Blue Pill ExampleDon't be so damn beta (self.TheRedPill)

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Recently went out of town with my wife and her friend (posted about this chick in the past, TL;DR, she is hot). Quick getaway, apparently she told some of her beta orbiters about the trip and figured I'd drop some quick FR's for yall.

Both of these guys are 35+ I don't know actual ages and such but way too old to be pulling this shit

Guy 1 (billy): Finds out what room we are staying in and sends us (read: her) a bottle of champagne... sure dude I'll drink your alcohol for free. This guy actually ghosted her in the past, but they have never been on an actual date. They text occasionally but to my knowledge nothing has happened.

Guy 2(billy to chad to billy): This is a more interesting case, he is actually her parent's colleague, 2x her age (no issues, just stating). They have banged recently, but he is running some sort of gear or TRT and is emotional all the time. On the way back he texts her this huge message about how he is putting so much time and he can "get any girl he wants" but yet here he is "wasting" his time with her. Keep in mind they have no exclusivity whatsoever, then at the end he asks her to meet up. She responds minimally and he says "go away" via text... multiple times gag.
She read these text messages out loud to us and was literally laughing her ass off, like couldn't speak for a few minutes because of the laughter.

So next time you think about texting a girl your feelings she is probably laughing her ass off with her friends.

Guy 3 (tyrone later to billy): Keep in mind this girl is basic af... we go to a club and she gravitates to the most ghetto dude there, Tyrone, shades on inside the club, multiple chains, says nothing to her and she is just grinding away, gets her number when they close. Almost left to his sketch "afterparty" but he found her on instagram instantly after he left and then started begging her to come.

Don't be so beta y'all

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I think the lesson here isn't just "Don't be beta", but that face to face interactions are the most effective way of getting someone to commit. Each one of these involved the dude attempting to seduce a woman from a distance. It doesn't work like that.

I think something that PUA has correct is the idea that texting is for logistics only. Saves time and more importantly saves you from saying shit that will raise red flags.

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Dunno man. Young girls are all over Insta and FB messaging. Sometimes you have to chat & by default I'm a logistics only guy. Depending on the girl's temperament, it can cost you lays. I have had a few tell me they think the way I text is "rude" or how I "disappear for days" and send them a date and just "expect" them to be there. Don't get me wrong, they didn't flake. But in retrospect, they had their guard up a bit because of the texting.

Ideally, texting should be logistics + the occasional FUN banter. Nothing more. No "how was your day?" etc Keep in mind the sexy girl you're talking to has dozens of guys in her DMs, WhatsApp, FB etc - not all of them are Chads and I GUARUNTEE she has slept with one or two of the "safe" one who are skinnyfat, hipster kids who have nothing on paper compared to a RP dude - solely because she's not used to being so intimidated by RP dudes.

Guys here too easily say "dont be beta" but forget that doing an alpha 180 can be super intimidating to a girl. AND once your SMV is high enough, you're going to need to bring back some of the beta game to keep the girls interested.

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I like that you are thinking with nuance -- I tend to fall into binary thinking. Banter works well, but I think people fall into the trap of saying something risky with banter and then shit falling flat. It's a fine line and for me personally, it's better to avoid risk than to it is to get an outlier that falls for you due to your text-banter. Most of the time it isn't worth the risk.

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There's something I like to call the Law of Passive Certainty. You don't have to try at all, as long as you don't care whether anything happens or not between you two and she knows you have options (without you showing off or stating you do since that's trying) she will ultimately consider being sexually intimate with you and once that happens your odds of success skyrocket

Paired up with you not kissing and telling after you two knock boots means she will brag about it to her friends, who will them have interest in you too. You can get a crazy amount of intimacy by not trying, then sealing the deal, then going back to not trying

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Seen this happen at work to a bro of mine. Banged one hoe and they're coming at him like moths to a flame. All I can do is sit back and watch the massive HR case he's gonna have flung his way.

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yeah it's outcome independence... OI

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Yea but u need SMV and preselection for this kind of success. Newbies and guys who come to TRP don't have this kind of opportunity even. Could take em years or if their lucky their current situation is already decent enuf and they just need to employ trp better then yea they can play the passive game. I know naturals who do this.

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Ask a few people here who have experienced the Law on the condition of being laid. The bottom 80% still get sex from time to time which means anyone has the opportunity. They may just not be in the right mindset (the mindset that follows the Law)

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Maybe it's in the Vibe and such since I recently got to a new city and all I'm doin is just trying ti chat people up but it ain't exactly working in my favour I'm attributing it to basics like attractiveness lack of strong alpha behaviours and overall vibe.

I know wat u mean tho I've seen literal retards beta bitches dating decent girls so it does happen .

