slave. The time of the ubermenschen is here. Break your chains. A new world is on the horizon. Hail victory.

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You shouldn't have to mandate her not being allowed to fuck other guys. If you're her hypergamous ideal (Chad) it goes without saying because she's too focused on being the top option for you. Fucking other girls should always be happening on your end, LTR or not.

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Right. You wont have any doubt in your mind that she is only fucking you, and is doing so on her own accord. And thats only the starting line if her long term goal is your monogamy in return. Even then, your undivided commitment is never her right. It's a gift that you may choose to give if you please, and take away if you please. Your body your choice? Yep, it goes both ways slut. My choice is worth much more than your cheap body though.

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    She said “you would stop talking to me if I pulled the same shit” and I just replied “I know.”

    If this doesn't happen regularly, you aren't doing it right. It's a byproduct of their solipsism. In fact, if this pointless conversation isn't a common occurrence, it means she doesn't have any mental contradiction, which means that you are acting like or may actually in fact be a woman.

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    Was about to make a post like this. Talked to a friend and she was just saying how she loves when a guy puts manners aside when he's mad, and makes her scared, shouts, pushes her a little, and is physically dominant.
    Don't be a gentleman all the time. Sure, composure and control is key (frame), but letting it go and giving her full raw energy from you is also fucking advisable.

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    I see what you're getting at but I disagree with how you're saying it. Don't be a gentleman all the time, don't be scared to say what is on your mind and keep yourself as your mental point of origin. However, pushing, shouting, physical aggression in general is almost never needed. Women don't need reminding that you can dominate them physically. In my experience any overt sign of physical intimidation shuts them down almost entirely. They don't operate on a level of communication that makes physical violence a real possibility like men do. They can't compete in that arena. You can accomplish all of what you're getting at by a simple look in most cases. Having said that, sexual raw energy in the right situation is incredibly useful.

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    Yeah, but punching a hole in the wall feels good sometimes.

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    Don't know why you're getting downvotes, you're 100% correct. Never be afraid to show your visceral side in a no fucks given way if it's warranted. Even if it's not, who gives a shit. What are you worried about? Have a few drinks and volcano on her ass in hopes that she leaves. I've done it plenty of times and actually feel kind of disgusted when the chick doesn't.

    This whole "keep frame and don't get angry or she'll know that you care" shit is annoying. You actually give a fuck if you are thinking about how not to give a fuck. You angry at her? Fucking get in her face if you feel like it. This is a common weird mental gymnastics that happens in this sub.

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    Lol they be like "Even if she shat on your head while you're sleep, don't lose frame beta boi.". If a women did something that deserves an angry reaction, get mad. Don't get overtly mad and start breaking stuff. Bottling it up only going make it worse though

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      Provide a counterargument, a single word that has at least a tidbit of meaning, or shut the fuck up. You should follow this rule every time you open your mouth in real life as well. People will take you more seriously

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      Wow you know what? I thought gfs friends were off limits for flirting.... But i was wrong hahahahha i guess you gotta flirt with every girl

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      Have her friends in the position where each one would probably throw friendship into the wind and fuck you instantly after a break up. Or if you don't give too many shits about losing her, just fuck them all to begin with. Like I said, you'd be surprised what you can get away with. One day you'll laugh with the ever loyal mother of your children about how you fucked every single last one of her little whore friends. Oh the good ole' days honey dear haha!

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      I’m on one gram of test and not nearly as alpha as you lmfao

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      how confident do you feel these days on a gram ?

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      This is all true and an important (invaluable) component of LTR game. When I think back, boundary pushing has almost always gone hand in hand with good, enjoyable LTRs.

      If you don't push boundaries, that's how relationships get stale and she gets bored. She needs a fix of excitement and drama and so amping things up from you is the way to do it.

      Plus you gents will be shocked by how well and how far it will go...pretty much every woman is extremely freaky in bed and you will find they really, really get off on all sorts of things once it is introduced.

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      Congratulations - you wrote 850 words, and nothing of substance.

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      I guess we'll take from it what we will lol

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      hahaha demonstrates a strong sense of playing with power and of value. It's also a fragile line manipulating feelings

      What are your thoughts OP if she played your role with another man, how would you react to those "boundaries"?

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      It’s not about her boundaries being warnings... it’s all about the control you have gained over her.

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      Both. Her boundaries are warnings that once you cross them you will find out just how much control you have gained over her. She doesn't want you to know how much, hence the boundaries.

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      Very interesting! I am still trying to process all this.

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      Just for the record...

      90% or boundaries don’t exist. Many times they don’t even bring them up and what’s not told it’s not refundable. But if you wanna gain more control over her and quick you can try bring to her yours first and let her know you won’t allow her to cross them or not follow them. That’s easier and better because you’ll start with higher position of power and she will know she’s unarmed with you

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      This comment is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever read.

      It’s a joke right?

      [–]santaprisca 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      dude this shit actually works. I can guarantee you've never tried it or have never been in that kind of situation

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      Make her feel that dread my boy, my lad, my senior citizen! It is the most powerful tool and weapon you must use to restrain the hounds of hypergamy! The sluts of sycophancy!