Has everyone been raped on the 2X sub? (self.asktrp)

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Every time I browse that sub, Someone's getting raped. Every man is either an abuser, rapist or some criminal piece of shit. And the rest of the sub just starts sympathizing with the poster, calling the Man a Misogynist and Woman beater without even knowing the other guy's perspective. I wonder how many of these rape-stories are actually even valid?

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2x is very much of the Duluth power model mindset. Per the duluth power model, power=oppressor and victim =virtuous. So, among its adherents there is a very real and very intense contest to be the most victimised person.

Think of it like boys being in the scouts. They train for merit badges which shows their ability. The more ability and effort equals rank and the ultimate rank equall eagle scout which is (was) universally respected and a great reflection on a person's character.

The victim culture operates on the same premis, just the opposite direction; it's a race to the bottom because those on the bottom have all need. Need=virtue and power.

Rape is not just a merit badge, it's a an actual rank. Why? Because it signals 1) your are a woman, 2) you are a victim 3) of men 4) you are now part of the in group of 5) women 6) rape 7) victims. From that stand point you can now be 8) a crusader 9) against men 10) and patriarchy and 11) the establishment. Now you can pursue 12) public discource 13) having found your inner voice 14) and strength 15) to be a strong 16) independent 17) woman. Oh and 18-25) you are so hot and desirable as a woman you caused a man to be overcome by his desire for you!

Ding, ding, ding, we have instant validation, position, currency, and publicity with the inpentrable shield of "I'm a victim you can't criticize me and if you're man you can't understand so you can't even speak."

NOTE None of the above is applicable to any person who is forcibly and violently subject to sexual violation. But note, how many of these stories don't actually involve force, violence or even the threat of those.

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Not bad. You are on the right track.

This sociological account explains it very well:


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That time a cogent reply comes through the vapor and he sadness of reality sets in.

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You could say the same about TRP field reports and other anecdotes. We hear only one side all the time.

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But a field report is more about what works and what doesn't. We aren't accusing our plates of rape on an hourly basis.

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rape is often given consent but then regretting it later because the man didnt uphold what she hoped to gain from him xD

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xD xD xD

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the situation demands xD

its the amused amused mastery.

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Ya like 90% of the time I know a sex crimes detective that was the number he gave me on false claims

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Actually i think sometimes the sheer reason is attention.

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"Rape" stories are extremely useful to girls.

Not only do they remove all responsibility from their actions but they also serve as sympathy bait for cap'n save a hoe type beta males.

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Youre raping them right now by talking abou them, you cis male scum.

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While certainly some have, that number will be less than the claimed amount. Hamsters don’t ever want to be responsible for their own actions. Thus:

Rape = Rape

Regretted Sex = Rape, ex post facto

Consensual Sex = ”It just happened.”

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Every time I browse this sub, Someone's getting betrayed. Every woman is either AWALT, BPD or some feminist piece of shit. And the rest of the sub just starts sypathizing with the poster, calling the woman a waste of time and an obstacle to your mission without even knowing the other girl's perspective. I wonder how many of these stories of AWALT, trust no one they will all let you down, focus on your mission and remove what does no serve your ego are actually making people bitter and lonely instead of better and happy.

It's easy to frame almost everything this way... every echo chamber has it's narrative.

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Victims, aren't we all. Yes, yes, of course. AMALT. Humans tend to be lousy all over.

But we guys should instinctively know that because that's the pushed narrative in all mainstream programming, just look at metoo hoopla coverage the last year. It's like informing "The sky is blue." AWALT though, goes against our instinct and social programming and needs to be repeated to sink in.

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Man, it's funny how we get overly sensitive when we read or are otherwise exposed to a lot of stories about something.

When I first found RP I became wary about women, before that I was just wary about my ex. It took me a while to get over it and give awalt its due proportion.
I wonder how those chicks are. For a while I thought every woman was consciously trying to exploit my politeness and naivety, I wonder how it feels to believe every man out there will rape you if they see you alone at night.

