I cannot cope with the realisation all it takes is the right guy to ruin your relationship. (self.asktrp)

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Several weeks ago at the store I found myself encounter a disturbing thought. A guy in his late twenties walked in. He was shredded to fuck, rugby player physique, at least 6'4 and a handsome face. Usually I feel quite confident in myself and my relationship. However I could not help feel entirely inadequate at the sight of him and I caught my girlfriend of 2 years giving him the eyes. I saw multiple women stare at him, many with wedding rings. It was almost chilling to see how much they wanted him. The assistant giggled and twirled her hair. My own girlfriend, who professes to love me and whom I regularly fuck, gave him this stare of pure lust.

This feeling of inadequacy hasn't left me since that day. The fact that any of those women, married, in a relationship, or not, would have dropped everything and fucked him made me almost recoil. So much for husband shmucks, I feel there is no winning. I know all it takes is the right circumstances and the right guy and it's all over. Maybe it's the same for men too with a beautiful woman but I feel men are more principled and many would decline.

I can't reconcile with this realisation. That regardless of sacrifice or time invested, I know for a fact my girlfriend and any of those married women would have let him cum inside them in the cubicle stall within minutes if he'd wished. There's no winning when there's not even a comparison. All it takes is Chad.

Any idea how to not be bitter over this?

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Guess what, a 5'7" skinny fat guy can also fuck your woman if he has game and catches her at the right place at the right time.

Stop worrying and enjoy the moment. No relationship lasts forever. Realizing that my woman will one day decide to open her legs for another man motivates me to get as much as possible from her right now.

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That's how I played it. I started my last ltr with oneitis like a lot of people do. But I had a realization or sense, whatever, while I was blasting her one day, that at some point there isn't going to be a me in her life and I love her, but I'm going to get mines. Sucked ass, because if you're not a sociopath you care about people. SO while I'd surely rail the 5'4" cashier with perky tits and nice hair, once I ltr in general the doors close, and that drive winds up in the new girl's loins. I can keep it straight. But a lot of people act like they're senile and need to keep trying out new models indefinitely until they find the "right fit". I won't tolerate someone who smells of that disloyalty. One sign she can't keep it in her pants, I'm out.

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I like your style, m8. No sense in playing 20 bitches if you know what you like. You can put desire into one and then make your way out when it dries up. No tolerance for disloyalty. You CAN get someone else but choose not to. Something like that.

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The glass is already broken

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The point isn't that any 5'7 guy could bang your girlfriend. It is much more likely that Chad will. And with much less, if any work. And there is no getting around it, I know scores of women (~150-200) who have cheated but only a handful of men (~15) and I'm in my early twenties.

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Also, being cheated on with a little beta doesn't quite have the soul shattering effect that it does if she fucks Chad.

One says you weren't there enough or she's a dumb hoe and fucked up, and basically leaves your ego in tact. The other is "of course she fucked him. You're not a man. Your penis is smaller and everything he has you can never have no matter how hard you work. He will never care about her at all and on a whim destroyed your relationship but he's still not in the wrong and would probably be a bro about it because he's just that much more of a man than you. Oh, and his life up to this point has probably been awesome and will continue to be." ... Thanks subconscious mind. Helpful.

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    Well yeah. Of course, but it's only human. It's beta, and I haven't fallen for a trap like that in years but I still remember how shitty it was.

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    Its just about perspective and reframing things to reality. Are you less of a man because Chad is jacked and good looking and attracted your girl? No. Why would another guys attractiveness have anything to do with you?

    Turning it around, are you only attracted to one girl in the world and no one else is capable of stirring lust in you?

    If you cheated on a girl with a 10/10 model, would you expect your gf to think she's less of a woman because of it? As a guy we all know just because we banged one girl doesn't mean the last one wasn't hot in her own right. Something initially attracted you to each girl so there isn't really a 'loser' there, they're just different.

    On top of that, anyone with a functioning brain knows there's more attractive people out there than yourself and likewise with the girl you're with. It's like fight sports: there's always someone that can beat your ass, but that doesn't mean you aren't a bad ass yourself. All of the best fighters have either lost or had a close call where they looked like shit.

    Outcome independence, accepting reality, and realizing you aren't in control. The name of the game.

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    Exactly. Fucking exactly.

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    Guess what, a 5'7" skinny fat guy can also fuck your woman if he has game and catches her at the right place at the right time.

