Red Pill TheoryA discussion of Frame and focus (self.TheRedPill)

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It’s clear that Frame is the most important RP concept. It’s what ties together all other tendrils of knowledge that form the RP catalog. It’s what allows you to withstand the shit tests of women and life in general. As such, it is important for any man (or woman) wishing to become self activated to develop a strong Frame.

To develop strong frame, we first must call it into being by defining it. Frame is your certainty of your position. It is the structure that keeps your consciousness anchored to the reality. It is pure focus formed into a crystalline structure that dictates behavior. I understood it best through the analogy of the shit test. Imagine you are in line at the coffee shop behind a beautiful woman. She does not want to talk to you yet, so when you approach she tries to blow you down. Only a solid frame will maintain you, rooted to the ground beside her, after the tempest of her emotions is finished. You could also imagine cold calling a business to sell a product. They will do whatever they can to get off the phone but you must stand your ground and get that close. If that is something that you want, it’s obvious that to achieve you must build strong frame.

Ways to build strong vary frame from person to person, of course. It will only come to those who seek becoming their fullest self, and the only way to do that is to invest in the world around you. Some avenues are more well traveled than others, such as lifting, meditation, hobbies. Others should be more common, such as reading, spending time in in nature, and creating art. All have a frame of their own, with regular tacit principles that may be obtained and absorbed through focus on the act. That kettlebell will always weigh 25 lbs. Wim Hof breathing will always make you lightheaded. The G chord will always sound like a G. Learning how you handle 25 lbs or play the chord requires focus on the activity. Keeping these things in your life helps you create your own set of tacit principles, so you can create your own ontological frame.

True, ontological frame is shown by body language. Command of speech. You will notice when you don’t have it. You will feel how difficult it is to complete the set or to hit that barre chord. However, by focusing on the activity, you will forget that you are doing it. Only then, when focus is engaged and incompetence is forgotten, will you be able to construct your frame. That is when new neural pathways are being formed then strengthened. While you are focused, your frame is building itself. As such, frame and focus are ultimately tied together.

Why would they be so closely tied? The answer has to do with selection. When selectors, such as women, make the decisions of with whom they want to involve themselves, they chose so to stay healthy. Those who stay healthy are those who can achieve solid focus as it allows them to survive and provide in the most possible situations. Thus, evolution has provided the selectors with the ability to spot focus in the form of Frame.

Learn to build thy frame. Do not expect it tomorrow or the next day, but know that what you focus on will be your frame. Choose wisely my friends.

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Ways to build strong vary frame from person to person, of course. It will only come to those who seek becoming their fullest self, and the only way to do that is to invest in the world around you.

What I believe, most people fail to understand is, that "frame" comes from being happy with yourself. Happiness cannot be defined in general. I don't have to lift and become muscular to have frame. I can be a fat fuck, weighing 400 pounds and play videogames all day long, as long as I'm happy living that life.

If someone calls me a fat fuck who only plays videogames all day long I would say "Yes, and I'm loving it". Nothing could shake my "frame", because I would be true to myself. Instead many people confuse frame with being successful, only because happiness for them means being successful (I belong to that category, too, but it's only my personal opinion). Don't think all people are alike.

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This...strive to be the best version of you, you can be, but that takes work, at the same time embrace the you, that you are. Just be better then you were yesterday. Too many people on here make it sound like you can’t have frame or anything until you’ve lifted for 6+ months, or are spinning 5 different plates a month...etc.

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My frame came from being a corporate manager. You get a lot of personalities you have to manage, and you have to get used to handling conflict well quickly if you have a shitty employee or, worse, employees. As a manager you'll always have some people who hate you for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with you or anything you've done, so you have to steel over somewhat and just carry on with this knowledge. Ultimately you have to learn not to give a shit what people think about you or say behind your back, and just put faith in your belief that your decisions are the correct ones for you and your company. It's a case of you must gain confidence or be a nervous wreck every day.

Having to take someone who is actively shitty into a room and discipline them or even fire them takes more frame than most realise. Also handling genuinely unpleasant people who act like naughty children is testing, especially if they're not the "bitch behind the boss back" type but the "challenge the boss at every opportunity and undermine him to show off" type. It's hard at first, but then it gets easier and easier. As with anything, practice. I used to be terrified of disciplining employees. Now I relish firing cunts who have never matured past the age of 14 and can't sort their act out to behave professionally in a place of work.

Just my input on how I developed frame.

