Red Pill TheorySome Observations And Lessons Reaffirmed While Starting A Small Business (self.TheRedPill)

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Let me first say that I haven't just started a giant business I expect to bring me millions. I also haven't spent recent times walking around, Frank Underwooding my way into power in my local community. I'm just a guy who got sick of working for other people and decided to exact change.

I made some observations about my local area and my station in life. First, I was technically dead broke as I dump all of my extra income I to savings and investments that (ideally) will not be touched until it's a good time to sell or I am faced with a grave emergency. I don't have a car as I totaled mine a while back (which forced me to take a shit retail job), so I've been getting around on my bike. Before this I was on a lowly medical career path that I’d grown out of love with.

I pedal past a Sun City on my way to a retail job. Across from the retail gig is another nice development. So I was thinking about doing cash-paying odd jobs like landscaping, grocery delivery (on a bike - lmao), etc. Stuff with little to no start-up costs, which I could operate under the table at first with minimal to no licensing or anything, and which could lead to other business ideas I've had for quite some time.

This brings me to my first point: being smart with your money (not spending it on women, expensive and shitty fast food, ridiculous media, etc.) affords you much greater freedom and opportunity. Living for yourself and maintaining discipline with your money is not just for pussy. However it does lead into pussy, as working for yourself instantly increases your value and earns respect. That should be viewed as irrelevant in a business pursuit. This goes without saying.

I considered it very carefully and settled on a line of work I'd rather not reveal here. There are some laws and regulations that limit my potential to earn, but essentially I have free reign to immediately do almost anything anyone asks of me if I toe a very visible line. I was also in a position at this retail job to begin poaching customers, as well as spreading my name to the public. This allowed me to practice my powertalk when I was fishing for clients and jobs. It also let me safely work on my side business while I was still at my day job. I'm actually very grateful the idea occurred to me as it has been a very smooth start and transition.

Negotiation and networking is a breeze with effective communication skills. Potential clients are not allowed to escape. Certainly it isn’t the same in every industry, but phrases like What do you need and When can I come out both present the image of an authoritative go-getter and someone who knows what they’re doing. That has been very important in my area, where I am evidently surrounded by utter losers in the same line of work. Rising above the low bar is a breeze and work comes easy. Why hasn’t that been done yet?, as though that is the easiest thing in the world to do, has stolen me every single job that someone else has been dragging their feet on. Every single one.

On increasing one's value, when I announced my plans to leave I was met with very little jealousy or negativity, only from people who are lost and already constantly outwardly toxic. For the most part people were excited and glad to see me chasing my ambition. People love to see someone succeed who's working for it as they feel he deserves to succeed, and they were all too happy to help. People have taken my business cards to give to neighbors, given me suggestions on where to look and market myself that I never would have thought of, and so on. Being a lone wolf is great and freeing, but there truly is nothing as easy and effective as networking.

While I was already in great standing, coworkers look at me with increased respect and genuine impress. Some of the older gentlemen, classic masculine patriarchal figures that I look up to, are speaking to me now less like a coworker and more like one of the ol boys. I have been further separated in their eyes from my disappointing peers. One man, who took my card and gave me a suggestion on where to market, not only told me that he’d spread my name but clued me in on a promising new business he'll be starting soon. He shared some details with someone he felt would appreciate the audacity, and I did. He was speaking as someone who has been in business for himself for a while, and more importantly, spoke to me about this new development in a hushed tone. He was showing his cards to someone he respected, and told me that there was a place for me if I was interested. I kept that door open.

What is most underlined by that shift of perceptions recently is that people in a work setting are socially obligated to be respectful, but will only put the minimum effort in where someone they don't care about is concerned. No one was shitting on me before. But I am confident I wouldn't have been made aware of Guy's plans if he thought I was just another talking head. True respect is earned. Certainly everyone has been more friendly, personal, and especially engaging when I speak. Again, there hasn’t been a giant increase, but enough to notice. And make no mistake, I don't waste a single word.

People don't want to hear your happy-go-lucky bullshit. They don't want to hear maybes and hopefullys. Brevity is the spice of life, friends, and when I'm speaking about the business I am trying to stick solely to powertalk. Tell your neighbors this. I do this and this and this. My rates are this. These are of course just simple wooden phrases conveying the pertinent information, exactly the way an employee would speak on the phone, but there is a distinct lack of uncertainty or doubt. I am doing this now. Couple my attitude with my growing arms, my body language, work ethic, reputation and the presentation of my self in general, and people are eating it up. Am I sure my business will succeed? Fuck no. But there is no one in the world who needs to know that.

Reputation has proven invaluable in this endeavor. For example, I have a close friend with a troubled brother who always seems to have something in the works. He is certainly an ambitious individual, but because of his history and his demeanor there is little or no respect for his ambitions or his plans. One young man left the job I'm at to pursue some sort of arts, but again, because of his personality and his reputation in the building, no one respected his path and in fact, expected him to fail. I have a reputation in the building for excellent work and quality knowledge. People are excited for me to pursue this business because they feel I am capable of and earning the success I deserve.

