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Summary: There is only one principle behind game theory: Perception. In this article I discuss what you need to be aware of and how to improve your Perception.

Body: What is game? It's the process that we utilize to make women like us. And it's extremely simple, not easy mind you, but simple.

It's ruled by one principle: Perception. Perception is the ability to understand things at first glance. You will need clear perception about two thing: Yourself and the woman you are trying to pull. When approaching a new woman, you must ask yourself two questions: How does she feel now? How does she wanna feel with me?

-How does she feel now?

Does she feel like a woman? Like a girl? Does she want someone who can manhandle her, or a gentle guide? Does she want to feel slutty, or like she made a choice to fuck you? Is there a natural chemistry between you? Does she feel intimidated? How open is she?

-How does she wanna feel with me?

This is of the utmost importance. Always remember that when approaching a woman, you are selling her a fantasy. You are giving her the opportunity to be with a special man. But what kind of fantasy is she buying? Does she want an interpid explorer? A bad boy? A career oriented shark? Remember: she wants to feel like a woman that is worth to be with the man of her dreams: in this case, you.

Don't just rush with your go-to typical approach. Sometimes what usually works is not the right thing. But then, you are yourself. Should you change who you are, just to pick up some more chicks? Absolutely, but not in the way you think.

You see, this is only half of the road. As Sun Tzu said, to win every battle, you must know your enemy as well as yourself. And so you must answer this question: Who are you? What Image of yourself are you projecting? What fantasy are you selling? And most importantly: does this image go along with how she wants to feel?

Most of us fall into a single, or a couple, of stereotypes. If you've dedicated your life to being the better version of yourself, as you should, you know this. You are striving to achieve an image of yourself that you've set before you. And that's the image you should start selling. But that's the beginner tier. Once you've grown as a man you realize that thare's more inside of you. You can be an intrepid explorer, a free spirit and also know how to run an household. This process of growth leads you to be able to project an image cathered specifically to the needs of the woman you're approaching. In other words, you find out that inside of you there are many men, some that you wish to improve, and others that you just call on occasion when they're needed.

And this leads us to the final question: how do you deepen your knowledge of yourself?

My approach is double-sided:

The first step is: Live Life. Take opportunities and push yourself in situations you've never faced. This will automatically awaken new facets of your personality. This is why we tell people to lift: It changes your body, thus changing what's inside it.

The second step is: Meditate. You need to give all the new things inside of you a place to live, to let them sink in. Constant meditation allows you to go beyond your surface thoughts and find a deeper, stronger yourself. The common denominator of all the facets of your personality.

Conclusion: Gaming women is about building a connection between two individuals. Because of that, it's intrisecally linked with your personal growth, and with who you are as a person.

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Great post. This is especially relevant since women tend to think with their emotions rather than with their brain.

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Meditation is more focused with the breakdown of the self(ego) than getting to know the self.

Essentially it says you are just a combination of genetic material and the sum total of all your experiences throughout your life. That makes up the self.

Where this ties in with your post is that because there really is no self besides the ego and all the things attached to it you are free to maneuver in any way you want.

The illusion of self means the self can be anything. You can play the role of anyone you want. You can expose yourself to new experiences that then change the “self”.

Meditation is the gate through which you realize this.

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There's one downside of the regular daily meditation no one is talking about.

When you meditate, you naturally train your brain to produce less beta brainwaves and more alpha and theta.

When you get really good at it, the effect can last a long time after you finished meditating, so you are walking around in alpha state, never fully going back to full beta consciousness.

Alpha and theta states are states of hyper-suggestibility that open up your mind to accept all the crap that goes in without running it through the conscious mind filters.

So, how many good suggestions you receive during the average day? I would argue very little to none.

PS. Disregard the user name. I am using a throwaway account here.

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> produce less beta brainwaves

> produce more alpha brainwaves

Sounds good to me.