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2x pre-emptively banned me for being active in theredpill and asktrp. Talk about misandry.

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This happens a lot. I'm a victim of that too.

Shit, I couldn't even say that with a straight face and laughed while I was typing.

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That's not antimen, just antiredpill.

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I didn't know that sub.Googled it.Read 5-6 headings.Quitted the shit out of it when I realized that sub is actually a good argument for turning gay.

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Every girl wants their own rape story.

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yes but not from you :( PWNED

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I’m prime regret rape material. What the Fuck are you on about.

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bro are you really gonna have me explain the joke?

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To get regret raped you must first have sex,unless you are a multidimensional feminist crossfitter then you can get raped when a FIVE FEET guy makes eye contact

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I can get accused of rape without even Fucking. I got called a rapist less than a week ago by some hysterical cunt. Check and mate.

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Damn no matter how many examples of double standards I see in my life I never really see how bad unattractive guys have it,that is horrible

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For leftist thots, literally any sexual experience can be viewed as rape.

"Chad didn't call me back, Rape!!" And so on.

I'd rather funnel wasps into my dick than read 2X.

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I'd think rather read 2X...

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Why do you browse that sub?

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It's in the default. Since it's the official sub for Women, I sometimes check out what they are up to.

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let me see, link it plz

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Don’t bother it’s a fucking train wreck.

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ive seen , its sad but who knows. Women point of vue.

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Women point of vue.

Should be completely and utterly irrelevant to you, unless you’re in a thoroughly vetted LTR, and even then you still come first.

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yea i know, thats what i meant.Its women point of vue never know whats true or not.

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I mean it does say "intended for a woman's perspective" in the very first intro sentence for the sub.... Why are males even there?

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Did you just assume everyone's gender???

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yes. everyone. based on their definition anyway.

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Think of it as culturally encouraged Reverse-Stoicism. The goal is to make people as useless and psychologically helpless as possible for easier exploitation.

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yep. everyone on there is a victim of some sort. maybe it's being told to not dress like a slob at work, not be stuck up, or some other innocent thing nobody would bat an eye at.

it should really be renamed to "VICTIMS"

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Idk, but if a girl hangs out with a weird dude(s) you can't predict that it won't happen.

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You haven't seen the sub, Every post is a damn rape story.

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    They need time to think about whether or not they found the guy attractive.

    They were too drunk to remember their poor decisions

    They're trying to figure out if they want to retroactively withdraw consent because they had a bad time.

    Lots of silly little reasons nowadays..

    There are real rapes, and that should never be condoned, but nowadays its more about "how do i feeeel about it"

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    it's 2018... so the who 'rape' thing has kinda become a bit abstract.

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    Depends on what they define as rape and whether the guy that did anything was ugly.

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    A subpattern: if a post on that subreddit or 'relationships' starts witha woman complaining about a man, and the comments do not support her (rare, but it happens), she will reply to them, and/or edit to her post, to drop the magic a-word "oh, I should have mentioned, he was abusive." It's like an ace in the hole they always have to get bystanders on their side.

    Never happened to me, but I have seen it happened to other guys in RL. Or stories about some 'creep' or 'stalker', then later I see text messages / emails by her that are flirty.

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    Take every story you read on the internet with a grain of salt. It could have very well happened and it might not have.

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    I would ask the question for you but I got banned from 2X for posting in /r/pussypassdenied :)

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    All women lie about sexual assault unless due process reveals otherwise

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    A) Why are you browsing 2x in the first place

    B) Their definition of "rape" is incredibly broad

    C) It's all their fantasies anyway

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    Blue pill orbiters usually make women feel raped after the regret kicks in

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    What sub is it?

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    Cab I get a link to this sub?

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    I know many women who have been raped, molested, assaulted.

    I guess it depends on the pool of people you grow up with and choose to have around you after you have that choice.