What happens when you lose "passion" for women? (self.asktrp)

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I'm almost 3 years into TRP. For a while like any beta accepting TRP and applying it I was happy with my success. That kept me going up until about the start of this year. But now I've kind of lost my drive to get women. For instance, last week I went on a date and hooked up with her after because I could. But there was no passion. I know how to kiss well, I know how to fuck well, I know how to do all these things courtesy of my former self "studying" this shit.

What I mean by losing the drive is like slamming women against furniture and fucking their brains out with passion and whatnot. I used to but I don't now, it's like I lost my "passion" for them. I'll still fuck them just fine but I straight up don't care much. It's just apathy. What happens now? Tried being gay. Unfortunately I still like vagina. So I don't know. I have many other goals that I'm after but the more I achieve, the more my "bitches aint shit" mentality progresses.

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'Tried being gay. Unfortunately I still like vagina. '

Haha excellent.

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I pray someday I have problems like this dude. "I'm tired of fucking hot women". Sigh

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Oh, don't feel bad. This isn't a problem I have... yet.

I'm just 32 and look about 25 (not always a good thing as when I was 21 I looked about 15). Definitely want to try and capitalise on it now that I'm (hopefully) hitting the sweet spot though.

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Go in monk mode until the passion gets back. Maybe you should fuck girl which you genuinely like, not the ones who are just hot.

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Take a break from women for a month. Don’t touch yourself at all during that time. Passion will come back

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That shit works. Did NoFap for a month and on my day 20 I was horny all the time. So horny that I ended up fucking a landwhale.

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nothing wrong with banging bbw's, dude; some have some very, very good, clean vagina, love to give head (because they're hungry) and you KNOW there's gonna be food when you're done fucking.

what is the problem except what your friends may think? i thought "IDGAF" was the mentality? lol.

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This is some of the best rationalisation I've ever seen. Can confirm though. HAHA

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LMAO “you KNOW there’s gonna be food when you’re done fucking”

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They're just not attractive to look at lad. ESPECIALLY with their clothes off

Even a lot of just "thicc" girls look like shit half the time when they don't have nice tight clothes

Granted most look good bent over. So take that as you will

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agreed. but have you seen 95% of ALL women without make-up, push-up bras, spanx, etc.? i don't chase bbw's, but i'd be lying if i said i haven't banged several and more than a few were awesome in bed, esp. with bj's.

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I've fucked two BBWs in my life and both smelled bad. The first one I tried to hit it from behind and when she bent over some horrible odor came out from her ass, it smelled like rotten eggs. I was so fucking horny (18y virgin) so I tried to ignore the odor but it was so bad that it killed my boner.

The second one had this odor similar to a construction worker after 12 hours of work in summer. I still fucked her but had to shower for almost two hours. I felt dirty...

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The one I tried had some fishy puss first and last I’ll ever try

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personal hygiene is just that... personal. honestly, i've never had a bbw smell bad, but i've had SEVERAL skinny broads that smelled 'fishy' or downright STANK.

most women are very clean, but when they're not. ugh.

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I had a whale blow me. Honestly one of the best blowjobs in my life.

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dude, go to pornhub and type in, "bbw blowjobs." you're gonna see some bbw's throwing down.

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I can't stop laughing. Thank you so much

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    No, it was like if I masturbated again, lost all the "superpowers" (confidence, deep voice, looking people in the eye, assertiveness, etc). It wasn't worth it. I was feeling like a natural alpha but after that I felt like shit for 2 or 3 weeks.

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    We’ve all been there. I’m sure it was a one time thing right?

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    That sounds like a great plan - until you do that and notice that "not even" landwhales want you. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    And if that doesn't work? Personally my sex drive goes away after a week or two when I don't masturbate or actively engage with women.

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    Username checks out

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    You need to take a break. Do things you enjoy away from women.

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    I find the responses you're getting kind of funny, though I guess with that comment about "trying gay" you were asking for it. But the common theme is that the disillusionment must be the wrong response, right? It's not possible that you could have just figured it all out, come to the conclusion that it's really not that exciting, and not be feeling particularly fulfilled because of that.

    At the end of the day, only you can know of course, but it stands to reason anything you've achieved a degree of mastery in to the point that it no longer holds a lot of mystery to you, you're going to have to honestly re-evaluate within the light of the new relationship you have to it. Maybe you need to set new goals that have nothing to do with your former pursuits. It's like when you get cheat codes to a game you previously enjoyed a lot, and now after you've explored the details and understand how it works on a mathematical level, it's not that interesting anymore and you end up wanting to move onto the next thing.

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    You sir are a smart man. Just like most here I used to think attaining the pussy was all you had to do. Not just that but also truly realising the way life works ends up... boring you. Goal after goal ends up in boredom. My psychologist did tell me I need to just stop and relax but with the way I was raised I can't seem to.

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    Women should not be your goal. They are just a byproduct of your success.

    Focus more on your mission.

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    Women and sex are not an all-fulfilling goal, as you're learning. Focus on your mission, focus on your purpose, what you build, what you make, what you craft. Focus on what you ARE passionate about. Struggle and improve, and get better at a real skill.