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I thought this was a nice read. This is kind of far from your intent, probably, but I was thinking about all of the posts lately that are saying that liberal snowflakes and feminist assholes are working hard to ban TRP- but a lot of people who post articles like this, and who like to read them, aren’t at some kind of “war” with women; they are just trying to figure out a strategy to become more attractive to (normal) women. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Women are trying hard to be attractive, so the problem is what, exactly? If it is anger on behalf of the the pink haired, angry fat girl feminists- guys aren’t trying to “game” them, or even talk to them, anyway. I don’t think that the angry fat girls of the world need to come to the defense of “dating properly”, any more than we don’t need the fat, dirt ball loser dudes out there coming to the defense of the rest of us men. Some of us men and women are trying hard, not being lazy crybabies- we are working hard to be strong, attractive, successful people, who can get laid by extension of being the best version of ourselves.
It seems like the lazy people of the world ruin it for the rest of us in most instances. I hope that they will kindly shove off from this: a forum for people who are trying hard. Rather than being jealous of more “attractive” people- get off your asses. That’s what we are doing here.
This guy’s article is good , and a good example of what TRP is about. Not everything is as good as this, just like some of your fat feminist friends take things way too far. The big picture is here, in posts like this one. So nice work, man.

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The only thing I can say is: Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Cheers to you. If people spent as much energy on themselves as being little bitches, we’d have way more competition!

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Stop wasting time giving a shit about what other people think.

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Why would I want to become more atractive "for" women? Or for anyone in that matter??

Sure I have goals and interests of my own but my interest in women is either a love I'm now convinced is impossible and based on a Disney fantasy, or actual sex.

This for me is to find how to get women sexual and use it for my enjoyment. I do not see why should I ever care about what is she getting out of it as long as she keeps getting sexual

Are you trying to pull morals into this or I'm just missing a reason why I should care her having a good time too?

Edit: wording

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Well, they'll only get sexual if they find you attractive. That's one obvious one.

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Well most of this is about creating the illusion of attraction rather than being it.

I might like videogames but I would conceal that when first meeting someone. Etc.

Either selling an illusion of you or a very specific and limited part of yourself seems to be the prime directive

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Your mindset is the opposite of mine, I found thinking like this cause problems , I used to think my routine was a set of pick up lines that worked but in reality it was a set of principles, principles though knowledge of failures and successes.

> How does she feel now? How does she wanna feel with me?

I did good with women when I stop caring, I don't care how she feels and how she wants to feel, I care what I want, a connection is made in a genuine level because If I'm aiming at point A and she is aiming at Point A we will end up at the same spot, this is the spark.

For the longest time all I wanted to do was smoke weed, and fuck, I connected with women who wanted the same.

> Gaming women is about building a connection between two individuals. Because of that, it's intrisecally linked with your personal growth, and with who you are as a person.

And this is why men hate themselves, you can never be a wrong person, and your growth only puts you into another bracket and pool. I use to be a very shy person, I connected with shy women, I don't like going to bars, I connect with the same.

On a emotional level you start at 0, but you must connect with women at 0 also, in short I'm able to attract women at my level, this isn't a league thing based on looks but a emotional maturity thing, now here is the thing TRP keeps thinking up when it should be thinking Location. If you move on too a new level you will no longer find certain women attractive, become fully mature means you're old, meaning you will attract older and wiser women.

The next level doesn't get you more, it just gets you a different set , when I got to the next level of business I didn't have more happiness , I just had more money, and less time , I wasn't growing in the direction I wanted however on paper people thought I was the shit

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I think we're not that far off from each other. I too strongly believe that what works work because you are following a set of principles, not jumping through loops like a trained dolphin. I tried to give some perspective on how I came to see those principles and how other can try to follow the same road.

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This is a critical point that I’m happy to see highlighted. While you can game hundreds of women and treat them all like hot sluts, and you might get a few that are totally into that for the moment, you need to read your audience and pace the moment if you want higher success rate sooner. You hear guys all the time complaining “my LTR/wife doesn’t suck my cock when I come through the door” and it shows they haven’t evolved to the point where they understand the timing component with women or they lack the ability to adapt to the moment and apply the forces she needs to get her where they want.