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This guy is totally right. But there is a balance to it. If you're new and in a small town/city and start banging girls left right & center, that preselection is going to backfire & you'll just be left with lower quality girls.

In my experience there is the Law of Passive Certainty but there are a few articles that follow it: a) if your reputation becomes too predictable, it will cost you lays/dates - even when you're genuinely interested in the girl b) too much Passive Certainty creates Active Complacency. You'll get so used to it "just happening" that you forget how much effort it took stepping up your SMV or going for higher tier girls cost. And it becomes easier to just accept the pussy du jour status quo.

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Guy #2 needs to keep his estrogen in check if he’s truly running gear .

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Lol yea. Or he’s just on tren.

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For real. Testosterone made me way more calm, happy, confident, and emotionally stable. Even with Dbol and Dihydroboldenone. Smh Edit: spelling

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In 2018, most guys are a bunch of weak, semi-fags. They’re more emotional than the girls. Must be all the xenoesteogens. It’s embarrassing, as a gender.

Don’t ever get hooked on a girl. They don’t respect or care about your feelings. You’re a man. You aren’t even human to them.

You’re a resource that can potentially be used. Use them for what they can provide, and move onto the next.

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Your wording might be regarded as too harsh, but I see your point and agree with it.

I feel even the most red pilled feel some drawn to the matrix, to morals, to cognitive dissonance to justify what you see happening instead if the truth. woman are not the only ones that feel the pull of that dissonance

But you are right. Even in this reddit is hard to find people like you that see we are gaming them and they are gaming us. In the worst sense of the word and by the definitions of each gender.

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She is obviously fucking these guys. You’re the moron haha

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I thought this. Maybe maybe not

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She’s obviously using them, and then proceeding to laugh at them behind their backs, you fucking numpty. Lol.

Moreover, I’m talking about their bitch-like behavior. It’s weak. A real alpha doesn’t need to kiss ass and act like a bitch to potentially get pussy.

Way to miss the the entire point of the post, Einstein. Have fun kissing female ass, like the weakling you are. Lol.

Here is Exhibit A, folks.

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I understand what you meant. You miss the point of being with a women that flirts with other men that much. You’re just as Beta as the suck asses and haven’t even realized it yet. You think bc you are with the alpha female that makes you an alpha.

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lol I need to use Tyrone more

They lack abundance, moral of the story

When I have scarcity, I still always let them go, because if they aren’t into you, they aren’t into you

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It's very easy to talk shit about other men. I think it's a mistake because all men are equal and with a little guidance all three of those mentioned guys could be fucking that exact same woman. They just fluctuate in mindsets due to conditioning, all due to mental habits. With certainty I can say you do the same, so I'm unsure what value you are really trying to give here

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Yeah. Like most recently all i see here are posts talking with 100 certainty telling other guys do this, do that and never reassessing their views. I think its also true that guys here post to self validate their views. Can we please stop bullshit posts like this? Last two guys are doing good it seems, showing some emotion as a human isnt beta. Being alpha doesnt mean becoming a human emotional interaction lacking buff sex machine.

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Its a field report homie, I'm not saying emotion has no place, its just a snapshot of behaviors that literally turn a woman off.

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I didn't talk shit about these guys as people, I don't know any of them, and probably are good dudes, but TRP is not for discussing the merits of a guy as a male friend.

Alpha and Beta are behaviors, what they are broadcasting here are beta behaviors, the value is don't do this kind of stuff.

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Nice post. I'd like to add:

If there's ONE THING AND ONE THING only to be learned from our community, it's to master your emotions.
It's not lifting,
It's not reading books,
It's nothing else.
Just master your emotions and thus master yourself, then all the above will come naturally. Emotions can't be expressed through words, let alone texting!
So yeah, "don't be so beta y'all".

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Hate this shit of taking the example of an obvious shitty woman and then blanketing over to every woman on the planet.

My question is why is your wife friends with such an obviously shitty behaving woman? I imagine she is acting the same as this woman and shading the shit out of the Op when she gets together with her friends if she anything like her horrid friends.

The biggest mistake these two dudes made was bad choice in a woman and then the 2nd is trying to logically convince her into being attracted...that never works. The first dude is just an idiot? Who even does that type shit to a woman who he isn't fucking or in a relationship with?

For the Op...for all the navel glancing and critiques of other dudes, might be a good idea to do some self-analysis as to why their SO is close friends with such a woman and what the hell to do about it?

[–]rpsheepdog[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

The girl is actually very nice to us, she doesn't have this man-eater mentality. In our discussions she confirms many RP truths that the guys here need to hear.

Hence the point of the FR

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TLDR; No shortage of hoes and 10 IQ males.

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Beta cucks are pathetic. Here is the perfect shirt for them.