    What happens when you lose passion for women?

    You become free.

    Most men never get there. They spend their whole lives chasing pussy, wasting mountains of effort and time. You now see the matrix. Don't waste this.

    The passion will come back in the right way, at the right time, when you are aligned with your mission and are fulfilling your purpose.

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    I suppose I've never made an ultimate mission. Been straining my brain trying to look for one for a while. Have so many side missions that I'm achieving but I just can't see them becoming a main one. Ah the struggles.

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    This is what trp does to you. If you were living fully plugged into the system then you tend to have this edge lordy attitude of bitches ain't shit, you'll enjoy sex for you only but not feel a deeper connection with plates. They're just plates after all.

    You are basically saying you lost emotional drive during sex or a different interaction with women..

    Unless it's a matter solely regarding your drive, it could be a libido matter or you might be suffering from a lot of stress/depression/tiredness coming from your life as an adult(?)

    You should take a break like the other users suggest and if you don't see a noticeable change in your drive after a while, visit a male (not beta) counselor/psychologist.

    They could be of help. Wish you a smooth recovery.

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    Thanks man. I do have a psychologist and I'm pretty sure I triggered him incredibly hard. When I told him the question "what can women offer besides their holes that a man can't offer better" changed me I could see him visibly shaking. Oh well, he stayed professional and still helped.

    you might be suffering from a lot of stress/depression/tiredness coming from your life as an adult(?)

    Yep. Heaps. Sleep quality has been trash. Balancing just between uni and bodybuilding is horrifying right now. The poor sleep doesn't help.

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    Good guess then. Try to fix all this while you still can and your drive will go back to normal, take a week to start exercising again and sleep better, it'll become a habit.

    Go buy yourself a new thread or something that you have in your mind that would suit you for some time now. It's going to raise your self esteem and you'll feel more masculine, thus more happy.

    If you're not working by now, find yourself a job and it'll be a good opportunity to focus on really important things, feel like a responsible adult who makes his own money etc.

    Then, if you feel like you still want to connect, maybe find yourself a suitable ltr material woman besides those plates. No need to prepare the relationship in your mind or something, most users here get confused with that and start plating like there's no tomorrow. Its not bad, but

    It's something that's different from man to man, you might like to spend more quality time with a plate you deem ltr material and not necessarily commit, but you'll feel connected. It is important you like her to be able to spend time.

    Like other users said don't spend time fucking girls you don't like, trp is here to help you fuck /spend time with girls you like and no one said that once you start spending more quality time with women is beta or leads to oneitis. I do plate girls and with one of my plates I feel a strong connection, I enjoy kissing her with passion every time and working trp material on her, along with the others of course but they're just for sexual pleasure. I only allow one of my plates to make me food and spend time with me in my room. I fuck all the others in random places on the street where it's kind of non populated and private.

    Wish you the best.

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    Stop frying your brain on MDMA and doing gay shit.

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    Lmao - I love you man

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    Quit jackin off LMAO

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    Make it a goal to actually connect with somebody

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    I've been trying since the start of this year. I feel like I should lower my standards. It really is true that a fuckton of women who actually have personality are also not hot. Finding both together has been tough.

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    you dont fuck a bitch for personality,have you thought it's just you who lacks a personality? half of the time it's making the bitch do what you wanna do

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    This is SO vital

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    MGTOW is the a natural progression for TRP practicing men.

    Not all MGTOW are incels. Many are betas who got thoroughly crushed by the system. But a notable minority are red pill practicing men and natural alphas who got bored of chasing pussy.

    Myself included. I'll get laid when I feel like it, but I don't feel like it that often.

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    This is so true. After 3 years of applying TRP I got bored of women and their shallow personalities, I finally found a probable soul mate and got more time riding my motorbikes and playing soccer. I still get the attentions from women but finding a good woman that tick "most" of the boxes is pretty hard tbh. But now life is a million times better than when I first got out of a LTR and beta asf.

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    mgtow is the end game.

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    It happened to me once I swallowed the TRP. I guess a big part of what made me love women was the idea that they were special unicorns, and now that I know that they are just normal people I got a hole in the place where my fantasies stood.

    What I'm doing now is focusing on pleasures that have nothing to do with women. If I get women around me I'll fuck them, and if I can get one of them to enter my life in a supporting role I will enjoy it, but I don't think I'll be able to give myself fully to a chick anymore.

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    I think you've simply reached a point where sex has lost its meaning and value, its basically become masturbation. All the excitement is gone because sex is no longer something rare and special, youve lost interest and passion the same way you would with anything else that has lost its mystery and challenge, it becomes mundane and boring.

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    you find passion in yourself.

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    Tried being gay.

    You could just have stopped seeing women and masturbating for a while...

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    Time to finally face yourself.

    I got bored too this year and realised I wasn't just chasing women I was also running away...from mahself...

    But seriously though I actually was. Maybe it's time to learn to be happy and content with yourself. It could be that you've been chasing women to distract yourself from issues you may have. It's worth it once you start to do it. It's a bit lonely and boring sometimes but you just got to find good things to do with yourself :) I feel much better about life having worked on liking my own company more these days.

