Any one else realizing women are not as important as they pretend to be? (self.asktrp)

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They are constantly portraying themselves as minor celebrities with their phones out. Is this all an act? Do all the girls everywhere pretend to be super important? Or is this mainly in the west? I am beginning to realize women are not even half as important as they PRETEND to be. Once you get to know them they lead very boring and un-interesting lives. What's with the constant pretending? all them checking their phones with their social media accounts, having that air of super importance in their facial expressions, the way they dress. They constantly have this attitude like they are like Kim Kardashian or something. Why?

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That's what this social game is all about.

We're all selling an image. Even you.

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Disgusting, isn't it? Everyone is faking someone they want to be but are far from it.

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A generation of instant gratification addicts grow people to be more willing to live vicariously through their social medias than to actually improve themselves to become what they actually want to be Edit:spelling

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Ok, let's say it all together, what is it women get from men?! What is it they offer? Sex for attention.

Social media is a huge fuck fest of people getting the attention they need (while real men go actually do shit with their lives and have interesting shit about them)

A woman needs facebook/insta/snapchat for the same reasons and as much as you need porn.

And yes, just because you look at a shit ton of porn doesnt mean you get laid. Just because you can pose and get a lot of likes doesnt mean you have an actual interesting life.

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Food for thought: If social media is such a necessity for women, why is it that a man created every single one of them?

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Is all about cashing it in papi

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What in common daily use was not created by a man or a group of mostly men? In many cases to make women’s lives better or easier? Not a whole lot. I can’t think of a single system or invention that only had women involved but many that were products of just men or a team of mostly men. Men are valued on what we do, Women are valued on what they are. Very little has changed on this no matter how much noise is made.

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Cause they usually are better programers and entrepreneurs and are cashing in on the “needs“ of society.

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For the same reason that it was men who founded Maybelline, L'Oréal and Louis Vuitton

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Hasn't a man always been the one to capitalize and profit off of making giving someone what they want and need easier? Men think logically, it's no suprise we work to streamline and shorten the logistics of any person's given dopamine fix, and do it for a profit

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Porn doesnt add value, posting on facebook/insta/snapchat could lead to possible orbiters or connection to Chad.

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If all you had was your looks, wouldn't you try to cash in on it?

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I've had many girls tell me they use their looks to get shit for free. I feel like this is a moral question.

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Women lack the morals men have. Gentleness from a position of power is virtuous. Gentleness from a position of weakness is survival.

Now that women have feminism giving them power, how are they treating men?

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Nah, I'd say that men lack the options women have. If you could get free shit for being hawt, you'd do it too.

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they don't get free shit for necessarily being "hot", but for the simple fact they have female reproductive organs. and girls know how hard it is being a male, so they prey upon weak men for financial or societal gain

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I truly don't believe they DO know how bad men have it, how could they? They cannot understand our suffering. They are too far removed from it. Just like we have different privileges we naturally have and take for granted or are generally unaware of. They aren't aware of the things that don't affect them directly. Most of it is ignored, for they are more important and above all else.

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Gentleness from a position of power is virtuous. Gentleness from a position of weakness is survival.


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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln 

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its basic hypergamy. you don't know much about trp, do you?

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Posting a slutty picture on Instagram for a girl is the same as going to the gym and crushing chest and tri's for you and me. Both of these respectively add value to the individual. She gains orbiters and attention from Chad. We gain status via physique (aka becoming Chad).

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They're all just scared little girls that want a strong man to have a family with. Everything else is conditioning and damage.

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This is so true

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Nope - they have Tinder, Tyrone, #metoo and careers now.

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Yeah just like all these invisible men with their video games, porno, drugs and junk food - they're all set with surface-level pleasures and are rotting inside.

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No one is fucking important.....really. We have to pretend we are important or else the burden of the realization of our insignificance would kill us!

Only those who can distinguish themselves from the crowd, speak from the heart, reveal the soul, and inspire others is worth noting. No one is important who cannot show the fire of their heart

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Keeping their orbiters interested.

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Finally, behind a keyboard. I can type!

Anyway, I think you're getting it. You're taking women off the pedastal as they say. You're realizing that they are just humans like you and me. They eat, breathe, and shit just like you and I. Not mythical creatures. So congrats for that.

That being said, social media is a beast. It doesn't just alter women behavoirs, it alters men aswell. But I actually think women understand how useless it is MORE than men. Let me explain. When a female first gets on social media, shes flooded with validation. It boost her ego, she feels wanted. Not just her, but all of us. Imagine waking up tomorrow and having 5000 likes. And most of them being a bunch of girls, you would lose your shit, I know I would. The thing is after a while, like anything, it gets old. She might start averaging lets say 500 likes a picture. Whatever her average is, its just that, an average. They no longer feel the high from it, they do one of two things.

Either start doing more to get more likes or they realize its all bullshit anyway. This brings me back to the point that women understand how useless it is MORE than men. To them the value of a like isn't worth much, the attention of men doesn't become worth much either, because not only is she getting likes, her friends are getting likes, her mom is getting likes, any reasonably attractive female is getting likes. She grows bored of the platform.

But not men. Social media can be like porn. Except this porn is very specific. Its images of girls you might know or want to know. Not only that, you can contact these women. You can reach out and leave an emoji or even DM them. You'll see men leaving all kinds of comments, "taking their shot". They believe they have a chance, and they do albeit it's small. Long story short to stand out is to increase SMV in real life. If a high value man liked a girl's pic who had 1000likes, his like would out weigh them all.