Frame is effortlessly maintained when it comes to the business, I mean in a way that few people who've never had something "in the bag" could understand. Those toxic people who offered negative feedback hit me with depressing statistics about small businesses, ridiculous hypotheticals, you name it. People are terrified of being perceived as inferior. And I can fake it 'til I make it in the bars and so forth because I know at the end of the day there are billions of fish in the sea and that I am perfectly fine, yet the suppressed and conditioned-away knee-jerk reaction of offense and self-doubt is based in real triggers and lifelong conditioning. Is there something socially unacceptable about me? Am I somehow inferior to this woman's other options? This is what makes maintaining frame in the face of rejection and shit tests difficult to begin with. You are being attacked on grounds meant to make you fall, even in the absence of an attack.

However, when someone shits on the plan? I have endless opportunities, the quality of my work is constantly earning me more, and my future has never looked so bright. I am in control of my destiny almost 100% barring a meteor strike on my bicycle, and even then I’ll just get a nice truck. I've laugh away every such test, and cruelly. That is, after all, the point of improving yourself. Frame that doesn't have to be faked is the strongest of all. You can believe this is improving my overall outlook and attitude. There is something to be said about perception based on feelings (what if this doesn’t work) and perception based on facts (this is totally working and it rocks). The strongest frame is based in facts. A reality that compliments your mindset is undeniably superior to a mindset that attempts to mitigate the shortcomings of your reality.

You can see the way this affects my clients. I’m in my mid-twenties and Vietnam veterans are listening to my every word when I explain a plan of action. It’s absurd. When I was very young I was made to believe that you will eat shit your entire life until you are the grizzled old man looking down on the lost youth, but that is of course not the case. This isn’t a new concept to me, but it is still surprising. Retired women often tell me how their husband used to do these things. I’ve heard several stories of the older clients arguing with someone about how they want something done, moments after accepting my presence and giving me complete control over the project. I know these arguments were had with men in their forties and I cannot fathom any possibility why I am treated so differently beyond their perception and how I present myself. That’s to say nothing of the way my work speaks for itself.

Most exciting is the lifestyle working for oneself creates. Answering to yourself, making your own schedule, everything down to naming your rates, makes living a productive and fulfilling life child's play. The amount of money I make in an hour often shadows eight hours of even the best wage I ever had in medicine. If I don't like a job or a client I can refuse it. I am forced to do nothing. Everything is my choice. Responsibility is there and failure is my choice as well, but these stressors are weightless in comparison to the freedom that comes with them. I am not tied down to a brick-and-mortar shop and overhead that I have to babysit. I am free to come and go as I please. If I want a day off, I need only not schedule any work on that day. I can spend all day in the gym, or nature, or anything. Everything important--diet, effective exercise, good sleep, developing social currency, leading an active and interesting lifestyle, genuinely positive, and so on--are extremely easily attained on this path.

So, to recap:

1. Actualizing goals and ambition is as easy as doing the work. Don't ever let someone tell you otherwise. If you can't form an international pharmaceutical conglomerate, there are countless other things you can do. You can lift heavier and heavier shit, lose that weight, anything. In this society the individual is solely in control of their own destiny unless they can't be trusted with that control. Whether it feels like it or not, odds are your life is in your hands and your hands alone. That can be a scary thought or a freeing one. The choice is up to you.

2. Financial responsibility is an immeasurably useful investment into oneself. I would not be able to make these moves if I was still dicking around with my money and living paycheck to paycheck. The answer to your budgeting concerns and problems is there, somewhere. You can find it. You can take advantage of it. I have worked two jobs before. The grind out of poverty is hellish indeed, but damn if it doesn't build your character out of steel. My investments are relatively mild but promising and stable. I'm in a great rental arrangement right now with a trusted bro. There is no better time to start building your wealth than right now. It will only come back to bless you.

3. Powertalk is important. Practice, practice, practice. There is no success, respect, opportunity, value, or otherwise to be earned by being a bitch. Take that from someone who has begged and pleaded and kept my head down and eaten mountains of shit. It goes far beyond presenting yourself as alpha or getting what you want. Frame is strengthened, ideas and beliefs are personified, and in a business setting it establishes authority and control. It is an invaluable tool.

4. People love to see someone they feel deserves success working to earn that success. Earning respect and success opens door to previously inaccessible opportunities and relationships. Tribalism and the reverence of the leader like with Jake, who I perceived as far more alpha than me, and Joe, who immediately submitted to a follower role. Secret levels of interpersonal relationships like with Jim and Mike. Acceptance of the ambitious as valuable without question.

5. People's frame and ego will crumble in the presence of your own if you are demonstrably of higher value and self-actualization. The same people who attempt to tear down my ambition are the same people who encouraged me to not hit the gym, eat all the chocolate in the world, and so one. These types of people want to drag you down so that the disparity between their social value and your own is as minimal and therefore as least painful as possible. Seriously, absolutely fuck people like this. Maybe the pain of seeing you rise above will help motivate them to do the same. Assuredly the comfort of remaining at the bottom of the barrel will only harm you.

6. Frame that doesn't have to be faked is the strongest of all. Iron Rule #1. The world is not tossing me around, I am interacting with it. I’m not rolling with the punches (currently), I am throwing them.

