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Now, what if I told you that the reality of women’s Hypergamous nature is also a part of that collective consciousness?

My theory is this: human beings have an innate understanding of the Alpha Seed – Beta Need nature of intersexual dynamics. On some level of consciousness we know, we feel, that it’s true, how it functions and why does. As a result, social institutions (religion and familial) created moral strictures around this unconscious knowledge to buffer against the worst effects of it on society. Only after the Sexual Revolution and men ceding virtually unilateral control of Hypergamy to women did these strictures change.

The concepts of men who represent Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks are similarly part of this instinctual understanding of Hypergamy. These too are archetypes, but more so, they form the basis of more complex male archetypes (love me Vampire, fuck me Werewolf). They are the men women want to fuck and the men women want to be provided for by. And we can trace the root of these archetypes through our evolution and even the evolution of other primates. These Hypergamous archetypes then manifest themselves in our era-specific, cultural specific, stories, narraitves, mythology, etc.

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I grew up when they were stoic and terrorizing. Generational. They could be romantic, where as werewolves were destroyers.

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Splitting hairs a bit, but it’s worth mentioning that not all cultural or religious phenomenon deal with this. Some include other kinds of social contracts, theologies, cosmologies, and messages about human nature. Inevitably, however, we must accept that there is a profound amount of literature and history that affected the development of social institutions - particularly as far as the primal behaviors of men and women are as concerned.

“Hypergamy,” in my opinion should be understood as a provisional term used to conceptualize an innate human tendency to desire the best mate possible. From it follows an organization of human behaviors, heuristics, biases, and patterns that have been documented in some form of another (even metaphorical) since the beginning of ordered society.

The moralist often laments that life is a struggle between reason and desire. Some go as far to say that placing too much faith in either is heresy, but on the other hand there are people who live good lives on both sides. Ultimately the choice is yours, so long as you remember to sustain as axiomatic something OP reminded us:

You are worthy of living a good life - let this belief in your own worthiness guide your decisions.

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Beautiful; purely beautiful. I hope TRP will see many more posts and comments like this one.

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Man what a quote the last one thank you.

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My question would be - is there a difference between women coming together to deceive a man for Hypergamous needs and women coming together to deceive a man for... I don't know some other reason? We already know women can't feel sympathy for men, why should they be able to feel remorse?

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Not convinced the Female Imperative is a conscious choice or any type of conspiracy program. I don’t believe there’s a misandrist Illuminati somewhere setting up the long term plan for da wimminz. Yes there are strong individual players/pockets of power yet women face a challenge cooperating in general. Powerful women even more so. I don’t agree that women “come together” by choice only by happenstance.

Its just kinda what they do writ large. Have you ever watched a women beta-ize a man she’s got locked down. I view the FI as a similar concept played out to society instead of the individual.

To get back to the question, you don’t feel remorse for following your instincts.

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True, not only this but I feel that we as men have both of those sides within us, the love me vampire and the fuck me werewolf. I think if we lived by our true biological impulses men would have their "main bitch" that they live with and bear children and rely on but lose sexual attraction to, while they also have side chicks to unleash the "fuck me werewolf". And women need their beta support male and their alpha dick.

That's why so many women fantasize about being spit roasted. Their beta and alpha happily coexisting.

Both men and women have to get over our fears and jealousy around being "cheated on". It's the only way for both parties to be fulfilled both in life and in their sex life.

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I think if we lived by our true biological impulses men would have their "main bitch" that they live with and bear children and rely on but lose sexual attraction to, while they also have side chicks to unleash the "fuck me werewolf".

I think this is spot on. In Irish mythology, the badass hero Cú Chulainn is married to Emer. He had many side chicks but only truly loves her. Emer is apparently ok with this because he knows he doesn't love the other women. It is only when he actually falls in love with another woman that she gets jealous.

Yeah, it's about as realistic as you would expect mythology to be, but I think it points out a certain reality about our inner natures, at least for men in this case.

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Right. And this is exactly how many African cultures lived before Europeans came and shoved modernity down their throats. Alpha men had their own "neighborhood" inside of villages where all his baby mommas and kids coexisted and he would provide for them.

The ghettos in the US would be much more organized and smoothly operating if whites didn't force monogamy into their worldview.

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All people want to benefit by being with stronger people. Because stronger people are able to provide protection and wealth to weaker people. But this isnt natural law. This is civil law. In natural law. The strong dont rule because they can provide benefits. They rule because of fear.

"The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms".

Genghis Khan




In civil society, even the weakest member of society must give consent to the strongest before the strongest can do anything.

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I always seem to find myself in one of these two buckets with the girls I hook up with, very real

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Vampires are powerful, why relegate them to provider?

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U missed the point. But Vampires are more emotional(and since the last decade: femenine) while werewolfs are more primal and animalistic.