    Yeah, but is wayyyyyyyyyyy less likely.

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    Less likely doesn't mean it could never happen.

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    Have you seen Tom Cruise? Those guys are out there.

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    Let's be honest . . . whether it changes the outcome or not, there's a weird feeling that the guy who games hard as fuck has earned something, while there's an inherent resentment toward the genetically gifted.

    There's hope that I, too, can game hard as fuck. For many there's little hope that attaining the full potential of their own genetic gifts will in any way allow them to out game a legit adonis.

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      There is a female-sided argument of this, as there's evidence that women sometimes avoid the adonis for fear of the old school pump and dump.

      Obviously, there are women who'll take that pitch. And there are others who'll favor a cuckolding strategy of some kind, too.

      In truth, I think men get themselves a little crazy about this stuff. Male-vs-male competition is a bigger issue than TRP tends to address.

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      My parents have been married for 30years and their parents before them for 70+years (Christian values etc) - can anyone explain to me how this fits into the philosophy that 'its just your turn'?

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      You took the wrong lesson from the experience.

      You've seen a glimpse of what life is like for a confident muscular man.

      Become a confident muscular man. It's like playing with cheat codes enabled.

      Or cry about your feelings. Your choice.

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      Yes! Fucking this! Become the man you fear! I was a skinny nerd, and quite insecure. Started working out every morning, had regular appointments at a upper end hair dresser, and generally did everything to look better... and now I feel better!!

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      Seconded. BECOME Chad instead of jerking off to him.

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      This. This should be motivation to keep improving. It's a good thing.

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      Isn't this the reason why we keep Abundance mentality in mind at all times? And not to mention internalizing that AWALT, so it's best to stay one step ahead in terms of mentality?

      Just my 2cents.

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      A great example of why you shouldn't monogamy.


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      "Maybe it's the same for men too with a beautiful woman but I feel men are more principled and many would decline."

      You would be WRONG.

      Be that guy....or as close as possible to that dude as possible.

      Look some chode on here recently was going that dudes should never take their GFs to sporting events because of the alpha dudes playing the sport were too intimidating...as if Tom Brady the QB of the New England Patriots would going to fuck his girl during halftime.

      It was weak ass shit then as it is here well...look if this dude is as awesome as you seem to think, he has prime ass where ever he wants, the likelihood that he would select your snowflake is nill....so why in hell get that invested and spend your life worrying about an improbability.

      You know...there is a chance that you will get hit by a car tomorrow but you can't live your life afraid to walk outside because of the 1 in 1000000 chance that it will happen.

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      I don't think it's about the likelihood if it happening, it's about his girl be willing to let it happen under the right circumstances. He saw it as clear as day, the mere sight of that dude made her wetter than he can get her.

      Don't get me wrong, it's not a reason to get bitter or butt hurt about it. But clearly reinforces the idea that she's not yours, it's only your turn.

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      This feeling you have means you haven't integrated "she's not mine it's just my turn" mentality so get to work on it. Once you'll have integrated it, you won't care about it anymore because "the cup is already broken".

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      Any idea how to not be bitter over this?

      Be bitter, you just swallowed a big part of the pill.

      Then realize a big part of your feelings is your investment in your woman. You stand to lose. It's how society is generally structured. It's how most guys structure their relationships all by themselves, being the schmuck and provider. Then turn that dynamic around. She needs to invest in you. And if she fucks up, she loses and you walk.

      It also means to always be in a position to keep your options open. You need to stay attractive, and if you're not, become so. Become Chad.

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      A guy like that fucked my gf when we were having problems. After dumping her and grieving for a while I now choose to love myself and fight for myself. To be honest, I've been fucked over so many times I just don't care anymore. Women are just for fun now. If she leaves or stays I really don't care. Kinda like a war veteran going back to war, seeing people get killed isn't going to faze him anymore.

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      Kinda like a war veteran going back to war, seeing people get killed isn't going to faze him anymore.

      Best analogy ever!!!!!

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      This really is the answer OP. Wish I could upvote this more

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      Wouldn't you do the same if some swimsuit model walked by? Don't overthink it man, it's not like this guy was trying to spray his jizz on your girl.

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      I know all it takes is the right circumstances and the right guy and it's all over. Maybe it's the same for men too with a beautiful woman but I feel men are more principled and many would decline.