7. Entrepreneurship, self-improvement and actualization, improve one's life beyond imagination. You likely already know this.

I have no idea what to flair this as. My best guess was theory.

Hopefully this has been an interesting perspective. English is my first language and I have no excuses.

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I've been in the workforce 35 years and self employed 18, to qualify the following.

I read through almost all of this... doesn't feel like I saw much that was helpful toward starting and running a small business.

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Have you thought about writing an article about your business experiences? With that kind of experience I'm sure you have some insights the ambitious would love to read.

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I do have an article planned along these lines. Far be it from me to post a critique without also posting the content I'd prefer to see here. Meanwhile, be sure to check out Uncle Vasiliy's Corporateland series.

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It's been a while since, will do!

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I considered it very carefully and settled on a line of work I'd rather not reveal here.

Could you give a general idea that isn't too narrow? (i.e. consulting/software/etc...)

[–]B-L-G-Y[S] 8 points9 points  (1 child)

General contracting, basically. Essentially my start-up cost is being paid in real time as I'm buying whatever I don't have as I go. Much of that is charged to the client as materials. Overhead is nearly nonexistent. If you're asking because you're interested in starting something similar, pm me. I had a lot of ideas similar in cost and amount of paperwork.

edit: further information.

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Do you have any reading material for learning Powertalk? I don’t think we had any posts on this subject for a long time

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As a young guy in his 20s with a business I've found starting it is just like beginning day game.

People will shit test you. Even your family. There was no support at all from anyone. There still barely is. People are finally coming around to the idea that I've succeeded and now they tell me how "proud" they are and want me to visit. That most of my disappointment and anger with them is "all in my head" or "something I need to let go".

People also think you grew up with a silver spoon. Fora while I was hanging around low city types. I had nothing and no one and just moved to a city and making connections with just about anyone who would give me the time of day. At first they accepted me but as my life got better and I revealed a little more what I do, they met me with disdain. This same behavior was seen in friends I grew up with back home. They acted like I was bullshitting or that I had it good all the time. They never knew the sweat, tears, and endless restless nights to go from general contracting to running a self sustaining business.

Older people might as well always look at you as a Beta male. They see you and think you're a young guy so they immediately want to lump you in with their children your age. The same ones with tats, no real job, dead end careers while you're taking them out on lunch meets in a business suit. It's like their eyes are wide shut and they cannot see past age. I've given presentations on what I've done and what I can do for them and I'm still met with the condescending attitude like I'm just one of their kids, playing dressup or something, and I need their help. The truth is it's the other way around. They need me more than ever (I'm in tech).

This isn't always the case but it's more of less 70-80% of the time. You will find older people who can see what you're doing and those are the ones with real entrepreneurial experience. They get you because they've been you types.

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You do not know how to market a business. For fuck sake, If your business is in sales or marketing l hire dumb sluts or hookers to pitch meetings on commission. Just give them a script. The best clients are typically middle aged to old guys who will just perv over the women. That makes them more suggestible and easier to close. If you must offer the hooker higher commission if they're willing to give the "extra mile" for a large account. This dictate best way for client acquisition and retention with using labour.

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Good luck with your essential oils MLM sales thing.

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    What..the fuck.

    Hilarious at any rate.

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    Aw, SOME FAGGOT MOD deleted his comment. It was awesome.

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    Gentleman, if this man can become successful, anyone can

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    Nice post, love seeing posts about eship and this one tied back to TRP nicely...

    Just wanted to say keep going man, good luck.

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    Did you use any sources or books to hone your power talk skills?

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    Brilliant post. Lots of good nuggets. Thanks for sharing

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    Could someone explain PowerTalk to me? Or perhaps link me to some resources?

    From what I’ve read it sounds like a type of communication in which individuals are jockeying for status, position, and power

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    Anyone's most valuable asset is time. However, majority of people do not realize this so they take great precaution with their money. I'm sure you agree that if you want to make more money low risk and have it pay off (see: euphemism for get rich quick scheme), then you want to invest in something solid, growing and that supports itself

    This is where power talk comes in. Absolute confidence and words of certainty convince people that (in this case) OP does what he says and thus creates an environment of security and growth with no risk (because of the power talk). This creates a system where people are more confident in you because of the vibe/tone you send out and causes less hassle and problems. It may be lying due to still being uncertain, but as OP said, no one else in the world needs to know

    You wouldn't want to book a flight with an airliner that has exclusively rookie pilots that are known for being nervous and uneasy. You go for the airliner that has safety, security and hence pilots that know their job in and out

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    A means of communicating that furthers your frame and goals?

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    Anyone's most valuable asset is time.

    time is not an 'asset' ... never was, never will be

    anyway, your most valuable 'asset' is your mind and the knowledge it contains

    semantics is important ... and Bullshit is bullshit no matter how confidently you speak of it

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      Don't hotlink any sub including our own. Put the links through archive.is.

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      Not necessarily. There's a thing in the sidebar.

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      Read the gervais principle about the office tb show...the guy who wrote that analysis is obsessed woth power talk dynamics and its sidebar-worthy material.