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Leadership and Authority isn't about insuring the status~quo is upheld at every opportunity. A real driver of leaders being challenged is if you create the "frame" you are some fearless leader and attempt to control them at ever possible move, people and groups will plan to over throw you.

Another indicator of weak leadership are those who wish to become comfortable with how things are and act in every way possible to preserve it. Such as hording information and leading from the rear.

A true leader must be able to author a new battle for their followers, create a quasi-religious vision they can all get behind and fucking lead from the front. Yes, there is times aggressive manoeuvres are required to crush you enemies totally, but relying on such actions as your only weapon is merely compensation of weak leadership and poor vision of the battlefield/environment.

Management or leadership positions doesn't automatically mean you have frame, or a good one for that matter. The reason why people challenge leadership and authority (the majority of the time) is due to shit leadership. To assume having this position means you will never be challenged is naive.

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I agree with all of this, but I'd like to say that I was only talking about how dealing with genuinely toxic people who need to be removed and how that has helped build frame. The things you mentioned are also all true on top of that and have also helped me build frame in doing them.

Shit tests come from shit people. Not all tests are bad, though. Good employees will also test you, and you will never have the monopoly on good ideas.

Ultimately your job as a manager is to build people up and help them become the best they can be. The flip side is also recognising the toxic people who poison an environment. You need to try and bring them back, but then you also have to be prepared to deal with them when they refuse to act properly and professionally after you've tried to work with them.

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Ultimately your job as a manager is to build people up and help them become the best they can be.

I don't buy that. I think it's a line people spin on others to make them assume that what ever they are doing is in the best interests of them, not self interest. Problem is everyone is focused on themselves.

People ultimately become the best they can be by been given a rope. Either using it to climb up, or hang themselves.

The flip side is also recognising the toxic people who poison an environment. You need to try and bring them back, but then you also have to be prepared to deal with them when they refuse to act properly and professionally after you've tried to work with them.

Totally agree.

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I like your rope analogy I'll be stealing that for later use.

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A DNGAF attitude is where true frame originates. This is the result of an abundance mentality. It’s a very simple concept, but it takes lots of practice. The rest is mental mastrubation

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I love the write up.. You have verbalized the concepts Very well. Many good quotes here to remember & reinforce

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I’ve tried to read a lot about frame to really understand it and this is the conclusion I came to as well. A great deal of power lies in truly not giving a fuck.

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TRP is awesome. We are creating language and expanding the boundaries of meaning.

Look at frame.

Once you've started learning about it and attending to it, you realize how central it is to everything. It is a revolutionary concept that the world hasn't caught onto yet. Actually I don't think even TRP understands exactly what it is yet or how important it is. And yet this is a concept being discovered and refined purely on the fringe of down here among the sinners.

We are the university now.

Frame. I think for our definition of frame to reach the next level, we need to look at things from a new perspective.

There is a physical reality and a mental reality. A man is running down the street. That is the physical reality. He is running because he is late for an interview, or his baby is being born, or any one of a million other things which are meaningful to him, even potentially life-changing. But they are more intangible if you just saw a guy running down the street. These less-tangible things are part of his mental reality.

Just because a thing is intangible does not make it less meaningful to us or important for our lives. Love, hope, dreams, status, heartbreak, etc. These are some of the very important parts of daily life which exist more in the mental reality of the world.

Strength is a person's ability to control physical reality. If you are strong you can push someone out of the way, defend yourself from an attacker, move a log, etc. You get mastery of physical reality when you are strong. That is why it is so important, and so highly selected for by women.

Frame is a person's ability to control mental reality. If you have strong frame you can get other people to react to you and do things for you. You can exert control over reality in a similar way that strong people can. The billionaire CEO walks into a room and has a similar effect as a jacked bodybuilder. He can control his reality and control other people's reality.

This makes frame extremely important. And that is why the manosphere picked up on it- chicks select for frame just as much as strength (probably much more, actually).

The most important thing to remember is that you dont need to be the strongest guy to attract a chick. But you must be stronger than her. You don't need to have the strongest frame, but you must have a stronger frame than her.

When a woman is choosing a man, she pushes and tests his frame. If the man demonstrates unshakeable frame, she will eventually submit (this is the natural dynamic) to the man's frame. She enters his reality.

Anyways this is interesting stuff but it isn't refined yet. It is a new concept that needs to be fleshed out. But there is no doubt that frame is incredibly important.

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I completely agree with the notion that women can detect focused men with a strong frame. When I'm walking around with a purpose in mind I get a lot more second glances than I would if I was just passively walking aimlessly