      Son, you really are a special kind of dumb, aren't you? Men are not "more principled". We are made of the same selfish goo that women are.

      The only difference is that, when put in a room with a 7 and a 9, the woman will want to fuck the 9, and forget that the 7 exists... whereas the man will want to fuck them both.

      The only way to keep your relationship secure is to be the best of all available options.

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      Men are not "more principled".

      Oh really. How many women do you find who did what so many kind guys on here did at first? Not neckbeard nice, I mean help her better herself, not be a slave but show her the way, and STILL get cheated on because of the girl being a cunt?

      Nope, that's a guy thing - men usually hold themselves to a standard and stick by it. Not every guy will cheat just because there is an opportunity with a better-looking girl - some value what they've built with the person they're with right now.
      A lot of men live by 'my word is my bond', in business or relationships.

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      These men are quite rare. And most women are not around them enough to be fucked by them, although this guys fuck a lot.

      What is disturbing is that women will not hide this. If I'm with a LTR and I see an absolute bombshell, do I crane my neck and then stare at her with longing? No, I glance at the chick from the side in a subtle way because I'm not an asshole.

      Now, how do you not be bitter? Well, you recognize that these genetic anomalies are very rare. Also, you recognize that being bitter about it doesn't change anything.

      The only thing concerning is if your GF was really that blatant. She didn't have her head straight enough to not be so obvious in checking him out. Maybe this is a female hindbrain thing where they almost have to signal receptivity to an alpha of that caliber.

      I had an ex do the same thing to a friend that is taller and more muscular than me. He was saying goodbye to us at a bar after first meeting her. She asked his name and again with a smile and then looked him up and down with an obvious head movement like she was taking him in, exaggerated enough that she didn't just move her eyes but even nodded her head to make sure he saw. Bitch. I should've known then but I was thirsty as fuck and getting pussy.

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      This is just biology. Its natural. You can choose to accept it and live accordingly or live in a fantasy world. (religion would be a great comparison here). The fantasy world has its perks... but I would take a cold truth over a warm lie any day.

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      Any idea how to not be bitter over this?

      Yep, become better than that guy! Dude is shredded? Become even more shredded! Dude is handsome/tall in a way that only genetics allow? Become rich/famous and tell genetics to fuck off.

      Any of these points are not reachable? Fuck it. She is not yours, it's just your turn.

      Don't sacrifice shit for women. It's you first. She can have the pleasure to ride along. If she is not happy, there are plenty who would be.

      Also, let's be honest. In the reverse situation, where instead of that dude, a equivalent hot girl entered the store, wouldn't you look at her the same your gf did? Wouldn't you fuck her, given the chance?

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        Good on you!

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        You are too fragile and weak. You are letting purely external factors that you have no control over bring you down.

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        It's guys like this that make it easy for my ugly ass. Let him be...

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          It all started with alcohol and a faulty condom.

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          Amen brother, or "faulty" birth control.

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          We are genetically programmed to expect loyalty from our women just like we are genetically programmed to be disgusted when a woman cheats on you.

          So yes, while it's not a good thing to let external factors have such an effect on you, I can easily understand his plight.

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          My own girlfriend, who professes to love me and whom I regularly fuck, gave him this stare of pure lust.

          Ok so if you've been around TRP long enough, I'm pretty sure you've seen the line "she's not yours, it's just your turn." And, if you haven't, THERE IT IS!!!!! Internalize that and process accordingly. You don't have to be a Psychologist to know that women act on lust just as men do. The only thing you have to do is be the best YOU you can be, and let the chips fall where they may. If she goes AWALT, then you get rid of her and go on about being YOU.

          Maybe it's the same for men too with a beautiful woman but I feel men are more principled and many would decline.

          You obviously aren't in a dead bedroom or you wouldn't have such a noble outlook on "men."

          That regardless of sacrifice or time invested, I know for a fact my girlfriend and any of those married women would have let him cum inside them in the cubicle stall within minutes if he'd wished.

          Yep......that's the Red Pill that is choking the back of your throat like the Blue Pill schlong that's been in your throat forever! So what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna go ahead and fully swallow that pill and take the blinders off? Or are you gonna keep that blue pill schlong in your mouth and do these mental hamster masturbation antics thinking about what COULD happen? You should be taking that disgust right to the gym and taking it out on some iron. GO LIFT!!!!!

          Any idea how to not be bitter over this?

