PSA: Read the sidebar. Seriously. Just read it. Also, since I'm here, let me tell you your problem. (self.asktrp)

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And then read it again. Take notes if you have to. You are all asking very easily answered questions. They have been asked and answered so many times in fact, that they put it in....the sidebar.

90% of these asktrp posts are people bitching about their lives passive aggressively. Seriously. Read the shit you just wrote before you hit post. Can you actually read those words and read the sidebar, then tell us you don't know what your problem is?

You want to know who gets pussy? You want to know who gets the job of their dreams, or who builds a life that seems like a lot more fun than work? I'll tell you.

It's men who ACTUALLY DO SHIT. Men who are too busy making moves to stop and give a shit what anyone, especially any one random girl thinks.

Almost all of the posts on this sub revolve around dealing with one specific girl. How can you seriously overthink fucking TEXTING a girl? Is this cool? Will she like me if I say/do this? You all pretend you understand core TRP principles, but all I see here is sugar coated, disguised, whiny beta oneitis bullshit. Where is the abundance mentality?

Step one. Read the fucking sidebar!

Step two. Decide your goals

Step three: ACTUALLY DO SHIT and do it for yourself

step four: as if by magic, reap the rewards of putting in the time and effort.

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This can't be understated. The sheer victim mentality in this sub lately is off the charts.

Empower yourself & take the fucking advice that educated men on here volunteer their time to give you.

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The sheer victim mentality sense of self-entitlement in this sub lately is off the charts.


It's absolutely beyond my capabilities to understad how people could come here, ask for advice and then not only choose to know better and start argueing and bargaining, but also oftentimes actually shit and piss on the guys coming here and providing advice, just because they are desperately trying to hang on to the last straw that connects them to their blue pill self.

You better understand taht I don't come here because I have to, but because I want to.

I don't get any benefits out of it apart from a good feeling that I might have been able to influence some guy in a way that enables him to turn his life to something better.

Fucking asshats better understand this and start appreciating the work the mods and the ECs are doing here for you. We are still sticking around although we got better things to do like fucking some bitch, making some money, lifting heavy things or fighting with our bretheren on the mats.

The best way to pay your respect is by actually fucking read the fucking sidebars both here and on the mainsub, before making the 1000th post about how you want your precious unicorn back or asking what's the best response to shit-test XYZ and then acting all salty because you are told to fucking educate yourself.

Me, myself and my nerves thank you in advance.

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Just remember, "not my circus, not my monkeys". A lot of guys just aren't cut out for it. I only do it for the 10% who have the drive and initiative, and those men will have no problem being successful with a little coaching.

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yup, as soon as men make themselves busy accomplishing goals all these rookie questions answer themselves as they realise their time is valuable and they won't pander to women. they'll naturally develop dominance to get women to do what they want to.

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Most of the questions being asked here, the OP knows the answer, they are just hoping we give them a different answer because the right answer is not what they want to do.

A good example is oneitis, some guy has oneitis for some girl and he knows the right answer is to move on and next her, but he is coming on here hoping someone tells him to keep fighting for her and not give up on her and to just do XYZ and you will end up winning her over.

They are hoping someone comes in and gives them the wrong answer, that they want to hear, that way they can justify doing the wrong thing because someone on AskTRP gave them said shitty advice.

"I know shit ended up not working out but I was just doing what that one guy told me to do on AskTRP!!!!"

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Confirmation bias at it's strongest.

You see what you want to see.

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Confirmation [...] strongest [...] You

Wow, you think I'm the strongest. Shucks!

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Its what they are looking for.

They already have their mind made up on what they are going to do. They are just hoping to get some slivers of confirmation bias on here.

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Lets be honest though.

Oneitis fucking SUCKS.

Like imagine you're just this happy guy bouncing off loads of girls then one random girl you never in a million years thought you'd fall for ends up consuming your mind.

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I mean pretty much every guy has had oneitis before, it sucks because your brain is producing oxytocin and you become addicted to it.

Oneitis is basically the withdrawal symptoms of oxytocin taking over.

The best way to prevent oneitis is to never get it in the first place. Hence why we preach options and abundance and fucking other women.

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So... I should text her then?

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Psh, everyone does that. You want to go for the grand romantic gesture. 50red roses making a path from her front door to you, holding a boom box 80s style and playing a mixtape that somehow has every song she likes on it.

Now THAT, that will get her attention

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How many times must I point this out?

IT MUST BE RAINING! None of this works if you aren't looking like a miserable fucker with mascara running down your face.

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Once you become RED you don't need this subs anymore. What's left is newbies and people that will never learn.

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Once you become RED you don't need this subs anymore

tbf, there's a reason why veteran RPs keep coming back here.

they crave, even just a little, social interaction that directly deals with RP topics. something that is very rare IRL.

sorta like people complaining about the existence of social media....and yet they keep returning and using it.

i dont blame them.

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Seriously. Once the main points clicked in my brain, I know the answer to all my questions already. TRP is mainly just entertainment now.

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I think the problem here is we allowed 17 year olds to ask questions. 8 out of 10 questions usually start with "So I'm in highschool and..." NOTHING IN HIGHSCHOOL MATTERS. YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN WORRY ABOUT GIRLS. JUST LIFT AND READ.

This should be a 21 and up sub.

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for real...even college isn't real life.

[–]Ganaria_Gente 0 points1 point  (1 child)

found this out the hard way when i realized unis are SJW fantasy bubble

fuck me. i thought i was in an educational institution!

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Good on you for figuring that out. College: an oasis of totalitarianism in a sea of freedom.

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Why are you upset that people come to "AskTRP" to ask questions. The fact that this bothers you is your own problem. This subreddit exists so that people can ask questions; if you don't want to read beginner questions then don't click on those questions. Just because someone asks a question doesn't mean it's your responsibility to solve their problems. Plenty of users don't mind offering quick advice, so let them do them and you do you. Everyone knows that they should read the sidebar but obviously they came here anyways so you can either advise or ignore depending on your stance.

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One million upvotes.

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I can see how the constant barrage of low effort questions can be annoying to the fully actualized TRP guy, but for me reading them has definitely been of help.

I've gone from reading a post and wondering the same as OP, to reading the comments and seeing someone else post the answer I was going to use, to knowing the answer from simply reading the title.

So yes, once you've completed your journey all of these questions will seem easy to you, but consider them through the viewpoint of guys just starting down the path and realize that they need these softball questions for practice before they can move on to greater things.