Red Pill TheoryCalibration: The Most Important Tool In Your Arsenal (self.TheRedPill)

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What's up gents.

I've returned from my interstellar redpill-hiatus to share with you the absolute most important tool in your not-so-metaphorical arsenal: calibration. I've seen this subject touched upon, but it seems that lately this sub has been taking a ride down social politics street (which I neither condemn nor condone, it has it's place in TRP), but the reason I came to TRP in the first place was to learn to spit fire game at sweet honeys, so this is for all those who are in the same boat. Open up your knowledge basket.

Calibration, most simply, is your ability to recognize a situation, and adapt to it accordingly. Calibration is what separates the men from the boys, the wolves from the sheep, the Irish from the Scottish. I'll give you two personal examples, one of proper calibration and one of improper calibration, that I think will teach you more than bullet points will.

I was at a club with a few friends, and I spotted this girl sitting at the bar, looking at her phone. I approached her, and right off the bat she was very receptive. This was in my earlier days of game, so I thought that I'd already won before tip-off (heh). It was going well enough, she was laughing at what I was saying, giving me intense eye contact, and once I started moving in closer, she started becoming more closed off, crossing her legs, crossing her arms, etc. I sensed I was losing her, but didn't know why, so I slowly upped the kino, thinking this would bring her back. She was still laughing at my jokes, giving me eye contact, so I thought the physicality would bring me closer to sealing the deal. lol i wuz wrong. Eventually she gave me her phone number, said "Ok, you have my number, see you later," and gave me those little condescending taps on the shoulder. You know what I mean. "You *tap* will never *tap* ever *tap* fuck me." Oh, how I loathe those taps. I would rather be punched in the face than get those taps. But I digress.

Another time, very recently, I was at some bar with da boyz, and my wingman and I opened this set of girls, and isolated pretty quickly. I was doing great with my girl, so I ramped up my physical game a bit more. Same thing. Crossed arms, hunched shoulders, signs of discomfort. What did I do? I literally took a step back and leaned up against the wall. "Not now," I thought. "She might need more time for comfort, maybe she doesn't like PDAs, etc." Worked like Lucky Charms. Within 30 seconds she was all over me. Did I do anything smooth to make this happen? Did I give her some impressive amount of social proof, or display signs of abundance? No. I recognized that she was interested in me, but that she was uncomfortable with my physical escalation. So fucking what, there's time for that later, I haven't "lost" yet. I didn't change my demeanor, or get all butthurt. I simply gave her the space that I knew she wanted. She recognized that I recognized what she was feeling, and she fucking appreciated it. "Wow," she marveled. "This guy gets it. Now that I know he's got social intelligence and he's not some creep, I feel more comfortable with him and there's this big wet spot in my jeans."

RP 101: Girls operate based on their feelings. If you recognize those feelings, and adjust your actions to sway bad feelings, or, just as importantly, capitalize on good feelings, you'll ascend lightyears ahead of where you are now. Failed interactions will turn into positive ones. Phone number closes will turn into F closes. "Oh, idk, my friends are here and I don't want to leave them..." will turn into "My friends will understand since this guy is so rad."

And, as with all things RP, calibration will take you further than just hooking up with babes. The masculine man approaches a situation, quickly and logically figures out the problem, and how to solve it. Oh no, obstacle arrives! Calibrate. Oh no, another obstacle! Calibrate. Calibrate. Calibrate.

I hope this post was either entertaining or educational, in a perfect world maybe both.

BTW, the left says we have to call vaginas "front holes" now. Tell your friends.

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Great post. Pretty much sums up the benefit of real-life experience and how that relates to having solid game. Better calibration is usually the result of more time spent in the trenches.

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I got those taps 3 months ago lol. I was testing a bunch of red pill principles on a girl. But, I did it excessively and came off as an ass. I saw she was uncomfortable. I didn't adapt. I tried kino: touching her hands, face, hair, at first she was ok with it, but because of what I said before, she started pushing away. I tried push and pull, at first she was really into it. But, then, I didn't know where to go afterwards and she got bored. Last day of school, she pats me on the shoulder and says, "I guess I'll see you next year". Ya live and learn. If you don't learn from your mistakes, then why are you on trp.

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With her saying that to you, almost sounds like a form of a shit test like she was trying to get you to make a move towards her.

[–]DropDeadTyrant 15 points16 points  (1 child)

can't worry about that now. if she comes back, she comes back. I got my squat up to 235. I'm trying to get to 250 by next week.

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'The wolves from the sheep, the Irish from the Scottish...'

You lost me there, the Scottish are the descendents of the Irish who went to Scotland and killed everybody there, and who then a bunch of hundred years later went to Northern Ireland to kill all the English there. Who's the sheep?

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"The Lebron James's from the James Harden's." You nitpicky prick ;)

[–]Shaney96 2 points3 points  (4 children)

I guess you failed his shit-test.

[–]craig42 17 points18 points  (2 children)

Possibly... Or maybe he calibrated. Because what just went down? He said something, I got all raggedy, he gave me space, and then what happened? I upvoted his LeBron comment and my front hole started to glisten

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And now you responded to my comment in a rational manner, and now my front hole glistens.

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We are all glistening on this blessed day.

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As someone put it yesterday: "it's about being comfortable around uncomfortable women" and I find this very relevant. Good post.

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Ozil is the most important tool for Arsenal. Potential linkages with Aubemayang could be the key to a successful season.

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Discipline is the most important tool in a man's arsenal.

But yea calibration is important. You need to constantly read and adapt to different situations while staying grounded in your reality and rooted in your own frame.

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I agree that discipline is the most important thing a man can learn throughout life,, but in game, calibration is the most important.

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"You front hole" is now my new dig when a buddy is being a vagina. Thank you for your contribution.

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I'm reading this book called 'What Every BODY is saying.' by Joe Navarro, a retired FBI interrogator. The book details many non-verbal cues that are helpful to autists such as myself to understand the situation, some of which you mentioned as well. I would definitely recommend people over here using it to help calibrate their approaches.

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Are you guys all autistic? That’s basic common sense. This entire post could be condensed down to “read your audience.”

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yeah were all basically on the spectrum why do you think we are researching things that interest us