Which brings me to answering your question. They (like most people) are checking their phones because 1) its entertainment. They are just passing time. Social media is our new television aka our new passive addiction. 2.) they are looking for validation, Which first starts off as quantity (how many likes) but then turns into quality (who is liking my pic).

The reason their pics are that of them with attitudes, is because thats whats In right now. Being a hot girl who doesnt take shit. A bad ass. Maybe thats who they really are, but they still seek a high SMV mate, the same way we do. Nothing about the game has changed except the platform which its played in. High SMV males still dominate. Don't be intimidated by the illusion of social media. Really seek to know the person behind the account. But trying so ON social media where your attention is worth-less (unless your proven to be high smv in real life) will be a little harder. I don't know if I gave you the answers you seek, I just responded because I was thinking about this today as well. My last two girls both do what you describe, but I didnt see their social media accounts until AFTER I closed them. Don't play them on their turf, play them on yours. Deuces.

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Pussy will always be important to men.

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Any one else realizing women are not as important as they pretend to be?

Sounds like you made it. Welcome to the club

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Ah yes the club where we spend hours every week reading about, talking about, and practicing on that thing that isn't very important.

You know what isn't as important as it pretends it is? High-school calculus.

You know how you know it's not as important as you think it is? Because if you ignore it goes away forever (if you're not a rocket scientist.) You don't need it.

You can't just ignore women and they go away, because you're a man and want them in your life. Yes they are important to us.

This idea of getting the outcome we want by being outcome-independent is a joke. It's an act men put on.

Why do we tell people coming to TRP for dating advice to lift? Because women aren't important?

Women are very important to us and it's male hamstering to get to the "understanding" that they're not. Oh, sure. I don't care a bout women at all. I couldn't care less about them.

That's why I have ten of them I'm spreading my attention around (plate theory) so they're not overwhelmed by my attention. Because of how little I care.

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I agree with most of your points but you seem to misunderstand what outcome independence actually means.

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I know what you mean but "I want a girl in my bed" is an objective outcome. "How do I get a girl in my bed" -- well don't be needy, women can smell that. The way to achieve this outcome is by being outcome independent on any given night out with anyone. But there it is: an outcome. after a few days/weeks/months/years of bettering yourself and being outcome independent you'll achieve the outcome.

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Just because you ignore calculus doesn't mean it goes away.

It's just one of the many facets of life you can choose to ignore and suffer some amount of consequences, like lifting, dressing well, hair, for classic RP examples. In calculus' case, the weakness you gain is occasionally revealing your lack of knowledge to other guys without even realizing it when talking about technical matters, and having worse overall intuition on problem solving (not just rocket science).

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Just because you ignore calculus doesn't mean it goes away.

but it kind of does. (I'll grant your exceptions: "occasionally revealing your lack of knowledge to other guys without even realizing it when talking about technical matters, and having worse overall intuition on problem solving")

If you just "ignore women" it's not the same at all! except if you're gay.

then you can pretty much start ignoring them if you want (I imagine).

but for straight guys, if you start ignoring them you don't just suffer the minor consequences of occasionally showing other guys your lack of knowledge (whenever the subject of women comes up) as well as having poor intuition overall about the behavior of women you have to interact with (or women in public life etc). What you end up missing as a heterosexual man wiht "no women in your life" runs much deeper! -- than, for example, being a waiter with no knowledge of calculus.

unless you're gay, it's something fundamental, and impacts you severely.

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What makes it fundamental? It seems like it’s just a different set of tradeoffs. I’d say technical confidence, not only calculus, but overall breadth of knowledge and strong intuition is more fundamental if the metric is being impactful in your life toward a goal.

Having a mission external to women, pursuing that, and being okay with the occasional girl or girls becoming part of your life, or not, and accepting that, is a totally valid, authentic perspective a heterosexual male can have.

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Having a mission external to women, pursuing that, and being okay with the occasional girl or girls becoming part of your life, or not, and accepting that, is a totally valid, authentic perspective a heterosexual male can have

Why would reading the red pill be part of that though?

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It doesn’t have to be.

But reading the red pill (with grains of salt) helps to reduce the amount of overall cognitive dissonance one has about how the world operates => more accurate decision making => more impact.

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Except that the red pill is dedicated to male sexual strategy.

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Lol my thoughts exactly when I read the OP

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Haha yes! Try marriage, not only are they boring but they want you to be boring as well by ruining all of your hobbies and friendships.

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And when they’re done ruining your shit, they move on to another man with interesting shit, only to eventually ruin him as well.

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I am the most important person I have ever met.

You should attain that frame and hold it. Be the greatest man you know, or be working towards it.

Great rant, now go take action.

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Yep. And also, water is wet.

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From my experience, it's the same everywhere, but to varying degrees. Haven't been to a country where it was as intense as in the US... which was to be expected if you consider how the society is constructed. Lots of extremely hot girls are not even able to do their nails themselves.

But you find the same in a lot of men as well; just replace Instagram with a business. They are peacocking on how awesome and high quality and money-back-guarantee-proof their business is, and so many of them deliver inferior quality and service (at least in the eyes of a EU citizen) and then try to talk their responsibility down.

But hey, it's a big free country and it seems to work.

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Attention is women’s drug

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As long as guys give these woman attention online, keep feeding their egos, they'll keep slutting it up online and offline for the highest bidders. Who do you think is paying for their expensive trips to Maui and Dubai? Instagram is an escort site for billionaires. And girls will do anything for a Prada purse. See how the power dynamic slips back and fourth from orbiter to Instagram girl to rich and powerful man? It's nature.