          You're looking at it the wrong way. You're wanting to not be bitter when being bitter is EXACTLY what you should be. It's that disgust.....that sick realization....that pit in the bottom of your stomach feeling that you NEED to take the blinders off. Just because she's your girlfriend and you've been hitting it for two years doesn't mean squat. She CAN succumb to lust.....she COULD frolick in the bed with the 6'4" Chad......and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Use that anger, use that bitterness, use that disgust and shape a better you!!!

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          Anyone can be a Chad, including you. Keep in mind - even if you were a 6'4" rugby Chad type, your girl will still normalize your essence, and still go off and bang some 5'9" hipster doofus because well, she has tingles (for any reason) when she was out with her friends drinking and wanted something different. No one is safe, not even Chad.

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          I like this alot. You are right that no one is safe, that includes Chad.

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          Not sure where you're getting the idea that men would be more disciplined, were they confronted with a hot girl

          AMALT ;)

          (all that said,I agree with op)

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          Men can use logic to control themselves more easily than women can.

          I've had the ex gfs of friends throw themselves at me (one time getting naked) and I've abstained despite wanting to move forward.

          More men have that nanosecond between feeling and action where they actually think.

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          That explain why there is much less married older man cheat with beautiful model compared to married woman with super hot chad in the news and everywhere in the world /s

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          Because older rich men have a lot of value so they attract models where as old rich women sounds enticing to about no one?

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          We are talking about logic and control here. I was proving that men have same or less logic and control from cheating compared to woman based on statistic.

          But AWALT right? while guy just trying to spread his seed as proven by biotroof?

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          So then how do you explain that men cheat much more often than women?


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          Logic has zero to do with a raging boner and testosterone through the roof. It's the male version of "female logic." Most dudes would fuck the shit out of an attractive naked girl begging for it, are you kidding me?

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          I know for a fact my girlfriend and any of those married women would have let him cum inside them

          Jesus, fucking relax dude. So they just looked at him? Most guys would be checking out an equally hot girl, with no intention of following through with an action ("cheating"). Same applies to women.

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          Most guys would be checking out an equally hot girl, with no intention of following through with an action ("cheating"). Same applies to women.

          Lol no, and it's because men still have to approach and make the necessary moves to fuck a girl, even if she's more than willing. Even a single girl will just put herself out there, HOPING to be approached by the guy. A man can't stand there and hope.

          Men would need to make a move on the equally hot girl to even have a chance.

          Your GF doesn't need to make a move, she just needs to be there and not say no when Chad decides he wants to fuck her.

          And that's the realization here. He knows that if the dude played his game right, he would be inside her. And it's soul crushing to know that her loyalty runs out very easily if a guy like this made a few moves.

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          He knows that if the dude played his game right, he would be inside her.

          Then he rushed the vetting process with his LTR. You make a valid point in regards to the disparity in the relative difficulty of cheating among the sexes, which obviously makes some difference here and ties to the reason so many women are ill-suited for a relationship. But assuming your LTR has been properly vetted for the job (strong father figure, low n-count, pattern of moral behavior over time, etc.) and you are holding a strong frame it likely won't matter how good the dude's game is.

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          You're speaking of unicorns now. No vetting process is enough to assure you of the loyalty of a girl. It's a core tenet of TRP.

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          A girl who won't cheat on you is by no means a "unicorn", they are fairly common, it's just hard to know for 100% certain if you've vetted one out which speaks to the need for confidence + abundance mentality.

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          A girl who won't cheat on you if a top 0.00001% man played his cards right is a unicorn.

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          Are you confident or not? Alpha means you don't back down from anything including 6'4 rugby players.

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          Just learn to let go and not obsess on controlling something you cannot control.

          Learn some EFT and again, let go and focus in improving your life and your SMV.

          It will mess up your head if you don't let go.

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          If there is always someone better then nobody wins..

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          It's okay as long as it's balanced. I'm sure the reverse happens in some cases. If not you may be in trouble.

          But yeah. She ought to be a little jealous and insecure, knowing her place and that she is replaceable in your eyes. As long as you have that, you have a position of power.