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I think a big part of TRP is realizing that's not true, your wife might not suck your cock, but then you learn sucked her bosses one and did anal with the neighbour. Sure woman get less sexual with time and much less after menopause but the reality is that they want to get demonstrable much better genetic material when possible.

I think the only sad part about this community is the hate towards woman, the matrix is an evolutive adaptation they are as predisposed to create it as men are to stay plugged in. They have a drive for guys that would fuck them hard as well as other 3 woman, so what? Most guys that are faithful is because they are not constantly reminded of beautiful young girls that would suck their cock

Arguing woman are worst is a very ridiculous part of this community imho, but I'm not super well cultured so I might be wrong.

1/3 of Asia is descent of Genghis Khan, for a woman to have a son like that is the biggest evolutionary jackpot ever. That's the summary of what the red pill is.

And if you don't believe me google up the origin of the blue eyes mutation and be mind blown.

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for nerds who want to nerd out on this stuff Vinkatesh Rao writes about narrative based decision making in TEMPO, it's a good read, and articulates this stuff much better

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Not too sure about perception being the only principle of game. Some sort of heuristic is involved when determining how to assimilate perceptions into doing. It is usually pathological, like emotional responses; or logical, like if-then statements. Either way, something else has to take place in order to make sense of perceptions and act on them.

As Sartre said, “Consciousness is consciousness of something.” The essence of being is the phenomena. We come to know things by their appearance, but consciousness of appearance per se has no power to cause action. This is why TRP generally espouses ethical and political pragmatism. For we all know what happens when someone sits around reading this shit without actually developing their own method of thriving in today’s circumstances.

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This is an important point I need to adress. For now I'll say this: what you percieve acts on you. You have to be able to let it act, and if it flows freely it will bring growth.

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I'm a bit confused, maybe it's because I came here from the rational male, but seems like you are trying to "plug us back into the matrix" ?? Did I misunderstand your point?

Sure, some woman might conect with you, sure they might have a style or feminine game you particularly love, but when lead properly on the signs of genetic superiority they will get drawn into that man. Then will say that was out of character and didn't know what happened because are as plugged into the matrix as everyoneyone else.

That hurts, god is dead, philosophy is dead and now love is dead but as much as I keep trying I cant find a single example that defies this red pilled notions...

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Ok Bro, this warrants a reply. So, first of all: genetic superiority is bullshit. Yes, you are born with a set deck of cards, but what's most important is your experience and your value as a man. Genetic superiority is Incel talk and will kill your soul.

That Said, I struggle to understand your point. God never existed, love is a social costruct only loosely based on The truth. But human relationships exist. And believe me, if you forget that women are human, and they can give you something when you are with them, something that goes beyond just a vagina... Well it gets though. It eats you from the inside until you're just a shell of a man fucking bitches left and right.

We have a responsability for our own happiness man. Be strong.

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Sure, I mostly agree with you. This is killing my soul the more I test it is real and I'm not happy. Following the classic matrix analogy; I don't think Neo got happier with the red pill.

Genetic superiority exists. That's just the basis of Evolution and hence mating and reproduction. By definition.

I know I sound bitter, I am. I still don't see any hole in this way of explaining reality instead just see more pieces of it that suddenly make sense.

I guess I just can't stop seeing the matrix around me if you want, and can't help but think of your response as an attempt to do a last minute turn to find some holding in "not being lonely", "love as sincere care", "not all woman are like that", and such.

Not trying to be a dick, this is just what TRP has really done to me.

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No bro it's Not like that! I strongly believe in AWALT and all The red pill tenents.But i see that maybe it's Early for you

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Do you have fucking dyslexia or does your laptop not have god damn mother fucking god damn spell check

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Do yuo kisss yo.ur mothyer wit dat mouf?

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Hell nah, why you think I'm on this subreddit, cause I have a great relationship with my mom?