    Go on over to MGTOW and check them out. There's some bitter betas there but there's also some guys who really have figured out how to be their own best friend and are really enjoying life.

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    "Tried being gay."

    Bert stare**

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    This is the depression phase. It happens when you have gaming thots down to a science, but they're not good for anything but sex.

    It will pass.

    Change your focus from maximizing your notch count to spending time (sexual and otherwise) with women whose company is actually enjoyable.

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    I feel you. I used to fuck women brains out for hours, hard, several times, give them the sex of their lives but i just lost that inner drive. Its about motivation, at some point in my life i saw the effort i was doing wasn't worth it. I was doing it out of insecurity, i was overcompensating in bed trying to impress women and receive the validation i needed to feel like a man and, boy, i was good at it. But something just changes, i didn't need that validation any more, i saw that the pleasure i was getting wasn't that great and it has a limit, but i am more passionate in sex with girls that i really like or the hottest ones. If its just a average girl, i will maybe make her cum once, bust my nut and end things.

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    That's amazing! now you can do what you really like to do in life without being distracted.

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    pussy aint everything, if you've lost your passion. stop doing things that are sexual, start acting in other ways, eventually that pussy craving will return but at the end of the day, pussy is just distracting for the end goal of self sustainability..i mean there is so much you can do but if you just focus on pussy, it makes you quite actually depressed. live a life worth living mate

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    I make music and have fun

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    I"m actually just past your point. The key is to focus on the things you do like. For me it's work and I have tons of time for it now that I'm not chasing vagina all the time.

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    Check out on the main sub a post called "Stages of being alpha". Forgot the author but it's a guy I respect. He outlines 5 stages.

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    Main sub is quarantined boi

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    It's still accessible on desktop.

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    It works on mobile app too.

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    I may be way wrong but could you just have made massive progress in mitigating your ego? That is to say, maybe now that you've learned how to get women at your leisure and no longer feel insecure, pussy has come down off the pedestal.

    Honestly, what you describe feeling is what many of the men who come here describe women as. Women aren't a mystery to you. You can fuck them at will. You know just what to do to attract women to you extremely well. So now you get bored with them quickly. You're describing AWALT.

    The only problem for you is that there isn't really a magical formula of personality that will really give YOU the tingles. You see, your female counterparts enjoy the same success and confidence with men as you do with women. And they easily become bored with the same old routine of attracting a guy they're attracted to, landing him, and then he's basically just another notch on her belt - UNLESS - he's a dude like you, who's alpha and knows just how to carry himself to perpetuate her attraction.

    But for you, unless I'm mistaken, there isn't likely to be some unicorn out there who's super hot, fucks well, and offers the same level of companionship a man would - which I assume is basically the ultimate sought after characteristics.

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    You start to gain passion for other more important things in life.

    What happens now? Tried being gay


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    Just find a girl you like, combine passion and physical. Simple and effective.

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    Happened to me as well. Going monk mode helps as some of the comments have pointed out. But remember TRP is for men trying to improve. Women are only there in addition to your SMV. So keep going on your mission, you are entering the enlightenment where you see now what is really important for you.

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    you gain liberty and independance .

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    And just like that you’ve now realized that TRP is not PUA. Congratulations. You’re journey has just begun.

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    monk mode bro it's time for expansion

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    Attaboy trying dudes.

    What you are looking for is depth. Women can give you that, but it requires you to spend more time with them and focus less on sex. Sex can be a very intimate and wonderful thing. I find the good sex starts about 60 or 100 times in. Communication can drop that number, but learning a person top to bottom, all the things they like and dislike takes time and exploration.

    Shallow experiences taste like hitting the shallow end of the pool, you can't really do the same amount of things you can in the deep end off a diving board with practice... you know?

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    To answer your main question, what happens is that you start to have real success with women.

    "Tried being gay. Unfortunately I still like vagina." lolwut

    I recommend you start hunting badder bitches. Some of these chicks are so hot I can't last more than three minutes inside of them. Find the 9's and 10's. You are ready.

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    Redpill cultures who were very coldhearted quickly conquered vast swathes of territory and became empires. Thats what happens when you lose your passion for being a cuck who has passion for women, you will conquer.

    Until that, which now we call selfactualization, you are nothing but a slave with slave mentality. Passion for women is cuckery.

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    Find better women &/or get a better mission

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    Could be that your Testosterone levels have decreased. You could get that checked. And work on yourself.. Go monk mode for a few months. Spinning plates is exhausting if you dont have a break.

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    The real answer is that you're not dating the right women. I started feeling this indifference towards women for a long while, and just a few days of having the thought of "Welp. Guess this is it for getting excited about women" I met a chick that caused a spark.

    That didn't work out eventually (which fucked with me for a while), but it made me realize that there are always better women out there and it's just a matter of finding them to be excited again.

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    You tried being gay? What the fuck man.. this sub is unbelievable.

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    probably why trp is getting quarantined lol

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    Lmao these faggots downvoted me. I’m so glad redpill is going away. Theres no alpha males in it just wannabes

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    What does sexuality have to do with being an alpha? you can be gay and still be alpha.