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          If you want an LTR but you can not cope with the situation you described you should better puke the red pill and take the blue again

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          Will women drop everything for that.. If you are sure they would then you are insecure. If are sure they won't you are naive. In this moment you are insecure. And I don't blame you and you can't blame them for wanting a better guy because if given the opportunity you would want a better woman too. I don't think you should worry about this because this is not in your control. There will always be someone better than you. Just try n be the best you can is all you can do

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          There's always going to be a guy more shredded than you, taller than you, and better game than you. And your woman is going to notice these guys too, just as a hot girl stands out to you. Maybe men are less likely to stray because "principles", or maybe because it's way more effort. The point is that you can make a choice not to, and you should only commit to a woman who you also trust not to.

          If you think your girlfriend would be on her knees if Chad walked in and snapped his fingers, either you are putting her pussy on a pedestal or she's not really your girlfriend. I say give her every opportunity to be alone in a room with Chad. The sooner she fucks up, the sooner you'll learn it was just your turn and find the next one. Maybe one day you find a girl that doesn't, and then you'll know you're the alpha in her eyes.

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          I saw multiple women stare at him, many with wedding rings. It was almost chilling to see how much they wanted him. The assistant giggled and twirled her hair. My own girlfriend, who professes to love me and whom I regularly fuck, gave him this stare of pure lust.

          Just like all the guys do when an HB10 walks by. This situation works both ways, dude.

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          You just defined insecurity, essentially you have to get over it.

          If a really sexy girl walked up to you and told you to sleep with her, you (and 95% of guys) would probably do it in a heartbeat and hope your girl doesn't find out. We're all human and guys are just as guilty of this as women, and probably slightly more so. Not because you think less of your gf, but because humans have desires and like hot people.

          Don't base your value on your girlfriend, love yourself and you'll be ok. It's part of being an adult.

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          Last wedding I went to ran into this, perfectly happy, dedicated 3 year relationship was completely derailed because I happen to moisten her panties.

          I should have slammed it, but glad I didn't. I didn't have to do anything and she was completely ready to fuck me. Thats what dating is like.

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          Just buy the rugby team bro.

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          For fuck sake become your own version of Chad. You may have swallowed the pill 6 months ago but it hadn't completely dissolved.

          Amused mastery my friend.

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          He would be doing you a favor to rail your girl. Then you could go out and get fresh pussy. You might even make a bro out of him.

          You should be supremely happy women are so predictable.

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          She isn't yours, its only your turn.

          Seriously, no reason to fret over what might happen. You might as well start freaking out because the sun could explode, or yosemite could blow and end the world tomorrow.

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          But those things are statistically improbable. I feel that her cheating is not.

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          You're missing the point. Why worry about what negative possibilities can happen? Focus on the now. Get out of her everything you can for now.

          You have no control over if Yosemite blows, but the chances are really small. The chances are much higher your woman goes off to ride the CC but you actually have some bit of control over that. IMO I'd rather have some input than none.

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          It's like death: it's just a reality of this life and we are not in control of it. It takes a daily renewing and fortifying of your mind (along with aging and experience) to start accepting unfortunate truths and the root of the matter which is: you aren't in control.

          Also accept the fact that attractive people get swooned over. If prime Megan Fox walked in there in tight clothes with her cleavage pushed up, every dude would be thinking about putting their dick in her including you. It's just the way this shit works.

          You gotta work on becoming truly secure in yourself and the idea that you're in control of very little. Anything can be taken from you at any time, so enjoy the moment and be happy.

          And like others said, it helps to create the best version of yourself possible. Be ripped and muscular, but not as a coping mechanism or to try and shield yourself from hurt, but instead because you enjoy it and want to be the best you can be.

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          Any idea how to not be bitter over this?

          never be in a ltr

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          Thoughts don't necessarily mean action, just because they looked doesn't mean they'll touch. Believe it or not, loyal women do exist. It's not guaranteed if they ran into that guy on a tropical vacation without you that the deal would be sealed.

          I cannot accept this either. The way people talk, it's like its guaranteed she will fuck some chad at some point no matter how locked down your frame is. It's as if the people who keep on saying this just dated a few bar sloots, got burnt and then assumed AWALT. Yeah news flash, you're probably not going to find a stable LTR at a bar or club.

          My friend and his wife of 1.5-2 years seem pretty solid right now, just had a baby, with no sign of it slowing down in any case. She's so locked in to him it's as if she needs him to live. She "re-saved" herself for marriage and according to my friend they had sex for a bit after marriage but it died down pretty fast. Despite this they seem fine. She stays home on maturity leave to take care of the child.

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          Lol born again virginity

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          well start stop loving her. But did you confront her about it?