Field ReportField Report: First application of TRP principles leads to success (and sex) (self.TheRedPill)

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Summary: I'm new to TRP but am/was familiar with many of the principles already. Despite this, I occasionally fall/fell into oneitis but have made a special effort going forward to apply principles/rules with the woman I'm currently sleeping with. Below I relate the experience I had last night and my success from simple application of TRP principles. (edit) I tried to get the line-breaks for sections but couldn't quite get it.


Body: For background, I'm a new attorney, I'm attractive and muscular, and I possess reasonable intelligence and wit. Despite this, I often fall into my old "programming" (hyper-religious cult-like upbringing had a hand in that) which often leads me to see myself as some kind of white knight, here to solve all a girl's problems and ride off into the sunset with her. Thing is, despite being "good" at that and having five or six of 3-month relationships over the past year and a half, I often get bored, lose interest, and dump the girl. Playing the "good guy" card got me into the sack a lot, but with a lot of damaged, clingy, and ultimately toxic girls. They loved a man who "treated them right" and "wasn't an asshole." The problem is, I AM AN ASSHOLE!

First lesson? I get bored of that shit real quick and then those psycho girls make my life miserable. I can't sustain it. Nobody can. It's torture.

Fast forward to today. Pussy is pretty easy to obtain by virtue of the above: I can be witty, I have a great job, and I'm physically attractive/fit. The problem was, I never really committed to the TRP principles and made a conscious effort to break out of my beta-mindset which I often fall into. Part of me always hoped that I'd be able to find "that special someone" who would gel with me and I'd be with for the next 30 years. Stupid.

Starting a few weeks ago, I made a real commitment to TRP principles. Last night she hit me with a "well, I hope you have a good rest of your night" text. It was like 8pm and we both stay up much later than that. I responded with "I will. You going to bed?" She responded "No." I'm already smelling games at this point, so I say, somewhat disingenuously "Oh, sounded like you were saying goodnight." She replied "No, I just know you're busy and talk to lots of people all the time so I don't want to bug you" After a delay, I responded with "That's very considerate of you. I'm just listening to music and relaxing now. You?" Her response: "oh, just talking to my friend Justin." Here's where TRP REALLY kicked in, but it was really hard for me to send this. All of my natural instincts told me not to, but I resisted. I replied "My turn to not want to bug you."

I left it at that. I didn't text her the rest of the night, or the next morning (one of us usually says good morning). Hours into my work day, she hits me with a "Good morning handsome! hope you made it to work alright! Can't wait for dinner and drinks tonight! Are you staying with me afterwards?"

And there it was.


Lessons Learned:

  • Lesson 1 Simple application of TRP principles works.
  • Lesson 2 Ingrained habits of thought require concentrated effort to break.
  • Lesson 3 Look a shit test in the face and tell it to fuck off.

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So basically you texted a girl then she fucked Justin?

[–]bluetangz 59 points60 points  (7 children)

You shouldn’t have even responded at all. That conversation had a few texts too many to be honest

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Give Justin a kiss for me. Wink wink

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You ever just tuck the homies in goodnight and give em a kiss on the forehead bruh?

[–]Endorsed Contributorex_addict_bro 59 points60 points  (3 children)

Lesson 0 text for logistics only

[–]Alpha27145 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Can’t stress this enough, I used to blue pill text girls all the time. Now I donmt and they’re much more responsive when I do text them

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One of the most difficult things I have learned as well.

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Ingrained habits of thought require concentrated effort to break.

Hell yeah Brother. The point is to be aware. Aware of the game, aware that what she does is more important than what she says. Aware of your frame, taking your time to answer, saying more using fewer words and so on. That was my big take out of TRP; being aware and doing less but better; Not just doing for doing.

Do less with women, talk less, message less, want less and the more you'll get...

[–]ArdAtak 17 points18 points  (3 children)

I don't know man. ONE single text does not make for a TRP mindset. I'd say you played it well but it may have also came off as a bit butthurt or passive aggressive.

Also, we have no background on this girl. Is she a plate? Have you already banged her? If no, then perhaps well done. If it's someone you already banged then you're basically bragging that she's talking to another dude and you didn't act jealous which, while good, isn't some type of home run to brag about.

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For someone with the history I have, even a small victory is a victory worth celebrating. My conversation with this woman was akin to a leap of faith and my own embrasure of what I understand of TRP principles, however inexpertly I applied them. My experience nevertheless solidified my desire to continue strengthening my frame and harnessing my maleness to my sexual benefit. Hence, the field report.

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Congratulations on the victory, brother. Keep working on amused mastery as your default response. You'll get even better results.


"oh just talking with my friend Justin".

"Damn, he sounds hot. You think I'm his type?"

Regarding the moment where you didn't know what to say: Remember, when in doubt, agree and amplify.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

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Lesson learned: Good looks and job can help you overcome bad game.